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i am the brain genius. boxing record (0-0-0)

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the coronavirus is the only thing stopping my wife from having drug fueled orgies with strangers @vsqoof link it"Enjoy this gift of a very normal large wooden horse"
Retweeted by rudy betrayed @seductivepickle same thing @McGregorRousey dustin is just one title fight away from having the title oncealcohol drinkers be like i love rotten wheat @bocxtop if you don’t have anything nice to say you shouldn’t say anything at allblocked within 10 seconds lmao
Retweeted by rudy betrayed @Bob_Janke no, don’t feel like it @brain_mold google the words crocs brand condoms @joshua_funk_ ? yes they doi still can’t believe that i’m the guy that got a million likes on a tweet. who else can say that, like no one. i’m really specialhe got juked HARD. of course he wanted a hug @USMAN84kg FOOT ATTACKthis post inspried by @david8hughesdate: i love the book to kill a mockingbird me: me too, the way he just *clenches fist* kills that fucken mockingbird @MNateShyamalan dude he has the hardest job in the world. he’s doing his best. give him a break @chiquinato @Dams_Lefty @jrpsaki why are you screenshotting me @vinumsabbathi3 actually communism is typically criticized for being impossibly utopianif there was communism my job would be to make jokes on twitter
@thfcrudyhype i want to live herethe rudy dimension
Retweeted by rudy betrayed @sushicat563 what weathers boy @sushicat563 what’s it called @CryptoHarambes that was rude @CryptoHarambes what’s nft stand for, no fuckin thotspeople are selling virtual paintings of neoncat and harambe for thousands of dollars lol @anyhoes give them to metwitter is only for complaining about stuff. yes it has a “like” button but it’s actually for disliking. clicking t… @jonsherred @jrpsaki you say you hate biden and yet he is your header photo @thesravaka i don’t care for it but respect everyone’s opinionsTIANANMEN SQUARE GUY @AElnahwy @jrpsaki it’s the hardest job in the world he’s doing his best okayFuck everyone who told me there was an “among us meal” at McDonald’s that was the most humiliating experience in my life
Retweeted by rudy betrayed @hemiiisss ohhhhh shit @DaBabyDaBaby you want this one bro it’s good @RandomEnglishm1 i don’t have to live, i choose to every day @Rudy_Demonspawn demon rudy ?? @Ctrl_Paul @jrpsaki everyone stop liking this comment. it’s being mean to me @BearFaninWisc no one is being nice to me @wont_be_muzzled @jrpsaki yes it does @ericdrake_ simply because i stated my opinion. what happen to the first amendingonce again i wake up to being attacked @37JBlaZE @jrpsaki biden is irish not white @Breaking911 everyone comparing this to trump is forgeting that biden is a good guy. he has good intentions @jrpsaki thank you mam. the difference is that biden has good in his heart. i can feel it @MrChrisSult @thfcrudyhype i know wtf
@Alex_Lily he got it for you @TheHyyyype lmao
Retweeted by rudy betrayedi’m gonna type out long jokes with the punchlines censored. and you have to pay to read the end. and even when you… @MissyXMartinez still hurts @dinoman_j ?? how did i deserve this @SaladinoWRLD thank youthis is bullshit“killer whales” is a common misnomer. they’re actually called “killer welsh” @awhalefact name one single similarity @sarahndipity18 she has that surprised look people have when they get shot @SHAQ not cool mandeeez nuts, aha got yalll, if u fell for that come on now, lol lmfao, aha got u all
Retweeted by rudy betrayed @MillionNepk @c_ewenike @neIIychillin ifunny dot com @evcon what if you found out it was your mom @TweetPotato314 i take it as a compliment either way
never try a man with a dickhole in his jeans’re going to get the mail in pjs and slippers when a trash bag on the curb pops up and smokes you @DavidPaisie @nypost what is that @ellewasamistake they tried to put him back together with horses @factdude307 or a deer antler
Retweeted by rudy betrayed @AndrewYounkman you may not be sure but i am @PatsATweetin thank you this is important @DavidPaisie @nypost i could explain it to you. but i don’t feel like it @thexionxtra lol @JackWilliamRtF fucking NERD @thexionxtra credit me for bringing this tweet to your attention, i know you saw it from meeveryone knows you want the windshield to be a huge flat surface at a 90 degree angle @Benaskren you had all day to respond by tweet and you couldn’t come up with anything betteri’m Lmao
Retweeted by rudy betrayed
@jazz_inmypants don’t you have an entire account dedicated to your deleted tweets @jazz_inmypants calls me stupid / can’t read my life every day on this hell sitethe phrase should be “i lost my whole brain of thought”, trains don’t have thoughts, brains do @RobDenBleyker *stopped reading after thanks rudy* you’re welcome @RobDenBleyker not what that phrase means but ok @prestovision @Jam0nSerran0 accepting a compliment from a person with a hundred followers. pitiful @mojoxlii it’s realok i promised. is this a “crash” @jazz_inmypants oh true wow. i just saved your life @jazz_inmypants now d** @jazz_inmypants Pinterest is an American image sharing and social media service designed to enable saving and disco… i also didn’t lose my car when i crashed it. it’s just worth a lot less now, which is totally different than… i guess the stock market doesn’t respect my opinions @_ishaans_ ah trinity was not interested before the oracle intervened @pisspope but he could only do 1 of the 4 characters listed and it’s spongebobneo only defeated agent smith in the matrix because he had “choice” but he only “chose” to absorb and destroy the v… @pisspope so is alec baldwinhow did keanu reeves do bill and ted then the matrix then spongebob then john wick all in one career @CPAC uh he was the presindent. cant believe your trying to cancel him just cause he said bad stuff @BoyYeetsWorld YEAHHHHHH
@TheArtOfWar6 man fuck this guyin my opinion all the stocks i’m invested in should go up