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GR63 AA23 NL6 ~ Williams Racing supporter ~ she/her ~ 20 years old ~ 🇳🇱

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@FaxMach07322907 these two idk?? @_moss_moss_ my mom told me not to lie so I only speak facts @_moss_moss_ Idk why they love me but at least something loves me unconditionally 😭😭😭 @_moss_moss_ True, i love animals so I don’t really mind it. I truly had a wild pigeon eat bread out of my hand @LilyNorrisAlbon @Jakee2K01 @_moss_moss_ nah somehow all animals love me 😭 dogs who usually attack strangers want my hugs, cats who are terrifi… @_moss_moss_ sketch dump???? fr I’m such an useless untalented George obsessed bitch wtf 😭 the only thing I can do is get animals to love me @_moss_moss_ @ god when will I become talented @esmee908 I’m glad you’re okay Es ❤️ I love you @Jakee2K01 @Max_Fewtrell Very true @monicaasophie @OfficialGR63 YASSS finally someone in my house to simp with over George 😭 @monicaasophie @OfficialGR63 I have a spare bed x @WilliamsRacing let’s give it everything team, for sir Frank 💙 @monicaasophie @OfficialGR63 move to Europe x @OfficialGR63 The Netherlands!!Emotional weekend ahead for the team but we’ll go out and race hard, as we alway have. 💙
Retweeted by Alex⁶³ Thankyou sir Frank Williams 💙❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
Retweeted by Alex⁶³ Thankyou sir Frank Williams 💙 @soy33lago good 💙💙 @soy33lago tell me if u need more and I’ll spam ur dms xxThere's a special tribute for a special man on the FW43B this weekend 🙌
Retweeted by Alex⁶³ Thankyou sir Frank Williams 💙 @soy33lago @WilliamsRacing beautiful admin 💙 @WilliamsRacing admin I’m crying 😭 this is beautiful 💙 forever with us. @_honeybadger_3 I would die @devaslooper o I didn’t see this one but now I’m curious who said thisok who tf said this 😭 @MercedesAMGF1 @ValtteriBottas @amgmotorsport @PET_Motorsports Me when someone says that Valtteri is a bad driver @thewomanlikeme @Semmieee gives me flashbacks to One Direction promising 18 months and it’s been years 💙 @Timoriacing My mother changed her mind but at the beginning of the season she hated him.anyone who does not like Sebastian Vettel should be send to another planet because what is wrong with you.GEORGE JSDJFSJDFJ my cute bunnies @Max_Fewtrell @Timoriacing but coffee is so good ?? @SmooothChili I am always rightt @SmooothChili stoopid language 🙄 @SmooothChili BUT ITS FRENCH @SmooothChili BC U SINGING IN FRENCH AND WHO THE FOOK UNDERSTANDS FRENCH EXCEPT FRENCH PEOPLE @SmooothChili ‘soupchicken’ which is a funny means ‘dumbass’ here @SmooothChili JE BENT EEN SOEPKIP @SmooothChili are you ok @GraceThe24Fan @Full_Gasly10 ooo hi! @strangeengine16 @forrzaferrari o. I'd rather stick to coffeee. @strangeengine16 @forrzaferrari Uhm- dingdong ur opinion is wrong? @forrzaferrari Coffee slaps fr and water is just boringwhoever votes water, you're insane. @Semmieee Proud to say I share the same nationality tbhGR fans vibin fr @Semmieee such a beautiful man @BrechjeRa I love u x @BrechjeRa @Max_Fewtrell You too Brekje, you too <3 @Max_Fewtrell You're lucky you're one of my favourite’s been a while 😘
Retweeted by Alex⁶³ Thankyou sir Frank Williams 💙Someone who loves Charles AND dinosaurs? pls ily @emile_leclerc_ Therizinosaur for sure @Carguys9 @iPicsHQ and he’s doing it the best @AlbertFabrega @ruvssell and I still freak out when I see the picturesFINALLY A PIC OF GEORGE 🛐🛐🛐
Retweeted by Alex⁶³ Thankyou sir Frank Williams 💙
Retweeted by Alex⁶³ Thankyou sir Frank Williams 💙 @BrechjeRa I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THREE HOURSMr Saturday arrived. time this mf showed up on my timeline @_yaraxncis_ @OfficialGR63 I mean I would love that @f1witch_ Ecclestone gotta shut his mouth 👍🏼 Just as you’re saying, both Lewis and Michael are legends on their own and of their era. @OfficialGR63 What’s my reward now huh @ateaurouge @f1witch_ As if Lewis thought ‘imma equal Michael’s numbers and then quit’ 😭😭😭 @OfficialGR63 those smol boys 😭 @OfficialGR63 first guess: Lance Stroll, Nyck de Vries, Alex and George @ateaurouge @f1witch_ I’m not even team LH but wtf Ecclestone 😭 @lordperceval63 i love u Jojo ❤️ @iPicsHQ where is George @alex_rizzoli hahahah, love your podcast man. Keep it upp! @maxsredbull yes pls @alex_rizzoli This is so well deserved!! I know two certain fans of your podcast in the Netherlands ;) @inspiredf1 How is one man so beautiful @soylagocarlos ouch @soylagocarlos oke maar cute 😭 he’s like ‘nah not without my buddy’Time for a covid test today !! @p2sc2l @Viaplay_SE @nent_group beter deels dan de volle 100%. @BrechjeRa echt zooo @BrechjeRa the biggest question in my life right there
Goodnight I love George Russell x 💙 @SmooothChili SHAAAAAWN and to think I heard this song live and he looked at me and smiled at me I miss him 😔😔 @SmooothChili Carlos Sainz is a god @_violethaze @FormulaRoyy aah love this Lisa!!❤️ GIVEAWAY ❤️ to celebrate the exciting title fight this season, my boyfriend and i are giving away a red bull ra…
Retweeted by Alex⁶³ Thankyou sir Frank Williams 💙 @soylagocarlos @BrechjeRa echt zo?? en dat interview met Esteban na Hongarije, sorry maar die nieuwe krijgen dat niet voor elkaar… @Viaplay_SE @nent_group making a huuuuuuge mistake. I’d rather go for F1 tv then, they’ll lose a lot of potential c… denk, dat dit misschien wel het domste is wat viaplay had kunnen doen voor formule 1 in nederland…
Retweeted by Alex⁶³ Thankyou sir Frank Williams 💙 @soylagocarlos @BrechjeRa precies dit dus. Olav maakt dan af en toe een foutje, maar de passie die hij heeft is bij… @tranquilonorris bruh I’m pissed 😭 @Formula1Becca sweetie :( I’m so sorry to hear that… please dm me if you ever need to talk 💙 @WilliamsRacing @NicholasLatifi @GeorgeRussell63 💙💙💙💙 @Semmieee wtf Sem ?? I’m so sorry you had to go through that 🥺❤️ @_violethaze the artist could be Williams @ their fans after having a few good races @NIC4LE_ it was, goosebumps included. @Formula1Becca @thriIseeker OMG SHAWWNN @Formula1Becca 63 @NIC4LE_ I cried. I heard it in 2018 and I was not okay @_violethaze 63