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Bobby Goodlatte @rsg California

Product Designer, Angel @coinbase @linear_app @envoy @expo @yumi @guesty @artsy @hodinkee, 40+ more. Ex-@Facebook—led design on growth & photos

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If anyone’s on the fence about @CapitalCamp, it’s exactly two months after the Westworld premiere Plenty of time t…
Retweeted by Bobby Goodlatte @round viral recession will be different from a normal recession in that it won't result from capital misallocation but…
Retweeted by Bobby GoodlatteThis is smart. Expecting more startups to copy this.
Retweeted by Bobby Goodlatte"Every sufficiently interesting game has a metagame above it."
@vcstarterkit @ShrugCalendar House Advisor Kudlow: "The US Has Contained The Spread Of The Coronavirus" ... I somehow doubt that. 😬 getting Frank Sinatra’s Listerine to one of the all-time CEO runs. Well played, @RobertIger 🐭 📈
Retweeted by Bobby GoodlatteJust politically... it seems very very very very risky for the Trump administration to claim coronavirus is contain…
Retweeted by Bobby Goodlatte @LiveSquawk Iger was the strongest Disney CEO after Walt himself. Big shoes to fill @nikillinit Dead center is the new top right 😂Couldn’t be more excited to back Andrew and Jason on this one. 🚀 think subscription podcasts are a small opportunity... They could not be more WRONG 🙅🏼 Since we started…
Retweeted by Bobby GoodlatteEight years after its start, Coinbase presides over $21 billion of assets and is on target, Forbes estimates, to to…
Retweeted by Bobby Goodlatte
@sbyrnes I see pitch decks and presentation slides as two very different things that just happen to use the same cr… couldn’t agree more @rsg. What magical thing are you building right now?
Retweeted by Bobby Goodlatte @generalmagicmov In the General Magic tradition, it’s a secret for now 🤫😇
@Noahpinion @ZakDavid And still not as nonsensical as this graph 😂 @josephflaherty Can't find the quote—but there was a line in General Magic to the effect of: "We'll only have trul… @jsneedles Wow, I've been doing it wrong all these years. I've been using glue when I should have just been using mouldy congealed milk! 😂 @josephflaherty That said, I'd probably choose to blink out air travel rather than the internet. Either would be… @josephflaherty The huge increase in international travel over past 50 yrs might be one reason it's been a relative…
a photograph with therapeutic properties
Retweeted by Bobby Goodlatte @Lewis_Ranieri Before my time! I only arrived in Silicon Valley in 2008Nothing like watching General Magic on a plane heading home to SFO. There’s so much magic left to build 🎩🐰
I’ve been a Shopify fan from the early days. Thrilled to see you join @Libra_. Together with all other members, we…
Retweeted by Bobby Goodlatte @peteskomoroch @LinkedIn Only if you by chance have 6 fingers on your right handIt’s so hard to remember to be grateful. And so rewarding when you are reminded that gratitude makes every day a gi…
Retweeted by Bobby Goodlatte"Headline vs. Reality" - a quick story I wrote today about my plans to become a full-time investor.
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We are excited to deepen our partnership with Coinbase and continue making it easier for consumers to spend their c…
Retweeted by Bobby Goodlatte“Principal membership makes Coinbase the first cryptocurrency company with the power to issue debit cards for other…
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@rus @hqtrivia Wishing you the best of success with the transaction! Glad to hear HQ will live on @cyantist The fact that the robbers had three arms is way more remarkable than the amount of TP they stole 😂 (alri…"I'm against picketing, but I don't know how to show it." —Mitch Hedberg @KyleTibbitts Yep, great series @PopulismUpdates In this house we believe in run-on sentences @ankurfr There's plenty of beef, just orders of magnitudes less than in VC or crypto. I, for the life of me, don't… @princeof416 @eriktorenberg 1978 housing policies in particular. Proposition 13 single-handedly crippled California… @eriktorenberg It's honestly impressive how California keeps pace against the accelerating returns of technology, w… @jsneedles Very true. Although at this point I must have blocked them all 😅 @joshenders This friendship has been great over the years... but we done 😂🤷‍♂️🙃As a designer, I say: well at least #DesignTwitter isn’t as embarrassing as #VCTwitter. And then as a VC I say: we… @DHannum8 It does on the regulation of guns @cyantist You should, sans-pepper. No amount of YouTube fame is worth eating a ghost pepper 😅😵 @justGLew Yep. I call this designer vs decorator @mengxilu Very sorry to hear it and glad you’re safe! @dhh 4 in Silicon Valley: Morpheus: “... Or you sign the red term sheet, stay in VC wonderland, and I show you h… @moigottweets @tylercowen Whether you think it’s true or not has no bearing on whether it’s legal or not. @ricburton Alright so I can’t be in the movie, but could I just pay them to use that rig? Looks fun 😂 @moigottweets @tylercowen You can’t sell securities ‘direct retail’ unless you go through the SEC
@moigottweets @tylercowen Nope. Management fees will pay for value-add, rightfully so. A firm that charges startup… @tylercowen Just like “founder friendly” firms drove industry-wide change 10-12 years ago, we’re seeing a similar t… @tylercowen It’s peculiar because we’re witnessing another transition era in VC. Most GP’s are undifferentiated—a… @AdamCSharp Mahnamahna (Muppet) @KevinCate @PatrickRuffini A very good point. I also can’t stand the term ‘earned’ reach. Being outrageous & click… @WritNelson Make sure to subscribe, and remember to click the Horus, God of the skies icon to get notifications @VCHotTakes 🤔🙃🤔🙃 @mchesterpm Thank you for your service, sir. 🇺🇸🦅 @ursonate I support this framework. You should get 3 degrees of recline for every bin you stack. Stack 30 and you get a lay-flat 😇 @Engineer_Health Bring some hand sanitizer & stack your bin 😉 @ashleybmeyer I doubt that. But either way a prophylactic dose seems drinkable. @jorgealvite @darrells_tone 🤣 @jorgealvite @darrells_tone Worst is when someone is just camping out on a machine & using their phone 🤦‍♂️ The de… @jfitzsimons @MJBiercuk @mattocko To be clear: I’m just talking about drinking tonic water straight. But if adding… @breaddrink1 Wikipedia backs me up on this one: @ColtonSeal Sure. Historically tonic water is what saved British troops from malaria in the 18th/19th century @ashleybmeyer It does. It’s regulated in the US to contain a maximum of 83mg per liter. @MJBiercuk @mattocko I’m sure Nature would love to publish the results of your ‘follow-up study’ 😂 @breaddrink1 I might be wrong, but I believe 83 PPM is 83mg per liter. Standard dose of chloroquine is 200mg @jeffrey Yep, that’s why the amount of quinine in tonic water is regulated. Fairly hepatoxic stuff, although not an… @ScottMcGrew Yep, exactly. Although they were likely drinking a lot higher doses of quinine back then. The US regu… @AriDavidPaul Seems like a prudent medical decision 😂 @unpopularvc Nah, at least not in the death-toll sense. But the great plague was certainly a “this time it’s different” event @jasoncrawford Ah yes, the rare meta-this-time-it’s-different argument. A thing of beautyAt startups, headcount is a vanity metric.
Retweeted by Bobby Goodlatte @Mazzeo Torture the suspect by forcing them to fly on Spirit Airlines 😅
Tired: “Look for the helpers” Wired: “Look for the stackers. You can always find people who are stacking”There are only two types of people in this world: Thise who help stack the bins after getting through TSA And th…“This time it’s different” arguments are generally too quickly dismissed. Some times it really is different. @tylerwillis @SheaBalish @rabois @mwseibel @joe_darko We’re drifting into fairly abstract territory here, but histo… @sarthakgh @rabois @mwseibel @joe_darko I don’t disagree there. I’ve always thought debates over manual content m… @SheaBalish @rabois @mwseibel @joe_darko Facebook, Google, Twitter 🙃 @rabois @mwseibel @joe_darko Yep, and that 1% can be a real curveball @rabois @mwseibel @joe_darko Sure. I think “this time it’s different” arguments are generally too quickly dismissed… @GekokujoRhythm @jttiehen 19 ‘super angels’ to watch and how we help companies 🚀
Retweeted by Bobby GoodlatteWhy do people get criticised for changing their opinions? I don’t understand why this is a bad thing.
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If you don't hire starters into your company, don't be surprised when nothing starts.
Retweeted by Bobby Goodlatte @dtrinh @KHelioui The beret is next 😂 @pvm Great role model. His approach to business and leverage is under-appreciated @BainCapVC @KatieS @rrhoover @jmj @briannekimmel @rsg Congrats SuperAngels 2.0!
Retweeted by Bobby Goodlatte @ricburton Just photoshop Vitalik’s face in there @Pinga @alexisohanian You absolutely can achieve both. I didn’t say: don’t hustle. Just that in this cultural mome… @alisongrippo @alexisohanian Right, but you also can’t stop humans from automating themselves. I share you concern… is over-rated. Yes, of course you should work hard. That’s a baseline. But the compounding advantage of te… must read on the rise of the "super angel" aka investors raising their own funds as solo general partners. Excite…
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@briannekimmel @jmj @JeffChang30 @lucy_guo 😇 🚀 #squadA growing trend that’s great for founders and fun to be part of @jmj (product), @JeffChang30 (growth), @rsg (desi…
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