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Ross O'Donovan @RubberNinja Los Angeles, CA

Animator, Artist, Voice Actor, Mario Maker, VR enthusiast and Streamer. Known for my time on Game Grumps! - biz:

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@Asmongold Good man 👍Hope it helpss..?
Retweeted by Ross O'Donovan @matthwatson hope you got nice and cleanIt just took me 6 hours to beat my new level for the ice world of my 40 level world. Oh my god I lost my mind. Than…
going up in about 5 mins for more Mario Maker 2 builds. Playing around with more ice world concepts. Also 21/40 levels done :) @matthwatson christian rock @ShayneHawke Yeah my GF is on there for the controllers. I already gottem. They're tight. @dvanw6 Gotta get a US bud to buy them and mail them unfortunately. They're.. So good. I got them at launch but I d… on that 2 month Valve Index waiting list for nearly 4 months. I wish I got one before Half-Life Alyx was announced :( @BCWallin Nope, there's a one way blocking it if it opens up. @AdmiralBahroo Waaait what?
making some mario levels live rn, starting in lil under 4 mins, swing on by dudes :) @BluefinBrands @TamashiiNations YOOOOOO
Text 'HOME' for crisis counseling: 🇺🇸+🇨🇦 | 741741 🇬🇧 | 85258 🇮🇪 | 086 1800 280 Crisis support: 🇳🇴 | 22 40 00 40…
Retweeted by Ross O'Donovan @javi_draws Back when I lived in Australia I'd do that or a generic one saying 'hello I will use my credit card to buy a cheese burger' @CristinaVee @netflix Oh good! I was just about to watch it tonight!! @erikaishii Sorry to hear that dude, they're such cute lil guys.
Yesterday I had a drink in the back yard and then threw the ice cubes into the pool to watch them melt. Things are… @Jack_Septic_Eye I hope you can unwind and feel better my dude. Stay strong brother!when I was young I learnt how to kickflip. if I had a skateboard I'd prove it but I don't so you're just going to h… @MLozada Oh thanks, missed out on that. @Nagrolaz Yeah dude! I love it!I'm about to reach the halfway point of my 40 level Mario Maker 2 world. Streaming it has been such an insane delig…
where are all these dishes coming from, didn't I clean them yesterday WTF
@matthewmercer having known you as far back as 2009, it's been a wild ride seeing how far you've come. Proud of you… @JesseCox @CyberpunkGame Haha that's awesome!On todays VRchat stream we surprised our guest @JaidenAnimation with a custom model. Octu here modeled it and I red…
@oreopvo @JaidenAnimation My Twitch! Same place I always stream. Link in bio :) @Pabloobie @JaidenAnimation Link in bio :)Going to be playing some VR with @JaidenAnimation! Also have a cool surprise to show off. Starting in under 30 mins… @markiplier Happy birthday dude! @FigVzz @xQc About this big. @xQc That's a cute cat. I feed a stray every other day that looks just like them. Their name is 'Big Grapes Tony'. Dude has massive grapes. @Krooked_Glasses @vanduobones AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA… @KaraCorvus 'it's a muzzle to repress the people the virus is a democratic hoax made by bill gates to create the new world order' @dexbonus F in chat 😔 @KaraCorvus 'blah blah god give air my freedom 5G I have a facebook account and do your own research I didn't/barely finished highschool' @matthwatson But it's what plants crave @RelyingTerror WA borders are closed <:)after watching the Florida council meeting arguments against face masks I think the US has actually finally reached… @drdisrespect What the hell is going on, I'm so irrationally invested in this. @Izogii def lizard boyfinally watching dorohedoro. damn this is awesome. I adore every character.
@MoistCr1TiKaL Yeah I watched that last few moments of the last stream video and I'm just a little disturbed by the.. Vibe? @ErinLew I mean other than it being 2020, time has lost all meaning 🤠🤙ya'll mind if I scream into the void for a sec AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA… shot I animated/shaded for the new Doja Cat video. Animatic/rough keys were made by @lu_curie #animation
Retweeted by Ross O'DonovanAfter chipping away on this project for 2 years, the full long-awaited Puyo animation is finally HERE!! ⭐️ FULL V…
Retweeted by Ross O'Donovan#animonthly Compiled a demo reel of everything done for @DoigSwift's #animorningchallenge from May-June Huge thank…
Retweeted by Ross O'DonovanMaid vs roomba #Animonthly #animation #OC
Retweeted by Ross O'Donovan✨✨중간:2020 animation demo reel✨✨ #animation #animonthly
Retweeted by Ross O'Donovan @betadesh @VRChat @JaidenAnimation @Giwi_ It's on the agenda :)Going to be playing @VRChat with @JaidenAnimation tomorrow at 3pm PST! Both @Giwi_ and I will be showing her throug… @dyemooch @Helixel Oh man that was fun! I wonder where I put mine.
Going to be starting a level with @Alpharad. Should be up in about 10 mins! Get in here :)Explaining This👇weird frame in Naruto. IN 1 MINUTE!
Retweeted by Ross O'Donovan @Real_Peg_Pete @kaseywllms I can't explain how much I don't care.
@kaseywllms Also: -wearing it over your mouth but not your nose -wearing it under your chin -TAKING IT OFF TO COUGH.. I wish I was joking.To clarify. I am NOT talking about Chirpty. Please read the thread to clarify.The best and second best working together. 💪
Retweeted by Ross O'Donovan @CadizDevin @Alpharad @MatPatGT He's my number 1. at 2pm PST I'll be collaborating on designing a Mario level with @Alpharad over Discord. This will be a pa… @jakeganz Do what makes you happy above all else my dude. Will support you in anything and everything you do moving forward.The Cyberpunk 2077 news is coming in under 40 mins. Once again, this week has me up at the crack of morning ready t…'s apparently a few versions of it. Check the thread for the at risk version. @KingSamurott Read the thread, had some worrying info.Also from the sound of things they could have your password. So change it and turn on 2-step.If you did that stupid Twitter friend circle you best disallow the ridiculous privileges you just gave them over yo… @samcambolt0270 @CrankGameplays Damn! I wasn't aware they could get THAT big. @animalcrossing @NintendoAmerica tip: too many followers on social media? tweet 'gamers are too sensitive'. @KailybSaxby People screaming it at me in public.Found this ancient relic in my closet. @kwehzy Gotta play with them more. Can't? See if their as big dumb as Kipper and buy a robotic toy that plays with… @iamkillbill Ah shit. Rest up and get well soon dude.
Me IRL vs me in animation @TheAn1meMan I loved Penguin Highway! @OMGitsfirefoxx Can't recommend it enough. @Mr_ugly_egg @CrankGameplays The Plesiosaur is long extinct like our hopes and dreams for 2020. @CrankGameplays The fin is very low down and could likely have still been under the water. If you look at wikipedia… @CrankGameplays If it isn't photoshopped and it's actually real.. My chat guessed it's likely a Greenland Shark sur… are saying the only difference is the UK rating system.. Do companies actually have to do this? That's insane. @FamousXeno_ What.. Was it not ENGLISH enough??What?? REUPLOADED THE TRAILER ON THE YOUTUBE CHANNEL TO GET RID OF THE DISLIKES LMFAO!!I got out of bed for that shit LMAOGoing to be watching the Pokemon announcement stream in a few minutes. Going up in 5 mins if you wanna swing on by 🤠👍 @mvaonline They're not afraid of people. They get very close.I grew up in Perth and spent many a family holiday on Rottnest Island, the home of these very real teddy bears. I v… @theEmosk98 I think every state has mismanaged the crisis. But I'm largely disappointed at the leadership from the… @theEmosk98 I agree. The mask lie was abhorrent negligence. @theEmosk98 Next you'll say 'but the 100k is inaccurate because people are dying with covid but from different caus… @ZiggyLSC He ate the onions whole. All of them. @theEmosk98 So he's just lying as always and joking about a tragedy that has 100k+ dead then saying it again for th… @Doomie22 They can feast on my nuts.Trump: inject bleach and drink light Supporters: He was talking about this obscure study I had to deep dive google… angry about stupid rally comment 'Hurgh duhr he was just joking bro'. Trump who is definitely not joking: @matthwatson Time to repost/retweet that rap you did.
@MrBeastYT Asleep.My sleep schedule has been so good lately, thank you Nintendo.