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You're born naked & the rest is drag

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Oh BTW: A strategically placed fascinator is your best defense against the winter time blues.🎈@MattRogersTho💥 What’s The Tee w/@michellevisage
RESIDENCY January 30th! RUPAUL'S #DRAGRACE LIVE! @FlamingoVegas coffee with friends, funny how quickly the conversation turns to #ajandthequeen, BJ and the Bear & Jake and the… appreciation for everything that is #NinaHagen
Retweeted by RuPaulLISTEN🎈Raven Returns💥 What’s The Tee w/@michellevisage #ajandthequeen! Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour From Vegas **non-sponsored** between Elvis & Ann-Margret in #VivaLasVegas is sexual napalm. Quote w/Movie: "If you can't be in athlete, be an athletic supporter".@Cher and @RuPaul at Studio 54 closing party in New York (May 22 1996)
Retweeted by RuPaulDJ’d both days at @DragCon London. Played alot of Stock/Aitken/Waterman Scarlett Johansson movie “Lucy” for the tenth time on @NetflixUK BRILLIANT! Painter Resurrects Louisiana’s Vanished Creole Culture“There are millions of cheap seats in the world today filled with people who will NEVER ONCE step into that arena.…🎈@MattRogersTho💥 What’s The Tee w/@michellevisage‼️💥‼️💥‼️
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YES @RuPaul and Jane Krakowski performing “Got to Be Real” IS 👏🏽 GAY 👏🏽 RIGHTS 👏🏽
Retweeted by RuPaulI agree with Ruby. @CHER IS EVERYTHING! #AJAndTheQueen @netflix
Retweeted by RuPaulYES, PLEASE!!! this show so much.💋Ep 4 & I choked on some tears, more than once, then felt the power of @RuPaul to the nth!…
Retweeted by RuPaulMotivos pra eu amar a série AJ and the QUEEN @RuPaul @NetflixBrasil
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These totes are totes essential 🇬🇧 Every tote and tee at @rupaul's #DragCon booth is exclusive to #DragConUK. That'…
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Por favor, assistam "AJ and the Queen" na @NetflixBrasil. Diversão e emoção garantida com a maravilhosa @RuPaul.
Retweeted by RuPaulWas on my way back from @HarveyNichols & @Harrods! @RuPaul stars in the new @netflix series, #AJandtheQueen
Retweeted by RuPaulXORU Noelle out as "Kathy Lee" sassy southern bell on episode 5 of AJ and the Queen on Netflix. ♡♡ #AJAndTheQueen
Retweeted by RuPaul1 MINUTE at the #AJAndTheQueen LA premiere @RuPaul @missizz #netflix #redcarpetevents #losangelespremiere
Retweeted by RuPaul❤️ @RuPaul #AJandTheQueen #RuPaul #IzzyG
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I’d rather boogie than try to fit in. #ajandthequeen #janekrakowski NOW STREAMING @netflix It! ALBUM “You’re a Winner, Baby” @SPOTIFY🎈💥 What’s The Tee w/@michellevisage workplace ever? @IcahnMountSinai #DragRace
Retweeted by RuPaulWORK! @theebillyporter @alluremag @JoshThomas87 Show ‘Everything’s Gonna Be Okay’ @FreeformTV #EverythingsGonnaBeOkay #ajandthequeen w/ RuPaul & Michael Patrick King @billboard On One #ajandthequeen @mizzizzyg @Netflix @etnow most sickening moments from new Netflix series “AJ and the Queen” @gaytimesmag #ajandthequeen #DragCon Jan. 18 - 19 @RuPaulsDragCon TIX:“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”~Rumi🎈💥 What’s The Tee w/@michellevisage“Ru and Michelle are Ru-United” NEW @RuPaul #WhatsTheTee? w/ @michellevisage!
Retweeted by RuPaulThx, Love! This GIF cracks me up everytime. @mizzizzyg“Ruby Red’s” Most Fabulous Performances #ajandthequeen & Michael Patrick King Break Down the Stunning Drag Numbers From 'AJ and the Queen' @billboard
5 most sickening moments from new @netflix series “AJ and the Queen” @gaytimesmag #ajandthequeen It! @ajandthequeen @netflix @mizzizzyg @olivianj📽️ #KaterinaTannenbaum On Portraying A Drug-Addicted Teen Mother | The #AJAndTheQueen actress is a natural-born sto…
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Retweeted by RuPaulNOW STREAMING @ajandthequeen @netflix @RuPaul @ajandthequeen @netflix @mizzizzyg What a wonderful show....more please
Retweeted by RuPaulBehind the Scenes Tour w/@mizzizzyg #ajandthequeen @netflix On One w/RuPaul & Izzy G. #ajandthequeen @mizzizzyg @Netflix @etnow STREAMING @ajandthequeen @netflix @mizzizzyg ALBUM “You’re a Winner, Baby” @SPOTIFY us tonight for our first #LateLateShow of 2020 with @RuPaul and @RachelBros!
Retweeted by RuPaulNOW STREAMING ajandthequeen @netflix @mizzizzyg
“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop"~Rumi was so happy to get to see that amazing @RuPaul during the filming of #AJAndTheQueen - RuPaul is as kind, bril…
Retweeted by RuPaulLISTEN🎈Marc Singer💥 What’s The Tee w/@michellevisage #AJAndTheQueen🎈Adrienne Barbeau 💥 What’s The Tee w/@michellevisage @abarbeau Interview: RuPaul & Izzy G. Go One On One @ajandthequeen @mizzizzyg @Netflix and I and our interview interviewing each other. Thank you @etnow! #AJAndTheQueen #RuPaul #IzzyG “AJ and the…
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Fall 2020 Alexander @McQueen Menswear @voguemagazine to be performing with @QueenWillRock at #FireFightAustralia this February!! Help us support national bushfire…
Retweeted by RuPaul“I wish I’d learned how to process feelings earlier. There have been some great achievements in my career and some…
Retweeted by RuPaulLONDON #DragCon Jan. 18 - 19 @RuPaulsDragCon TIX: ALBUM “You’re a Winner, Baby” @SPOTIFY Ilana Glazer who recently released her first stand-up special, “The Planet Is Burning,” shares the things she…🎈Izzy G.💥 What’s The Tee w/@michellevisage @ajandthequeen @mizzizzyg🎈Raven Returns💥 What’s The Tee w/@michellevisage @ajandthequeen STREAMING @ajandthequeen @BobMackie @netflix @RuPaul CoverGirl! IDance Chicago dance and performing arts! They won yesterday! Love it!
Retweeted by RuPaulMatch Quote w/Movie: “Gee, you look nice tonight. You’ve been using that buff puff I gave you, haven’t you?” @NetflixFANTASTIC NEW ALBUM @RonnieDunn “Re-Dunn” @SPOTIFY best..
Retweeted by RuPaulBest Actress, Winner: Mary Kay Place, DIANE. #LAFCA
Retweeted by RuPaulMary Kay Place brought down the house with a big, hilarious speech, saluting women’s stories in film & Obama’s Top…
Retweeted by RuPaul#AJAndTheQueen fue mi terapia de inicio de año. Sí, ya la acabé. Te amo @RuPaul
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All Access @ajandthequeen Behind the Scenes Tour w/@mizzizzyg @netflix 2020 @Dsquared2 Menswear @voguemagazine Tannenbaum Brings Grit to @ajandthequeen’s Glitz @wmag🎈Michael-Leon Wooley💥 What’s The Tee w/@michellevisage @mlwooley Segarra Talks @ajandthequeen @tvinsider🎈@TiaCarrere💥 What’s The Tee w/@michellevisage @ajandthequeen🎈Izzy G.💥 What’s The Tee w/@michellevisage @ajandthequeen @mizzizzyg #BowieForever #EternalLove
Retweeted by RuPaulLISTEN🎈@katya_zamo Returns💥 What’s The Tee w/@michellevisage @ajandthequeen🎈@kevinddaniels💥 What’s The Tee w/@michellevisage @ajandthequeen🎈Raven Returns💥 What’s The Tee w/@michellevisage @ajandthequeen ALBUM “You’re a Winner, Baby” #SPOTIFY"Endless Love” for @iamtimbagley NOW STREAMING @ajandthequeen @netflix STREAMING @ajandthequeen @LatriceRoyale @netflix who’s #1 on the iTunes album dance chart in the U.K.!! @RuPaul @dragraceukbbc well done girl! And a massive co…
Retweeted by RuPaulBinge watching season 1 right now!!! @RuPaul #AJAndTheQueen
Retweeted by RuPaulBora! #AJAndTheQueen @RuPaul #DragRace @RuPaulsDragRace
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YES! In 1985 W/ @Only1CrystalFox Cheeses! From a 1988 Theatre Production