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@huskerdu_rag Damn, I do this at some point everyday with some Cold Cave and witchhouse jams thrown in. Lol I get it nowsorry babe citgo by chief keef stays on during sex!
Retweeted by Big Hurt @huskerdu_rag Theyve always kind of done that to me. If I’m sad it will make me sadder but if I’m happy it will mak… about you guys but all I really want in life right now is a baby yodaI hate that I get so hungry late at night.“I wish you caught me on a different day When it was easier to be happy”
Retweeted by Big HurtHitting the punching bag makes me feel so calm and clear headedHomegirl said “you get a bullet, you get a bullet, you get a bullet, everyone gets a bullet.”
@ivanceeeto @xCoreyDunnx We all saw this coming lolllll
Trapped In Dodger Blue This coming week.
Retweeted by Big HurtAn old woman pinched my cheek and told me how cute I was yesterday. That’s the kind of energy I need from the world. am I? Lolll
Goddamn, I think a lot of you with names like lil this and lil that are corny and unoriginal but this is like top 2… music video is out now, don’t be a hoe. Go watch that shitNew music video out now! Spent the Night produced by @dxtrvegas Filmed and edited by @M2GH2 Engineered/mixed/mast…
Retweeted by Big HurtWoke up and drank a white claw for breakfast. This is how I feel? really love to be anywhere with anyone right now
Retweeted by Big Hurt @Zackass6 Looks like my bday month is starting off rightthis ain’t edibles this is adderall
Retweeted by Big Hurt @suicidesilence @steveevetts @JoshWilburMusic @Erniedrums Yo didn’t know that was your Ernie. Shit is beastly
@_jamie________ Id be okay with that haha @Erniedrums Same man, same haha @Rufiospenz some mfs would be homeless in minutes if it worked this way
Retweeted by Big Hurt @Rufiospenz I'd be ballin outta control if this was a thing my g!
Retweeted by Big Hurt @Celerybby Lol I the only one that wishes i could make people who waste my time and energy pay me back with actual money?Love @hate5six 💔💔💔💔
Retweeted by Big HurtGoals for 2020: 1. LP1 on @equalvision / @unbeatenrecs 2. Tour Europe w/ @staticdress 3. Tour Japan/Australia w/…
Retweeted by Big HurtThis new @suicidesilence song is fucking beastly
New music video out now! Spent the Night produced by @dxtrvegas Filmed and edited by @M2GH2 Engineered/mixed/mast… @xdannyxbrownx on @jimmyfallon this is gold @dinojuan25 Gonna have to give it a spin soonNew music video dropping at 1pm todayHey @hulu I’m ready to help you compete with Netflix and Disney+ let’s do this #TooStupidToDieSeason2
Retweeted by Big HurtI wish I could skip the itching phase after getting a new tattoo. Im over here slapping my shit looking like a damn fool. @pcpcigs Weed makes me hungrier, this a twisted cycle here @pcpcigs Drink some water and have a cigarette @pcpcigs Dont do it Im hungry as fuck and was debating the same thingThis is dropping at 1 pm tomorrow! @getsomemag I’ve got an Eric Andre tattoo, it’s about time he sees it fingers crossed 🤞 @EsmoneyHoney @darmedius What Esmoney said but to keep it a buck, I like a mix of both @WillowCreativ3 Holy fuck this is coming together amazingly @CodyMotyDs3z Actually I’m all for it. I easily write to it @Lainsthename LolllNOT THE GUM DROP BUTTONS 😂
Retweeted by Big Hurt @_billysweet I am @EXITHALOS @pictureplane Whatever he tweeted was gone in minutesAre there any albums out I should listen to?
Retweeted by Big HurtCheck check it y’all! Saturday’s show has been moved to THE MONK SPACE!!
Retweeted by Big HurtWe are dropping this Tomorrow!! the fuck!??
At last. The Smash Bros. Cinematic Universe is slowly coming together.
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Retweeted by Big HurtAn exercise: when someone is talking to you don’t think about the next thing you’re going to say. Just listen & tak…
Retweeted by Big HurtTonight!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by Big HurtThe reason I became a fan of @xdannyxbrownx is because he did a scheme about bread in his Last Huzzah verse and I w… is dropping on Thursday. @3AMHADES Dude it’s gold! @getsomemag Just entered !If you need me, goodluck @mrkittydm I back this but also @EXITHALOSDon’t let em take Reese. 🙏 @soundwave803 @SuperDuperGi @UrbanLatino247 @SuperDuperGi 🤣🤣if the Gingerbread Man from Shrek started rapping, this is what he would sound like 🤣 I lowkey like it though lol think we may drop this tomorrow Filmed and edited by @M2GH2 Go drop a comment on IG @lambgoat @MorbidAngelBand @obituarytheband This is awesomeHonestly never thought I’d see Morbid Angel or Obituary on Jeopardy, but tonight they were 🤘
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@johnyxciv With chill artist? Bruh I saw Rick Ross there one year lol he made no sense but people didn’t boo him. I… lot of bands/musicians that we all know and love today are where they are because of MySpace. Especially in the m… shit is gold 🤣 @CollinSimula Lmfao @CollinSimula Lollllll calm down elitist metal head. At least none of us felt some type of way that we had to go and subtweet about it loll @CollinSimula You sound like a whiny bitch lol you could have easily @ me. I wasn’t defending deathcore. Simply sta… is ur pussy wet is it sad
Retweeted by Big Hurt @honeybun @JermzGXIII 🤣🤣🤣 @Zackass6 @ChiefKeef I never stopped. Kobe and faneto stays on while I’m having sex. @elprezdeLA Yeah I gotta agree. These people all expected Frank but it was never stated and they all assumed and wh… @CollinSimula @paulXkersey @lambgoat I mean in context next to someone like obituary or suffocation I get it but al… @CollinSimula @paulXkersey @lambgoat You ever actually listen to them? That first Ep was the only deathcore thing t…
@AnthonyGreen We love you man. You’ve handled this before, you can and will again. All of us out here are rooting for you.
🛹🤩 night sesh @PowellPeralta @OcRamps #skateboardingisfun
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This new Wiki is fucking heat 🔥🔥 to everyone streaming our new song BLACK CADILLAC 🖤 As we are unsigned, YOU are the power that gets us in front…
Retweeted by Big Hurt @_SJPeace_ This may be one of the coolest things I’ve ever seenThis man is playing fetch with a Beluga Whale. This is INCREDIBLE. ❤️ We honestly don't deserve these Majestic Cre…
Retweeted by Big Hurt @gmail it’s been weeks and you guys still haven’t fixed the fucking glitches. I cant open up wav files or mp3s to l… Tazer Nut Shot
Retweeted by Big Hurt @AstralGoon Right here bruh
Day 7 of No Nut November: it’s been a full week now. The headaches have eased, my sense of smell has heightened and… a fan of Tales From The Crypt since i was a kid so much so I have old drawings of the Crypt Keeper I did as a… @Nali369 Lol3:30 in the morning and I’m getting tattooed by @RAMO365 while listening to old metalcore jamsMan I miss when people weren't moving to LA. It was 1000% less corny and there were a lot less cops.
Retweeted by Big HurtI think about this picture at least once a day 6 of No Nut November: a bottle of Mrs Buttersworth syrup almost sent me over the edge. This is not good. @cutecherrybitch @scumfuk Her in Alice in Wonderland though 😍😍😍😍😍😍