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@TriumphGamingGG it sucks i’m so boredMythic reveal invites for Winter Cup
Retweeted by Rush B Media @TriumphGamingGG vouch
@_nathan_hunter too* @_nathan_hunter You should be following this account anyways @DrKeltic Why notI should mention that I’ve overtaken the official account for tweeting purposes because I don’t know what else do with my life - Ryanlmao how is god gonna save you when the level 10 stack peeks you down mid with an auto it worth it, @RyanAtRBM?
Em parceria com o @RyanAtRBM/@RushBMediaGG, apurei que a Triumph deve adicionar Cooper, viz e cxzi para 2021. Sati…
Retweeted by Rush B MediaLove it With @FaNgJC to ES, a lot of the up and comers are getting a shot. Cmon let’s gooo don’t waste this chance…
Retweeted by Rush B MediaTriumph look to Revamp Roster With Three Additions
Cloud9 look to bench w0xic for Incoming Xeppaa
🇧🇷/🇵🇹 O acordo da FalleN com Team Liquid está finalmente chegando à conclusão. Depois de trabalhar com alguns detal…
Retweeted by Rush B MediaFalleN’s deal with Team Liquid is finally nearing completion. After working through some complicated contract detai…
Retweeted by Rush B MediaDe acordo com o @RushBMediaGG , @Elmapuddy é o candidato a assumir o cargo de Treinador dos @Cloud9 📝:…
Retweeted by Rush B MediaSegundo reports da @HLTVorg, @1PVcs e @RushBMediaGG, @Xeppaaa poderá estar a caminho dos Cloud9; @Elmapuddy apontad…
Retweeted by Rush B MediaCloud9 CSGO General Manager, HenryG, had confirmed the talks between Elmapuddy and C9 are happening in a statement…
Retweeted by Rush B MediaElmapuddy in Talks to Join Cloud9 as Head Coach
This follows several reports around Nov. 22 that HEN1 was leaving Furia and would be replaced by Junior. While it…
Retweeted by Rush B Media💣 FURIA tem acerto com junior e acordo beira R$ 300 mil - #DRAFT5GG
Retweeted by Rush B Media @onevoltage We’ll be sure to reach out... @onevoltage Yeah, well, do better. @ItsTypho @onevoltage I will make you suspended. @onevoltage There is literally a space between “Rush” and “B”
[#ANNOUNCEMENT] IT'S OFFICIAL! Welcome aboard boys, let's gooo!💪 🇺🇸 @ben1337cs 🇺🇸 @RampageeCS 🇺🇸…
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High Coast Esports to Sign Former New England Whalers e FalleN ainda estão trabalhando no acordo. A Liquid ainda espera que o acordo seja feito - o processo contr…
Retweeted by Rush B MediaLiquid and FalleN are still working on the deal. Liquid still expects the deal to get done - the contract process i…
Retweeted by Rush B Media
One day Twitter will let us be...
After the photos of FPX allegedly signing the new CSGO roster were posted on Liquipedia, I reached out to FPX, wher…
Retweeted by Rush B Media
Really proud to have been able to help out with these reports and have really enjoyed working alongside everyone at…
Retweeted by Rush B MediaFallen a Liquid en lugar de Twistzz según @solgoat de @RushBMediaGG. Wow, que cambio enorme. Tiene sentido buscar…
Retweeted by Rush B MediaEsse rumor já ronda a Liquid faz tempo inclusive: De acordo com @RushBMediaGG , Team Liquid quer FalleN pro time!…
Retweeted by Rush B MediaSegundo um report da @RushBMediaGG, @FalleNCS está a caminho da @TeamLiquid para o lugar de @Twistzz. #CSGOnaRTP
Retweeted by Rush B MediaWhen you had s1mple & dev1ce winning 20 MVPs in 2018, Twistzz was one of the few players at the end of the year put…
Retweeted by Rush B MediaSegundo a @RushBMediaGG, @FalleNCS é prioridade para o lugar de @Twistzz nos @TeamLiquid 📝:…
Retweeted by Rush B MediaTwistzz confirms that he has played his final match for Team Liquid, confirming my report.
Retweeted by Rush B MediaSources tell RBM that Team Liquid is looking to replace Twistzz with FalleN.
OG’s absence leaves those three teams fighting for one spot, but a FURIA elimination mathematically opens the door…
Retweeted by Rush B MediaEach team has some control over their fate, besides OG, who aren’t at this event. OG holds leads over Liquid (-218.…
Retweeted by Rush B MediaLots of implications for BLAST Global Finals in this series: A Heroic loss knocks them out of contention entirely.…
Retweeted by Rush B Media
With 2020 coming to an end Gen.G has allowed me to look at my options for the 2021 season. I'm looking to continue…
Retweeted by Rush B MediaGen.G place roster on transfer list
Retweeted by Rush B MediaGen.G Allows CSGO Roster To Seek Offers for 2021
Official: Extra Salt sign ex-Cloud9
Retweeted by Rush B MediaThese madlads have officially joined us— @Sonic_cs @6motm @JTcsgo @oSeecs @DrTcCs ❤️
Retweeted by Rush B MediaExtra Salt: "We're not a Colossus, or a Juggernaut—we are a group of people ready to grind and ready to work"
Retweeted by Rush B Media
On Saturday, @Cloud9 CEO @JackEtienne responded to RBM with "I was happy to make this transfer for them. It was way…
"Somebody save NA CS!" Org owners: "Save NaCl? You got it" The story of how we ended up with Extra Salt.
Retweeted by Rush B MediaWhen asked about signing the former Cloud9 roster, a representative of @ExtraSaltGG said to @RushBMediaGG, “We've b…
Retweeted by Rush B MediaExcited to announce that @dust2us will be conducting an exclusive interview with @ExtraSaltGG CEO @van_flymen and C…
Retweeted by Rush B Media
Retweeted by Rush B Media👀🧂🔥😁
Retweeted by Rush B MediaSources inform RBM that @ExtraSaltGG, a newly formed North American esports organization, has signed @oSeecs,… inform @RushBMediaGG, that @ExtraSaltGG, a newly formed North American esports organization, has signed…
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Triumph Gaming Look to bwills as moose Departs
Wrapping up today's FURIA reports; FURIA: -HEN1, -VINI, +Junior, Xeppa considered, but talks cooled.
Retweeted by Rush B MediaMinhas informações são as mesmas publicadas mais cedo por DBLTAP e Rush B Media. FURIA tem negociações avançadas pa…
Retweeted by Rush B MediaFURIA Look to Triumph Gaming's Junior as HEN1 Replacement
Donation Check $6,193!!! We are on pace to SMASH last year's $10,000 fundraising and we can't wait to see what th…
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@SolGoat @StacheMasters Making sure to talk about NA's top amateur scene, @SolGoat notes, "The final invite went to…"The biggest name at the event is without a doubt the ex-Cloud9 core, Na, competing with Gage “Infinite” Green." sa…
.@StacheMasters Announce @HyperX Partnership
Now that we’ve seen these group matches, let’s look at what @SolGoat had to say about G2 and MiBR before BLAST bega… thought I might’ve been reaching a bit when I was listing MIBR’s best case scenario, but clearly not as the team…
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@Cloud9 @RyanAtRBM @BLASTPremier +1
“The sky's the limit for this new G2 lineup who were certainly not short of firepower before picking up one of the…
“The four members were informed that they must move to a new accommodation by the end of the day — Saturday, Octobe… a phenomenal weekend covering the @RushBMediaGG FPL Cup! Had the boys @Upmind_ @PineBoy_Supreme @SullyCasts
Retweeted by Rush B MediaÉ CAMPEÃOOOOOO 🔥🔥🔥 Ganhamos por 2x0 contra a @RBG_Esports e O CAMPEONATO É NOSSO! Vertigo 16 - 10 Train 16 - 5 P…
Retweeted by Rush B MediaAnd that does it! @YeahGaming defeat @RBG_Esports 2-0 to win the Rush B FPL Cup! Congratulations to them and their $2,000 in winnings!
FINALS of the @RushBMediaGG FPL Cup starting now with @YeahGaming taking on @RBG_Esports! Covering the finals with…
Retweeted by Rush B MediaFINAL AGORA 🔥 Vamos jogar uma MD3 contra a @RBG_Esports valendo o TÍTULO da @RushBMediaGG!!! BORA LOTAR ESSA STRE…
Retweeted by Rush B MediaWe have our Grand Finals for the Rush B FPL Cup as @RBG_Esports have taken down @CounterNature in the Semis. The… now for the @RushBMediaGG FPL Cup Semifinals @RBG_Esports vs @CounterNature ! Come tune in!
Retweeted by Rush B MediaO PRIMEIRO MAPA É NOSSO!!!! Ganhamos a Overpass por 16x8 e agora vamos para a Train tentar fechar essa MD3! BORAA…
Retweeted by Rush B MediaIT'S TIMEEEEEE 🔥🔥🔥 Começando em poucos minutos a SEMIFINAL da @RushBMediaGG!!! Já pega sua pipoca e um refri e BO…
Retweeted by Rush B MediaDay #2 of the @RushBMediaGG FPL cup starts RIGHT NOW! Feat.: @Upmind_, @SullyCasts, @BoggsCS (Prod),…
Retweeted by Rush B MediaDUELO BRASILEIRO 🔥🇧🇷 Vamos jogar hoje a SEMIFINAL da @RushBMediaGG contra a equipe da @paiNGamingBR às 15h! Conta…
Retweeted by Rush B Media“The details that really matter is this was the second offence of unauthorized guests coming into Cloud9 property a… terminate contracts of JT, motm, Sonic, and T.c for COVID-19 contract violations in collaboration with…
Retweeted by Rush B MediaCloud9 Terminate Contracts of JT, motm, Sonic, and T.c for COVID-19 Contract Violations In collaboration with…
The bracket is set. See you all tomorrow! Congratulations to @CounterNature, @RBG_Esports, @YeahGaming, and… @CounterNature On the opposite end, we will see @YeahGaming play @paiNGamingBR in the Semi-Finals tomorrow in the B… to @CounterNature who advance through the Semi-Finals in the Rush B Media FPL Cup! They will face… CHECKED no @YeahGaming up, we have Vireo Pro v. @YeahGaming! This is our first Quarter-Finals match and the winner will earn their pl…
Retweeted by Rush B MediaWE HAVE OUR UPSET! Triumph Gaming has lost to Counter Nature in the RBM FPL Cup!MAN OH MAN @TriumphGamingGG AND @CounterNature ARE TIED 14-14 BO1 WHO GOES HOME?! @rcfcsgo 🎙️
Retweeted by Rush B MediaIn a battle of NA CS, we have @TriumphGamingGG v. @CounterNature live in the RBM FPL Cup! Yeah Gaming, we have @CoreRedOfficial casting their match against The Barnyard!
Retweeted by Rush B MediaIt's time for @TriumphGamingGG vs. @CounterNature in the @RushBMediaGG FPL Cup! It's on pace to be a great showdown…
Retweeted by Rush B Mediawatch us feed
Retweeted by Rush B MediaSmh who would you rather watch. Boring old Astralis vs Heroic, or watch SexHavers26 for the @RushBMediaGG cup
Retweeted by Rush B MediaThe AFK v. Yeah Gaming match is being cast by @CoreRedOfficial on!Round 2 of the @RushBMediaGG FPL Cup up next as @RBG_Esports take on a legendary up and coming squad!
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