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Katy hates Covid19 @rudekaty LI to NC to NOLA

I bleed Pantone 542. Not always rude. Awl Cahps R 🐟💩s. #Bestbankian #hashtagsare😍 #blacklivesfuckingmatter #KreweofTyporoyalty

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@heyfern The slow boil...I know it well. Hugs...We're only 13 days out from the election, which means we have only 14 days until we can finally unclench. But for n…
Retweeted by Katy hates Covid19 @heyfern When I get like that I have to use the oxygen mask mantra--the "take care of yourself so you can take care… @heyfern No, it's life... I've always found time for everyone else's appointments but have to push myself to make m… @heyfern Hugs! Venting on here makes a huge difference...and you can always do the no one can reply thing when need… @SaraBWarf Please do! What is the cure for doomscrolling, Dr. Warf?First of all, guys, go vote! It's super important. Secondly, take your "I Voted" sticker and cover your webcam with…
Retweeted by Katy hates Covid19 @FtBraggNC Fort Bragg finding the hacker
Retweeted by Katy hates Covid19 @YesICandice Good to see your face #onhere...I've been thinking about Candrew lately! @cara__noel Been there! @restrass @MeganDoesNOLA You have been through a lot this year, outside of pandemic crap. But we're here. And in 2… @malber1 @cara__noel @fransco @HJudeBoudreaux Agreed... @fransco @AynW @cara__noel @HJudeBoudreaux Bookmarked!Me: you work at a planetarium? Date: yeah Me: ok so *pointing up* what’s that called Date: the sun
Retweeted by Katy hates Covid19 @AynW @cara__noel @fransco @HJudeBoudreaux Recipes like this make me curse hubby's lactose issues... @cara__noel @fransco @HJudeBoudreaux A/C exists for a reason!" that's how I got fired from a social media gig at Fort Bragg for an accidental discharge."
Retweeted by Katy hates Covid19 @the_brainbolt "If he's that bad, they'll impeach him..." "25th Amendment" @price_martha Wearing it when I vote 🙂
@AllenK_81 Whew. Thank goodness. @AllenK_81 How is your mom?Love. It. @TheNolaChick More like "how dare you feed your infant in public!!!"Brought to you by the same people who say, "Please don't breast feed in public!!!!!"
Retweeted by Katy hates Covid19Friend has been complaining about finding an avocado on his lawn every day for weeks now. Why would someone keep th…
Retweeted by Katy hates Covid192020: the year that helped us to understand that there’s far worse out there than swallowing the occasional spider in your sleep.
Retweeted by Katy hates Covid19 @bookgirl33 @MikeSington Didn't even bother with the lorem OR the ipsum 😔
Retweeted by Katy hates Covid19 @MikeSington Librarian's a small point but these people went through the trouble of assembling blank page…
Retweeted by Katy hates Covid19Trying to impress her, Kayleigh McEnany hands Leslie Stahl a large book containing the Administration’s work on hea…
Retweeted by Katy hates Covid19Me: Hope it’s ok if I sleep in the nude Guy next to me on the plane: WTF dude?
Retweeted by Katy hates Covid19Say it with me: the Senate should be passing the House’s COVID-19 relief bill to help the American people, not rush…
Retweeted by Katy hates Covid19Word.
Retweeted by Katy hates Covid19 @AlisonF_NOLA @wingedisis Boo to Flu at the Zoo? Because, vaccine *and* October?I'm still sad that we're not calling this Flu at the Zoo, but...
Retweeted by Katy hates Covid19 @Blondoid @ElSpotto And...the white guy couldn't tell the difference 🤔I spend half my day worried that I'm going to burp into my headset... @Shimoji___ It's so gross... Also, TIL that President Carter started FEMA. Democrats have done good things...WIFE: I presume walruses HUSBAND: And I make jackets for baboons WIFE: Our budget is $2.1 million
Retweeted by Katy hates Covid19 @whitneypba @Olivianuzzi And that's why I follow you! @Blondoid @ElSpotto You can't have too much... democracy. @erinscafe @harrisonjaime It's right up there with seeing Mike Espy win...⚠️@NOLAready Alert: Get your #FluShot yet? We're hosting a free drive-thru flu shot event Monday @AudubonNature Zoo…
Retweeted by Katy hates Covid19If you take an average photo and make it black and white: bam you have fine art photography. If you put an egg on i…
Retweeted by Katy hates Covid19 @AITA_reddit There's a reason he has primary custody...This 👇
Retweeted by Katy hates Covid19 @malber1 @NewsCarolyn 🤔 @HouseOfShanel I'm going to try to get you a new Prez... @NewsCarolyn (I know...I miss my voted stickers...esp the year they did blue dog ☹) @NewsCarolyn Surfaces!!! Touching!!! (I don't even know anymore...) @NewsCarolyn Less potential for covid germs for us?I keep thinking that it's appropriate that the Senator from KY is the one leading the charge in fucking us all over...Shit, there's no iPhone footage of my selfless act.
Retweeted by Katy hates Covid19(2/2) "Instead of wasting time on political stunts, congressional Republicans should stop ignoring Donald Trump's b…
Retweeted by Katy hates Covid19Biden campaign response to Pa Congressmen calling for investigation into Biden's use of Amtrak for campaign. (Biden…
Retweeted by Katy hates Covid19 @AynW @HouseOfShanel happy birthday! @AynW Cindy Gay is the medical director of #UNC's HIV Cure Center, but right now she's leading a Phase 3 COVID-19 vac…
Retweeted by Katy hates Covid19 @hashtagmolly Holy fuck. I'm so sorry.I prefer Presidents who pay more in taxes to America than to China.
Retweeted by Katy hates Covid19 @HylianTom I'm sad that one of his BFF Carl Reiner won't be here to cast his vote... @HylianTom Spaceballs. @malber1 @nolamaven @hashtagmolly And I realize how freaking privileged I am to have this choice. @malber1 @nolamaven @hashtagmolly I never sign up for the additional insurances (reimbursement for hosp stay type s… @mgreysweeney Smart kid.... My aunt started going gray at 19...she always had one of those cool streaks in her hair. @TheToddWilliams Any one but this one... don't want to brag, but I tried something I saw on the internet, and I feel like a genius now.
Retweeted by Katy hates Covid19 @nolanolegal @DTenenbaum (I knew it) @helleaux_newman @nolanolegal @hashtagmolly @nolanolegal @bamamerl Aka Krewe of Clusterfuck 2020 @bamamerl this AM... Tells me he wants me to look the same when he's a grown up "because you look good right now. I do… text from mom... saw that picture of Magazine street. Yeah, I'll be attempting early vote tomorrow after school going outside makes me anxious parent who used to lock me outside for hours at a time when i was a child: that's so weird lol
Retweeted by Katy hates Covid19 @abbeyxchristine made a peak white woman statement today... "I don't really like politics" If we were in a social setting I… is good for something. 😂​​😂​​😂​​
Retweeted by Katy hates Covid19 @LamarWhiteJr JC, my house is only 1800 sq ft with a 280k value. This really pisses me off. If he is on LSU lake, at least $1M.
Retweeted by Katy hates Covid19By way of comparison, my old house in Baton Rouge—1,600 sqft "snout house" in a tract development, three miles away— is valued at $238,000.
Retweeted by Katy hates Covid19Thread @malber1 @rbesprit I love our Keurig. Hubby drinks about a half cup total a day, and I do NOT need access to a whol… @Blondoid Democracy with a side of a good night's sleep, please!This is totally fun. Ciaté London has collaborated with Disney's Miss Piggy for a capsule makeup collection. Guaran…
Retweeted by Katy hates Covid19 @malber1 YumMan masturbates on work call = he didn’t mean to get caught Man gropes woman = boys will be boys Man rapes woman =…
Retweeted by Katy hates Covid19 @CurvesAndNerves @Shimoji___ I'm sorry, too. And this is why there are so many single women out there who are spectacular beings... @HouseOfShanel Brb...going for a drive...😉
Retweeted by Katy hates Covid19 @OhNoSheTwitnt If a sloth and an eagle had offspring.
Retweeted by Katy hates Covid19This looks like it should be a villain on Ducktales. Or a wrestler Huey, Dewey, and Louie are into.
Retweeted by Katy hates Covid19Anyone seen the new Back to the Future trailer? #BackToTheFutureDay
Retweeted by Katy hates Covid19Cash-strapped and go-cup #thatssonola @KelKelKelKel @AynW @Blondoid I think mine was Ricky, but it may have been Jason Bateman... @HellOrBywater 🤣😂🤣the tragic results of "one gotta go." once consensus is reached, one indeed goes. fed to a hungry god
Retweeted by Katy hates Covid19Who made this? I need to buy you a beer.
Retweeted by Katy hates Covid19A mosquito bit my ass 3 times and I *PROMISE* you, I will *still* manage not to expose myself to my coworkers tomor… @jg_humanitarian @elocin17 @rckyryalty @LuthLandon Blue Lagoon?