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i am the brain genius

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@MileyCyrus mam, your not whereing a shirt @SneakytheSnake dude you made the promise you figure it out @SneakytheSnake be 6’6” @SneakytheSnake made you do it @SneakytheSnake delete this tweet @lilplacenta also you’re the host you shouldn’t be allowed to openly root against a competitor wtf @lilplacenta rock n roll babey @arielhelwani it actually makes me mad how much of a nerd you are
@SneakytheSnake you dong want to know @lilplacenta @AshyMalik vote rudy or consequencesvote rudy or consequences @Ietmeshine thought you were 7’2what is joe biden’s plan to stop middle school kids from wearing plaid shorts in the winter and saying “my legs aren’t even cold” @espnmma @jakepaul @marc_raimondi i like jake paul boxing and i’m tired of pretending i don’t @shitart7 @Complex stoners always lose they’re temper and start cussing @shitart7 @Complex it says it in there @shitart7 @Complex it’s against gods will and the bible @Pszych244 @Scorpio05365134 @WentzForPope @Complex ? @Scorpio05365134 @WentzForPope @Complex i don’t sin and even if i did you shouldn’t judge me @WentzForPope @Complex and makes you go to hell @Complex horrible. what happen to this counrty @vitaminwater what does this mean @david8hughes lmao painThis is the best thing that’s ever happened.
Retweeted by rudy betrayed @frankieplsrelax what is wrong w you @settroit wow it is @AshyMalik @lilplacenta prepare to face rudy power @femcelgirlboss is that mla format @femcelgirlboss source ?1 minute. i think this is the fastest i’ve ever been betrayed @RexChapman what’s the big deal. so he pooted. i do it myself all the time @JackWilliamRtF @kumandgo you still follow @JackWilliamRtF @kumandgo who @kumandgo a brand just fucking unfollowed me @rudy_betrayed i’m finally free
Retweeted by rudy betrayed @SneakytheSnake ? no gross
69’ing but it’s just rubbing each other’s feetwhy did we give up on alchemy. people were really turning bananas into gold and we just stopped @FLITTER how did you make those noises
Retweeted by rudy betrayed @mustang_rudy @jazz_inmypants wow that’s actually fireprofessors be like hey i noticed you've been having a hard time recently :( i'm bout to make it worse :(
Retweeted by rudy betrayedDecember means walking past this everyday now @RobDenBleyker never heard of this @McGregorRousey why did they use conors mugshot lmao @jazz_inmypants no. my default response to you is that you’re stupid and it is correct 99/100 @jazz_inmypants no. stupid idea>Canada almost reaches as far south as the former Confederacy >During the Civil War, Canada was not a country >Cana…
Retweeted by rudy betrayed @_odd_bot yes. do thatthanks for 34k followers. it’s about 10% of what i deserve but it’s fine for now i guess @venoph what are you imp lying @andy_manuel345 @FLITTER nothin much what’s underdog with you @BoringDrew @bocxtop like half what he said @bocxtop everyone stop liking this comment 🛑 ✋ 1-it’s a lie and 2-it’s not nice @FLITTER smells like underdog in herejust ratio’d beans big account into the fucking dirt @matchu_chutrain it’s possible to be hot and annoying at the same time @GamebredFighter @AndreiArlovski hell yahit’s called remember the tight-ends because they play football @MrChrisSult come on dude @BigTucsonDad @TheCloosCorp @TomBrady extremely cute. the cat looks nice too @SneakytheSnake dude come on @goodbeanalt dumb idea
@_donnydrama that’s not real you photoshopped thisMy juul got stories now too wtf
Retweeted by rudy betrayed @dinoman_j unkind comment😩🙏 #SpotifyWrapped
Retweeted by rudy betrayed @TheNotoriousMMA whomst are you talking to @goodbeanalt LETS GOOOO @notgloryboy hey come on @michaeldhegge yes it is basterd 😡 @Rudyf14pilot yeah lolyes my twitter account is just me pretending to be a dumb guy that thinks he’s smart. but it takes me being an extr…
@arielhelwani TAKE LEON OFF THE RANKINGS @HDparx gues you just have to do more liking and commenting on my tweets @HDparx where my @FaZeRudyMustang maybe honestly @FaZeRudyMustang when is it @g0nnfreecss no i’m going there right now. driving south as we speak @jxsperfaheys how dare youquem é que deu internet pra gringo
Retweeted by rudy betrayed @aniceburrito yes i want to eat macgonald oreo mcflurring. yes i waive my right to sue if employee does a sneeze in it @FelixTheFrCat @thexionxtra @mayaisfiya south america means south of america @HypeRuli want be blocked @undercoverloon1 you better login to hype ruli and say something nice right now @AndrewsNotFunny i’m a southern american. you are south american @SneakytheSnake yes it isthere’s 50 states. canada is farther south than 27 of them. that’s a majority, which means it’s farther south than… @RobDenBleyker you’re an imp and liar @RobDenBleyker no one would say those things about me @RobDenBleyker what are they even saying @SLewkowict 🔥🔥🔥 @RobDenBleyker no u @awhalefact @SneKhumaloSA wtf @SneKhumaloSA yearegistered nurse who is cold: i’m shaking rn @aniceburrito lmao @kiwittyz get out of my comments 1 follower @hairyhanniballs yeah i just don’t feel like itart serves literally no purpose. you don’t need to look at a painting of trees. just go look at trees if you want t…