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eyeliner and cigarettes

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apparently i hate @thequeenpri wanting to ask my mom to go to spice queens w me but her Hating pop culture and is homophobici’m stupid i’m ugly i’m unwanted i’m gross and i wanna stop existing now
Retweeted by casey @Liz_Alexander8 yes im gay yes im homophobic we exist
so many drag race viewing parties here i hope no one shows up to the one im going todon’t shed a tear for me. makeup by the incredibly talented @rufIections ❤️
Retweeted by caseywoke up from a nap once againi told her i got robbed and from the time these pictures were taken ‘til now, i got robbed again @thequeenpri @jennabegon she’s busy and better things to do @_ivorytowers that’s why i don’t trust uif u have dark/night mode on i don’t trust ui’m GAY bb 🖤🖤 @priyankashytes maybe if pri DIDNT do this....I— ...... I think I found the best tiktok
Retweeted by caseyim still thinking of pri doing gaga. my rightd @baby_bel_bel YESSi want my septum pierced but at the same time i keep thinking about how i tried to put on devi’s fake one on and couldn’t stop sneezing @_ivorytowers Perfect @_ivorytowers None @MsTwinkieLaRue devi is @_ivorytowers @Liz_Alexander8 id like to see u TRY @Liz_Alexander8 it’s called depression @_ivorytowers @Liz_Alexander8 ewnobody: me: nappie time @jennabegon @barbiedreamdyke @Liz_Alexander8 i hate u all
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😺✏ — i do be wanting to live in the dyke house😺✏ — katya puts on blue eyeshadow and calls it a day how do i do a look insp by her @_ivorytowers yeah and you still hate me so is it worth it... stop leaving me on read/seen. I am sensitiveshe’s so cute just tryna get my gf*ahem* cassie pri doesn’t move so i can get my imarra fan cam“you only like * bc she’s a lesbian” and what about itbold of u to assume i will not daydream romantic scenarios till the day i die
Retweeted by caseyi hate you i hate you but why are u so cute???????the commentary makes me so mad/sad like shes just a lil hammie living her life??? she collects food and eat it alon… @JuiceBoxxQueen thank you?REACT: Drag Queen Recreates Pussycat Doll Music Video Obsessed with @beaulexx 's Choreo to #REACT @NicoleScherzy
Retweeted by caseythe fact that * has never seen me completely sober... fear @jennabegon ill make u look like the eboy of ur dreams @thequeenpri @JuiceBoxxQueen u guys are cute sometimes got insp for my makeup practical tmr from tiktok....,. Jenna I am so sorrywhat’s that song from tiktok it goes like rent a gay rent a gay
Retweeted by caseyi like these pictures a lot
Retweeted by caseysomeone please come collect her @muglerwoman_ absolutely. the BEST14 dates and one is Kitchener...... KITCHENER..... @vanjieshytes IDJDJFKGmy laugh is so UGLY but we will ignore thatme pleaSE i do need mono we are graduating makeup school in a month and ur still asking if we need to make face charts. im- i fucking hate this place @miss_aprior no fuck itthe way I’ve been in and out of sleep for the past 24hthe way i slept the entire day and im sick now. WHO GAVE ME MONO @_ivorytowers disgustingkinda ironic HUH
@priyankashytes ABSOLUTELY NOT @priyankashytes where’s tequila shotsi just remember pri almost made me kiss elizabeth yesterdayi hate cis gay men who think just bc they have money they can do whatever they want not ONLY to the queens but also… @thequeenpri sent bb <35 drinks to know me: - orange juice - vanilla iced coffee - mocha - ginger ale - milk tea @priyankashytes absolutely @Bhytes1 have u ever just had peanut putter? (cc @Liz_Alexander8)😺✏ — stop encouraging me to give away $50s omG @thequeenpri maam i have the whole thing where do i send it @thequeenpri how do i do it @thequeenpri what this? 😳😳 the FUCK is going on @trixiemattel 1/10 technique @Liz_Alexander8 and I ghost tweeted this @priyankashytes it’s the vaugh*n energyi don’t know how to explain it but this is jenna, casey and i
Retweeted by casey😺✏ — that’s on lesbianism does it feel like im losing my voice bitch i barely know the lyrics to spice girls songs i just just yelling random shit yestersy @GeiPingHohl OK WE’LL SEE IF I CAN MAKE IT 👀 @GeiPingHohl are u gonna be there???thank u @jennabegon all that mattersanyways. seeing imarra again in 3 daysi gave imarra $10 to get twitter. i hope she gets a twitterdevi’s so drunk she forgot her phone in maddi’s car @thequeenpri ok then @thequeenpri WHY U SOFT FOR ILL CRY RN @thequeenpri 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺The moment @thequeenpri decided to pour @rufIections ginger ale on herself
Retweeted by caseywhat do i do
Retweeted by casey @_ivorytowers just @ me next time @priyankashytes fear @JuiceBoxxQueen omg nooo juice 🥺 @babyybokchoy NOOOObut stan twitter taking up the front row at crews 😭😭😭
Retweeted by caseynot me buying a drink and pri immediately pouring it all over herself