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Doing poorly in Call of Duty, checking out the new Season's content. Come hang out. just reminded me that I hit my 1-year mark of tearing my calf and rupturing my plantaris. I do not miss this… is all I see. He's everywhere. #PlayStation5
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@JakePuckett Are you asking if I did?Me when I tell everyone my turnip price is 562. #ACNH @IIMirageII Oh the internet is fucking quick.Comedy is me losing my mod in the Xbox chat. No big deal, but I am not even a "high enough level" in their channel… @alexmonney Same energy from over here. There's no competition. They will BOTH be mine.I will say that these pics make me a tad excited. Like the DualShock went off and started doing squats and got a li…'all I swear Sony's number one goal is to put out some news/info the day Microsoft has an event going on. Never fa… @StillChewy Crazy right? I don't really care for the sauce, and I like the noodles a little less done so they cook… @Greenskull Dan you STRAIN Top Ramen? just add that I know there are things missing like eggs and what not, but that doesn't really change the orde… @TheSoterios @texmerquise He said what he said.Got into a...discussion with my friends the other day. I am curious, what's the proper way to make Top Ramen? A Bo… is live. Come hang out if you're free. Gonna look to squad up in some Warzone eventually. @BennyCentral Me every single time I tweet. I always have to go look back a million times and find my errors...and… words from a wise man. "Audio is one of the most important things for audio." -Benny 2020 @LoudMouthTre That's how I feel right now. 4:45 alarm kicked my ass. My body is like you not putting in no 60 minut… live with @PlayVALORANT on @FacebookGaming Your boy is THOOMIN out here!
Retweeted by Rukari AustinEthan is clearly forcing a fart. Stein can feel it crawling up his beard. I am 12. This is the first thought that… @CapiTanceTV @aka_Scratch @emericagirl24 Close to it. @aka_Scratch @CapiTanceTV @emericagirl24 Something is up. I get no engagement. Even with gaming content lol. RIGGED, I tell ya.I, for one, would love to see this happen. We're talkin full buzz, yeah? Go like the tweet. @CatamyKX @GuyBlazeLive So much this. @rawrsnacks YOOOOOOO congrats!Day 25 of isolation.
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Spoiler alert: I’m not. Still, ready to check out the revamp. Seattle Public Schools closed up shop through the end of the school year?! Extended break! 😱😱😱Perfect. interesting. Curious to see what they have planned for this one. @rygarza @ShadyG They have. But it's never ahead of the curve. No one is perfect.Good morning. Still on the grind, trying to make it through the month of April streaming every single day. Help me… @ShiftySamurai @TheSoterios This will sound so defeatist, but I am ok with that. I have always sucked at Trials (an… @TheSoterios @ShiftySamurai What's funny is I was going to say it reminds me of a Trials game. Frustrating. Fun. Rewarding. All of that. @TheSoterios See my rage was different. It wasn't like "This game is operating abnormally," like I get in sports ga… @TheSoterios I played that shit on airplanes. Probably the worst environment to play a game that is supposed to mak… @TheSoterios It’s the most rewarding rage. Weird to say that. I will buy it for you because for as much, “oh, fuck… @Alisha12287 Jeeeeesus @Alisha12287 Oh hell no. Well I’ll let you know in about 2 hours what it looks like on my island. But I’m not hopeful. @JahovasWitniss I’ll just keep watching this feed for recommendations lol @Alisha12287 Well damn. I gotta wait a bit to see mine but I bet it’s gonna be like 45 bells ahaha @Alisha12287 What them turnip prices like, ma'am?! @JahovasWitniss This is why I never go to the store when I am hungry or thirsty. I have to go to the store when I c… ya! Back at it tomorrow morning at 8 am., @ShadyG's face says it all. Caught a cheater in CoD and he wasn't having it. @capitaorumor Could be. And I feel like this could be the perfect excuse to take extra time. I felt that way when t… @yourboyeddie Wait what?! No way. @Bgamer90 Damn! I got lucky. I worked in the mall and went into Gamestop every day. I managed to get my preorders (… @soonerjudd Fuuuuuuhhhhhhdge right?! Lord knows when that is going to be.You know what, I can see Xbox dropping, but it being akin to 2005 when the 360 came out and you actually had to pre…’s be real I doubt there’s gonna be an in-person event anytime soon. And I doubt I’d get the invite. up the 4K60 S+ as we get ready for this console release season. I know in my heart of hearts that we will be… @Innatemother Yeah either that or 4. I'm trying to hear these Chappelle and Tina Fey jokes all day long.Wow, it's @embus11
Tim’s setup is always so clean. some time for myself today and cleaned up the studio and organized the desk. After a month of straight streami…
Retweeted by Rukari AustinIt's a slow, relaxing Sunday afternoon...I bought my turnips. Now, I need to get the aggression out. Gonna play som… @Lylli Ahhhh gotcha. Well I am coming with some apples. Only a few but I wanna offload em to maximize my turnip buying lol. @Lylli What then turnip buy prices like? I need to go buy some and offload my apples. And I see Pen15 is primed and ready 🤣😭 @yourboyeddie @espn That's because she was from Seattle. @explodedsoda Oh hell naw my ass gets funky. I love keeping the hygiene routine...even if everything else falls apart.Pretend I've got something witty to say in this sentence, enticing you to click the link below. The reality: chill…
@mobilesinper It’s from The Good Fight. I wanna watch the show now just for this scene. @MariaMasuimi Why would you bring that up?! GahhhhhhhhhhAnd here's the clip if y'all ain't seen it. I meant to say something about it this morning but I forgot. SENT and it gets even better. Life lessons: if we make this face at you and we not your preacher, an ass whoopin is f…, I know all this mood all too well. This man's face is SCREAMING “I wish a mf-er would!” Emily told me t… did this ☠️
Retweeted by Rukari Austin @EscoBlades the world seems to be nothing but a bottomless pit, and the outlook on our future is fuzzy, at best, Low Cost…
Accurate description of my last two weeks of gaming...
Retweeted by Rukari Austin"y'all gettin on? she boutta go to sleep"
Retweeted by Rukari AustinAccurate description of my last two weeks of gaming... @Falloutt @GuyBlazeLive @MESEvents @NICKMERCS That's that good car ride sleep.Good morning. It's day 5 of 34 days of streaming... Yesterday was my longest day ever (8 full hours). Looking to be… @CinderSlays How have you never been to oregon?! @rawrsnacks NICE! @sarcasmbully They knew what they were doing. @Kibas_Pt Yeah I just gotta get the boy to pedal first. It’s so crazy. Less worried about the wheels right now so much as “go!” @tea_bird I uhhhh @braynbasher Containment?! That’s how I really talk. I just have more to say about 2K lol. @MLozada Maaaaaaan I can't. 2K just brings out the worst in me. It's like playing basketball at LA Fitness.Another one… HEDGE THE DAMN SCREEN! This gotta be the most frustrating thing in the world. I'm being set up to fail…*Lots of NSFW language* See...this is why I leave basketball games alone. I can't help but break down the poor def… @HoboStew He’s not even to balance we are learning the pedaling ahahaReason number 1,526,746 why Liam will put me in a home one day: here’s my favorite video. got his first bike (I know, I’m a horrible person for waiting this long) today. We went up and down the block…
@MrLATheeGamer I gotta wear one to bed with the locs now ahahah @MrLATheeGamer I even started to cuss more on Twitter. In regular tweets not just @ replies. It’s a wild feeling. A… of the first quarter...that's all it took for Emily to come out and wonder what all the yelling was for. She sa… @MrLATheeGamer Yeah I have started to care less. Like the fuck I look like trying to be a good boy for folks? I got… @MrLATheeGamer You mean like I have been lax? @MrLATheeGamer THATS 👏🏾 NOT 👏🏾 HOW 👏🏾 DEFENSE 👏🏾 ROTATES Hands clapping and all. It’s really brings the black out.… @MrLATheeGamer @PMaka1991 Y'all talking and I am out here actually quaranstreaming.I know this is a bad idea, but I am playing NBA 2k now...and this is the game that makes my basketball blood boil..… @II_Of_Seven @steinekin @majornelson @MalikPrince That was my second win lol. Time for 3-10. @II_Of_Seven @steinekin @majornelson @MalikPrince I have no clue. But it is never a competition...except with myself.