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Now for something fun! @WintermoorTC we choose you for heartwarming tactical adventure!
@jom4337 Could be!Is Moon Knight a Kajit warrior?We were a bit sad that Disney+ was not, in fact, a cybernetically enhanced Walt Disney.Be a good dog!!! would be sweet to reach 15k followers by 2021. @mustangsart You should invite @Druttercup and @Wandering_DM and have an official writer game!!! @Kayakugun Yay! @JoeKerr019 Unfortunately, not in any in-depth degree. @DavidGallaher @CouriVine If Hydroman ever has to fight Spider-Man on the moon (and not in the Blue Area) now he’s all set! @Vato_Ren “We’re playing Cyberpunk RED from R. Talsorian Games” works just fine. @SteveEllisArt Ah!Hey there streamers and podcasters! You are welcome to play our games on your channels all you want! Our only asks:… @andreas_mwg The crossover we all deserve. @Swordsfall1 @Twitch Can confirm. Please give us credit and play the hell out of our games. Credit the artists for any images used as well.Is a Moon Knight anything like an Onion Knight? @DCockle! Congrats on 13 years of being that sword fella with the white hair! @MonteCookGames Welcome!!! @southernlocust NCARTOkay. This is awesome. @ZweihanderRPG Would that be... "A shot heard round the world"? Huh? Huh? Nudge Nudge. @LibrariaNPC Core rulebook. Though we're happy to have people review the Jumpstart Kit as well. @AndreasPischner It can count, yes, if it is a blog that focuses on RPG news and reviews, for example, and posts re… you: a) REPRESENT A MEDIA OUTLET (Can't emphasis this enough. Please no jokes about "I'll start a YT channel fo… @roydecampagna Yep. @cypheroftyr @MotherlandsRPG If you crack the cloning thing let us know.Just a reminder that we once ran a charity game of the Witcher featuring @DCockle and @matthewmercer... and Doug as…’s Hiiiiiiigh Moooon. @Ciatta98 Wow!🔴🔴#CONCURSO #CYBERPUNK🔴🔴 ✔️ Responde o RT describiendo a Johnny Silverhand con una frase ✔️ Pon el Hashtag…
Retweeted by R. Talsorian Games. Cyberpunk RED in November! @anarchic_spirit @syrinscape Yes.
ARTIST OPEN CALL!!! I’m looking for artists from marginalized communities for some work next month for [REDACTED].…
Retweeted by R. Talsorian Games. Cyberpunk RED in November! @BronzeAgeBabies Who wears short shorts?Please vote. @DavidGallaher Beauty and the Beast was a great series they never followed up on and should have. I loved the idea… epic Cyberpunk game needs an epic Cyberpunk soundtrack. Check out the official Cyberpunk RED soundsets from @syrinscape!Did you know our friends over at @RocketAdrift are making a dating sim where you can smooch a bigfoot, a fairy, or… out some astounding gamers playing a fun game! @SSkorkowsky @asterios We think @_samliu_ us a bit too busy making movies these days...In Cyberpunk RED, the Garden is your one stop platform for audio, video, text, and interactive content! The best sp…, 1930s
Retweeted by R. Talsorian Games. Cyberpunk RED in November! @BDaveWalters In Castle Falkenstein, the Fae make excellent legal representation... @itsk0mma @mustangsart Cheap may have been a poor choice of words then. @itsk0mma @mustangsart Royce’s exoskeleton is a linear frame: essentially it transforms a person into a constructio… - IN THE WEEDS #Cyberpunk Red Actual Play Wax, Spitfire and Sprocket keep their guard up in the face of corpora…
Retweeted by R. Talsorian Games. Cyberpunk RED in November!We know @mustangsart will appreciate this one! If she hadn’t seen it already! @newjavier Yes.<insert clever tweet here.> @MutantFuturist @Nash076 @DavidGallaher begs to differ. @JoeKerr019 Not specifically.
@Nash076 Every character is someone’s favorite. @vicious696 We imagine it. Every day. @jom4337 We sell them separately.Love Blue Rose from @GreenRoninPub or Invisible Sun from @MonteCookGames or iHunt from @MachineAgeInc or Harlem Unb… @jmswallow Congrats!!!A great interview with Mike Pondmith from his appearance at @pyrkon this year. Full transcript: @niels_k You might pick up World of Cyberpunk 2077 from @DarkHorseComics to get 2077-specific world lore. We will p… RELEASES & RESTOCKS: Fort from @LederGames , @Wizards_DnD Curse of Strahd REVAMPED, @RTalsorianGames Cyberpunk…
Retweeted by R. Talsorian Games. Cyberpunk RED in November!There's also a "far future" alternate universe involving large mechs that was part of our Mekton line. That's our… the "Cybergeneration era" happens because a nanotech virus known as the Carbon Plague is released into the publ…'s a period between the Time of the Red and the 2077 era but we've not explored it yet so there's no "official… 2077 era: Aka the era of Cyberpunk 2077. The world has mostly healed from the ravages of the 4th Corporate War.… Time of the Red: The period after the 4th Corporate War, when the world is healing from the ravages of the 4th… 2020 era: Aka the era of Cyberpunk 2020 (our most well known edition). A fairly booming era of technological ad… Cyberpunk timeline breaks down into a few distinct eras. The 2013 era: The setting of the first tabletop RPG,… (capital C) is an IP created by Mike Pondsmith and R. Talsorian Games. It began as a tabletop roleplaying… For a good transhuman TRPG, check out Eclipse Phase by our friends at @ps_pub. They know their shit.Both explore how technology changes both humanity and the world. Cyberpunk as a genre asks "is the tech coming too… following is added opinion: Cyberpunk and transhumanism are separate but related subgenres. There are aspects o… cyberpunk genre often features unbridled Corporate control via unchecked capitalism, cybernetic enhancements, i… small thread on cyberpunk, transhumanism, Cyberpunk, and the Cyberpunk eras. cyberpunk (small c) is a subgenre o… app called "Fight or Die" mysteriously appearing on Agents. #nightcityheadlines
For those curious about the scale of the new #CyberpunkRed minis, here's a picture to give you a rough idea. They’r…
Retweeted by R. Talsorian Games. Cyberpunk RED in November!The first #CyberpunkRed miniatures arrived from the US today, earlier than expected. Whether you're looking for a m…
Retweeted by R. Talsorian Games. Cyberpunk RED in November! @CyberpunkGame @Porsche When does it show up at our HQ? We’ve made room... @cypheroftyr @ArseQueef Wow!Welcome to Night City! Today’s blog explores Night City in 2045. is a game well worth watching! @NaitoNii cars in Cyberpunk RED are Mei Meis. @muskrat_john Can confirm. This is why Mike Pondsmith no longer talks to Chris Pramas. He knows what he did. @mustangsart We hear it rhymes with “naked bathtub guy”... @mustangsart Sounds about right. @JoeKerr019 There aren’t any in our version of Cyberpunk. They can exist in your’s if you like! @JoeKerr019 Not readily accessible and not for 2020. Sorry. @en_virtua Not connected to us.We'll be starting our discussion with @MadqueenShow in just a minute! @pawpanasiuk @bagnall_richard today's episode of The World of Cyberpunk 2077 with @RTalsorianGames we're going to talk about CARS! (and other…
Retweeted by R. Talsorian Games. Cyberpunk RED in November!In our Cyberpunk RED Alert about Night City, we shared this amazing piece of art by @bagnall_richard. @DustinAurand No worries. Cyberpunk 2077 is based off that same tabletop RPG. Shared universe. @DustinAurand These are for Cyberpunk RED, the latest edition of a tabletop RPG that's been around since the late 1980s. @jom4337 @MonsterFight31 Direct from @MonsterFight31! RED Alert: Night City! What's Night City like in 2045? Where can you go for a drink? Who some of the pow… valid. Cyberpunk RED minis on the ground in the UK!!! @babybeardmedia Seduce all the draculas!!!Nintendo, we demand you put @GailSimone in Smash! Her ultimate would be Twitter snark! @BladeMasterMagi @MonsterFight31 Maybe @ShinyGamesUK can answer that?