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Since Joe Biden has been credibly accused of sexual assault, his campaign advisor, Symone Sanders, just completely…
Retweeted by The Photoshop Guy @MorrellShannon @nashwakay @MorganRSperry Why don’t you make something that actually makes a difference?oh ur a leftist??? name everyone who's ever left u
Retweeted by The Photoshop Guy @lander @slashsecret @wealthy_donor @MorrellShannon @socalmd54 @nashwakay @MorganRSperry fucked bastards @LivPosting I can’t get over the fact that the movement looks so stupid. I want to walk around in vr, not teleport @goldisacks This is like Stockholm syndrome except instead of holding people hostage it’s holding housing hostage.lmao
Retweeted by The Photoshop Guy @MelindaTaub Tree of life for sure. An epidemic doesn't mean people only die one way. 2) Based on "estimates" from social media. 3) Long lockdown…
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@Boringstein @eatinginmycar @Scopedlol Lol
@BadEconTakes This is a good take lmao @netscape_negro straight from the go epsteinSo we've already started the 20's revival with a stock market crash... ... What if we also brought back militant u…
Retweeted by The Photoshop Guy @OnlyRealLeftist gn @JoeBiden Thanks for another meaningless word salad you ghoul. @JuelleAlexandra Start a business with $1200 dollars, during a recession, while business are mostly closed. Megamind type shit.holy FUCK
Retweeted by The Photoshop GuyDidn't realize she meant this literally
Retweeted by The Photoshop GuyBelieve women - unless it doesn’t work for your ambition, apparently.
Retweeted by The Photoshop GuyThe 17 year old boy in California who died of covid-19 was turned away from urgent care because he didn’t have heal…
Retweeted by The Photoshop Guy @cmclymer @JohnKerry He literally already lost to a war criminal dumbass. @audapalle34 @but_rly_tho @NikkiHaley What do you think people do with money? Spend it perhaps? at businesses that…'re calling on @Nationals to pay stadium concessions workers for missed games during #COVID19 so they can survive…
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@DoorHinge9 Yes please king @TeamWarren Sounds like a cult of personality 😘in capitalist america, the bread lines stretch for miles
Retweeted by The Photoshop GuyObama droned a 16 year old.
Retweeted by The Photoshop Guylol come on guys
Retweeted by The Photoshop Guy @FalconYourHero @YAForJoeBiden The lack of self-awareness holy shit. Literally no words @kotipup @YAForJoeBiden @gottaspeakgirl Liberals have an inoperable Russia tumor and can't understand that real peo… @YAForJoeBiden Sounds like a good thing to me.Glad that Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar & Joe Biden vigorously emphasized the viability of employer insurance over…
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@OnlyRealLeftist Trump has put all of their brains in a microwave for 45 minuteslibs are so cringe it's unreal
Retweeted by The Photoshop Guy @BCAppelbaum They shouldn't be bailed out. They should get loans at best or become nationalized, or dissolve. That's it. @Kendragarden Sounds like he's taken to many microwaves to the brain @Your_Pal_Billy Before they went out of business Dominick's grocery stores had a spot in this list no questionAnd, there it is - The US just passed both China AND Italy.
Retweeted by The Photoshop GuyGuess its called the US Virus now. @pawgbertREAL A barrel @Styx666Official @shoe0nhead @BoKnowsNews @JoeBiden No 35 is how many supporters he has under 40 @Eater Start paying all of your workers full paid leave @FranziaMom Gotta be honest i don't really know what qualifies as underappreciated but Megaman by Lil Wayne rips.And $18B for Boeing which you were a board member of until last week.
Retweeted by The Photoshop Guy @nytimes SUNDAY: Venezuelan President Maduro suspends all commercial and residential rent for 6 months. Public- and…
Retweeted by The Photoshop Guy @theeblazenasty @indigoblue8882 @amore_orless @kenolin1 IDK maybe if this COVID becomes more of a crisis but for no… @kenolin1 ITT: Liberals defending a war criminal solely because he was slightly less erratic @SPTO @kenolin1 @bibliophile68 Lmao not even close. @ADifferentCat @kenolin1 Please stop rehabilitating George Bush. You're whitewashing war crimes @kenolin1 Lmao Bush acting on 9/11 is responsible for millions of deaths. @SDNYnews ahh using Guaido's payroll since he can't work right now? @eclecticbrotha @JoyAnnReid Bernie got his provision onto the relief bill but ok 👌 @MyNameIsJames_7 @anon41717501 @tellkamp @I_AM_WILDCAT And the division of the money is weird considering the FNCS,… @MyNameIsJames_7 @anon41717501 @tellkamp @I_AM_WILDCAT The point is that it's dropped off drastically and the actua… @I_AM_WILDCAT Not everybody's goal is to make more and more money lmao. Maybe not everyone shares your idea of what's important. @Bern4Bern Haven't seen any of these but ive heard snowpiercer is pretty good.Man I remember when David Hogg was almost approaching socialist rhetoric and seemed like he was on the path to radi… @davidhogg111 Whack shit David. Whack shit @SeanMerriam @Siobhan99 @traceyecorder They want to force you to put your health at risk and your loved ones by starving you back into work.
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@ChiSoxFanMike Grandma and grandpa are from the south side and I played on the white Sox for 3 years in little leag…’ in the bath
Retweeted by The Photoshop GuyLet's fucking go king @theneedledrop Bro those those people in the replies are so confused lmao. How could anyone look at this and think… @jglapski @kateljacobson Lmao @DizzyedUpGirl @D_A_Clarke @Jusrangers @JoeBiden Pretty good if you're a bank or a military contractor maybe. @JoeBiden Lmao but 10 million people aren't worth insuring under your plan apparently.
Ok I like art again but only a little bit an art student, I used to like art. I no longer do anymore. @FirstSquawk Boeing is built on government help lmao @ABC Freakish shit @JesseKellyDC Do it then, bitch"Human rights, American style [on bell] "concern" for human rights [on bell gong] N (short for Neutron, or atomic…
Retweeted by The Photoshop GuyThis perfectly encompasses why democrats constantly find new rakes to step on. It will not be hard for them at all,…
Retweeted by The Photoshop Guy @freewimin @teddy_cat1 @JoeBiden @BernieSanders Defending creeps to own the left.Lmao it wasn’t the original intent but I only use this Twitter because my main got banned. Happy birthday to me.… @nycsouthpaw @archf3y Fuck it Musk offa faction of american elites are openly arguing that we should sacrifice at least a million of our citizens to keep…
Retweeted by The Photoshop Guymarxists have spent a century arguing that capitalism runs on blood and expropriation and they just...tweeted it out
Retweeted by The Photoshop Guyquarantine more like carb...antine. i’m eating a lot of carbs
Retweeted by The Photoshop GuyOh hey, that movie i wasn't watching is over. Time to put something else on I'm not going to pay any attention to
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@PalmerReport Lmao sure that's why. @jamesrbuk Jimmy Ballsack back at it again with another heater. @scott4670 @eugenegu @realDonaldTrump 2.5% of the population is like 8 million people. Their lives aren’t worth as much as your 401k? @socalmd54 @briebriejoy It won’t make a difference if he’s just going to lose the general. Glad warren’s weak stude… @AdamGreen @cascamike @SenWarren @BernieSanders @AOC @IlhanMN @RashidaTlaib @fshakir @AriRabinHavt Lmao imagine bei… @kuzafn It also allows them to play safer and rotate easier knowing they don't have to push for tags or waste time… to WIN 3 Bonds with #FreeStuffFriday and get ready for our biggest update ever: Archaeology, releasing on Mar…
Retweeted by The Photoshop Guy @brhodes Lmao and he's going to be even less effective for the working class. @camilateleSUR @JoseCarlosRguez Heroes ❤️💙 @bussydouche I was made for this @JohnMasonMN "Progressive" lmao fuck off bro. Maybe you should prove that progressiveness with your policy position… @Factnotfiction8 @AltWrtGrmmrNzi @MariannaNBCNews @JoeBiden The mental decline has been going on for several months now lol @AltWrtGrmmrNzi @MariannaNBCNews @JoeBiden Joe Biden took a week off only to come back and tell us a story about ho… @thehill It’s a dark day for America. @charliekirk11 @TPUSA Me on the video chat radicalizing my classmates into communists like me.
Retweeted by The Photoshop Guy @charliekirk11 @TPUSA Me on the video chat radicalizing my classmates into communists like me.