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Check out the audio drama critics have called “perfect for those who like their horror with a little Shirley Jackso… Godzilla triple feature is rampaging through drive-ins across the U.S.! #Godzilla“Groovy!” Happy Birthday SAM RAIMI, born today in 1959! What’s your favorite Sam Raimi movie? #samraimi EMPTY MAN, it turns out, is a different and better film than the trailer promises; our review…
Halloween is around the corner, don't be caught dead without a copy of Rue Morgue's WEIRD STATS & MORBID FACTS! Fin… exploitation film about PizzaGate and lizard people? DUNCAN does it, and does it well; our review:… for a good scream? Watch the trailer for Joe Hill’s #HillHouseComics to find the perfect horror graphic nov… Scocchera, co-founder of Fantoma Films, is now an artist and filmmaker; he talks his new video for… world premiere at this month's @NightstreamFest, Devereux Milburn's HONEYDEW is backwoods surrealism at its best;… Halloween doesn't have to suck. Turn off the lights and sink your teeth into cult classics like Near Dark (198… have a date, co-host, and third round topic for our next remote trivia event! On Weds Oct 28, Tal is joined by n… voice matters. Find out how you can #VoteEarly in your state ⬇️ landlines 📞’s so scary about a cardboard box? An eye exam? Holding the elevator? Find out in #BITESIZEHALLOWEEN - 30 innov…“Witchcraft enters the computer age, and a different terror begins.” On this day in horror history: HALLOWEEN III:… @francisco_ochoa Email admin! @JuliusBarthelme On stands Nov 1! @BigkKelvin It's on its way! ☄️Acclaimed director Isaac Ezban's sci-fi horror film PARALLEL gets U.S. distribution for release later this year…
Subscribe today to receive RUE MORGUE #197 (Nov/Dec2020 Issue) in your mailbox, and be instantly entered to win NOS… summer 2021 genre calendar is filling up: DON'T BREATHE 2 has a release date and GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE has a… in for the latest story from THE WEIRD TALES OF ROBERT BLOCH, new from HorrorBabble! Livingston, creator of bizarre visuals for Mr. Bungle and other bands, talks his horrific influences… @realpilotpriest 🖤🖤🖤The trailer for the upcoming sci-fi thriller MINOR PREMISE wants to mess with your head CANDYMAN reboot now has a new release date to hook you next year #Candyman in time for the holidays, RLJE Films is giving away season 2 of AMC’s NOS4A2, based on the best-selling novel… horror rears is bloody face in RUE MORGUE #197 Nov/Dec 2020 issue! See what's inside:…
Halloween is coming... trick or treat yourself to a handful of RUE MORGUE back issues! Bungle guitarist Trey Spruance talks their new album and upcoming Halloween livestreamed concert, his favorite… Bob has your back… #ScarePackage is now on DVD & Blu-ray. Aussie shocker THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE KILLER has a new trailer and four blood-red posters your eyes in style with this 3-Disc Collector’s Edition I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE Blu-ray Box Set, now available f… Foxx will play a vampire hunter in DAY SHIFT, with a number of JOHN WICK veterans behind the scenes… comes highly recommended! 🇨🇦 Be sure you're following @MADE_NOUS for great Canadian horror content! dir. Vincenzo Natali A group of strangers must work together to escape an endless maze of fatal traps 🏃 Jump…
Retweeted by Rue MorgueSAW series veteran Costas Mandylor co-stars in the surgical scare film INCISION; see the trailer and poster… Quinto returns in the soul-sucking second season of AMC’s #NOS4A2. Available now on DVD & Blu-ray.… Birthday to the original Dracula: BELA LUGOSI - born today in 1882! #belalugosi #dracula #dayinhorror the rules or suffer the consequences. #TheOwners is now on DVD & Blu-ray
Join Rue Morgue for a Halloween night screening of Mario Bava's A BAY OF BLOOD! Here's how: Rebecca Rowland gives us some words about her harrowing psychological horror anthology SHADOWY NATURE… Halloween, Mr. Bungle literally revisit their thrash/death-metal roots with THE RAGING WRATH OF THE EASTER BUNN…'s GIANT-sized teenage trauma in the psychothriller coming in November; see the trailer and poster… Rabid's LAURA VANDERVOORT make her directorial debut with MY SOUL TO TAKE. Here's how: from theatrical release, Brandon Cronenberg's POSSESSOR is getting wider exposure on digital, 4K disc and Blu… mail day! Got my @RueMorgue #Halloween issue today. Looking forward to the feature on Italian #horror.
Retweeted by Rue MorgueFriendly reminder, our interview with @necromandrea of @RueMorgue and @FacultyofHorror is up, if you haven't caught…
Retweeted by Rue MorgueI love that @RueMorgue did a whole feature about horror movies that are coming out specifically for Deaf people wit…
Retweeted by Rue Morgue @serenaiguess 🖤🖤🖤 @shochrah Classic!Wishing JOHN LITHGOW a happy birthday today! What's your favourite role of his?
Don't be a cold fish - Halloween isn't cancelled! Join us for a special Halloween night screening of Mario Bava's…“Checking in is easy ... Checking out is hell.” Today in 1980: Kevin Connor’s MOTEL HELL hit theatres! #motelhell
It's party time! Join the mad ghouls at BLOOD OPERA for a Halloween livestream on Facebook, featuring our executive…“What are you waiting for?!” On this day in horror history: I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER was released in 1997.… a trip to Rad Chad’s Horror Emporium. #ScarePackage is coming to DVD & Blu-ray October 20th…
Tis the season… #NOS4A2 Season 2 is on DVD & Blu-ray October 20th dinner gets soaked in blood in the British home-invasion shocker HOSTS; our review… AND MONSTERS is like ZOMBIELAND meets A QUIET PLACE for young viewers; our review love HALLOWEEN, you love HALLOWEEN - watch JOE O'BRIEN bring his extensive knowledge of the cinematic techniques…'ll be able to unwrap the holiday horror anthology DEATHCEMBER, with an impressive filmmaker lineup, in time for… house, their rules. Maisie Williams stars in #TheOwners on DVD & Blu-ray October 20th got the first word that @Troma_Team will be sneak-previewing their latest opus #SHAKESPEARESSHITSTORM as the clo… us for a Halloween night screening of the movie that graces the cover of issue 196: Mario Bava's A BAY OF BLOO… last, the trailer for THE EMPTY MAN has been unveiled to tease us about the latest screen fiend; check it out… folkloric favorite, the Wendigo, stalks fresh prey in THE RETREAT; see the trailer and poster… to the sweet! Today in 1992: CANDYMAN was released theatrically in the US. Are you looking forward to Nia Da…
Life imitates vampiric art in MIMESIS: NOSFERATU. Visit for release details on the bloodsuc… beep, eh? 🤡🍁 review of HUNGER out of @salemhorrorfest is up over at @RueMorgue. This is a sexy, bloody little movie with zero…
Retweeted by Rue MorgueThis is no trick! @comiXology is having a sale on select @arcanastudio titles for Halloween. RT this post for a cha… some help getting in the #Halloween spirit? #BITESIZEHALLOWEEN is ‘now screaming’ on @hulu #Huluween & at… @VinegarSyndrome's Fun City Editions is releasing the '70s psychochiller I START COUNTING!, starring Jenny Agutter,… this day in 1981: Sam Raimi’ THE EVIL DEAD was released theatrically. Do you prefer THE EVIL DEAD or EVIL DEAD I… kitchen runs red in an exclusive gruesome clip from HOUSE OF SHADOWS, releasing next week…
The American Genre Film Archive adds a little spice to your Quarantine-ween with its newest collection of VHS-era f…'s favorite serial killer will return as Showtime orders a new DEXTER limited series!… GOREMAN, the latest splatterfest from THE VOID and MANBORG director Steven Kostanski, has a release date and… I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER series has gotten the go-ahead at Amazon the dead has chilling consequences in the @NightstreamFest premiere AN UNQUIET GRAVE; our review… gets an update in THE CLEANSING HOUR: Shudder’s modern demonic possession joint from Damien LeVeck. Check out…'s creeping out of the darkness in the new poster for this Halloween's horror release COME PLAY… @AOverreaction Our editor is allergic to tree nuts but peanut butter is a-ok!RESIDENT EVIL star Milla Jovovich and director Paul W.S. Anderson are back for more creature combat in MONSTER HUNT…“On October 14th, terror no longer stops at the screen.” Today in 1994: Wes Craven's NEW NIGHTMARE opened in the US…
The Rewind Zone is back from hiatus with a look at a schlock classic... XTRO! Join YASMINA as she recounts the biza… mini interview with me in @RueMorgue
Retweeted by Rue Morgue @AOverreaction Send them to the Manor! 🍪VIDEODROME A mysterious TV show dedicated to bloody torture and punishment is a little too realistic for comfort 📺…
Retweeted by Rue MorgueBe sure you're following @MADE_NOUS for great Canadian horror content! 🍁🔪🍁🔪🍁🔪🍁🔪🍁🔪 Morgue's legendary CineMacabre movie night goes virtual with Kino Marquee! Join us THIS HALLOWEEN for a screeni…
Gore, poop, sex, nonsense, scenery-chewing, and running gags abound in BULLETS OF JUSTICE: find out if it works in… is adding to its already impressive line of original Cryptkin figures with Cryptkins Unleashed! Not only… spill and shed lots of blood in the Nightstream premiere FRANK & ZED; our review! Giant robots! Evil clowns! Stop-motion! The red-band trailer for ASYLUM: TWISTED HORROR AND FANTASY TALES h… Cold War-set DARKNESS IN TENEMENT 45 is all about quarantining, so of course it's seeing release on Election Da… video premiere; WITCH LICH by VAZUM! The Detroit deathgaze duo drops a new visual for their Halloween-themed… vampire classic's terrors become real in MIMESIS: NOSFERATU; see an exclusive clip
What do vampires, gentrification, and Method Man all have in common? Simple. Netflix’s new film, VAMPIRES VS THE BR…