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@lonerpartyxo I dressed up as him when he did the keep god out of California bit for last Halloween & was at a cost… Trap 💦🤠💦
Retweeted by Big HurtI made a few shirts inspire by Bauhaus but I only have a yellow XL left 😪 I can take pre order! 20 buck with a fre…
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@cuhhrissee LolllMy cousin copped this for me and im beyond hyped. a new webstore with some new goods. Soon I’ll be adding more resources. Proceeds going to legally arming a…
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Retweeted by Big Hurt @ColdCave23 Is one of my favorites and here’s my bandcamp link
Yo wtf
Started foxwedding in 2013 And I’m just now maybe getting a lil desk space and work station w any gear at all to ma…
Retweeted by Big Hurt @KarolineBlek You need starfox 64 and tony hawkThe Nicky Jam show on netflix is fucking good S/o @EXITHALOS for the recommendationMood
This makes me fucking happy @KarolineBlek The under the sea part had me dying @EXITHALOS And masturbate profusely
People have been checking in on me since I haven’t been posting much or at all. Sometimes I just dont have shit to…
@__iTweet__ @Akademiks Lmfaaao
Im just another product of a broken home. The only thing my father ever taught me was how to be a ghost.I like girls with big eyes in case they forgot too
Justice for Andres Guardado. Rally/march tomorrow 06.21 at 2pm. Fighting against law enforcement terrorism. Organiz…
Retweeted by Big HurtNEW EP !!!6/26😅🔥🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Big HurtRay is officially in business Next update: Platinum Plaque
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@EXITHALOS dude Warraq is the new brockhamptonVillanueva’s pigs killed an 18-year kid for doing his job. I’m fuckin’ heated. Fuck LAPD & LASD.…
Retweeted by Big Hurt @MattyRuger @ivanceeeto 😂😂😂😂Niggas be pushing 30 talkin bout ima hardcore kid
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governor newsom just issued a state-order for face masks to be worn in california THANK YOU if you live in OC and…
Retweeted by Big HurtEven after this has all passed I’ll still be masked upKeep outing all the racists and rapists.Im pretty sure you misspelled dumbass administration deported the most immigrants of any US President in history. 🤡🤡🤡
Retweeted by Big Hurt @citr3s Singles is the move. More content to drop.To all my Brown brothers/sisters. “Brown Lives Matter” is not a thing. It took a black man being killed for y’all t…
Retweeted by Big Hurt @ivanceeeto My elbow was the only tattoo that made me want to tap tbh.
One of my favorite past times garage wall is with the shits @RamsNFL I know @3rdtres would appreacite this
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@Kaonashipa @AltPress take @Kaonashipa off. If you aren’t gonna show love in general why show love now? @chucky_beatz Lmfaothis foo really riding a PS5
Retweeted by Big Hurt @lonerpartyxo I have and don’t regret it one bitSex is hot and everything but have you ever licked the wrapper of Big Red gum and stuck it on your forehead
Retweeted by Big HurtIm getting drunk, making enchiladas and making music today That is all
first time at a strip club and I’m in a taking back Sunday shirt Lmfao
King of Staten Island was pretty damn goodOh shit. Looting has broken out in Washington.
Retweeted by Big HurtNicki Minaj in that new video Goddamn cant stand some of you people a nutshot hurt any less if you get high first? 🍒🤔 @Zackass6 - star of MTV’s @TooStupidToDie discusses making v…
Retweeted by Big HurtMy new band name are a complete dumbass if you are alive right now and still don’t think racism existsIm okay with letting the OC be the guinea pigs
The new ps5 looks lit, that was a wild few minutes where the actual President of the USA was following me on Twitter and even sent me…
Retweeted by Big HurtI’ve always wondered when they would get called out for this PEAK OF MY SPECIAL! June 23rd on @netflix @NetflixIsAJoke #legalizeeverything
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Took the rednecks this long to realize this smh need me Karina that’s with the shits was just saying lol about y’all but I’m giving myself until August until I really go out go out Episode of Get Tucked! Podcast is out now featuring @nativeoso of @Kaonashipa . We talk a lot of screamo, EVR c…
Retweeted by Big HurtThis is some giant fuckery. Fuck the government @EXITHALOS Hit my bro up!, Air Bud, have you ever heard of DMT?
Retweeted by Big Hurt @3rdtres @Rufiospenz my dawg it was great to see you out there for solidarity!
Retweeted by Big Hurt @IToldDave Tap mlb is my shit and Pokémon go
Here’s your daily reminder that JS is a racist. 🤡 Jeffree Star was a grown adult when these pictures were taken.
Retweeted by Big HurtS/o to @3rdtres for being out here protesting. Seeing people from the city unite makes me hopeful for the city and for the world.i was 16 years old when @joshuawoodard from the band @adtr invited me to hangout w him after his show that i didn’…
Retweeted by Big Hurt @chucky_beatz @3rdtres See both of you thereDan Gregory is a HERO. When a violent anti-protestor drove into a #SeattleProtest crowd, Dan ran the car down on fo…
Retweeted by Big HurtThis man had his food poisoned by guards in prison and bc of him Rikers was able to be sued. WE NEED TO HELP THIS M…
Retweeted by Big HurtIs this Man Overboard? @__HappyFace___ We actually had regular bread but for some reason I was like “fuck it” lmfao Highkey through that sounds fireOn god I just did the one on the lett today lol
Yooo I ain’t one to kink shame But how Sway?? How???
@ivanceeeto @SugaSeanMMA Big facts man. He’s beating everyone easily. Last 2 were first rounders lol @ivanceeeto @SugaSeanMMA Been one of my favorites and I’m so happy he’s destroying everyone in his pathHE SLEPT HIM! 😱 WALK OFF, @SUGASEANMMA! #UFC250
Retweeted by Big HurtApparently there’s some confusion on why “cop” is crossed out on our shirt, ok listen.... it’s on some hood shit,…
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I bet this mans nipples are bigger than his dick
Retweeted by Big HurtThe Mayor of Norwalk doesn’t want cannabis-related businesses in the city that could bring in $ but she was quick t…
Retweeted by Big Hurt @Erniedrums Yup they are posted up all over there
Cops are killing me Shit @LILRAYLAMIERDA Corny definitely lol I was never a fan.They are in Norwalk now Be safe yall @LILRAYLAMIERDA much does it cost to have an army occupy Los Angeles and why does my mom have to use her own paycheck to buy cr…
Retweeted by Big HurtAgain, if they’re doing this to old white men ON camera, imagine what the fuck is happening off camera.
Retweeted by Big HurtSo the ghost inside huh I love seeing all these racists get outed.
Is it safe to drive to LA after curfew?? Or am i gonna get arrested?
The amount of people going on about their lives while all this is going down is insane. Practice what you preach you weak motherfuckers.
Retweeted by Big Hurt"We need to create an opportunity to translate that energy on stage, that energy through organizing shows, into rev…
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I just took a DNA test and it turns out 100% of all cops are bastards
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