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Hari Menon @runbikehurry Dún Laoghaire

Cyclist, runner, copy editor, occasional writer, ex-journo who fled the profession before it turned him into a thing gibbering to itself in a dark cell.

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@pranesh @krishashok The knock-on effects of decreasing poverty -> more animals eaten are..… @nuts2406 Ha! Well played. Very well played 😀Cow eats snakes for lynch is of course a political joke. is so hardcore its cows gnaw on snakes for fun., this just such a great story. worth working your ar*e off for. Things worth fighting for. Things worth voting for. @nuts2406 This. It's an order of magnitude difference. While it exists, I'm disappointed by numerate people trying… @WestemeyerSusan Haha, that look is me successfully triggering all my mamil friends who take The Rules *much* too seriously. @Xyzzymurgy 👍The ~1/100 seems abt right, if you're arguing from core/fundamental values - like don't murder ppl who… @ProsaicView Ah, yes. The Mushroom Theory of Governance in play here. Keep the fellows in the dark and feed them lots of sh*t.
@ianoriordan They’re just Freewheelin’. @rupagulab Oh no. I’m so sorry to hear this. @ianoriordan I confess to trolling a couple of my "cycling is the hardest sport" friends with Woods & Roglic 😀 (Int… of my dear friend @LouReed on the anniversary of his passing. Lou was a true pioneer. There will never be…
Retweeted by Hari MenonTo anyone who knows what laïcité means for how a society engages with ideas, here's a new confluence of bigoted abs… She had a name. She was a human being who was murdered. What would have cost to have given Reeva Steenkamp a… Earlier - Choose whom to love, what to believe, what to eat, etc. In 2020: Choose your supervillain boss. @veenavenugopal Public service-aa? That's what they call it now?Interesting new studying showing those with a broadly similar number of autistic traits are attracted to each other…
Retweeted by Hari MenonBingo. But sadly there is so much to gain by NOT understanding this. <reminded also of FD Roosevelt's apocryphal j… @peeleraja Rules made by zygoats, clearly.
Quick story about judging kids for parental poverty - I went to school with no gym kit. My mum & dad had split up…
Retweeted by Hari Menon @skinnylatte Always amazed at how both cultures & individual tastes differ so radically on what makes a food icky o…'s an arbitrary choice, our imaginary worlds. And flawed in their own ways; imperfections, some immediate and som… like this are peopled with the characters that filled an America that seemed imaginable only to folk like me,… it's also because of tracks like Janey Needs a Shooter. It was written almost 50 years ago, but only released t… Bruce Springsteen's new album, Letter To You just dropped. And it's really talking to me. P…
As one of the most unbendy people I know, many stretches are impossible. But while bendiness for bendiness's sake d…
Is it just me or does it feel like 2020 is running out of ideas
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What a lede. What an obituary. Via @margalitfox
Retweeted by Hari MenonThis bit: //What roiled his blood, and was the driving impetus of his existence, Mr. Randi often said, was pseudosc… @KitchenChemProf Ooo! A Louisiana crab boil? ( Am biased but that was my fave messy debris-scattering way to wolf them 😀)Even happier that they seem to be making a comeback. Possibly thanks to pine martens, of all things.… have a wife who's often had to reclaim her QOMs from women who drove motorbikes or cars on Strava segments, so I… countries of the UK are clearly inspired by the climbing grades of the world when coming up with their COVID ti…
Retweeted by Hari MenonLovely short film. Graeme Obree; a hero to me. He negotiated the boundaries of his mind, body and soul the hard way… @140CharTerror Ah, this is really close to a lot of things that matter in my life. Thanks for sharing this. @Xyzzymurgy Oooh yes! And in Snow White, that raven putting skull was all of us kozhandais.Altered States. 79 years, and this terrifying, otherworldly, brilliant scene has lost none of its power. One of the… entire burden of education being placed on struggling families having a goddamn smart phone and a WiFi connect…
Retweeted by Hari MenonThe moment we’re allowed in stadiums I’m going to watch whatever team Marcus Rashford plays for and yell at him to…
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@KitchenChemProf WHAT? 😂😀“Now is the time for the government of #France to show what it means to respect freedom of expression. We hope they…
Retweeted by Hari MenonThe only times I've been up a col in those conditions I was so knackered & numb I struggled to get my jacket on aft… polls: Free vaccine for every Bihari. After polls:
Retweeted by Hari MenonThis. Just so you know. Those "pride parade" jokes were so cruelly tone deaf. And I mean guys. Do read this. There really is a line beyond which you become a misogynistic jerk. And it isn… pronounced the Madross way, “Dregs-u!” @LotusEater_2 Hero of my dad’s and mine. And I was very pleased to learn that an old friend is his great-niece. @thekorahabraham @ashwin_baindur @RahulGandhi In some alternate universe, Rameses Pannithala is making a bid for glory. @vernal_equinox @nuts2406 Must be power. Always wondered whether it was because his EQ was so low that he simply di… @Xyzzymurgy True. Tbf it's not hate at all; it's deep dijjness. @TheRestlessQuil @meenakandasamy Cross my heart I kid you not! <Meena, apologies for the inadvertent diversion.> @rhodri @genesiaalves @HenrySusannah @ECCRecords Such a lovely take on a favourite song! And the books!A great read. And of course the ex-quizzer in me loves the way Svengali, Peter Pan and Rebecca connect. @vpt_ Haha, true. @TheRestlessQuil @meenakandasamy <cringing at my early years in journalism, fumbling to ask even the stupidest ques… @vpt_ Not music I know, but when I saw the context, I went, "Hell, yes!" 🔥 And I loved the musical context once as I 'got' it. This is Nas's Ether, where he blowtorches Jay-Z for dissin… @uhhjames @AskjaneMcL @jasondotgov James, thank you for that! Not music I know, but damn, it added a whole deliciou… @ranjona Ow. You nailed something fundamental right there. Discriminational is so profoundly essential to them that… Randi. Sceptic and debunker of quackery. I hope you, Abraham "Begone Godmen!" Kovoor and many other true warr… And before that, Rajathi. Gutted that this should still happen. But sadly, also repelled that Angry Internet P…
So brave. And of course there will be would-be victim-blamers who’ll say people ought to know the reaction they’ll… for the Russians to be manipulating Giuliani, say supporters of man who was apparently hoodwinked by <checks notes> Borat
Retweeted by Hari MenonWhen you think you voted for a "Can-do" government. But got a कांदा government instead. @chasingiamb Oh yes! Retrieved from a pile of books someone was tossing out years ago! Delightful.🤣 I'm just dying here. This thread is such a gloriously filthy delight. @ikaveri Ymmv, but we like our coffee enough to have 6 coffee-making things at home & still the only one we never u… years of dairy knowhow and all we have to show for it now is... paneer? The history is impressive, but the res… @venadavenu Perfect!A friend raised this, re: playing jazz - Is what we do physics & mathematics, organised by soul? Or soul, organised… story about a favourite bookstore. <Also cheers for a new outlet where I won't dread knocking over a large… @SandalBurn Also do try Robert Palmer’s superb Deep Blues.
7 days, 3,505 km ridden, 76,821 calories. Fighting depression is never easy. But sometimes that fight takes you to… @SandalBurn Try Peter Guralnicks’s books? He’s written loads on Blues, Country & Soul & I’ve loved all I’ve read. A… @Xyzzymurgy Quite, quite. Reminds me of how I discovered where "bearded berk" (via some brit movie I have long for… V. Punjabi boarding school had many sikhs dubbed X-Surd: we had Cracky Surd, Frisky SurdX2 and the legendary Fid… anything Bela Lugosi takes me reliably to this classic, germinal first single from Bauhaus; the song that birth… thread on Bela Lugosi, the great horror film star, born on this day 138 years ago. 1/n @AsimAli6 @officialfuckbjp Also, & probably not coincidentally, c. mid-late 2000s was when 1st my gay pals & then s… @AsimAli6 @officialfuckbjp Old enough to remember the mid-70s beard thing. That one struggled to get beyond intelle… @genesiaalves Hiro Music House! What memories.//Tell me, what's next? What shall we do? Half my soul, baby, belongs to you Oh, while I cannot frolic with all the… the North Alantic there’s a seaweed called pepper dulse that tastes basically identical to artificial bacon flav…
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@surekhapillai @kazhugan @ritukapurmehra Thoran for sure. Also quite nice oven roasted with a little oil and lashings of molaghapodi. @WhiskyOpinions Jaysis. If I had known this was the alternative I wouldn’t have resisted Lagrangian equations or He… 2020. so now I know. //And here I sit Hand on the telephone Hearing a voice I'd known A couple of light years ago… is a lede.
Retweeted by Hari MenonWhat a shot. //I like smoke and lightning Heavy metal thunder Racin' with the wind And the feelin' that I'm under Y… But us desis have to ask: if starch location is the basis, what then are starch-on-starch things like vada pao…! The Cube Rule. Imagine a topologically consistent taxonomy of sandwiches. This is much fun 😀 @WhiskyOpinions Interesting take. Despite my atheism, I found as an ex-Bombay Catholic schoolboy however alien oth… @ranjona @ikaveri A friend’s dad supplied a fair proportion of S. India’s uptake. Irani families like theirs were b…
Ah brilliant. your tribe increase! curious beauty of megadoses of brutalist concrete. What a thread. @sksptg Haha! Trust you to find a mad brew!