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Even more flowers!! @ericsmithrocks @skrishna Omg @kierstenwhite Aahahahaha MY BIBLIOGRAPHY GROWS also that better go on sub so I can read it someday @RachelLeishman @PedroPascal1 Lolol I GUESS @Mer_Squared Lololol my fav so far has been Yiddle YoddleLololol this is truly my best claim to fame bc my friends are so talented!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @MarkDoesStuff IT’S SIMPLY THE BESTDedicated to the dude in my mentions who is explaining #TheMandalorian to me lolYoda is shorthand for “we don’t know the name of the species so we’re just saying Yoda bc this is too long to type over and over” @nikeshshukla @HannaFlint 😭😭😭♥️♥️ thank you bhai!So glad I got to talk about how kick ass Kamala Khan is— thank you @HannaFlint!! @teddow @teddow YIDDLE YODDLE @nancipants WE WILL ALL SIT IN THIS PIT OF BABY YODA DESPERATE LOVE TOGETHERGood morning to baby yoda and no one else #TheMandalorian #TheMandalorianSpoilers @_bigmomenergy I LOVE IT SO MUCH is a great speech to start your day. @Heeral_Chhibber @mostlybree @SparkleTindi SO SMOL @mostlybree @MarkDoesStuff No no I just want the Dadalorian’s tiny yoda childDear @PedroPascal1 how much $ for the baby, sir, please? I will pay more than Werner Herzog. @carlylane I want to hold it in my heart#TheMandalorian @KSekouM Oh I love that thing and how he can control it but I cannot handle how tiny that baby is @KSekouM KWAME THE BEBE IS 😭 SO 😭 SMOL 😭 @KSekouM @frannypak @skrishna 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 #TheMandalorian @SamiSaysRead YESSSS😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ #TheMandalorian @ericsmithrocks LmaoIf anything happens to that baby omg #TheMandalorian wants baby to get up 😭😭😭😭😭 #TheMandalorian @ashposton I LOVE IT AND LIL YODA BEBEThat egg scene was horrifying #TheMandalorian @KSekouM SO MANY @CreativeMrPen He brought it so close to that monster!!Seriously, Dadalorian is being VERY irresponsible #TheMandalorianThis is on the cusp of being Spaceballs lmao #TheMandalorianLmao these Jawas like WE WILL MURDER U #TheMandalorian @skrishna I am dyingTHAT PUPPET IS THE CUTEST GODDAMN THING I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE I CANNOT HANDLE IT #themandalorianDadalorian is being very irresponsible!!! #TheMandalorianHave started episode 2 of #TheMandalorian and I would die for Dadalorian and tiny Yoda
@jesthevu Hahahaha @Chantal_Thuy Lmaooooo @andreaannwalter Apparently nachos are an option so I’m not sure! @McKelvie @skrishna @GWillowWilson How come I didn’t get nachos of any variety so rude @zlikeinzorro Ugh I am so sorry friend. This is such trash!!lower sap pizza ???????????????????????????????????????????? @designerscott I WASSSS! and agreed! @NormTheMinotaur ugh i have too many deadlines to do it now, but as soon as I get through the next two I am buying it!.@alex_shephard on the political press’ failures this week is good:
Retweeted by C-3PREE-O (Preeti Chhibber)(i don't *know* anything but i have been guessing)I KNEW THIS WAS COMING @jchristie lmao isn't it the best tho @BortATX lol noif you can guess what it is before nov 29 i'll gift you a bad photoshopwe're so close to when i can post my favorite Christmas meme omg @JacobOller they say hollywood won't invest in original stories anymore of the Day: Symptoms of a Heartbreak by Sona Charaipotra @sona_c Out of med school at 16, an Indian-American…
Retweeted by C-3PREE-O (Preeti Chhibber)Uhhhh should I be worried about this google doc or @ek_johnston I am having too many feelings @ek_johnston I AM is embarrassing omgSpidey break for your timeline's sake. ( #KarmasaBitch)
Retweeted by C-3PREE-O (Preeti Chhibber) @Snoreterra HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA @Snoreterra lololol @ZacharyJLuna crying ;lksjdf;lasflmao I can't believe I waited so long but my magnum opus of stupid shit: Things That Are the Same Size as Tom Holla… @ZacharyJLuna LMAO AH YES THAT'S THE STUFFI really hope someone can step in and buy @MystGalaxyBooks! The shop deserves to stay open. It's such a needed spac… @sona_c ugh this is the worst, I'm so sorry friend!! <3 <3 <3 @MarthaMihalick it should go w/o saying but plz feel free to reply with stupid shit you made over the last decade but are proud of i don't mindP recent but I'm proud of this one is a bill that passed the house, & has been sitting on Mitch McConnell's desk since FEBRUARY but since he is…
Retweeted by C-3PREE-O (Preeti Chhibber)Trump national security adviser: pleads guilty Trump campaign chairman: guilty Trump deputy campaign chairman: pl…
Retweeted by C-3PREE-O (Preeti Chhibber) @DoctorJonPaul "GROW UP" l;ksjdfl;asdf I cannot handle it lmaoooooo @DoctorJonPaul i have never seen this and thank you SO MUCH for putting it on this TL omg ;aksjdfl;kajsdfa @haszombiesinit :D :D😘 are a lot of opinions you won't care for in the world and it's really fun ignoring the ones that won't really impact you I swear @MissDahlELama oh this is terrible Dahlia, I'm so sorry. Thank you for all your good work!! You are an incredible a… all morning trying to update my OS and so I've added no words to anything I need to add words to but everythi… ROGER STONE FOUND GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS.
Retweeted by C-3PREE-O (Preeti Chhibber)LOL's uhhhhh kind of a big deal that a key white house advisor has a personal reading list of white nationalist agi…
Retweeted by C-3PREE-O (Preeti Chhibber)Just some extremely normal and uncoordinated and totally authentic Twitter behavior
Retweeted by C-3PREE-O (Preeti Chhibber) @AgentM Lmao my brand is strong @AgentM all the discourse Warren plan for the Trump judge problem looks really good today.
Retweeted by C-3PREE-O (Preeti Chhibber)"I think that if you are not moved—and we'll see what happens in the cross-examination—but if you are not moved by…
Retweeted by C-3PREE-O (Preeti Chhibber)This 11 year old is a 43 year old union pipe fitter
Retweeted by C-3PREE-O (Preeti Chhibber)“Some of us here take witness intimidation very, very seriously.”’s such a harmony of all the pieces that make comics comics I am sorry but I am in love with it ahhhhhhhgWas catching up on Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man last night and goodness this perfect spread from issue 4 Words…