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Sometime this week, we're going to pass the number of deaths from H1N1 during the 2009-10 pandemic. Trump and the r… birthday to @tomtomorrow, who is a genuinely decent human being in these indecent times. And he's a fine, fine drinking buddy, too. @PlanetAndPeace @bosnianbabe89 I give a fuck about getting Trump out of office and saving lives. And I’ve been a su… feel like the real story here is about the poor workers who aren't allowed to leave. only there had been an article in, say, the New York Times on, like, Feb. 4 that stated explicitly that the U.S.… today: States should stock up and not rely on the federal government. Should have added: Oh, and when you sto… Skye (with full-on Hitler ‘stache) @rabiasquared Absolutely. If they are essential now, they were always essential and always will be essential.I haven't voted in the primary yet, but I so have not a single fuck to give about your Bernie vs. Biden argument ri…
Yeah, if I'm gonna have to choose between a vitamin supplement salesman or Noam Chomsky for political advice, I'm g…
Retweeted by The Rude Pundit @tomtomorrow @BrianMc_Fadden We all can recall where we were when we chugged our first Cock.In Crowley, Louisiana, the police signal the town's recently imposed 9 p.m. curfew with the alarm from The Purge. B… it. Give Trump a bunch of hyroxychloroquine to take. If he turns into an immune superhero, well, won't we all look stupid. @RealJamesWoods Donald Trump's Justice Department says that New Orleans is not a sanctuary city, you racist bit of dried semen.Somebody ask Trump what an Inspector General does.Magas: An American Tragedy in two acts.
Retweeted by The Rude Pundit300,000 people came in from China in the month before Trump says he "shut down" travel. 40,000 have come in since t… is in full dime store Corleone mode talking about the whistleblower and the inspector general he fired. Man,… @GottaLaff Exactly my thought.Trump keeps talking about hydroxychloroquine like it's a miracle cure. And he said that people with lupus might be…, you fucking, fucking idiot, the Defense Production Act is not a threat. It's a promise that corporations…"We have to open our country again," President Obvious says.Yeah, if I'm gonna have to choose between a vitamin supplement salesman or Noam Chomsky for political advice, I'm g… Talks With You: interviews with Rude Pundit Patreon members to check in on how they're doing. This week's is a… @Geoduck54Paul @Eaglefly124 They didn’t broadly call for Trump to resign during impeachment.Towards the end of that great Washington Post article on the failures that got us here on coronavirus is this perfe… am not understanding the strategy here, Democrats. You should be calling for Trump to resign every damn day, ever… says that workers can use expired masks, but "Have patients use tissues or similar barriers to cover their… personnel must prepare to work without any PPE in NY, says state health board. Because we are the greatest,… @imrobertmine I'll respond in good faith here: restoration of a functioning government that could have done a great… @imrobertmine Two things: 1. I've criticized Biden and Obama for their shit. I've been pissing on Biden since the T…, September 2012: Four people died at Benghazi! Killary must be investigated forever! Republicans, Sept… @TheRealRichL124 So if someone robs you and all the houses around you and you learn that the cops who normally patr… the article. It’s a chronicle of how Trump and his ignorant, arrogant lickspittles damned this country to its… @emeraldjaguar That’s a video still. But I’ll take your money.Nightly Skye people in the federal government live and work in Virginia. Does that qualify for the Strategic National Stoc…
@DCdebbie Have you already used up all the FaceTime fantasy play? @disjohned Sometimes you've gotta rage against the dying of the light. @Mr_Electrico Free oral. That's my offer.I see we've gotten to the part of the press conference where Trump is an unrepentant dickhead and no one stands up… Jared Kushner: is literally what the Affordable Care Act was designed to do with Medicaid expansion if shitty Republicans had… @Mcgregorier Go back to Bill Clinton, and you'll Dems holding the knife.A Stalin-style move.
Retweeted by The Rude Pundit @BGrueskin "At least we didn't elect that bitch Hillary," the toothless man said to the EMTs who just told him that…'s almost as if spending decades gutting the social safety net was a bad idea. @ginger_petite @smwenk I was told "chiweenie," which I refuse to say. So I'll go with "mixed." @EricBoehlert Or, and hear me out, they take the money from the bullshit convention and use it on the election.Correction: Texas doesn't have an official statewide stay-at-home order because freedom or something. But Gov. Abbo… @GaryLegum @owillis Great. So we not only have to stay at home, we have to hush while we do it. @allenbaylus Ah, you’re right. It’s complicated. Abbot gave an order about what are essential services but stopped…, as I’ve said a dozen times already, the travel “ban” went into effect two weeks after the first cases in the US were confirmed. @rudepundit It's and harder harder to separate their malicious actions against their own citizenry from their letha…
Retweeted by The Rude PunditAnd don't fuckin' tell me they closed off travel from China. No, they didn't. They stopped Chinese nationals from c… question: Did the Trump administration do anything right in the lead up to this disaster? Like one single th… @JPointer7 They didn't stop his car, per se. But they came up to him at the Welcome Center.And you can bet these bullshit rules are gonna get stricter and gonna be enforced more harshly as things get worse… course, my nephew should stay at home. Everyone should be staying home. But the failure to have a national strat… you can crowd into your megachurch in Texas (which, by the way, you can't in Louisiana), but if you have a Louis… absurd is this? COVID-19 is already there, with over 5000 cases. Texas is already under a stay-at-home order fo…, it's not so bad that he would have been turned back without it. The trooper would have had him fill out the fo… my brother got across the state line, he pulled into the Texas Welcome Station (which is closed) to use the ba… had to carry papers with him that said where his son was going to be staying in Texas because he was going to be… brother in Louisiana takes his young son to see his mother in Texas every other weekend. With school being onlin… @deacon_wolfie @chloebennet @ShieldOnABC That'd way be cooler than the truth: "She just came with that name so we kept it." @smwenk 3 years. @JoePaulson2 Well-playedNightly Skye.
Trump is totally blaming the states for the lack of medical supplies. Because, you know, it has nothing to do with…'m sorry, I can't understand Peter Navarro because his lips are plastered to Trump's anus.If, as Trump says, Obama left things “devastated” in terms of medical supplies, he should want all the investigations to show that.It's never been a war on the virus. It's always been a war on anyone who makes Trump look bad. fastest thing that could be done right now to immediately help people is pause/suspend ALL debt payments. Mortg…
Retweeted by The Rude PunditA megachurch pastor said, "The World Health Organization has come in and is using a pandemic to take over not just… quote: "Hey, I just made that pittance we're sending you worth a little less." don't ever want to hear a fucking word about having a business leader run the country. Between Bush and Trump, th… @maraleia I think at this point it would be wrong not to say it.Just in case... so many have asked, she's got all her legs (not that she wouldn't be awesome if she only had 3). It's just the angle of the pic.This is pure greed. It's not about religious freedom or 1st Amendment or anything. You can practice your faith at h… @AbeGoldfarb Oh, I’m totally down for this. Thinking about it will help get me through the next couple of hell-months.So we’re double-fucked. @hairydolz If she talks, I won't know if I need to have her exorcised or make a million bucks off her. @AbeGoldfarb C'mon, let's do a soup dumpling crawl. Like take down Queens neighborhood by neighborhood. We can film it and everything.Hey, @seanhannity, you freak-chinned cock, you answered your own dumb question. You can't ban a virus 10 days after… @tomtomorrow @jenniferweiner Took the leap. @jenniferweiner Like this (the dog I just got today)? my partner said, it's the first time in weeks that my brain wasn't filled with work and dread. I haven't had a…, Ellis Marsalis. Adios, Manu Dibango. Adios, Wallace Roney. Adios, Marcelo Peralta. Coronavirus is laying was… @DeirdreBowdish Bad photography. I gotta learn to take a decent photo. (You can just see the paw hanging down.) @ginger_petite Oh, full-on adopted.She was saved from Newark's animal shelter by @louieslegacy. My partner and I picked her up this afternoon. She c… @Blueequus775 Sky. (She came with that name, but I like it. Simple, kind of country-hippie sounding. Or Palin child. Either way.)Fine. One more. Then back to politics, damnit. @WeeLaura More of a teenager, but yeah.Two things: 1. Her name is Sky. She's a rescue. And I just thought, "I need something to care about other than the… this happened today. @lordzar93099081 @CNN Never said China was telling the truth about its death toll. But we did know about the virus in December.I wonder what the rankest asshole take is? Here’s a strong contender.