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@TerenceR78 Drugs are a health issue. Drugs will never go away. The Portuguese model and multiple studies across th… @TerenceR78 I see you've read the article thenPortugal is of comparative size to Ireland by EU standards, and they put us to shame consistently. They've also reb… @PaulHamilton_02 That's lovely, thank you so much Paul ❤️It's now 19 years since Portugal shifted their drugs policy from being a criminal issue to a health issue. Lives ha… @Skip_goose I use a carbon calculator for my flights. This tour amounts to around 400 euro. The calculator then all…, for those wondering if you think this stuff doesn't matter. A shooting just happened 7KM away from Ballymun, a sad incident. But it…, decent investigative journalism and reporting is one thing. There's also another unhelpful problematic sid… @Lodge_4_lyf No, ye all sound like Limerick people who've received a bit of good news and yere black pudding is too tastySadly, I need to clarify that I am not saying journalists shouldn't report on incidents. Which is an essential part…, theres's just a small number of tickets left, and only for the second shows in Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland.I'm gigging, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Auckland NZ soon. Are there any guests ye'd like me to intervie… @420caolan I’d forgotten about that post and laughed at my own joke like a prickSo much more to be done. But this is a major acknowledgment by Wall Street that climate change is real, and that bi…
@davidkirby2097 Lots of people online putting effort in and adding colour and improving quality, it's greatI've become obsessed with colourised films of the 1920's, and pop songs of the 1920's. Because it's 100 years ago a… @paddycullivan @RMcGreevy1301 @irishginge @skyatlantic @barry_shep @ColmDore @Seanofthesouth @GerryAdamsSF a Limerick person, a reminder that Drogheda is a grand place, don't let the media redefine an entire area becaus… everyone seen this I NEED EVERYONE TO SEE THIS
Retweeted by The Blindboy PodcastThe Dril energy is big with this one. of my fave podcasts that I made recently. Tracing American gang culture back to 18th century faction fighting i… to see this new artist getting the recognition she deserves. Cannot wait for a debut album too @TheDevilsfavour A blue yeti mic for 100 quid and audacity free editing software and record in a messy room full of… Journalism here, and a compelling read, by a South African team. Shining a light on terrorism carried out b… @ListenToWoody Surely a man with a woody guthrie profile is familar with the likes of Alan Lomax? And the importanc…, I just woke up, but have any GOP Senators commented yet on the fact that Trump appears to have put out a mob hit on a US Ambassador?
Retweeted by The Blindboy PodcastDublin, one of Limericks finest rappers is gigging in workman’s tomorrow
@fitzpatrick970 I do work with BBC now Mary not RTE. @fitzpatrick970 I'm very cautious about how I mention specific tragedies like that on my social media Mary. That pe… finally translated the abstract patterns on the kerbstone at Newgrange and it says “ye can have Fine Gael or Fianna Fáil” @MegaMuto Is that Ashens who eats food out of old cans on YouTube? @marxculture 😂😂😂😂I love this photo of Depeche Mode. They all look really uncomfortable with how they’ve been styled is fucking bizaare. Imagine this happening in a country the US wasn't friendly with? Imagine the type of cover… future if you vote for Fianna Fáil ór Fine Gael thís election. #GE20 #GeneralElection #RegisterToVote
Retweeted by The Blindboy PodcastIsn’t it mad how the media just casually and offhandedly explains that justice is actually a giant farce which has… @numbertheory666 Wtf?? @ciarzo_8 I would absolutely love if it was a cap tip to be honest. I’m a big fan of Coogan @DamianMorrissey Well Damien, you're in a serious minority in Ireland. Because they were inescapable when I grew up… to @Rubberbandits podcast, makes a point about how the Monarchy and the media obsession with it is an app…
Retweeted by The Blindboy Podcast @ShurleyKnott Nice one, fair play to them, @SeaghanSionnach Tá sé cleachtaithe ag scairteadh an-ard idir amhráin ag a chuid ceolchoirmeacha. Tarlaíonn sé seo… best out of context @Rubberbandits
Retweeted by The Blindboy Podcast @MacDeSparko 🤣🤣 factTodays podcast is an interview with the lead singer of the Wolfetones. I also have a scaldy roasty take on the Blac… @brianconey @Bookhimdannom1 I deleted the tweet there and reposted it with more clarity so you don't get your mentions ruined by dorks.And while I adore Coogans work and consider him a big influence. The scene where he gives a guest a pet turtle and… article by a Belfast lad. Terrible headline by the Guardian. Irish people didn't need an English comedian to t… @Flibertigibbet I did Tristan. Good article written by a Belfast lad. But that headline, which he didn't write or h… @Bookhimdannom1 @brianconey I cleared that up underneath. Apologies Brian in case there's a misunderstanding, the a… @ifat1styoudont1 That was a hot take that an phoblacht put out about 15 years ago when the media had a moral panic… Wednesday podcast for your morning commute. Part 1 a brief history and a hot take on the Black and Tans, Part 2… here is the episode
@EmmaDabiri Holy fucking Christ @kyzerxo Thank you, glad you’re enjoying itFor tomorrows podcast I’ll be chatting to Brian Warfield from the Wolfetones. Great craic and interesting history @JohnA05563247 @LADFLEG Big difference between us doing it and our former colonial overlord doing it. We search for… @W_I_M_M Absolutely nothing wrong with that sketch at all. Perfectly satirises our “ah shur it will be grand” attit… @GavinOsborne18 That still doesn’t make a person from Ireland british or make it ok to call us that @munsterman321 We did it with Tony CascarinoConfusion As Britain Complains About Foreigner Leaving Country
Retweeted by The Blindboy Podcast @darachos seeing US soldiers going through Shannon airport who are clearly born after nine eleven
@davidsward Thank you ❤️Someone kidnap Elderberry Galahad for his delicious sperm. It will be like the Tàin. Who’s up for it?Good old Limerick leader giving me that sweet content in a world gone mad. Everything here is perfect every day as it comes. Never let no one say you can’t do nothing ❤️ carrys a sense of menace to it. Could she have said no and locked them in the tower?!! Delighted to announce that @ComedyinSpain will be bringing the phenomenon that is @Rubberbandits The Blindbo…
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Retweeted by The Blindboy PodcastIf I have a child I’m Naming them Martin Mcguinness Colonel Gaddafi Semtex, just in case they get famousHer name means FREEDOM in Irish she was named after a popular slogan used for centuries with the goal of Irish peop… is peak Brits are at it shit. This is the worst I’ve ever seen in terms of claiming Irish people for themselves's like Irish weather getting annoyed that we underestimated it over the mild winter, pure scornedIs anyone else getting a particularly Irish lilt off Storm Brendan? It nearly roars in the accent of a Garda sergea… up on last weeks podcast. An exploration into the work of pioneering electronic musician Patrick Cowley and h… proud of the work our little society gets done. Hopefully the parks resident amphibian population recov…
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I've been listening to Patrick Cowley all afternoon after listening to @Rubberbandits excellent history of disco po…
Retweeted by The Blindboy Podcast @Stephenlough95 I reckon he did. There’s no mention of it in the vellum of Navigatio Sancti Brendani Abbatis, but I… Brendan making me think about Brendan the Navigator having 5th century lonely wanks on his little boat in uncharted watersおはよ〜! 波はイマイチだよ〜! でも透明度がハンパない!!! SUPとかに乗って1度見たら感動するかもよ〜♥ #勝浦 #マリブ
Retweeted by The Blindboy Podcast @AvettArchivist We're from Ireland and wear bags on our heads and were teenagers in 2002Here's the episode did a podcast on this two years ago as a bizaare hot take prediction Headline, unchanged in 24 hours. Meanwhile, the Equivalent of the Iranian SAS are currently massing outside the… @NiallWard10 William?Hearing strong reports, that following a family meeting, the English queen will replace Harry and Meghan with Matt… a festival in thailand because I talk into a sock in Limerick. A bizaare feeling, her son was openly accused of being a massive paedo a month ago, ye're leaving the EU in 19 days, and yere fu… want the news to tell me about the protests in Iran and not about the weird english royal family and their odd traditions and practices @arkle954 @emmzcee I can’t believe you typed all that Stephen 😂 Jaysus lad
Normally I’d be having a can or two on a Saturday night and listening to the early solo efforts of Bryan Ferry. But… YouTube and worrying about which video will fuck up my algorithm is the digital equivalent of worrying about… @paulroy We call them Da’sMotivational and fascinating stuff here for anyone struggling with the midpoint of dry January brilliant happy young scientists. Glowing with a hard earned sense of worth, wonder and achievement. Grown adul… @ConanMacD When lots of hoteliers, for close to 20 years now, no longer need to compete in the market because the g… @JohnMaattala Last week in LIMERICK, the poorest city in the country, where a houses are regularly on sale for unde… those hotels being built in Dublin at the expense of apartments and homes will be in full occupation with emerg… a reminder that "solutions" in Ireland currently, are for profit. Emergency accommodation of homeless people in…