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Ross O'Donovan @RubberNinja Los Angeles, CA

Animator, Twitch Partner, Voice Actor and creator of Social Monsters. biz: -

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@balentay2 @NipahDUBS Not this image, but I've figured a lot of this out already! It's how close colours match that… energy @LouseGrouse sad cone cat is bornSad high kitten. @MorganPaigeLove I'll stab you if you talk to me get away
Going to be playing Animal Crossing in about 10 mins! We up now!I think I'd like to draw a little bit before Animal Crossing today, I may do that before we start at 2PM PST. Have… @hankgreen Cursed. @kwehzy @BeatSaber reee @relyksjo That's what it is!! I didn't even read the date when I added it lmaoReposting this render of Rose from last year that was worked from @RubberNinja 's sketch. I wanna see those fan art…
Retweeted by Ross O'DonovanI've been time travelling in AC too muchAlso unsure why the date on my phone is so wrongImportant update.'m so excited to share this with everyone! Working with @RubberNinja 's original sketch and fitting it into the Ga…
Retweeted by Ross O'DonovanRose is canon! Here was my original design from a year ago: @ocmillustration @Jordanimating Oh this is perfect! I wanted something like this. Thank you! @WGamer98 @ShanaSobhieh 2pm PST on Twitch ;) @fwong @Hbomberguy Hahahaha man, you went down swinging though!I've had this weird shoulder pain when turning my left arm for about 2 weeks. I can't even beat one song in expert+…'ll be doing this on the 7th! @SpuD00dle Yep, guess it caught on? @kyledrawsdaily Honestly I did a lot of work I had been putting off hahaI had a lovely day.The prank here is you all expected me to be lying but I was actually telling the truth. @VRDesignGuy Icon for sure!
Oh also do check out #MadeWithUdon to see everything people have been making!I feel like it could be really good to sort of market test small VR game prototypes. I'm excited to see what comes of this!You might remember me tweeting about how @VRChat is getting it's own full blown programming language? Well its here… Stay Safe with Bryan and Nicky Dee
Retweeted by Ross O'Donovan @zipatron141 My birthday. @VRDesignGuy Ron, you have everyone going 'haha good one, unless?' @javi_draws Vegeta because of character growth.I fuck with people 364 days a year, you guys can have this one. I'm taking a day off. 😌 @egoraptor @kaynimatic Oh hey what's up dog @ScottFalco April Fools has been postponed due to Covid-19 @SeppyWestSide It was brought up in my twitch chat and now my GF and I use it all the time @reddalex3 It would need some trickery, but its possible!Anyone want to take bets on some room temperature IQ influencer thinking lying about having Covid-19 is a good April fools prank?Xylophone 🦴🦴
Retweeted by Ross O'DonovanI just spent all night in VRchat talking to people and playing silly games. It's the social stimulation I desperate…
Gon!! An outfit to go fishing in?? #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch to start some more Animal Crossing in 10 minutes!Hey streamers. You need this and your chat needs this. 'presentRight' and 'presentLeft' are now on BTTV. Add them t…
Retweeted by Ross O'Donovan @elgatogaming Looks like you got too many likes, canceling the shipping then?Last week I sent the #AnimalCrossing opening theme to my lovely professional musician/shotokan karate instructor pa…
Retweeted by Ross O'Donovan @qorquiq @Jordanimating This is nice. @Mold0rm @whatifyoudonot Yep! And a edited gaming channel soon @whatifyoudonot Yes they will be on YouTube soon. Sorting out a archive with my editor.
Live now!Starting a lil late today. Will be up at around 2:30ish? I watched too much Mob Psycho and slept in. Let me cook an… @KaraCorvus @kwehzy I need to practice. I'd be down to do a one off to give it a shot. I got all the books now! @CarrieRLeBlanc SO CUTE!! @Asmongold God damn. @CrankGameplays @elgatogaming Sometimes the audio channels you set up start stuttering for no apparent reason. Or t…'ve mentioned a few times how I would study anatomy by doing animations because while I was doing boring anatomy s…
Retweeted by Ross O'Donovan @CrankGameplays @elgatogaming Yeah.. I have it also and it's sometime the coolest thing and other time the most unc… @LilyPichu Not for long. @Zapato_uwu Then perish link to my BTTV emotes (ones I made are the first few).Hey streamers. You need this and your chat needs this. 'presentRight' and 'presentLeft' are now on BTTV. Add them t… @CrankGameplays 2 kisses @nchantedlocket Go nuts! Have fun! @Ezikeyal @BrettUltimus Brett a good man! @maltely_ Please do not attack them or their friends, this is a misunderstanding. Everybody relax, I don't need anyone stirring the pot. It was brought to my attention that the creator of the palette guide was upset that they w… @maltely_ Hey dude, you just had to reach out. Email is in my profile fir this reason. It was sent to me by a viewe… can not escape this song
Retweeted by Ross O'DonovanLook at it. We did it. We are gamers.
@Dinolich Yeah! His voice is hilaroius!Playing more AC live rn. I'm making an outdoor cafe and other neat stuff. in and woke up with a really bad head ache. Going to start animal crossing at 3pm to try and get it to stop. @CrankGameplays How's the hotdog costume doing? @CrankGameplays Let's play more Outside Simulator together. I will fish up a storm with you my dude!Ok, well I feel I'll pick stuff that taught me stuff. Minecraft: Games can be creative as well as fun. WoW: That w… @Jack_Septic_Eye Thanks!! @HornyAzzKid No? @GabSmolders @Jack_Septic_Eye It's the cackle of a gremlin manI've really been enjoying Animal Crossing. I've been playing it every day and it's been helping me through this iso… @Octopimp I already was. 5/5 toes dawg.I animated what happens when you go pspspsps #animation #cat
Retweeted by Ross O'Donovan @kianamaiart This is so cool! Please continue!This round of toes is free, next time you'll be paying. Onlyfans here I come! 😟.@Jack_Septic_Eye tagged me on Instagram to do 10 pushups. The video was too long but I didn't want to bot post it… to draw for the first time since AC came out and I did @RubberNinja and his lad Rudy! #acnh 🌿
Retweeted by Ross O'Donovan when you turn your entire fortune into a twig.FEATURE: Our Favorite Anime Designs in #AnimalCrossing: New Horizons 😱 Read on:
Retweeted by Ross O'Donovanmy gf made the silent hill nurse!! #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
@zalinki I'm a stuffy boyOUTSIDE SUCKS STAY HOME (don't worry the sniffs are allergies) will play Animal Crossing today, but I'll probably be starting a little closer to 3PM PST.. Slept in.. Really nee… @cryoflower I'm so sorry. My condolences. @Exgearuser Oh god... I need to start reading price tags now.Most of my bells go towards clothes I know my friends would love. It's hard not to! BATTLE OF COVID
Retweeted by Ross O'DonovanHey! It's still #animonthly Here's a comped scene from my thesis film! This is taking up a lot of time but I'm sure…
Retweeted by Ross O'DonovanOk so there's a lot of misinformation going around I guess? Screw it, too confusing staying in and watching anime. @CinnamonGhoul I'm mad that I thought they were actually going in that amazing a direction back when it was airing.… you can get fined for doing this? Uuuh