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Ross O'Donovan @RubberNinja Los Angeles, CA

Animator, Artist, Voice Actor, Mario Maker, VR enthusiast and Streamer. Known for my time on Game Grumps! - biz:

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@TKrisgaming Sort of. It wasn't very fun, I tried it for quite a while. @VRLolathon NICE!! @moxie2D If you want specifics: I was using a 6000 x 6000 canvas in CSP with a 250 size G pen brush. I do the line… @kaimatten Not my idea, seen it around. Was curious how well it worked. It really does wonders.Though I've really loved going hard on streaming this year.. 2020 has had me majorly wiped of any creative drive to… @SmokedTowers In my late teens and early 20s.And before anyone asks. No, I don't do commissions and I never will.Been trying to find the right balance of line thickness and readability when drawing my emotes. I think I found it… of streaming Among Us today I took a day off and played Among Us. @StreamerBans @SoundCloud Lmao.. What?
@InnerslothDevs I support this decision 100%. Keep up the great work guys! @FallGuysGame @kajinman_art Can we get this skeleton as a skin? @theodd1sout @_AlexHirsch Yep. @Fasoldier777 FOR ALA MHIGO!! @Fasoldier777 FOR ALA MHIGO!!Literally 90% of the stream. @RubberNinja @WEEGEETHEGOD
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Retweeted by Ross O'DonovanDoing some late night Among Us with pals. Watch me be a detective. Or killer. Starting in 10?
OH SHIT OH FUCK OH MAN ON PENIS OH TIT Another new episode of Among Us with @iamRav, @iamkillbill, @matthwatson,…
Retweeted by Ross O'DonovanFeeling a little wiped out after yesterday. Going to delay stream till later tonight, probably do some Among Us. Wi… @GloriousArcadum Congratulations man, really proud of you and all your hard work!This filter is stupid. @smolgoatfish Minor nerfs in one room. Still a challenge.It took nearly 9 hours to beat, at over 300 attempts. But I uploaded it. Give it a try for testing purposes.. Shou…**WARNING: SPOILERS** Who will prevail, and who will perish like a dog? - Will it be Detective @RubberNinja? - Ha…
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@itsjustjaneok Oh TRUEWant to watch a grown man cry? Take 2 of trying to upload my stupidly hard Mario Maker level. For upload you get n… @Riot_Sama Probs not going to do Live2D. Just wanted my VR avatar for use outside of VR!Vtuber Rig Test 3. It keeps breaking and saying some insane shit. @jacksfilms Its fun right?Ryan, Ross, Matt and Frank play Among Us together with Bill and Rav! Will the game put their friendship to the test…
Retweeted by Ross O'Donovan @S_Nelkin I'm aware. Its a play on Condom Ross. Old grumps meme. @Helixel Well they technically didn't close??..This is too much fun. fine tuning of the face with the assistance of @KimplEClonE. It's getting there. forgot 😅
Retweeted by Ross O'Donovan @fireheart47 Does not remember.. smh 😔Please remember.Hope we get some good 21st of September memes today. @spinyourmeat God speed. @BrettUltimus Graal! @belcarra Yes! It's rather easy to use honestly. Would recommend trying it. @TrainerSplash The extra tracking will fix that. I don't have the face settings down yet, it should be less stiff when I'm done! @spinyourmeat That already is a thing dude.Still waiting on the leap motion to arrive for arm tracking. But this was a test I did tonight. Need to fiddle with… @LemsVGA @2SoonBoon I wish I could remember. Probably still RubberNinja to be honest? Might've been around that time. @KonitamaGames That's awesome. I was hooked as a kid, parents had to limit the time I played haha! @egoraptor Yeah, it was really fun! @KonitamaGames Oh wow you worked on that? Thats incredible! @2SoonBoon Loved that game. @aesthetic_gem Graal @SiltaYT SNESI grew up here. hurt my soul. Got to the boss and died. Then never got back there. Trying again tomorrow.Been putting this off, but I have to do it. Trying to beat my new unbelievably stupid hard Mario level so I can a…
@Strippin I want to try your sandwiches. @Prinnyboyo @KimplEClonE VSeeFace. My understanding is that it looks for tracking points with your camera and then… @caffeinelapin @KimplEClonE :) @UReiuji @jjinomu Yes. @JesseCox @KimplEClonE It actually was something I legit said on stream last night but @KimplEClonE cut it from the… was the initial design I drew earlier this year for @jjinomu to model it. Been using this in VR for many month… shown an early demo of my VR avatar ported over to VTuber software with full tracking. Damn it's so cool. VR do… @dexbonus @Strippin GOOD LUCK.WEEGEE and Drumsy filled the last spots. Starting now!Going up for some Among Us! Starting in 5 mins!
@ZampKrample @BeatSaber @egoraptor You LARGELY underestimate how good Arin actually is at Beat Saber.If you've never seen the model in action there's a bunch of vids on my highlights channel! @tuyoki holostar temmie!! @BeatSaber @egoraptor @Jordanimating @SykoVFX @KimplEClonE @MelloMograph Well if you have any files Kimple can try to play with I can see what they think??Also rigging this up with more precise tracking will be a great help for making thumbnail assets for my VR vids with @Giwi_. @BobOmbWill @KimplEClonE I've had a VR avatar for a while now. Just want something I can use for days where I don't… my buddy @KimplEClonE is offering to help me get my model running for streams outside of VR. Ordered a Leap Moti… @iamkillbill @jjinomu I'd like to make it one day hahaFeeling crummy today. Going to delay stream to later tonight and do Among Us. Pushing back the Mario Maker level upload runs to Sunday 2pm. @Legatonin That adds up honesty.Earthquakes confuse me. animation work drawing mid-line when suddenly an earthquake hit like
Retweeted by Ross O'DonovanEARTHQUAAAAKE!!! @erakunn Quitter talk. @enINFAMOUSvy Not with that attitude. @anything4views :)Please retweet this, we're so close and I could really use the help with ruining Chad's twitter.I need you to like this tweet. No questions asked.
Retweeted by Ross O'Donovan @GambitVR @Shizzuie Oh cool. @Shizzuie @zentreya @LyraBjornson @QualityCunttrol @jjinomu DSLR, so yeah @Vowgan @jjinomu My camera is a DSLR, so it's about as good as it can get haha @zentreya @LyraBjornson @QualityCunttrol @jjinomu I know some people use the vive tracking pucks on the hands, but… @odin021 @jjinomu Where do I sign @Alpharad When i dont play you die first. @MissFushiGaming @jjinomu This is a 3D model, so I'd need to bring the rig in. @QualityCunttrol @jjinomu I've been using this guy for a dang while now, just never rigged him up for cam software. @Scabgull I bought it years ago on Steam for a goof I never did.So.. I've been meaning to do this for a while but I never looked into it. How would one take my own VR model I had… tweet I'm quoting. Not this tweet. Do both I dont care lmao. @BadAntelope_ The quoted tweet. @anything4views You do this to yourself Chad.I need you to like this tweet. No questions asked. @anything4views POGGERS