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Do any of ye know someone who works on the live streaming part of facebook? I need a hand with somethingPeak 2020 content. Imagine pitching this to a TV exec in the 90s: “So it’s an Irish lad with a bag on his head, imp…
Retweeted by The Blindboy PodcastA song called Cowboy Fashion Show. Written and produced live on twitch while I play red dead redemption.
Retweeted by The Blindboy PodcastAnd you thought 2020 was finished being wildly unpredictable?
A song called Cowboy Fashion Show. Written and produced live on twitch while I play red dead redemption. @brokenbottleboy Download streamlabs and just use a shitty webcam to start off.Live from Dolans in Limerick now. A performance from @MuRliMuRl and @BleedingHeartPs, I love giant fish parrot people. I’m all for it. This is my vibe. But not instead of a functional and liveab… Limerick council, look at this photo of Cork. Can we have this instead of novelty sized cutlery cable tied to e… .. yaes thates nise ....
Retweeted by The Blindboy Podcast @ellenmcoyne @Gill_Books Fantastic. Fair play Ellen
Tonights live stream. Writing and producing improv songs to red dead redemption 2 very nice current trail camera footage of Otters at a site in the Lower River Shannon SAC near Limerick City.
Retweeted by The Blindboy Podcast @fonforest Yes. The sad thing here is that there were meetings and input etc. people wanted pedestrianised streets… have nothing against a bus full of spuds or a giant table and chairs. I just don’t want them INSTEAD of a functio… today they have just installed a giant table and chair. Busses full of spuds and giant tableware. I love Limeri… Podcast. It's about Barack Obama removing a statue of Winston Churchill from the oval office for a non disclose…
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Kingfisher watching a Heron fishing; current trail camera footage from the Lower River Shannon catchment.
Retweeted by The Blindboy Podcast @limerickcitybiz 😂 @morgan5273 No man, I think that was 2014. I actually made two full American series for MTV USA but only one episode airedWorth noting that as a series its a really creative unorthodox format. Five 30 min episodes a week. Different clien…“In treatment” is on Now Tv. It’s a series where Gabriel Byrne plays a psychotherapist. Really really good . I neve… place on the left there though. Sambros. It’s a new restaurant. Everyone should visit it. Homemade pastrami an… @tararoonies I can’t believe this is realGreat thinking. Instead of pedestrianising the city centre as a Covid 19 response, Limerick council has decided to… current trail camera footage of a Pine Marten at a site near Limerick City.
Retweeted by The Blindboy Podcast100% Flow state achieved for tonights stream
@Tweet_Dec Saw it as a child. When the cinema was an amazing place full of wonder and excitement. First time I ever… Cleese slowly making me go from disliking Fawlty Towers to joining the Ra with each successive tweet love that Irish bats have that big stupid Irish head. They look like they’re about to tell you a story when you’r… @rob_jolley The fucking string when it’s off the guitar that’s also a danger. I almost poked my eye doing that too.… @Copake96 I haven’t changed these strings since 2015 @PhilipNByrne 9 gauge electrics. I’m shitting it about the high EAbout to replace my guitar strings with new ones. An excersise which brings me deathly terror. The fear of a tiny w… @rclark98 I love your subtle Irish lilt Roger @limerickcitybiz Oh my god @WormsFor Churchill created concentration camps in Kenya in 1949, because they wanted independence from Britain. Pu… @PadraigTiernan not a hope. I tried playing Tropico the other day and writing songs. My island was invaded by pirat… @richie201 Thanks RichieI want to live in a 1980s interior design magazine. Free from the disappointment, worry and pain of real life Podcast. It's about Barack Obama removing a statue of Winston Churchill from the oval office for a non disclose… Podcast. It's about Barack Obama removing a statue of Winston Churchill from the oval office for a non disclose…
@LukeByrne1 First time I ever heard their name was a pal texting me from NY around 2006 saying it was the best gig he'd ever been toThis 4K video of New York in the pouring rain is so cinematic and dystopian. The way the lights get bright and hazy… songs about blackforrest gateux and my best 2fm DJ impression on my live stream. have this absolute R&B banger on the new album though, which I've had on heavy rotation. It sounds like someth… was listening to Haims new album and I went down a wikipedia hole and found the band they were in before Haim. Ho… @loisjc Thank you LoisVery nice close-focusing trail camera footage of Kingfishers at a site in the Lower River Shannon area.
Retweeted by The Blindboy PodcastStunning schoolboy error by this alt-right sockpuppet pretending to be Irish. Given his spiel, I asked him for a c…
Retweeted by The Blindboy PodcastMake masks compulsory in public in UK, says virus expert
Retweeted by The Blindboy PodcastOn my stream last night I was chatting about stoner metal. A slow metal that came about when musicians tried to pla… this for RTÉ Brainstorm about how Hollywood films depicting hurling as a ‘game of athletic assault and battery…
Retweeted by The Blindboy PodcastCork putting Limerick to shame. Limerick city council. Ye have no vision or courage, ye don’t listen to people, ye… @collieennis This will end with someone taking a pic of you , who doesn’t know the context and they’ll say “I saw t… @BenHuzz9 Oh brilliant. Im glad I know that nowSal “big pussy” Bonsenpiero from the Sopranos makes his own line of pasta sauces now and posts photos of hash plant… little otter does the cutest thing on walks in the snow with his dog siblings!
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Venting about my bent copper pot on twitch tonight @squid_marquis This has been a long standing thing based on hospital records. He just never officially confirmed it himselfThank you to @stephenclarke80 for the heads up on thisAphex Twin has finally confirmed that he was born in Limerick @micheal_olainn I'd be staying home myself. Not worth causing a clusterTwo people wearing the equivalent of face underpants can reduce the chances of getting corona by between 50 and 70%…, as we enter the great reopening. Wear a cotton face covering to protect others, not yourself. If you don'…
@TheRangeUK Your customer service is non existentNew podcast. As requested. An overview of my mental health regime and the psychology and philosophy behind it
Retweeted by The Blindboy PodcastI am endlessly fascinated by The Villages. It is literally Boomer City - families with children are forbidden from…
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Huge congratulations to @Love1solidarity, nominated to Seanad and first Traveller woman in the Oireachtas... Give em hell sister!
Retweeted by The Blindboy PodcastFair play to Denise and Godknows. Limerick consistently punching above its weight in the arts interview ODBs older brother who was into metal and punk. ODB had a sound unlike any rapper before him. And a… @paddybeehive Supreme Clientelle is one of my fave albums of all time @eltankos Thanks for watching Tomás, I’ll do that more often ❤️Get a look at the new wu tang clan documentary “of mics and men”. Really good, pays proper respect to the art, lots… @JayRow It is absolutely astounding. Every season @DaftLimmy They're reissuing Sign of the Times in a few months with a load of unreleased songs from the sessionsWhat does a mask do? Blocks respiratory droplets coming from your mouth and throat. Two simple demos: First, I sn…
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Here's an improv song from my Twitch livestream. I'm making songs in the moment based on gameplay or comments. This… nights stream on youtube. I'm Writing songs live to red dead redemption 2. Will be editing some of the tunes a… is straight-up annoying how much running immediately improves my mood. So rude. Inhumane even.
Retweeted by The Blindboy Podcast @mariaflan That is just brilliantThis is the most Tory elitist shit. Mishandle the crisis, then deliberately ease restrictions to an unsafe level so… I see shit like this it makes me realize that Liverpool people are just Irish people who went for a swim and n… @Higgy__Smalls My boss RC505 loop pedal has very handy set of effects. So I put the distortion on.I’ve never seen Twin Peaks. I’m like one of those 20 year olds who are only discovering the Sopranos except I’m old… fly is still here. I’ve just accepted it now. It’s fineThe new Neureka app developed by the Gillan Lab @tcddublin @GBHI_Fellows will help unravel #mentalhealth and early…
Retweeted by The Blindboy PodcastHuge well done to @SafeHavenIRL for launching Instructor Incubator Programme that gives refugees and asylum seekers…
Retweeted by The Blindboy Podcast @phantomdd87 @mulevarient That’s great to hear man ❤️ @tdlegge It would end in ritualistic self immolation outside taits clock. The problems are too deep for a mayor to… can now successfully post online without someone making a horse outside reference underneath. After 10 years. But… don’t have a car. Our busses are actual clown busses and drivers will drive past you laughing in clown makeup and… @MamaDuckOfMayo @YouTube Thank you. Yes I do. That just went on a shortlist for the title of my next book @mulevarient Its not about the Argos. Its a flagship shop in a city centre location that’s doing so badly it has to… is now leaving Limerick city centre. We don’t have a functional city centre. When we hear “recession”, it doe… @Raewkrow No there’s not. Read this @StuartDuart Weird looking Stewart ❤️Lads when destinys child came on I wore beige slacks and bought a plot in mount Saint Lawrence @PrimcessPamcake cronch ❤️