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Travelin Man @RScootman 3rd Rock From The Sun

Road warrior 🚙🚙 and BBQ snob (BBQ is 🐷, not 🐮). I make a living dealing with high school kids & I'm sane. 😶Searching adoptee with questions......

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Adam Schiff demanded and PUBLISHED the private phone records of a lawyer, member of congress & a journalist. It wa…
Retweeted by Travelin Man @WUZ1045 @MHOWARDZONE Mark has a suppressed wild side that includes some serious air guitar and a bar dance. He has… @zachTNT One brick at a time - Butch Jones. Same thing. Different failed coach. @BillyWilliford If you're a 5 year old, this is fine. @3HL1045 Why give them relevance? Ignore Rutgers and focus on the SEC. @ThatEricAlper Midnight Rider - Allman Brothers
@AllanBell247 I actually glad about this. It means extra points are not a slam dunk and have actual value. It's a m… @ThatEricAlper @TeufelTitan09 @Bwl931_ This is a joke.....right???? @BIGJOEONTHEGO He's a tool of Satan. @ThatEricAlper One of my all-time favorites.
@brendatracy24 @MISaferCampus @AngiePovilaitis @pinepaula @KyleTRich55 Be well and be safe. @RyanDLeaf @banannazon You have an inspirational story. Continue to share it. I wish you all the best. I also hope… @Kenny_Wallace Glad things improved. Sad it took so long for certain safety precautions when the tech has been available all along.Hold my beer while I ride down these steps. (🎥 Via @AlaskanCourtney)
Retweeted by Travelin Man @holdmyale @AlaskanCourtney Why are people so stupid? #naturalselection @WUZ1045 I think Henry's contract demands will be far more extravagant than Tannehill. Also, backs have a much shor… @howie_thetitan @Titans I'd rather they fly under the radar. National attention means nothing. @ThatEricAlper College admissions, career training and financial aid. I do these talks for a living now. @TrekGeekBill I prefer naproxen. @ThatEricAlper Replying to my wife, "I thought it might be." @AllanBell247 The Henry Effect.
@Diddy_247 I read or heard that 2016 was the last time the Titans had a run like this. @cvpayne Well, #BloombergMedia is admitting that they're a division of Bloomberg's presidential campaign by refusin… @PlushnickWX @ArtofTraining53 If water can freeze, it's cold. @PaulKuharskyNFL @Midday180 I said it was a stupid idea. Just thinking off the wall on the situation. Maybe he could mentor the kid in AZ. @Midday180 So sign Tannehill, and resign MM as backup. Stupid idea, but he's going to be a backup somewhere..... @PaulKuharskyNFL @southernthing I am absolutely the armchair meteorologist. But I drive a lot. Also, I don't trust other drivers w… my beer while I jump this dune.
Retweeted by Travelin Man @3HL1045 They're already good. Just took most of the season to get there......unfortunately. @trangthetroll @gmfb Actually the coaching staff wanted to switch to Tannehill months ago, but higher ups wanted to… @LouisMaynard @gmfb Already beat KC. Fairly sure they could do it again. @KurtBusch @MrsAshleyBusch I learned that lesson when I was 23. But the floor got really clean. @trapj99 WWE Rejects @TheRealPres10 Nooooooo!!!!! @BigJoeBastardi Try Instagram. @TrekGeekBill Thinking the same. Gotta get the subscription push! @BIGJOEONTHEGO I don't know what Eddie George said to Derrick Henry last year, but whatever it was, it worked. Mayb… @BuckReising They look like something from WWE.
@_NoToryous Ouch! True. @mischiefthecat1 @RichMuncy @Espngreeny Preach!! @bennyjohnson So easy to make Biden look like he was part of Epstein's gang of pedos. @Groover0711 I think 10-6 is very possible. @jwyattsports @Titans @BuckReising @AtoZSports @Colts NFL Playoff Simulations via @SportsLine Advanced Data after the early slate: AFC Patriots 100% Ravens 100…
Retweeted by Travelin Man @orangebiased This is true. @NF_Lombardi I did contemplate cleaning the gutters at the beginning of the 3rd. Glad I didn't.#Titans #TitanUp #Colts #ColtsNation @AllanBell247 Oh, I hope they do. 😈 @Bwl931_ I really wish MM had consistently played at this level. But he just doesn't have it, unfortunately. @WUZ1045 Pees. He did great. @AllanBell247 So, odds the Titans beat the Texans twice??? Wouldn't that be wild after the way the season started??!!!!!???? @TitansMCM Cautiously, yet very optimistic, all at the same time. The O line almost cost the game but came through.… @WUZ1045 This is going to be painful, yet potentially rewarding. @BuckReising Agreed. @kmartel_sports It's Cleveland. Keep expectations realistic. @BuckReising Odds the Titans beat the Texans twice????? @BuckReising Riots in Indy later. That city is going to burn. #Titans #Colts @kmartel_sports I hate the Colts. Run it up! @BIGJOEONTHEGO It's worth it. @Krystal @PaulKuharskyNFL Shut up Paul. @twotonefanatics I hate the Colts. I'd love to see that stadium quiet as a funeral. @EricSwann @BuckReising Exactly!!!!!! @BuckReising But refs blew whistle before ball was recovered didn't they???? @1045TheZone Ball was blown dead before the recovery anyway. Does that make a difference???? @CoryCurtis2 Should I go clean out my gutters, or is there hope?? @BuckReising Why does this keep happening to the @Titans ???? @BuckReising Did the O line get left at BNA?? What the hell???????? @BuckReising Keep ramming Henry down their throat. The Colts D is already softening up.Great drive by the @Titans !!!! That'll shut up the crowd! #Titans #Titans @Groover0711 I hate them more. @kmartel_sports @NeutralZone1045 Biggest mystery around the Preds so far this season. @Kenny_Wallace I'd like to be 28 knowing what I know at 56.I'd hate to be a ref in that game.
@johncardillo Come and get it Bloomberg.... Good luck. #2A #2AShallNotBeInfringed @jwyattsports @KingHenry_2 @Titans @Colts @Super70sSports One of the best toys ever. Ranks up there with Slinky, GI Joe, Silly Puddy, Super Ball, Lawn Darts and Walkie Talkies.Don't do this at home. @JohnMartin929 Need to sign Norvell to a bug extension. @MichaelDavSmith Valid point. Didn't occur to me.
TOUCHDOWN TIGERS!!! #GoTigersGo #TigerBlue @JoeBiden How did you become a millionaire on a government salary??Memphis is flirting with disaster!!!!! Better go for the points next time. #GTG #MEMPHIS #TigerBlue @MemphisFBExcellent question. #BlackFriday #prochoice #ProLife not the @Bengals . @USPSHelp I have a hold on mail delivery until Monday, but my dashboard shows a package out for delivery. It's a Fe… @voxdotcom They were white. They were real people. @carolecadwalla #MAGA @AllanBell247 That's some weird stuff right there. @zandermercury Don't forget the government run schools. @MemphisFB The black uniforms suck. Wear #TigerBlue. @HLAurora63 Glad she's not American. @ThatEricAlper We Built This City - Jefferson Starship. Universally recognized as one of the greatest rock songs ever. 😶😶😶Sorcery. @MichaelDavSmith Good. @RealBasedMAGA This is what demon procession looks like.This is so annoying. This is so cool. @kmartel_sports Take shelter and spray everything with Lysol. @howie_thetitan @Titans And Henry is on the Titans injury report with a hammy. @NotKennyRogers Good list. Happy Thanksgiving.