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Scootman @RScootman 3rd Rock From The Sun, #USA

I'm not the kind of man who tends to socialize. I seem to lean on old familiar ways. I would not be convicted by a jury of my peers. Proud boomer.

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@JohnCooper4Nash @stephnthecity Active cases is the key number. Not cumulative total. @efrasjourney @vinyl_for_life How is it? Might need to get a copy of that! @TresWinn Yep. @JoeBiden We've heard this sucked. @DivaQBBQ @DivaQBBQ My wife made some blueberry bread recently. I cut off a couple of thick slices and made french toast with it. Amazing!!! @NotKennyRogers All they focus on is cumulative totals and rarely break it down.
@ansonmount I like it. How are you at staining a wood deck? @carolmswain Mandated vaccines happen now. The Covid-19 vaccine has also already been mandated by the U of TN, even… @kirstiealley I've been staining my deck. My shoulders are on fire, my hands hurt and my lower back is stiff. Fun times! @TresWinn Do you like cheesy westerns? Barbarossa with Willie Nelson and Gary Busey. Probably not as good as I reme… @ericswalwell @JoeBiden Voting for Biden won't end a nightmare. It will start a different one. We need a viable 3rd… @ThatEricAlper @domflemons Nice throw!#IndependanceDay @JBONAMASSA @AllanBell247 It's shock and awe in my neighborhood! Had to get the dogs some CBD to keep them calm. Now they wan… @ValenciaWicker @WKRN I'm glad they're marching and doing it today is appropriate. But the hypocrisy from… @drdavidsamadi Money. Hydroxy chloroquine is very cheap. Big pharma has to make $$$ @Moecasonbbq Is that BBJ? Beautiful!!
It's all about that bass, that bass..... #bassmusic @JoshBreslowWKRN @WKRN @NashvilleHealth I'm thinking the number to pay attention to is Active cases: 3602. The popu… @WKRN @Swede66850 CDB oil. It helps. @genesimmons, we're not celebrating the 4th of July. We're celebrating #IndependanceDay. Understand the difference.Thor and Cooper surveying their kingdom. #dogs #dogsoftwitter @burlypeters @USHaretic @GovBillLee Then why do Doctors wear them when performing operations and other procedures? @BoclairSports GOOD! @thebradfordfile I hope the batteries are charged on the security cameras! #JeffreyEpsteinDidNotKillHimself @WKRN
@ansonmount I like the Washington Bureaucrats. Fits perfectly. @rafor77 @glenngineer1 @time2expat @USHaretic @GovBillLee Haven't heard anyone suggest wearing a mask for the rest… @USHaretic @GovBillLee Masks don't prevent you from getting it. They help prevent you from spreading it. Common knowledge. @WilliamShatner A standard which will never be surpassed. @chuckwoolery It's very, very inexpensive. No money for big pharma. @WyattStock Your brother....... don’t want to defund the police. I don’t want to tear down statues. What about my freedom of speech? I want to be…
Retweeted by Scootman @marcuslemonis @Kenny_Wallace @CampingWorld #campingworld My wife is a college instructor. Her class in Public Spea… @Kenny_Wallace That would be a lot of fun. I loved RV trips as a kid. Great memories. @Mikie459 @RacingChic1919 @TheLastRefuge2 No. Not fake, mistakenly identified for sure. But Bubba definitely drug i… all those wanting to rename everything, you can't watch "Hamilton", that is unless they change the name of the m… @ForePlayPod @RiggsBarstool OK. That's pretty damn cool. @carolmswain @GovBillLee @JohnCooper4Nash I'm pretty sure the "total cases" number is cumulative total. So it inclu… @UNOH_edu I forgot.
@MrAtheistPants @WilliamShatner Hard to communicate sarcasm in a tweet. At least that seems to be the intent. @WyattStock @ForePlayPod @RiggsBarstool Charles Barkley is his role model. @marcuslemonis Maybe Libertarian?????? @kirstiealley Make sure the batteries on the security cameras are charged. Seems to be a problem at times. #JeffreyEpsteindidntkillhimself @WKRN Someone better double check those security cameras. @HarrietvWallace @JohnCooper4Nash @FOXNashville Have you heard if anyone has done an analysis of how the property t… @WKRN Was not aware of this. Every family has struggles of some kind. We would all do well to recognize that.More and more I'm interested in a 3rd party candidate for #POTUS. The Democrats and Republicans do not have the sol… @ThatEricAlper Too early in the morning to be screwing with my mind. @holdmyale Cats are jerks. @WyattStock @TorreySmithWR They do when it's done right. Also some mayo and a few drops of hot sauce.NYC Just defunded the very people that ran into the burning towers on 9/11. Think about it.
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@TresWinn Yes. No doubt. @JT1045 💯 @ThatEricAlper Ouch. That brat set a standard no one can meet. @JoshBreslowWKRN @WKRN That means at least 183 more chances for a meteor strike, 8.9 earthquake and a Sharknado. @Super70sSports Just 1? Imagine - John Lennon God Bless the USA - Lee Greenwood. A friend sang it at church. He sou… @CloydRivers Idiots. All of them.
@realDonaldTrump Then do more about it. @InactionNever So cool!! That's amazing! Best I ever did was about 4 feet. @ClayTravis Shouldn't you have said "Biden picks who will be POTUS when he can't finish his first term due to health issues"? @TresWinn @YouTubeTV Kinda defeats the purpose of cutting the cord. In Nashville a local station is upgrading to br… @MickeyRyan1045 I've campaigned for them for a while. But had a bad experience at Ft Walton Beach earlier this mont… @WKRN Watching my property value in Rutherford county continue to grow! @TresWinn The problem #CFB will have is not only dealing with state restrictions but individual colleges as well.… @TresWinn I'd rather they not be in national conversations. Flying low isn't a bad thing. @RepMattGaetz This isn't news. Yes, black lives matter. But the BLM organization is in fact a Marxist organization. They've admitted that. @brentdougherty New opening announcer? @WKRN Oh, why not. @RemadnaKXAN @PredsNHL I like the high school jersey better. @kirstiealley Yeah, but you're right about the woman on the video. Someone got too many participation trophies.
@ESPNMcGee While they were filming in Charlotte, Randy Quaid was a regular customer at the Blockbuster I managed. H… @kirstiealley Hot cornbread with butter. All day. @RemadnaKXAN Oh hell no!! Can we just put a dome over China? @JoshF618 "Does anyone know where the love of God goes when the waves turn the minutes to hours?" - Gordon Lightfoo… @Moecasonbbq And who's Judy?????? 😉 @stevewariner That's fantastic and soothing. @newschannelnine It's very common for universities to require certain vaccinations in order to attend classes. Very… one is actually making a point? Which one is willing to stand for her beliefs? Which one doesn't bow to intim… @Moecasonbbq Looking good! What does BBJ stand for? @WKRN Ever been to a school board meeting??? It's the only way to get through them.
@ThatEricAlper Elvis probably. @Kenny_Wallace Pretty suit. @UNOH_edu @DivaQBBQ @TheShedBBQ On my bucket list.
@ansonmount Just watched S4:E7, Elam Ferguson, of #HellOnWheels. I'm sitting here speechless. Powerful ending. Pow… spikes that are happening in some states are mostly with people under 35 years old. This is likely a result of…
Retweeted by Scootman @RemadnaKXAN Haven't worked much since March, but still getting paid. Hard to complain. Hoping schools open as norm…
@RemadnaKXAN How's Austin?Amazing. @WyattStock @JoshBreslowWKRN @NashvilleHealth Good to see recoveries increasing at a higher rate than infections. @BobMob67 @CaptainPikesEnt I started reading it and had a hard time staying interested. Might try it again. @JoshBreslowWKRN Amazing this was discovered. They were located in a very isolated part of the county.