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@Sorayea that's amazinggggggggWe’ll be at @ableton Loop in 2020! Have you registered yet? We would love to see as many womxn, genderqueer, non-bi…
Retweeted by rRoxymore @PhotonzZz @hdt_hugh I prefer your interpretation Marco 😽 @hdt_hugh hahah nooooo, you think ? @rrose1921 ☠️☠️☠️☠️ @hdt_hugh I love that emoji .. I send it to everyone 😭This week recordings of two #AmberMuse radio shows will be posted on #soundcloud #mixcloud #spotify #applepodcasts.…
Retweeted by rRoxymoreMAJOR BREAKING: Police attacking protesters who are trying to occupy Barcelona's airport.
Retweeted by rRoxymore @Klydevil 😂😂😂😂 j'ai eu comme un doute ....Heading to @ADE_NL? 🇳🇱 Prep for the festival with the Crack Magazine guide. Featuring @BAMBOUNOU in conversation w…
Retweeted by rRoxymore @schmorgasbord @CrackMagazine @ADE_NL @YeungViv @BAMBOUNOU can you save or send me a copy ? :) @CrackMagazine @ADE_NL @YeungViv got @BAMBOUNOU and @Rroxymore in conversation
Retweeted by rRoxymore @LMGM J'arrive à m'en sortir , mais tu ne peux pas effacer ce feeling😭 @mikeservito I would say even more music is it a vector , a kind of guidance . @LMGM oh non chaton :( ... surtout dans le coin ou t'es en ce moment ... je te comprend à 100% <3
October @NTSlive show up now with new music from @datassette , @Rroxymore , @iamnightwave , @Lone , @bok_bok &…
Retweeted by rRoxymore @glorbis @lexciya_ HBD Lexciya
#RiseUp4Rojava #Berlin
Retweeted by rRoxymoreOn Saturday, @joemuggs gets up close with @Rroxymore at ADE Sound Lab to discuss her live set up: #ADE19
Retweeted by rRoxymore#EssentialListening 🎧 Boreal Massif “We All Have an Impact” rRoxymore “Face to Phase” Violet “Bed of Roses” 808…
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#AQUIYAHORA @laondamundial con @pachucotrax tune in! #mexicanjihad
Retweeted by rRoxymore @wisdomteethuk 😙😍BAT #436 The lesser short-nosed fruit bat (Cynopterus brachyotis) from South and Southeast Asia. (Photo: Anton 17)
Retweeted by rRoxymoreI made a little dj chart for @phonicarecords
Dreampop van @SofieWinterson in de Live Box, de DJ Shortlist van @Rroxymore + heel veel tips voor @ADE_NL (en missc…
Retweeted by rRoxymoreA white man who shot dead an unarmed Black man in front of his children during an argument about a parking space wa…
Retweeted by rRoxymore @glorbis @drmathys_ the one and only Blog House track, that was a masterpiece 😝😜 magazine Focus (oct-nov) out ! w/ @djsimbad @floatingpoints @metronomy The Soul Rebels @Rroxymore + un dossier…
Retweeted by rRoxymore @listentololita @djsimbad @floatingpoints @metronomy c'est toi dj Lolita ? je me souviens de toi :)Debbie Bookchin's father, Murray Bookchin, inspired a Kurdish project based on ecology, non-hierarchy, women's libe…
Retweeted by rRoxymore @frikaan_time @kristinmalossi wow ! @bok_bok 👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽😵😵😵😵😵😵 @bok_bok wow 😵
@violetakaviolet @ErisDrew sounds like a plan :P @ErisDrew Baba de Camelo , which a kind of caramel mousseBreaking News: Reports of a shooting in front of the synagogue in Halle, Germany. At least two people were appa…
Retweeted by rRoxymore @joemuggs <3[Suggestion du jour] Artiste: @Rroxymore Label: @dontbeafraid Lien: #Electronic #Techno
Retweeted by rRoxymore'Face To Phase' by French producer @Rroxymore spans eight tracks of vaporous dub minimalism, frenetic percussive be…
Retweeted by rRoxymore @joemuggs 😭😭😭😭#Allemagne : plusieurs morts dans une fusillade à Halle, opération de police en cours
Retweeted by rRoxymore @Tsvisions 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽have been playing this one in each of my set lately ⚡️ in to Autumn with the October edition of the Saffron Sounds @spotify playlist featuring @djharam973
Retweeted by rRoxymoreJump back into my @ReprezentRadio show last week when I spoke to artist Mark Leckey at the opening of his new major…
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@glorbis @drmathys_ you see it is helpfull 😝 <3 @drmathys_ @glorbis 3 times a week wow dedicated :p ... I was helping a running a party there in around those times… @jujujordash wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww @drmathys_ @glorbis totally agree with you . "Blog House " vibe was kind of creative compare to the nu disco. when… @drmathys_ @glorbis 😭😭😭😭 @glorbis @drmathys_ omfg why ??? I never liked that scene / music ,,, the most straight music in all the sense you… @ssofay and I are back on @NTSlive at 1pm today with new music from @IonaFortune / @Rroxymore /@jalbertofishal + mo…
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Coming to Paris very soon @lebadaboum @EtienneMenu @laRadioNova d'avoir passé* ooopsmerci @EtienneMenu d'avoir passer un extrait de mon album dans le nova club de @laRadioNova :) 28th of September’s Synaptic Island radio show is up on Resonance FM's Mixcloud with Music from @Rroxymore T…
Retweeted by rRoxymore @ageless_adab safe travel ! it was nice meeting you . come back ;)Holy Similaun ‘s @hegenrax recommended in @bleep ‘s Weekly Roundup ...a set of tracks that either stand right on th…
Retweeted by rRoxymore @ageless_adab hahaahah
@ageless_adab I did not know you were still here :)
See you tomorrow morning at Pbar. I have not dj there for a minute. The past years, I was performing live . 🙃'Face to Phase' "leaves ample space for environmental textures, allowing songs to adhere to their own metronome" -…
Retweeted by rRoxymore @zoemcphersonn quelle tristesse😢 saviez-vous ? Le terme « feminazi » a été créé (par un certain Rush Limbaugh) pour désigner les féministes qui d…
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No to be missed if you are in LND this weekend ! Naive all stars @threadsradio show up now: Lots of fresh @bandcamp releases by @rroxymore
Retweeted by rRoxymoreThanks @residentadvisor for the fantastic @Rroxymore review!
Retweeted by rRoxymore“Sometimes we have to do the work even though we don't yet see a glimmer on the horizon that it's actually going to…
Retweeted by rRoxymoreReview: rRoxymore - Face To Phase
Retweeted by rRoxymoreNe laissons pas passer le fascinant album 'Face to Phase' de notre productrice montpelliéraine préférée @Rroxymore
Retweeted by rRoxymoreThanks @joemuggs for including " Face To Phase" in your selection. Also @Bandcamp is a great place for shopping mu…’ve been referencing this video a LOT lately but it bears constant repeating in this time period where people’s en…
Retweeted by rRoxymore @channelsubtext 😇🙏🏽🙏🏽
Updates to our featured playlist this week come courtesy of @DanShakeMusic, @PoppyAjudha, @floatingpoints,…
Retweeted by rRoxymore very happy this exists in the world now, thank you to @ntoin_a and @Truants letting me exp…
Retweeted by rRoxymorethis ! @rrose1921 totaly agree . I feel this is kind of events are disappearing.You can find a nice review of my performance at @BerlinAtonal in the last @DJmag . club manoeuvres from @slikback, @Rroxymore, Air Max 97 & more on the latest Neue Tanz w/ Jules - listen now:…
Retweeted by rRoxymore @Klydevil 😆🍓
5 week month so September Peking Spring Round 2 up on @NTSlive for a listen now feat @toma_kami / @Rroxymore /…
Retweeted by rRoxymore @Sami_Yenigun @npratc yeah Congrats !<3 vielen dank @hhvrecords / @scatteringsense sharing album artwork I like. Dig this one from rRoxymore!
Retweeted by rRoxymore“Im Zweifelsfall lautet die Antwort schlicht: Rewind!“ @Rroxymore danke @hhvrecords @scatteringsense
Retweeted by rRoxymoreShipping Now: rRoxymore - Face to Phase @dontbeafraid Once again we have ourselves a set…
Retweeted by rRoxymoreBroadcaster and journalist @joemuggs explores the margins of ambient music in his monthly show featuring music from…
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@GRRLmusic wow thank you 🙏🏽😌
"50 minutes into the mix, I noticed that the left channel on one of the XDJs was not coming through. Stopped record…
Retweeted by rRoxymorean other great release for this end of the year ... is label of the month on @residentadvisor well deserved recognition. Bravo @djdocsleep and @dmcutlip 💫 @PhilipSherburne thank you 🙏🏽a sunday morning meditation ✨
Retweeted by rRoxymore"An unusually expressive album, one that disregards clubland’s status quo in favor of far more imaginative terrain.…
Retweeted by rRoxymoreReally nice @Rroxymore
Retweeted by rRoxymore @blankmindlabel thank you