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Writer, barrister, East Anglian.

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I see the "Corbyn was 'cancelled' for saying controversial stuff so centrists shouldn't whinge about cancel culture…
Retweeted by Rupert MyersExcept NOWHERE do I say I am being silenced. In fact I say the opposite that: "The secure can best protect those in…
Retweeted by Rupert Myers @npjackson123 Café Bohème in Soho @DavidKnowles5 There were! @OhBotswana In a cafe!!Normal life is underrated 😍 would have baffled me this time last year @davidmacdougall Quite!To give Roger Stone his questionable dues, he dresses like a terrific Inspector Gadget bad guy @Adrian_Hilton @unherd @giles_fraser Because there aren’t enough mosques within a 1m radius already @Madz_Grant The constant self-aggrandisement through short clips of things said on the media is such a grift @Adrian_Hilton @unherd @giles_fraser Agreed, and it would be a crime against art, history and ChristianityExtraordinary photo of gannets diving into water to catch mackerel off the coast of Shetland News in pictures: Sa… @Adrian_Hilton @unherd @giles_fraser At best plastered over, at worst destroyed.Just caught this segment with Michael Portillo and Diane Abbott and it has to be about the most excruciating thing… @yashar Will do! I’ve clearly misremembered @yashar Really? Obama did “comedians in cars getting coffee” and he didn’t do that in a tank.That’s a 30 mile journey, which would take Air Force One just under three minutes. What a colossal embarrassment Tr… European Union versus Donald Trump, who is more interested in pardoning Roger Stone and cosying up to the Russi… rushed & flimsy hot take from @giles_fraser that doesn’t even mention the masterpieces of Byzantine art that will… @DicksonBob TV is much better now @DicksonBob I was always envious! In the years since I have spent a vastly disproportionate amount of time watching movies.lovey story: A spitfire painted with ‘Thank U NHS’ and the names of 80,000 people who helped during the pandemic wi… could give cancel culture another name it that helps? Like ‘People afraid to express relatively moderate opinio…
Retweeted by Rupert MyersOnly if you have the imagination of someone who has never encountered Donald Trump @rfesteadman @ProjectLincoln I have!In which Republican Voters Against Trump do not hold back Trump stopping Roger Stone from spending time in prison is real gangster stuff - crook in chief “Temple of Doom” vibes
@MrNeilFawcett Oh I see @MrNeilFawcett What is itSpot on @eleanorhalls1 @MrNeilFawcett What’re you making? @sermarrok They all countNow Amazon says it will NOT ban TikTok from employee phones and that the email sent this morning was sent in error
Retweeted by Rupert Myers @TVRav No artfully composed image of incriminating details @sermarrok Yours? @sermarrok The Adventures of Tom SawyerThis is a typographical war crime podcast is yours for the asking. Every single week.
Retweeted by Rupert MyersSex party start-up Killing Kittens is to get investment from the UK government @JosPearce @Angel41527796 Basically a cultWe didn’t have a TV until I was 11, by which time I’d read every book in the school library’s flour)Off for a weekend with Johnny Depp shares in Zoom & fly to Bali of @MattHancock to acknowledge the error says, maskless husbands and wives of surgeons recoil in horror @LukeBenoit08 @Al_roar Just covered up for hundreds of years? Better to keep it as a museum and let the world appreciate the history @LukeBenoit08 @Al_roar What happens to the very old mosaic images of Christ when it becomes a mosque. @Al_roar It’s a UNESCO world heritage site and a place of unique cultural and historical importance. It really is the most incredible place @Al_roar Read the link, it was originally a church.Hagia Sophia: Turkey turns iconic Istanbul museum into mosque This merits sanctions against Turkey & a boycott. Wh…’m not constantly at a fancy dress party dressed as Charlie Chaplin @cliveoconnell Patriotic duty?
Retweeted by Rupert MyersHeading to the pub on a Friday like worked out so well app launched to help drinkers avoid Wetherspoons - and support local pubs instead passport - a flimsy thing apparently of us would be very lucky U.S.' new default coronavirus strategy: herd immunity interview. What a loss to UK politics.
Retweeted by Rupert Myersuncanny - via ⁦@PrivateEyeNews⁩
Retweeted by Rupert MyersThis would be an international scandal wait, other than the rest of the media's just too much in this Courtroom story to keep up "Johnny Depp 'threw a phone' at Amber Heard and called he…“Elite liberals exchanging incendiary words with other elite liberals over the meaning of womanhood, or the campus… @plsimps very cool!The most beautiful, wonderful aircraft ever made. #BattleofBritain
Good that someone is being nominated and that soon the vital work of this committee may resume wirecard story just got super dramatic is fundamentally dishonest of the Attorney General to claim that “jury trials restarted in May”. Two single tria…
Retweeted by Rupert MyersTop thread Court Rules Trump Cannot Block Release of Financial Records The president has gone to great lengths to shie… "Where's the beef?" Camilla: "Between your children" @ByDanSales Cheers :)It's very easy to see why if Trump had never gone into business & just had other people invest his large inheritanc… family once stayed in a very grand hotel in Edinburgh and we woke up to discover that my sister had done this to… @ByDanSales Hey Dan, got any further info on this story / expecting there to be a followup? takes Trump to task BBC is to go ahead with a plan to end free TV licences for most over-75s - 3 million households deserved masks when necessary! @HJBirkett You memorise it all for a v short amount of time and then forget it to cram the next lot of information… should win something like the Turner Prize
Retweeted by Rupert MyersEggcellent the pandemic killed off the hipster to the people: the rise of crowdfunding law cases I note that Mahsa Taliefar’s effort to prosecute Cummings… spending 7 years in a tractor factory
Retweeted by Rupert MyersThis should win something like the Turner Prize she doesn’t look happy about it game: Psychopathy or social justice?
Retweeted by Rupert Myers
Sociopath @kitsta lolEvery night this account brings me joy @BriW74 I’m not sure anyone expected less of Depp, I’ve been impressed by his honesty.