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Avid CS:GO Player | ex-Rank G | ESEA-Advanced IGL for TBD | Happily Married w/2 boys & 1 girl loving life! | Do Justly, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly

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been re-watchin death note and forgot how fire it was! @heyitsFlorence way to go floorants! @NoxioGG @TriumphGamingGG nt bro was a fun one to watch @doltnn head up dude bounce back 11-5 ez @swishcs @MythicRebornGG lights out no shot lets go ... they call him mcswish @Slugycs @STMNesports @LinkkCSGO @v1koo @PoisonCSGO @vaatinator @AlAtaqueG you guys are awesome! @bilenkooo @Am1racle @FollowSwindoll ty bro <3
@OCEAN_tK lets go baby!!jeremy lynch content on ig is gold - dudes hella talented too. this one got me dead 😆 @Blakerscs happy bday u old fart! @Sharkie_tv ooo what you season it with? @Sharkie_tv nice werk bruhh - is that bulgogi at the top middle? @stamjna lmao what he do .. clip? @Am1racle @FollowSwindoll whats a brother gotta do? for the love of all that is sane plz don’t make me resort to es… @cmxCSGO anytime bro - wish we had been able to team up it was fun playing with you and you’re on the way to big things! @cmxCSGO gjgjgj @heyitsFlorence drop - sennheiser hd6xx @bobaconan @jermaine_cs @FollowSwindoll 🧢🧢🧢
@nurfed25 they have a fairly easy process that once completed can yield you a net new gpw without having to send yo… @xcege @Nohte @paiNGamingBR whoever breaks double digits vs them in advanced = W lol @heyitsFlorence @JDubsCS NEVER!
@Am1racle @stamjna @FollowSwindoll thanks for the update brother man! @LinkkCSGO @ninjapc2 @PoisonCSGO @Slugycs look at these handsome mfers i got competition now @its_royalG @1moopey for love of our sanity @Am1racle come on! @launders sh1ro vod when? tick tock mfer TICK TOCKbobby for pres @HexTCSGO well shiet then yall gonna be alright! @HexTCSGO i think you answered your own question there bruh @PoisonCSGO @GGPResports gl brother! excited for you @gabecs_ @TakeFlyteGG keep your heads up and dont stop grinding @doltnn lmao @@@@ @swishcs bruhhhhh @xcege perfect read and rotation into an immediate 5v3 to secure OT then you see ptr jump through window with a p25… BnB
its jame time again folks @clasiaLp competition baby @heatycs happy birthday big dawg! @its_royalG uhhh wtf i thought they were going to reschedule...why did nobody tell me? this is fkin absurd @JDubsCS @ImP_GG gl big dawg @launders man this just brings out all sorts of wrong
@f1ukie @PoisonCSGO @FPLCircuit dw i gotchu he knows wassup in the DM @hyza_cs lmaoooo nice @heyitsFlorence hbd old man @tweissCS @walkero_o bruh you do realize shit talking his teammates is still indirectly shit talking him right?
@Just2EZCSGO ofc bro! you guys are cracked :) @ggTeaTime @Mauisnake @FPLCircuit got a new exciting demo to watch! mamoon when you wanna do it? @Just2EZCSGO im biased what can i say? XD @SaturnCSGO hbd man!
@Mauisnake atta show these kids how its done whilst simultaneously lookin good :D @Mauisnake update your twitter bio newb @T1 @currydtx congrats rahul! @xcege shouldnt have become a demon 😈 @Fade4756 what time? @JosiahCSGO @SolGoat holy fk mans needs to hit the kz servers @JazzPimp @RBG_Esports good shit man
@Oreo was totally not expecting a reply but will do! btw your oreo thin latte's were great but i guess discontinued :*( @Osodankk @el_jack0 no way ur not trolling @EliGE @ohaaiii @HPforGamers for unsalaried players in the semi-pro scene (which a majority are) that cannot dedica… @Oreo just tried your chocolate hazelnut flavor and it was HOT GARBAGE, how do i get my $4.19 back? @CxziDanny really gotta get those ones bruh LMAO @bokubop DISOWNED @f1ukie @WarmupServer lies you hacked them so you can get clout for your dm server....i guess its time for flukiedm now @WarmupServer bring back your old payment method plz wtf is this
@tacitusfps @CSGO can we has plz? @CSGO @landmazCS more like jersey yikes.. tell them to give you the $ instead of the sandwich @arzee44 says the guy trying to be a cybersecurity engineer lmaoooo @xternalTV fkin juice @heyitsFlorence @Slugycs @JosiahCSGO lmao wtf @CSGOKermi grind never stops lets go big dawg @PNDLMcs @xcege the best a man can get @XzenCSGO expected :)
just started demon slayer and it is 🔥 anyone else watching it or read the manga?
@Fade4756 @CrypticTW @ESEA @its_royalG and boba XD @Fade4756 @ninjapc2 @ESEA THE 2 TIME @TriumphGamingGG @CooperCSGO lmFAOOOO coop's reaction got me ded @SubarashiiCS scrim? what?
@cmxCSGO glhf dude
@f1ukie @xcege @FlashPointGG i just say “nega” (chinese filler word thats means “like” or “that” for those that may… @xternalTV i hope they don’t fk it up with b rated acting. also hope katana is as fine as in the original. wonder t… @xcege @FlashPointGG you know what it eeeezveloz and recon5 over @FlashPointGG dats cap @FeedaleeCS better be another 100adr game from you for making us wait now bruh
@xner20 @DarfMike @deanbrownie why is liquid og on c stream?? @Faro0q_R @arzee44 desi boys v2 EZZZZZZZZZ @SolGoat @Upmind_ damn nice one bruh @MellohCS gj b @f1ukie yeah im done with you tonny
@homerhpc nah man i was just checkin up on you to see how you were was genuinely concerned :D @homerhpc no reply :( @MakzwellCS yo thanks for this homie this has been something ive always struggled with - nice to know theres someon…
@sfX_x1 @SPEAR_R_ lmao bro u did him dirtyyyy @arzee44 jk made a card with the kids for her, got her a “yoda best mom” tshirt cuz we been watchin mandalorian and… @arzee44 my amazing smilecinnamon roll valentine pancakes from waifu - happy vday everyone! @eminsCS wtf bro 🔥🔥🔥🔥! @SPAMMERALI @2TR1LL one piece of chocolate while u poundin' nutella tubs..cant wait to have this one day :D @IronwolfNV @koalanoob it allllll makes sense now kekw @Blakerscs @PharmanautLabs thx blakey boy ill check it out @SPAMMERALI lmao only one piece? sala