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Lobster 🦞💜 @RunawayLobsterr England, United Kingdom

Partners @Twitch @AVerMedia @discordapp @streamloots and @StealthGameNet ||Always laughing. 😂 Team Diverged. 💙💙

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After all the stress of last couple of weeks.. its made all of my chronic illnesses worse. Haven't been able to mov… has taught me a bunch of lessons, my self worth, kindness, understanding and definitely the biggest lesso… @STVNDoesGames @XGamerEnergy Thankyou! And im sorry this happened to you too.☺ I kinda like no makeup sometimes. you haven't heard already, Mixer is shutting down on the 22nd. I've moved to Twitch ☺💜 Same name, same content..…
@JezCorden @_miggyxp @_miggyxp Its a town in Wales 😂 @_miggyxp Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch 😂 @Colliersback @ImagePlays_ @HermanMiller @Logitech @ProSyndicate Aww thankyou! 💜 @HeadshotPenguin Omg I remember having one of these as a kid 🤣🤣🤣 @Colliersback @ImagePlays_ @HermanMiller @Logitech @ProSyndicate I dunno about that 🤣🤣🤣 @Colliersback @ImagePlays_ @HermanMiller @Logitech @ProSyndicate Omg I just looked and they're £1000+ 🙈😭 @SmilarMedia We all adore you and believe you can do great things on a new platform. Excited to see you grow 😃💜 @Shelbutt_ @AmericanDadLive I wonder which chair it is 🥺 help pls! I will be forever greatful 😂 @VorvxTv Imagine the comfort tho xD @PHATTPANTZ It looks like shes going to fall off and its giving me anxiety 😂 @The_Malibu_ I was really lucky and won mine in a giveaway 😅 I feel so thankful but oh my, my butt is not comfy 🤣Can anyone recommend any good chairs that aren't gaming ones? The chair I have now is way too small, too uncomfy an… @SolseyLive @suzzicorn Sneaking in.. id love to play with you two off stream :P @InviictaXx 🥺 @Colliersback Almost 300 ☺ @PrincessCourt_ :( 💜You know when you feel like you don't deserve the things that have been given to you... yea..Pushing my stream to 1pm this afternoon, need me some rest after yesterday so just chatting today ☺ See you in just over an hour!Smol treats for breakfast 🥰
@DEDRDUB @SmallStreamersC @QueenChowder @ChaosSugared @KingBaileyBomb Please please don't tag me 😅 @zZSheepyWolfZz Waw 🤣🤣🤣 no apologies aloud, not aloud to be sorry lmaoSubathon time!!! Caoped at 12 hours, lets celebrate partnership :3 @itsCollussus @tom_cant_draw Thats why I've added on multiple things ☺ after dealing with multiple stalkers I have… @itsCollussus @tom_cant_draw Its really nice that you're warning other etc and I completely understand, id just rather be over cautious 🙂 @itsCollussus @tom_cant_draw I think in my experience after this happening to me id rather no one know about my loc… @itsCollussus @tom_cant_draw Thats why ive added multiple places, not just my own but everywhere in my county. If t… @itsCollussus Surely theres some way to change this right? 🙂 im still new to Twitch so im trying to find all the ways to protect myself. @lazygrrll Nope! You can set them to private 🙂
@AWildHanimal Nope! You can set it to private 😃Something amazing I found on the Twitch moderation section - Auto bot for specific words, I added my full name, loc… @RossJBD 🤣🤣🤣 @Flappypancakezz @Oracynth The suggest a streamer thing is so wholesom and adorable when you see people suggesting others ☺ @BobDuckNWeave I just don't want people to be too hard on themselves or to panic if they havent heard back 🥺 💜 @Flappypancakezz Ive taken mine away and replaced it with a suggest a streamer bit 🙂 I felt like some were only usi… @BobDuckNWeave Oh no not at all! I just thought it was easier to give all the details this way for people panicking… @XoX_Katana Its weird.. people feel entitled and that they expect a sub from you, it makes everything so uncomforta… @GhostfromTexas Aw thankyou!! I really think it is, I think they are struggling to keep up with so many and to find… @Four_k_tweetin Awww!! 💜💜I didn't link my Mixer account, nor did I add in any stats or add in my actual link in the comments. This is why I…'ve had alot of messages after announcing my partnership with Twitch, I was denied straight after applying because… @GT_Rand0mBl0ke Aw thankyou! Same to you as well ☺Taking a day off today, but tomorrow... We will be celebrating Twitch Partnership with a Subathon!! ☺ The cap will…
I love @StealthGameNet - had a lovely message after the news of Mixer shutting down offering support. I love how th… @JeegzTV Jeegz 🥺💜 thankyou for being here through all of this.I only ever reached 300 subs on Mixer when I was a partner for almost 2 years. On my first stream as a partner on T… CELEBRATE!!! First stream as a Twitch partner lets gooo!!!! @OneBigDisaster9 @OneBigDisaster9 Good morning ☺ @ChudanTV @Twitch @SmilarMedia 💜 @techosarusrex Thankyou so much! @VideoGameDiva_ @FellyBishh @mxiety @laurelrothamel @A1000YearsTV @Robot_Giggles @InviictaXx @SimbyBTW Diva 🥺💜 you are so lovely, thankyou!! @SimbyBTW 💙 @SassyKittencx Sassy 🥺🥺💜 I really can't wait for you to get yours too, you have been so supportive to not only me..… @aurevoirraee Thankyou so much! Im so sorry there arent any left 💜 @itz_harley01 Aw Harley 🥺💜 thankyou for being here for ne right from the start. You are incredible! @Retaunted Thankyou!! Really appreciate the lovely words 🥺💜 @RogueOfSouls Thankyou so much!!! This is so sweet 😭💜 @thatenolaleone ENOLA 💜 Thankyou so much! 😭😭 @RiRiTV_ Actually me rn 🤣🤣 thankyou so much for the sub!
@SassyKittencx SASSY PLEASE 😭💜 love you!!My sub button is live and we are already on a level 5 hype train guys xD I love you all!So I messed up my Partner Application, I panicked for 6 days trying to get affiliate.. and this just happened. Tha… @LivePlaydoh @SassyKittencx Sassy is one person. She might get alot of messages and can only do so much, she is try… @SassyKittencx Im so sorry 🥺💜 @Serretiant 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @BobDuckNWeave Its such a difference, im so hapoy for you btw!! 🥺I feel so welcomed and at home on Twitch already ☺ Thankyou 💜Marbles on stream? 💜
Wanna come chat and chill? love gardening ☺ My tomatoes, jalapeños and cucumbers are doing so good! 💚'm thinking.. late night talk show? ☺ see you at 8pm 💜 @EtzyMixer
@SouleyOnMixer for the laughs, fun and weird conversations over on Mixer. But lets make some new memories on Twitch. Here… @NinjaxBam We love you Bam! @lindsywood7 Im so happy you got your account back btw ☺💜Early tea & rambles
I'd love to do a smol Just Chatting stream tomorrow morning ☺ See you at 11am bst? 💜 @SolseyLive @TonzyGG Aw Sole! I second that for the both of you too, its so nice to see everyone excited for future stuff❤️ @TonzyGG @SolseyLive Smells like jealousy 😂 @TonzyGG Oooooh thankyou!! you're going to do amazing, honestly everyone is so nice there :D @TonzyGG I can't find you :( halpIts really refreshing not having people spamming asking to play all the time. I feel like people are actually here… @Ninjanzee @XCurvyBarbieX Wait.. thia is genius!! Where did you get this? XD @SuitJames @WatchMixer - my driving is still on point 🤣🤣🤣🤣WHY IS IT SO HOT IM MELTING SAVE ME PLS 🤣 @BobDuckNWeave @TwitchSupport Halp pls Twitch 🤣 I will even wear the lobster costume for you 😂😂😂 in 29°c weather.. @BobDuckNWeave @TwitchSupport Not until another 5 days 😞 @BobDuckNWeave @TwitchSupport I think so 😅 I just have no way of making any earnings and I can't even explain how much im panicking.. 🥺 @BobDuckNWeave @TwitchSupport I did panic ngl 🤣🤣 @Auxfuse @YaBoyAstroHD I wasnt no 😅 I had no ideaI applied too early for Twitch Partnership without sending my Mixer stats 🥺 Feels bad..
Anyone else melting today? 🥵