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@CSS976 Likely prison, but that counts as a place. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @CSS976 LmaoHaving a giving heart isn’t just about money. In my experiences, people who have been giving of their knowledge a…
Retweeted by Jeff Putnam | Founder of Rugged LegacyLot of folks mad about this tweet. Understand this. I'm going to say things you don't agree with. That's ok. Th…
@Moneybaglives All callsToday was the 1st day that I have paid a single bill in about 6 months because I pay them all well in advance so I… UP. @HeadMasterDFA @SherlockTowers I'm talking about squat rack, deadlift platform, heavy bag, rings, bench, tires, sle… @JoshuaLisec Not my flex but my one of my clients made huge progress in less than 24 hours of our first call. @HeadMasterDFA @SherlockTowers My goal is to set up a full blown iron dungeon in my yard next year. @brianmwang What's there to cry about? Life is good homie.Why is it that I never see fit people walking out of a planet fitness?Went driving around with my wife for a few hours and passed through my hometown. It's feels weird as hell every ti… Forget Somewhere out there.... Someone is getting paid $3 - 4k a month for uploading 2 generic Instagram an…
Retweeted by Jeff Putnam | Founder of Rugged LegacyHey @Sociopathlete @RuggedLegacy_ This is based.A single one.
Retweeted by Jeff Putnam | Founder of Rugged Legacy @ZachHomol @NickLowary YES! 2 of my favorite people. @TheBrometheus BasedYet this is the first time I've ever heard of Frances based off of talent alone...... @CoachJoeHart Right?I just got hit up by 4 sponsors for my Podcast today. 3 of them were for encouraging people to vote. (Fine print… @rfedoruk Lol. I haven't checked my voicemails in 5 years.To be exceptional, spend the majority of your time doing things that set you apart. Watching Netflix doesn’t. Writ…
Retweeted by Jeff Putnam | Founder of Rugged Legacy @PublishingMikeH If I get a call, chances are I'll miss it because my phone is always 100% silent. Anyone that ac… @rfedoruk That sounds like domestic terrorism @rajsing53337652 I cant even have that. @rfedoruk Exactly this.Phones that don't have silent notifications drive me nuts. Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Screw that. I… care far less about your plans for success than I do about what actions you're actually taking to be successful.… @LifeMathMoney Honestly I'm just trying to figure out how I wasnt following you already after seeing you in my feed all damn day.... @ryanstephens Lol @lickteig11 100%. We get our kids up and have them get dressed as if they were going to an actual school. My wife… @BulletheadBooks Hack Even if you work from home, freelance, and NEVER come into physical contact with another person… really want to hike and camp on Mt. Mitchell, NC. @Gring0_Guero Lol. Technically I can say that I pee on my kids school playground. 🤣 @Gring0_Guero We homeschool so we're good. @convo_ova_lyb8n 🤣🤣🤣🤣I could never live somewhere that I couldn't pee off of my front porch in broad daylight. @Bmood135 Lol @lawrencekingyo Thanks man. Still gotta get used to it though.Or if you end up like me and are let go without warning, start making moves as soon as possible. my 8yr old daughter with her homeschooling. Apparently I still know Boolean Algebra.... Side note: I fail… @Sequentialidea @TheBrometheus @rongeisler I have one. @Asaaadude Dude. If you havent yet, try Mölk from @jockowillink. The peanut butter is AMAZING.When I get a new client, the most important thing I can do is LISTEN Not only what their goals are, but what the…“Adam, how do I retire from my 9-5 and start a home business?” My buddy @Rugged_Legacy has a proven system we’ve b…
Retweeted by Jeff Putnam | Founder of Rugged Legacy @TheBrometheus @rongeisler Hey, thanks man. Ron, my dms are open if you have any questions.Get on my mailing list. I'm giving away thousands of dollars worth of tip and tricks on how to build your side Hus… you’re stuck or mired in one place you should give Jeff a yell. Just chatting through inspired me and I took a f…
Retweeted by Jeff Putnam | Founder of Rugged Legacy @FastLaneHustle Which brings both wealth and happiness. 🤝I signed a new client last week. Yesterday afternoon we had our first call where we came up with a plan. Today he… it doesn't -Make you richer -Make you happier Don't pay attention to it. @BulletheadBooks "I'm a boss bitch"How do you eat an elephant? We all know the answer, "one mouthful at at time". No... (thread)
Retweeted by Jeff Putnam | Founder of Rugged LegacyYour perspective is unique. Many had the same idea. None have seen your angle. Use it to make your mark.
Retweeted by Jeff Putnam | Founder of Rugged LegacyI've always wanted to live this kind of life. Being able to say that means something to me thats almost indescribable. @ZachHomol My flight next is only gonna be about 30 minutes so I'm good. @ZachHomol 🤣 @ASKDADDO have had my own company for 2 years an still have no idea how to write a business plan. 🤣🤣🤣 @TheBrometheus @Alexthecatholic Dude, this is LITERALLY MEIt's the equivalent of eating. If you eat healthy food but dont use vitamins to supplement you're missing out. If… true. My @Gumroad sales for the last 5 months May 18 - June 17: $78 June 18 -July 18: $258 (Lost Job Jul… @ryan_boothh B2B is definitely the fast track to big money.1 copy left!
@NickLowary @GroundSharkCC 8 o'clockImagine spending time on social media and not taking advantage of the ability to monetize it.If you could live in any time period and country where would it be? Not to live some romanticized heroics during s… @Sociopathlete Keep your eye on your inbox for mine..... @parsons_Cody18 Never tried it. @CoachJoeHart would be the one to ask.I'll wager he all of the sudden forgot to press the brake. 🤦‍♂️Ring Ring Son:Dad my car won't shift out of park. Me: I'll be right there. Drive to location* Son: Here's the k…"Successful people make money. It's not that people who make money become successful, but that successful people at… out my man Jack's new program! No affiliate link. Just 100% a fan.'s absolutely nothing wrong with keeping your 9-5 while younwork to develop a second source of income. I had… confirms that Jose is responsible for Big Papi getting shot in the DR last year.'t discount your small wins. Folks go broke with nitpicking tiny expenses every week. Coffee, lunch, Audible,… copies left! @JesseD000 Pfft LOSER 🤣Creating multiple incomes streams is self care.March 20 2019 That was the day that changed my life. Why happened? I made my 1st online sale. A grand total of… @TheBrometheus Actual footage @RyanBErickson @ThatBlackHatter No fluff. All application.It's fantastic. Read it over the weekend. Simple, easy to understand, insightful. 10/10, people.
Retweeted by Jeff Putnam | Founder of Rugged Legacy3 copies left!Being physically fit should be one of your top priorities in life.
Retweeted by Jeff Putnam | Founder of Rugged LegacyFoE men making moves: @Rugged_Legacy connecting with NASCAR last week. Adam leaving his job this week.…
Retweeted by Jeff Putnam | Founder of Rugged LegacyThere's no such thing as "the weather being too bad" for your kids to go outside and play. It's not too hot. It's… @ZacSmall_ Who doesn't want to be hyper hydrated? @ZacSmall_ Condoms were banned in Chadistan so...I saw a bottle of water with a label that said, "New Hyper-Hydration Formula!" I mean...its water....theres 1000'… @JDManly18 VeryI've become the old man in my neighborhood that putts around on the porch in a sweater with his pipe and traveling… copies left! @PublishingMikeH @thegoswicks 🤣 @thegoswicks 🥃☕ "How we do coffee in these parts.) Slainte'