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You're born naked & the rest is drag

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LISTEN🎈Adrienne Barbeau 💥 What’s The Tee w/@michellevisage @abarbeau New Seasons of #DragRace & #AllStars5 GIRL! Put The Bass In Your Walk! @interviewmag Photographed by Ethan James Green, @ethanjamesgreen
LATimes: Getting killed by police is a leading cause of death for young black men in America
#flashbackfriday in Times Square - Harper’s Bazaar Magazine #90s Fashion Editorial. :: TONIGHT l’ll be live in conc…
Retweeted by RuPaul"Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all”~Tennyson, getting something for free is far too expensive. #StringsAttached“The Rocky Horror Picture Show” was a portal I walked through in 1978 and never looked back., Sis! #DragCon NYC Sept. 6th, 7th & 8th @RuPaulsDragCon TIX: FYC: 5 moments that made #DragRace the best competition on TV @EW🎈Adrienne Barbeau 💥 What’s The Tee w/@michellevisage @abarbeau
Emmys FYC: 5 moments that made #DragRace the best competition on TV @EW ready to dance in the street! 💅 @whoopigoldberg joins @rupaul for another round of RuTalks, a mighty real conve…
Retweeted by RuPaulFinally got my @RuPaul pjs from @Primark 😄😄😄
Retweeted by RuPaulIf we’re serious about moving forward, then we really need to talk about the “dark passenger” who travels within us… to see how genuinely shocked America is when it looks at itself in the mirror. Laurie’s speech at the end of film “Tomorrowland” says everything we need to hear right now.ória de horror americana: #DragRace double clicking the (fn) button in the lower left corner of your keyboard, your MacPro will transcribe what you… all that’s happening in the world, I just need to focus on beauty. @JackyIdoOff biggest misconception is that we think we’re separate from one another. your teeth. @LisaKudrow What's The Tee w/@michellevisage🎈Adrienne Barbeau 💥 What’s The Tee w/@michellevisage @abarbeau🎈Adrienne Barbeau 💥 What’s The Tee w/@michellevisage @abarbeau, That's Backatcha!
From Whitney Museum’s Employees Exhibition at Westbeth: Whitney’s Greatest Hits, 2019 by Justin Romeo 🎨
Retweeted by RuPaul#TrumpCrash ushers in the #TrumpRecession - 'Stocks tumble more than 650 points after bond market flashes recession…
Retweeted by RuPaulPREDICTION: @MileyCyrus will win Best Actress for her portrayal of jazz great Anita O’Day.“We hate because we are taught to hate. We hate because we are ignorant. You’re not born a bigot you have to learn… Dorothy Zbornak, I ask that you guide my thoughts, my feelings, and my perceptions. AMEN.
Retweeted by RuPaul“The first thing that they might encounter (if they focus their attention on The Now) is their own pain.”~… @RuPaul #WhatsTheTee? w/ @michellevisage and Adrienne Barbeau!
Retweeted by RuPaulBurning Questions Answered @BuzzFeed🎈 @WhitneyCummings💥 What’s The Tee w/@michellevisage stocks drop at the open
Retweeted by RuPaulIf you repeat a lie enough, people think it’s true. Sunday Morning Profile: Angie Dickinson🎈Adrienne Barbeau 💥 What’s The Tee w/@michellevisage @abarbeau🎈C'est Chic! @NileRodgers💥 What’s The Tee w/@michellevisage @CHICorg @RuPaul I was cute
Retweeted by RuPaulComedian @PeteHolmes on ego, judgment, and feeling special.
LISTEN @TaylorDayne NEW SINGLE “Live Without” @SPOTIFY Ready. @StephAzaria Weekly Horoscopes How to Be Happy“In the future, everything the public believes will be a lie.”~Andy Warhol🎈“Oklahummus”💥 What’s The Tee w/@michellevisage’s New Airbnb Rules: Hosts must register with the city and pay an $89 fee @CurbedLA
NEW🎈“Oklahummus”💥 What’s The Tee w/@michellevisage Playlist @SPOTIFY MUCH NUDITY! Charles Bronson Slasher Movie “10 to Midnight” NOW STREAMING on Amazon @PrimeVideo You Heard? This Is Why Everyone’s Suddenly Canceling Their @Equinox Membership and Dropping @SoulCycle Classes…
Retweeted by RuPaulHey @Equinox - what’s your policy for canceling memberships once a member finds out your owner is enabling racism and mass murder?
Retweeted by RuPaulWant to convince someone of something entirely untrue? Just keep repeating it. Over and over. of New York will be wrap-dressed up in this House: September’s @RuPaul #DragCon NYC #RuTalks will be serving ma…
Retweeted by RuPaulAsk @IsaacMizrahi“The easiest thing for a man to do is throw on a suit. You wanna make more money, b****? Throw on a suit.” @RuPaul
Retweeted by RuPaulSo Stephen Ross, the owner of SoulCycle, the Miami Dolphins, and Equinox Fitness is hosting a big fundraiser for Tr…
Retweeted by RuPaulSnatch Game: Dumb Dee Dee is so dumb, she actually studied for a _____ test. #DragRace NOW STREAMING on Amazon…“I always run into strong women who are looking for weak men to dominate them.”~Andy Warhol🎈“Oklahummus”💥 What’s The Tee w/@michellevisage @RuPaul & @michellevisage... Embracing my nerd and enjoying my summer reading!!!
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NEW🎈“Oklahummus”💥 What’s The Tee w/@michellevisage
LOVE @olivianj that we can finally share this amazing @RuPaul fortune telling machine idea that we brought to life for mus…
Retweeted by RuPaulXORU Friends on Wheels: ‘When We Skate, We Dance’ DAYS OF ART, POP CULTURE & ALL THINGS DRAG! #DragCon NYC Sept. 6th, 7th & 8th @RuPaulsDragCon TIX:… 35 @PlastikMagazine RuPaul by @TonyKellyWorld🎈C'est Chic! @NileRodgers💥 What’s The Tee w/@michellevisage @CHICorg🎈 @WhitneyCummings💥 What’s The Tee w/@michellevisage walking down the runway to the Murder, She Wrote theme song just feels right.
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Start your engines 🏁 here’s @RuPaul collector’s edition @PlastikMagazine cover by Tony Kelly Get your copy now!…
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@RuPaul Shantay You Stay 😍
Retweeted by RuPaul.@olivianj is facing her toughest challenge yet. But she isn’t doing it alone. SUNDAY on #60Mins: For the first tim…
Retweeted by RuPaul♏️Desert Island Album: “Film Noir” by @CarlySimonHQ @SPOTIFY Squirrelfriends! L.A. area RuPaul's Drag Race Super Fans wanted for a legendary experience! On TV. Open to all…
Retweeted by RuPaulUSA Network Reboot Of ‘The Biggest Loser’ With Host @MyTrainerBob Harper In 2020“There's a vast realm of intelligence beyond thought; thought is just a tiny element of that intelligence”~… need a presidential candidate who can let a 12 inch corndog know who’s in charge.“Bitch, I’m from Chicago!”  #DragRace NOW STREAMING on Amazon @PrimeVideo🎈@WhitneyCummings💥 What’s The Tee w/@michellevisage @RuPaul @PlastikMagazine @TonyKellyWorld you were amazing in the issue launch. congrats!
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