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casey 𖤐 @rufIections Toronto, Ontario

they/she | ☼scorpio ☾aquarius ↑libra

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ive officially had ✨it✨ with stan twitter. like been a fun run but im gonna soft block everyone who i dont really k… @dalkomyeoja ily 🖤
Retweeted by casey 𖤐 @sapphicdahlia 🥺🥺🥺i hate it here i hate it here i hate it here i hate it here i hate it here i hate it here i hate it here i hate it…“so many good things* happen on thursday. *good things=imarra”Aca también porque me gustó de verdad, Katya
Retweeted by casey 𖤐scorpio ♏︎ and scorpio ♏︎
Retweeted by casey 𖤐 @barbiedreamdyke yes super sexy and so proud of all ur workDiva is the most universal word in the English language
Retweeted by casey 𖤐i forgot how to write @MileyCyrus i am obsessed with your new lesbian music and look thank you for blessing us all love tash
Retweeted by casey 𖤐 @rememberartpop u are 🥺 i answeredi hate it here Vdbfjfjdb personally just think that imarra @erinbrockobic really poo poo pee peevibe check
Retweeted by casey 𖤐 @uselesstwink3 so we're scheduling our next weekend fucking 2 weeks from now right?Me and @rufIections were supposed to have such a cute date weekend 😞
Retweeted by casey 𖤐 @uselesstwink3 IKR IM SO SADinteresting @atrevore that’s an imposter @uselesstwink3 ur negative! except they’re actually trans and are positivegender reveal party except it’s if i have covid or not @rachelbrewer__ i voted her off @totalrucall virgos who own red and my heart 🖤 @uselesstwink3 yeah... so we can angry fuck later @uselesstwink3 u werent supposed to see this... @erinbrockobic @barbiedreamdyke @devineegazo I DONT KNOW HOW TO PLAY @uselesstwink3 i don’t know, i didnt watch eithernot to be from 2011 but
@ladykunterpunt @ruflections ill eventually get it I JUST CANNOT spend money on myselfthe way dbd on switch is $50... homophobic towards me. me thinks @uselesstwink3 it’s a date 🖤 @uselesstwink3 yeahguess i have to pay a drag queen to perform at my zoom birthday party 😔💔no one likes you lolllll @uselesstwink3 @rosiethedq @quintasential69 @wigzaddy I hate gay peopleInstead of turning on each other and creating a sense of panic in the community I think we should band together to…
Retweeted by casey 𖤐 @sunastreos light academia but make it ✨mascyall on some all lives matter type of bullshit LMAOsome people use humour as a coping mechanism !!!! dumb bitch @allaboutvanity_ @THEONETHATSUGLY duh @totalrucall u already know gothic grunge. but maybe add the egirl striped shirts🤪 @jennabegon dark academia style but like flower child @falsehopes gothic egirlwhich do i give off? (in my mind im the egirl version of art hoe) do people use Snapchat for? i redownloaded it and now i want to delete it againPOOKIE NICKY
Retweeted by casey 𖤐general rule of thumb for human decency: if youre attacking the working class for feeling obligated to work, youre an asshole
Retweeted by casey 𖤐 @barbiedreamdyke is everyone there just high as fuck all the time or @uselesstwink3 @rosiethedq i think it cancels out @vinyIcherry katniss bb 🥺 @erinbrockobic said it best
Retweeted by casey 𖤐please use trigger warnings correctly. - do not put punctuations and if you do put a space before and after - do…
Retweeted by casey 𖤐 @uselesstwink3 well... u weren’t wrong?☠️I look pretty good for a dead bitch☠️
Retweeted by casey 𖤐There needs to be a lot more appreciation for queens of different body types doing fashion looks. It is way harder…
Retweeted by casey 𖤐 @JuiceBoxxQueen @erinbrockobic @erinbrockobic i have no idea how to play but yesOkay one queen did NOT infect the village, one queen WAS responsible enough to actually get tested. It’s a pandemic…
Retweeted by casey 𖤐 @tiffanyboxx_ i would like to be sent a screen recording of ur commentaryever since i saw that tweet saying those da vinky bitches look like kurtis conner i cant stop thinking about itI recognize I behave insane online. I have to do it somwhere
Retweeted by casey 𖤐 @totalrucall oh ok then 🥰😍 @uselesstwink3 i hate uthe way it says “f” as my gender 🤢covid test made me realize my gag reflex is real sensitiveNOT me getting tested for covid and my mom thinking everythings FAKEmarch 16 = sept 25 loool🚨 POP A NEW 911 WALLPAPER 🚨 @ladygaga #LadyGaga
Retweeted by casey 𖤐 @kokostarrqueen: what kind of chips should i eat? vinegar, all dressed, or POPCORNi feel like i should redownload snapchat just for the sole fact that everyone still had snapchat for some reason?now from the top make it drop been betrayed by zoom and honestly ive never felt so hurt beforeu ever have friends* who are liars? *zoomThreat Level: Demon 𝐌𝐨𝐧𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐏𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐜𝐞𝐬𝐬 𝐒𝐮𝐩𝐞𝐫 𝐒 #ANITWTSELFIEDAY #OnePunchMan
Retweeted by casey 𖤐yeahyeah yeah ppoufddfffftttttt🤮 Hair - @wigzaddy
Retweeted by casey 𖤐 @devineegazo no one was supposed to knowlanguage has power & in queer spaces we need to be make a conscious effort to make more inclusive spaces for our so…
Retweeted by casey 𖤐all i know is give my friends gifts, give my friends money and cry
Retweeted by casey 𖤐lovegame deserves more hype !
@sapphicdahlia my BABYJust vibing 💄💄💄💋💋💋
Retweeted by casey 𖤐happy birthday @OhhMitchPlease 🖤🖤🖤 @tiffanyboxx_ would you like a granola bar @barbiedreamdyke yESlovegame says hi @devineegazo @thequeenpri not THISLet’s get hammer & sickening! Swipe to reveal the full Red Scare Collection! We’ve got something for everyone to Pu…
Retweeted by casey 𖤐🎵I want you to park that big Mack truck right in this décolletage 🎵🎵
Retweeted by casey 𖤐Trixie Cosmetics x Katya First Look: Red Scare Matte Lipstick via @YouTube
Retweeted by casey 𖤐wanna know what sentence feels gross to hear "if you're not drinking, you're loitering" can we not do better?
Retweeted by casey 𖤐yes 😌 u make addiction jokes u are absolutely the worst person to exist. like why the fuckall i know is give my friends gifts, give my friends money and cry