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Product Designer & angel investor in @coinbase @envoy @expo @guesty @artsy @hodinkee & 40+ more. Ex-@Facebook—led design on growth & photos

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@mengxilu @AriannaSimpson Yes 😂 @AriannaSimpson Architecture @thehill Right, Trump just told the Kurds to take down their red light (their defenses) at the border. And with n… friends with someone you disagree with politically isn't a concession to their views. It doesn't weaken your… @JasonHitchcock @sarthakgh I meant that most public companies will basically be technology companies within 15 year… @impcapital @peterpham It is a legal right — I've not yet faced being squeezed out of it, but I'm curious what that… @impcapital @peterpham I also don't want my 3x. I want my 200X. @sarthakgh @JasonHitchcock Will mean close to the same thing in < 15 years @JasonHitchcock @sarthakgh My personal take is to substantially raise individual taxes, particularly on the top 0.1… @JasonHitchcock @sarthakgh Then tech companies are headquartered in Singapore, not Silicon Valley. I think it's a real / fair concern fwiw @Noahpinion You also generally hear the term "dis-avow" only in political or Mission: Impossible contexts 😂 @mengxilu Let's go DUKE! @sarahfrier I don't disagree. The anti-conservative bias claim is so obviously waged in bad faith (what GOP tactic… @RichardDawkins I'm so sorry for your loss Professor Dawkins 😢 @sarahfrier At the risk of tomatoes I see nothing wrong with Zuck meeting with conservatives. *Not* meeting would…
Working in expo on react native today. Can't believe the power they've written into their framework. Implementing g…
Retweeted by Bobby Goodlatte @sarthakgh @vcstarterkit @itunpredictable @zck A good competitor... But this would have been what a *great* compet… @sippey A timeless, heartwarming classic about going to Red Lobster, ordering the cheapest appetizer, and gorging o… word 5.1a for macintosh throwing down its emoji game in 1992
Retweeted by Bobby GoodlatteDavid Bowie. Watch this clip pls, from a BBC interview in 1999, he predicted the internet was going to have "unimag…
Retweeted by Bobby Goodlatte @DanCrenshawTX Thank you for speaking out on this Congressman. I wish more would do the same. The fact we had brok… early days of #sxsw were special memories ♥️❤️
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Yesterday, marathoner Eliud Kipchoge became the first ever to break two hours. Today in Chicago, Brigid Kosgei set…
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Retweeted by Bobby GoodlatteSuch an epic shot @ben_mathes Amen.Fleet Week is always the best ❤️🇺🇸
@jbruck @jorilallo I suppose we’ll see. The devil is in the details on this. But if I was thinking of starting some… @atav1k @runvc @LeftyPoolRat You clearly don’t read my Twitter 😂 @jorilallo @jbruck I certainly don’t. And what starts out as a fast process can quickly become a slow one when the… @jbruck @jorilallo FWIW I’d actually be more supportive of laws that specifically define what can and can’t operate… @jbruck @jorilallo A lot of red tape in SF’s housing process had similar good intentions. Layer on enough approval… @jorilallo @jbruck I don’t disagree—but it strikes me that SF was able to enforce its scooter policies without the… @jbruck A lot of folks point to food & alcohol licensing as a parallel that protects public safety. Those licenses—… @runvc @LeftyPoolRat “Common good” sounds very Atlas-Shrugged-esque... And I generally can’t stand people who refe… @runvc @LeftyPoolRat The implementation details will matter a lot. Hoping it’s a 1-shot license. Imagine rapidly i… @jrichlive @sarthakgh On the margins, good for some US cities. But net-net bad for the US as a whole. Other countr… @LeftyPoolRat @runvc Yes, I read the article. Does this apply to bicycle companies, car companies, baby strollers,… @jbruck I also never said this applied to all startups. Whose the one spreading misinformation about whom? @jbruck How have the robots and scooters been so harmful to warrant an approvals process? If you’re running a hard… @philosodork Some studies were done circa 2015 when an anti-Airbnb proposition was on the ballot. It affects housi… @atav1k @balajis Food & alcohol permitting came after clear examples of businesses harming the public. Where’s the… @runvc Every other city in the world with an ounce of technology industry is a beneficiary of San Francisco’s mismanagement 😕And even if our current Mayor’s office & new “Office of Emerging Technology” approve most startups—future Mayors &… @MikeBates @DavidENorman Fair enough. Mea culpa—gaffe is the wrong word. Still reminiscent though @MikeBates @DavidENorman Reminiscent of George H.W. Bush’s grocery score barcode scanner gaffe—but with sinister intent behind it :-/Anyone judged by their worst moments would look pretty bad. It’s one reason we should try to be a bit more forgiving.
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@sarthakgh I dig the spicy. Pretty much agree with your takes. Crypto has a real culture / dogma problem right now… @jonathanmarcus I don't know enough about how Guesser is built. And yeah, maybe Augur is best described as a protoc… is correct in one way, wrong in a more important way. Yes, these are applications in the strictest technical… term dApp was a mis-naming in crypto—It always should have been dAPI. These things aren't apps—they're decentr… @tamerzmorsy PBS, specifically the Newshour is the best for neutral coverage of what's going on in DC. Haven't foun… @sovereignfamily @BreitbartNews You probably can get it to show you mostly Breitbart. I'm just advocating that Appl… @jperla PBS generally does a good job. Especially PBS Newshour @sarthakgh Agreed. And putting it right on the notifications screen feels like Apple wants in on the engagement cir… of envelopes much better. Although I’m told those are only for mathI love the idea of sketching something out on a napkin... In practice, napkins aren’t great writing surfaces. Tend to disintegrate 😂This comment is gold. Many enterprises/management think they need to track/control everything when just supporting…
Retweeted by Bobby GoodlatteExcited to see the @CoinbasePro mobile app launch in the Apple app store today! Happy trading.
Retweeted by Bobby Goodlatte @staringispolite The ability to remote brick phones probably helps a lot with this. A nonfunctional scrap parts pho… @jaltma @LatticeHQ Congrats!!
No feeling in the world quite like getting into focus mode on a new exciting project you care a ton about. 🚀 @benrbn Try booting in recovery mode, and if nothing there works take it to the Genius Bar. Not as bad as seeing t… you can request a mini 1-inch Oscar statue 'charm' alongside the iconic statue when you win an Academy Award.… @jw MBP is just another propane accessory @YIMBYNeoliberal @AdamSinger I'd say California is a great state that has obvious failings. There are some other s… @MichaelKogan14 @sarthakgh @joshpuckett @JoshConstine Do you think TV ads have an impact? But yes, I think there’s… @sarthakgh @joshpuckett Yep. Both sides are definitely dialing it up to get reach. And that’s a shitty incentive st… @sarthakgh @joshpuckett @JoshConstine It’s a good first step but they aren’t showing enough info. I think if we sa… @sarthakgh @AlexCartaz Agreed. I was talking with a friend recently about whether “radical centrism” could even be… @joshpuckett @sarthakgh @JoshConstine Yep, I think regulation is the way forward. We did it before w/ past mediums—… @sarthakgh No but I’ve seen the IRL version a few times 😂 @sarthakgh Yep. It’s also a shitty job. No matter the party, a big chunk of ppl just hate you by default. But beli… @sarthakgh @JoshConstine Also, “learning to say what your audience wants to hear” is a great way to lose perspectiv… @sarthakgh We blame the incentives the medium-creators face. @sarthakgh @JoshConstine The medium is the message! @sarthakgh @JoshConstine You should just write a nuanced “impeach Trump” tweet 😂 I’d RT! 😅 @sarthakgh @JoshConstine It’s not hard to see why so many folks are bending their speech to maximize distribution o… @sarthakgh @JoshConstine 🙏 To spell it out directly—every A/B test, ML improvement & engagement algorithm optimiza…
@sarthakgh @JoshConstine Changes of degree can become a change of type at a certain point Water behaves one way—he… founder said the line of the week to me “I want to partner with a VC that’s someone I’d want to hire but couldn’t…
Retweeted by Bobby Goodlatte @adnys @vestaboard That looks awesome! @nrose That would be amazing. I hope you’re right. Many of the non-Apple products he’s designed over the years hav…'m not much one for quotes, but I heard one from Bri Steves last year that's been stuck in my head. "People roma…
Retweeted by Bobby Goodlatte @itunpredictable @PE_Feeds TIL Way more steps than I expected. Also an entirely different Pagan approach @itunpredictable @PE_Feeds Is it like, proper holy water? What priest is going along with that pitch? Father, ble… @TheOmCEO @micahjay1 By serviced I just mean it was well-maintained. It's amazing a watchmaker can dis-assemble a… @TheOmCEO @micahjay1 Pre-owned is great. I'd love to see pre-owned become a trend in other things. But yeah—unless…
@TravisBiziorek Right. For me I like having a vintage Seiko or Heuer on my wrist. I don't want technology on my wr… @OutOfFachs You're not wrong. And I'm not claiming it's an apples-to-apples comparison (maybe an Apples-to-Heuers😅)… reason why mechanical watches could even become lifetime / generational / emotional objects is because the tech…’m not saying the Apple Watch isn’t a fantastic product—or that a mechanical watch is somehow better. They’re very… @jimbomulligan Yes. It has the twete complication. Difficult to mechanically engineer the internet connection to run off the mainspring 😅 @wersedated Yep, Apple is definitely the leader there. I worry the problem lies more with consumers tossing them ou… @TasteeW Waltham made good stuff! Timex too, but quartz did change things @CBinVAN That would be an impressive mechanical complication 😅Will we ever get back to making lasting consumer technology devices? What's the lifespan of an Apple Watch? How ma…"The details are not the details. They make the design." — Charles Eames