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I wrote the books Rich and Pretty and That Kind of Mother. My new novel, Leave the World Behind, is out now.

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@mrbenjaminlaw !!!! Thank you! @MaryLauraPh it truly does - if anything it grows more surprising? the economy of the book in particular, for me, o… @NicholasCWard his new book - narrated by a robot - does this as well; it's really something @andizeisler boggles the mind @kileyreid Kiley what is happening even @bottom_txt Keehnan!!! @helenatsma what is happening helenat last... a professional accomplishment that impresses my children @frynaomifry Possibly!! @TylerKord Send me some shotsOH MY GOD WHAT
@KJezerMorton @cejarvis one of the most striking things to me on this reading is that it is so short? it holds so much but is so tiny @TheRoot cc @c_cauterucci @TalkScaredPod honestly the only real response one can have to this book!! @cejarvis i really worked myself into a state over this piece and i'm sure the finished piece is garbage and that m… @DFelsenfeld unreal, i absolutely love that book @chaykak not really! am i wrongi have only read NLMG once because i found it so perfect a reading experience i do not want to undo that. just look… if i had written REMAINS im not sure why i'd go on... i'd just retire. and then if i'd written UNCONSOLED i wo… i am currently re-reading THE REMAINS OF THE DAY and... ishiguro has written three actual masterpieces? kind of insane @sarahsolfails i dont think these were power moves, just the moves of a man who is really bad at time managementi also responded to an email from july from an editor wondering if i had any "ideas" sir i dont have any ideasi have sheepishly filed a piece that was due three months ago... i hate myself @lynnsstrong your friendship with deborah means this would be unethical tho @jilleduffy Thanks for reading! @abbyhiggins Thank you!having discussed with an expert how much college will cost in seven years i think i'm all in on my kids' career pla… saw a financial planner this morning, obviously all i could think about was "financial panther eh"THE ARSONISTS' CITY by @HalaNAlyan "it’s the kind of book we are lucky to have.” —@Rumaan, author of LEAVE THE WORL…
Retweeted by Rumaan AlamI read @lynnsstrong's WANT this weekend and I fucking loved it. It was so tight and visceral and honest. It felt ti…
Retweeted by Rumaan Alam @SilvermanJacob absolutely believe this. i used to work for target and it was quite as i imagine it might feel to w… @angemolony Thank you for reading and the kind words - so happy you liked it. I'm all for stocking up on wine; prob…“excuse me, i’m speaking. no you cannot have healthcare.”
Retweeted by Rumaan Alam @meaghano I miss spending $80 to nap in the middle of the day
Without the usual trek to battery park to see some shitty kids movie this weekend has felt... interminableMy Little cannot comprehend that I didn’t trick or treat as a kid and that Dwayne Johnson was not then making moviesI’m trying to explain to my kids how when I was a child the only apple was red delicious... impossible to explain honestly @BGoldsteinBooks Thank you!!!Read Wintering @_katherine_may_ and Leave the World Behind @Rumaan. I loved these brilliant, beautifully written bo…
Retweeted by Rumaan Alam @elongreen I went to a friends house to pee! This is untenable @ReelQuinn Oh my god I love little kids they’re insaneIt is a fair question. She’s sitting so close if you just glanced at us you’d think we were spousesI’m at the playground as I almost always am when I tweet and this lady sat really close to me and my kid came over… sad to think of all chadwick boseman did not get to doI watched MA RAINEY’S BLACK BOTTOM last night and it’s very very good @heyzoebuck Yes parenting has taught me two skills only: how to constantly sway to soothe an infant and how to never ever peeI am the park with the kids and their friends and I have to pee so badly and I don’t know what to do, there’s no ba… fix. @angemolony I’ve read it like a hundred times so lmk if you want to dicusss
Angelina Jolie is too beautiful to be credibly evil (spoiler it turns out she is not the evil one in this film), sh… is Angelina Jolie from? England? Mars?My kid is watching maleficient mistress of evil... high camp“We’ll meet you at the park, she’s bringing a scooter, I’ll drop her off and be back in two hours, see you then” love this momA very specific but gratifying feeling when it only takes one email exchange to schedule a play date, bless organized no nonsense moms
some day my kids are going to google me and see that i once published a story featuring gay uhhh urolagnia (i had t…
Retweeted by Rumaan Alam @meaghano Amazing @DPD_ Lol every movie she’s in sounds made upRalph Fiennes is in this movie so is Nicholas hoult but he died and so I’ve sort of lost interest in this filmWe are watching the remake of the clash of the titans, throwback to that innocent era when Sam worthington was in every movie @karenkho I’m returning it, I can’t put it in my closet, it absolutely stinksThis and the covid tooth thing... what is happeningUhhh this happens in my book icon gets camp biopic? Anyway looking forward to the 2048 film Renee about Renee zelwegger making the film JudyWe watched the movie Judy... very confusing!!
@DPD_ Superb rolls @yoloethics It’s amazing thank you for your service and I hope someone buys you that the row drug rugThis is the best gift guide I’ve ever seen holiday season is crucial for bookstores keeping the doors open. ⁠ When you spend at least $15 USD at a books…
Retweeted by Rumaan Alam @DPD_ Yessss it’s supposed to be nice this weekend let’s try to meet up for a walk!! @DPD_ Lol you seem especially inspired today, maybe paternity leave has been restorative @DPD_ Did you drink a lot of coffee today or what @joehagansays It is a very intense topic around here!!!This is the only thing the eleven year olds I know care about... robux. I don’t really know what robux are but neverthelessAt some point someone in this country is going to commit a murder or some other crime in exchange for robux
@KJezerMorton I love this album so muchLEAVE THE WORLD BEHIND (2020)
Retweeted by Rumaan Alam @hels @NewYorker also loved this piece and if i didnt have kids to feed id have long ago just started an all soylent dietFinished my Thanksgiving grocery list. Let me know if you need anything!
Retweeted by Rumaan Alam @EclecticHutch yes, it's the most insane thing, when i wrote that joke i had no idea what lay ahead. madness!!my tweets... cited in @NewYorker... feeling v proud at the moment @EclecticHutch appalling to me that she didn't win an oscar for this moviereally im so good at making everything about MEalso this list reminded me that if you havent seen the movie CLEMENCY idk what to tell youpersonally, selfishly very excited to see the greatest actor of the 21st century in the film adaptation of my book folks at @bookpage have selected LEAVE THE WORLD BEHIND as one of the Best Books of 2020, calling the novel "re…
Retweeted by Rumaan Alam @lizzieohreally The small one, it’s always himJust sitting then all of a sudden... on the floorMy child just fell out of his chair. For a normal seated position. This happens more often than it ought toRumaan Alam on his 'deliberately unsettling' novel and the possibility of turning it into a Netflix film
Retweeted by Rumaan AlamOn my @bbcworldservice Arts Hour I’m joined by author @Rumaan who talks about Leave The World Behind & @Leila_Latif
Retweeted by Rumaan Alam @MelissadelaCruz Incredibly these tweets led me to an expert who is now on the case so fingers crossed @leonorjr it sounds fancier than it is! i'm not attempting to buy a picasso, it's something that failed to reach the asking price of $400 @heybonanos i asked nicely but the auction house made it sound like they could under no circumstances even discuss… @chaykak Ugh it’s closer to ephemera, so that specialist has been hard to identify but good advice @meaghano Should it be? Feels like zero people would read that but I’d have such fun writing it
@likaluca @andrewlavallee I don’t hate it I just think it’s very silly, but sometimes a dose of silly is important @andrewlavallee Do you like boredom if so yes definitely watch it @jennromolini im going to make a year end list of my enemies' books @corpuslibris thank you!!!not long ago someone asked me if i wanted a job as a book editor and i was like... no, writers are egomaniacs