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Co-Founder & Partner, Form Capital. Investor in @Coinbase @Envoy @Expo @Yumi @Artsy @Hodinkee @Linear_app @AlmanacDocs @QuillChat @Supercast & 50+ more

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@Nogoodtwts Interesting. I think there will be plenty of games that don't run afoul of gambling regs but still have… @Austen Oil futures going negative was just an out-of-bounds glitch in the speedrun. Although in the case of oil… exchanges are going to look more & more like video games. And video game assets are going to be more & more tradeable on exchanges. @kevinroose Still a better plot than House of Cards season 5Love to see Clubhouse use its app icon to highlight people from the community. Nice touch. ❤️
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Kamala Harris is such a strong pick. She's been the #1 prediction for months, so I didn't expect to feel this exci… looking for a React Native engineer to be our first hire or to work with an agency. DM me if you're intereste…
Retweeted by Bobby GoodlatteWish my grandma was here.
Retweeted by Bobby Goodlatte @ankitshah Happy birthday!! @alexandersok Maybe by the time COVID is over my cooking will have progressed to the point where it’s safe to eat 😅… @kfury's algorithm has sent me down a Jacques Pépin cooking video rabbit hole ♥️ Maybe these algorithms ain't so bad after allMoral leadership from Mayor Breed & San Francisco.
Last week we caught up with @rsg and @jw to talk about how designers can prepare to become founders and (possibly)…
Retweeted by Bobby Goodlatte"There are more opportunities today than there have ever been. its a cascading. It’s a layering effect. Every layer…
Retweeted by Bobby Goodlatte @mikeindustries You know you're behind the 8 ball when Gmail auto-suggests opening with "Sorry for the delay in getting back to you..."
@ALEXEIMARTOV Wow! Well playedthinking: having worked w/ some great investors in my odd career as an early stage "operangel," have observed: th…
Retweeted by Bobby Goodlatte @dwr Calling LP's "stans" feels very 2020 🤔😂 @ALEXEIMARTOV I did. And I'm still out here investing in new bets as well :) The returns on the first checks can b… @ALEXEIMARTOV Depends on the angel. I’ve invested in quite a few startups and wallop VTI in returns ;) @krowney Agreed. Steering a founder in the wrong direction is a cardinal sin. Investors who do this sort of support… of the more exciting trends in startup investing is the idea that you don't have to give up being an operator t… 🤩... I’ve just test @expo face-detector api 🙈🚀 it’s supper dope. Check it out:
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Design Twitter, I present to you recruiters.
Retweeted by Bobby Goodlatte @NTmoney Yep. Maximalism just feels like a fancy term for "talking one's book", a problem that plagues cryptotwitt… @KyleTibbitts @Jason Fair point. I was outspoken in support of mask wearing during that period. @Jason It really shows how deep of an influence media has on folks. So many people have fallen into the deep end of…
@etiennexyz @jamesbeshara Nothin'! I'm a fan of bothA+ branding & packaging. Congrats @jamesbeshara! Great alternative to coffee @shervin @babak_hamadani @mabb0tt @stilenius @joshelman @libbylh D!Some advice for aspiring tech leaders - Don’t start a company for the founder or CEO title - Pay attention to how…
Retweeted by Bobby Goodlatte @linear_app might be one of the infinity stones for the software developer's infinity gauntlet. Took me all of 10…
Retweeted by Bobby GoodlatteLove this idea you're a designer with questions about raising capital or starting your own business someday, this might be a go…
Retweeted by Bobby GoodlatteWent on @designdetailsfm this week with @jw to chat about Form Capital! @M_Methuselah Modern social media is a marketplace of narratives. To build a marketplace of ideas you'd need to ha…
Product Design = Designing what a product is. Product Design ≠ Designing what a product looks like.
Retweeted by Bobby Goodlatte @miked1ck forbidden ice cream 🤤 @alexisohanian Meanwhile, honey badger don't care about colorful news cycle :DCompanies that struggle to hire & retain great designers often have misconceptions about the role of design. They… @blakeir Mine too! @NeerajKA Best use of this new meme format yet. A+ work, would lol again.Building a career as a remote worker requires discipline & new thinking around motivation, collaboration & career a… @shl @jw 🙌 @shl Congrats!! @thisiszinger @ankitshah Interesting. I like this distinction. @ankitshah I totally agree. I think social platforms are steering people towards wanting something that is unhealthy for them @ankitshah I wish you were right but see too many counter-examples. Social media offers a lot of power to unscrupul… @ankitshah It's a losing game for society writ large, but sadly it seems to be an effective strategy for individuals :-(
@jmj @gaby_goldberg Congrats! Very solid 1st batch!Over the past 12 yrs, new/emerging fund managers were a TOP 10 fund 95 of 120 times (i.e. out-performing storied 'S…
Retweeted by Bobby Goodlatte @_is_a_trickster So we let the virus run rampant & kill people, and that's somehow a positive because it's a Darwinian selective pressure? 😬 @_is_a_trickster I don't follow. Novel viruses capable of creating a pandemic fortunately haven't come around very often. @_is_a_trickster I don't. It correlates with age. But folks of all age groups can be carriers / super-spreaders. @_is_a_trickster So what?This picture is worth 1,000 op-ed's, tweets & speeches in the debate over schools re-opening to be included in @BusinessInsider's list of the top tools reinventing work Versions are the only way Here'…
Retweeted by Bobby GoodlatteCase studies as "proof of work" in venture capital: Great investors add value beyond their check. Bad investors po… @laurayd Thank you Laura!
What a crazy market. #Overstonks @BrianOstrovsky 100%. I saw it happen to some degree in crypto communities. Being active in Bitcoin forums in 2012… your online communities carefully & consciously. The right communities offer a glimpse of the future & foster…
@reidhoffman, who knows a thing or two about business "time to elect a leader with real experience guiding a count…
Retweeted by Bobby GoodlatteI swear it’s such an amazing feeling starting a new @expo project. Every time I type expo init in the command line…
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@thejohnharman Oh wow, thank you!Busiest week I've had in a long time. And one of the best weeks!
@StrangeNative @awilkinson @andreasklinger values align with strategy, magic happens. Here are some of the values @jw and I are building Form Capital t…
Retweeted by Bobby Goodlatte @NeerajKA Finally, the adventure will be known: @andreasklinger I think GPT-3 thinks that people are a joke 😅 @andreasklinger @andreasklinger @bznotes It's going to be a mess. First in Congress between HEALS / HEROES acts—then more of a mess in the courts.…
@can the good news is that qualifies you to be a blockchain expert @JoeBiden @KyleTibbitts @fast It's a smart thesis to build a company around. I'm excited for y'all! If only there was a Fast… @danielh9277 100% The difference between massive success & a failed startup can be as little as one tap added or r… @i_am_brennan Haha great example. Design & manufacture four groundbreaking cars that change an industry, accelerate… extra tap or click in a big company's UX flow is a startup's opportunity @mulligan Whenever possible, through the product itself. E.g. the most popular topic to discuss on Clubhouse is Clubhouse 😅If we upzoned SF and made it easier to build housing, I wonder how many jobs that would create. Probably a lot.
Retweeted by Bobby Goodlatte @sarthakgh I wonder if Twitter could build something to solve this. Maybe inject an anonymized tweet every now and… @andybudd Thank you Andy! Means a ton coming from you 🙏 @caitlinbolnick1 Thank you! It's number 1 for a reason. It both rings true to Josh & I's value system, but also d… Brands start as empty vessels. “Form Capital” means very little today. The effort we pour into each design sp… Build our brand, never coast on it 4-1/ A venture firm’s brand either serves as durable, compounding advantage… Relationships are everything The most predictable way to earn outsized allocations in follow-on rounds, and to… Show, don’t just tell Saying we add value is one thing — showing it through real examples is another thing entir… Earn the allocation When capital is a commodity, investing in high-potential startups is a privilege that needs… values align with strategy, magic happens. Here are some of the values @jw and I are building Form Capital t…’s be clear: Trump does not have the ability to delay the election. Our elections are enshrined in the Constitut…
Retweeted by Bobby GoodlatteI had a bunch of people reach out about the various books and blog posts I mentioned on my recent podcast with…
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Bezos: Social media is a "nuance destruction machine"
Retweeted by Bobby Goodlatte @rsg @jw Congrats! Love the idea of a fund focused on "show, don't just tell" when it comes to helping portfolio companies.
Retweeted by Bobby Goodlatte @pitdesi 3 jars of #3!👀 HAVE A STRONG POV. This is certainly true for startups (and reality TV cooking shows). I suspect it’s probably tr…
Retweeted by Bobby Goodlatte💕 Huge thanks are in order for the enthusiasm @rsg and I received about @form_cap. While Bobby has been an active a…
Retweeted by Bobby Goodlatte @eriktorenberg @jw Thanks so much! Excited to co-invest with you more!