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Well done @afneil's @afneil - please take a moment to watch. #ge2019 #andrewneilinterviews
Retweeted by Rupert Myers#spotifywrapped2019 is a glorious thing you are a commentator amplifying and condemning every example of Conservative racism you can find while pretendi…
Retweeted by Rupert MyersA thread of beauty trying to be perfect Wired: sucking at everything
Retweeted by Rupert MyersThe opposite of a blue tick - a red tick? For parody accounts I can’t watch it, because I’m firing rivets from a gun into my corneas and eardrums just before it starts.I’m sure this will be an edifying, illuminating & calm tv event in which the politicians dig deep into the issues a… person who takes pride, joy, and adds a bit extra. 🎄👍 Javid would have made a good Prime Minister. @JakeWSimons @realDonaldTrump Everyone’s weirdEnterprising @JakeWSimons @realDonaldTrump’s got a not very good TV show to sell playboy who got away with $242m – using ‘black magic’ - Defying Interpol, Sissoko has spent a remarkable 20 yea… ad from the Biden campaign on @realDonaldTrump’s status around the world
Retweeted by Rupert MyersGreat ad from the Biden campaign on @realDonaldTrump’s status around the world
A Rainy Day In New York is wonderful - a chocolate box of fun from Woody, albeit a slightly dated box, After Eights, maybe.Absolute legend
Retweeted by Rupert MyersBrexit
Retweeted by Rupert MyersThe constant referencing of those attacking @MaajidNawaz of LBC's "billionaire owners" feels pretty grim. It's not…
Retweeted by Rupert MyersBlood and Soil in Narendra Modi’s India The Prime Minister’s Hindu-nationalist government has cast two hundred mi… legend McKinsey Helped the Trump Administration Detain and Deport Immigrants Newly uncovered documents show the consul… pathetic. The least worst choice is still better than a dummy spit. many people who have only ever experienced one Labour government persuade themselves that it’s ok to hate it be… weirdly only works on people who also think that the last Labour government was basically evil to tell my kids this was the Queen like the PM to me’d like to report a murder @jeremybrier Bad media trainingThis honestly, truly does not matter one bit. Who on God’s earth cares if he watches the Queen’s speech. I’m sure t… @LDNCalling @reporterboy @GawainTowler Gauke gets it @realDonaldTrump @BorisJohnson @10DowningStreet @NATO Not a tweet from Donald TrumpPaging Barbara Streisand told listeners to @Matthew_Wright’s @talkRADIO show on the day this election was called that the Conservatives wo… @LDNCalling This sounds kind of wonderful but also afterwards the sauna seems like a v necessary addition.To be fair this was Australia back in the noughties so I believe emails had to be punched out onto cards (see photo… I was a very young would-be lawyer interning with a partner at a swanky Sydney law firm for the summer he told…
Retweeted by Rupert MyersTomorrow: the moors and forests of this great land will re-wilded with unicorns and jubjub birds if magic grandpa c… seems like winter is here ❄️ leaders at the NATO summit openly mocking @realDonaldTrump
Retweeted by Rupert MyersLovely morning in the city flipping Trump the bird while Princess Anne throws some shade and Trump barely containing their mutual contempt at this press conference‘excuse me, can you help me?’ She sounded desperate. I said the only way out is through the auditorium and she said… leaders at the NATO summit openly mocking @realDonaldTrump
Beautiful @gregjames for backing up @MrNishKumar @CathyYoung63 A musical I co-wrote and produced a few years back about Jeremy Corbyn!A thousand thank yous to Andrew who accosted me in the Fox pub in shoreditch earlier to praise Corbyn The Musical -… @carlfhoward Can’t comment on the specifics - no idea what happened. Allegation only.Britain’s Secret War With Russia The poisoning of a double agent sparked an intelligence and PR battle between Lon…
Retweeted by Rupert MyersThe Nish Kumar Andrew Neil beef continues. Context: @squareupcentral Yeah, that had to be pretty hard for him.I will say this: it must be hard, painful, and stressful to be the child of a prominent politician in 2019, and dou… until proven guilty, obviously, but this is quite the election story.The son of Diane Abbott, the Shadow Home Secretary, has been arrested for allegedly biting a police officer on Whit… @hilarywilce @DanEsmee @pjm1kbw The polls would suggest that a lot of the electorate disagree with you, don’t they?Appeals court refuses to block House subpoena for Trump’s financial records from Deutsche Bank, Capital One… @NUFC_OurClub I’d blame the thugs for that one, rather than deflecting blame to some headline writer at some blog somewhere.Did... did they give him the Pulitzer Prize for likening Russians to Nazis, or for the weakass cartoons in which ev…’s central line in this election is the bogeyman claim that the Conservatives are going to sell off the NHS @hugorifkind @JuliaHB1 @TomMcTague @duncanrobinson A lot of cheap car loans that many think might be the next PPI and I are free to do any and all charity comedy gigs, particularly if they come with free bread rolls one of the reasons we have the politicians we do is that members of the public treat people they don’t agree… his victims, life just isn’t ferret all woman dumps burnt remains of her bush fire-destroyed house outside Parliament to protest the government’s re… Craig’s Bond has always looked like a gas engineer with an expensive gym membership @GreatStrides65 It’s finally cooled down, but not before time!!Me (the puppy) trying to talk about politics to my normal friends live in a society that thinks adults need to be regularly warned that this drink is unhealthy, but also thinks t…, turbo, whiplash-speed Brexit and the NHS given as a Christmas gift to Donald Trump please, so long as it make… Malek looking like a pretty excellent baddie for 007 in #NoTimeToDie & without the boring & cliched physical i… - annual temperatures for the United Kingdom from 1884-2018 using UK Met Office data A decade of 'exc… everywhere have been denied an opportunity for realistic portrayal by the speciesist Hollywood studio syste… everyone's ancestors lived in what most people would describe by modern standards as "shitholes" worthy recipient of a "Best Dad" mug. Good work, Essex dad.'A silver platter? What is this, Burger King?' @DBanksy Most bizarre winter so far: extremely mild and dry.Of course a silver platter would deeply offend Donald Trump, who would think you were mistaking him for someone in… which David Gauke does a HILARIOUS impression of Ken Clarke - this guy really knows how to win twitter
Retweeted by Rupert MyersAsked about whether the NHS would be discussed for a future trade deal Trump said: "We have absolutely nothing to… the imminent rise of people claiming to follow the way of the Mandalorian religion (with added Baby Yoda wor… which David Gauke does a HILARIOUS impression of Ken Clarke - this guy really knows how to win twitter @MikeHolden42 I'm pretty sure Boris - for his undoubted shortcomings - is in favour of NATO. @MikeHolden42 What superb company to be in.“‘I am no fan of NATO, indeed I wish NATO didn’t exist. “I am no fan of Western military alliances. Indeed, I wish… thread of various commentators contradicting themselves on Jeremy Corbyn Greta's done a lot for the environment, but I suspect she's also going to get a heck of a lot of young people…'s almost over favourite Brexit joke: “The referendum on Brexit was like asking your husband if he wanted a threesome for his… think it's hard for any of us to honestly say how we'd react to being booed like this unless (and really amazingl… Kumar gave his time *for free* to a charity event, and the audience turned on him for mocking Brexit. If we ca… moment in this piece where it looks like the current PM helped give Russia a PR win