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bear @RussianBear San Francisco, CA

Not the bear youre looking for, always rambunctious, Value PM at @ArtkoCapital, CFA/Darden MBA, ultrarunner/ironman, dog dad, meatatarian, here for puppy pics

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@GregVous @RudyHavenstein I think he def does. But can’t compare to Obama because Obama was too naive about Russia.… @GregVous @RudyHavenstein Last weeks sanction announcementsR.I.P. Pete Peterson, who dedicated his life to the thankless task of promoting fiscal responsibility in D.C., and…
Retweeted by bear @LadyFOHF @drlangtry_girl I’ve been finding I’m much more sensitive to noise when asleep. Tend to be bothered by ba… detail at the bottom of this schadenfreudelicious story about Theranos media coverage: @jonathanrockoff
Retweeted by bear“Last week, after the Securities and Exchange Commission charged Theranos, Holmes and an ex-Theranos executive with…
Good night team. Don’t forget. You’re wrong and don’t trust anyone ever. @RussianBear Some of your better work here Bear.
Retweeted by bear @FVNate You have to read the actual embedded tweet before you tweet NateYou list your height in your bio in feet and inches @zhrddn Actually the original British term was soccer sooooo awkward for youI’m updating this to add - truckers that try to pass other truckers. They go to Guantanamo first. @given2tweet @YoloCapMgmt“Hey you should really join this great online community. I think it’s called Twitter dot com” airbrushes reference to Sheryl Sandberg resisting transparency effort at $FB after being contacted by $FB PR I'…
Retweeted by bear @given2tweet @YoloCapMgmt I was trying to make you look good for doing charity work. @given2tweet @YoloCapMgmt Matt I literally talked to you about it for an hour when we had lunchLook, it's that stretch of Bills Super Bowl appearances!
Retweeted by bearHomeless Junkie Killed Jumping In Front of Robot Car Carrying Trans Armed Robber is the most 2018 story ever
Retweeted by bear @given2tweet @YoloCapMgmt Have you guys heard of $GAIA ?15 more minutes of the trickle-down wealth-effect.
Retweeted by bearAll of you reading my timeline
Retweeted by bear @YoloCapMgmt @DavidSchawel It really is @DavidSchawel David @MichaelSally Yesh @AshRuns100s @ameliaboone Hey Ash how come you didn’t tell me Amelia was doing “a race this weekend”? Amelie I’m cr… @fluboob OmgArmed resource officer stops a school shooter and prevents a tragedy (take notes @browardsheriff ) Vox: No no no,…
Retweeted by bear @tilbert @ReutersTV Oh idk. I’m in TN right now. @tilbert @ReutersTV ? @dscoughlin “Everyone would be a little better off with some pain in their lives”The Barkley Marathons: The Race That Eats Its Young - Trailer @RussianBear via @YouTube
Retweeted by bearBrutal. Terrifying. Inhuman. The organizers of the Barkley Marathons don’t care what you call the toughest trail-ru…
Retweeted by bearPHOTOS: A tour of the eerie prison at the 2017 Barkley Marathons - Canadian Running Magazine @RussianBear
Retweeted by bear @Morgan_03 I do have a real purdy mouth @ReaperCapital I appreciate you looking out @ReaperCapital I’m not doing it this year. Just crewing. @logdeezy25 Maybe. I’ll see this year. @logdeezy25 I don’t know yet! @naynerz WeakYes they wear UVA hats and North Face jackets cc @fka202 @SconnieTrader Sausage Egg and Cheese Hashbrown Bowl Smothered Covered and Capped
Retweeted by bear @SconnieTrader Sausage Egg and Cheese Hashbrown Bowl Smothered Covered and Capped @SconnieTrader I DONT NEED YOUR SEAL OF APPROVAL YOURE NOT MY FATHER!!!* *i need your seal of approval @RussianBear I've been waiting for a good tweet from you. all these years, these millions of awful tweets. finally…
Retweeted by bear @derek_dg When in Rome...Attention Twitter: I’m at Waffle House @RussianBear @LongTplexTrader I learned about pool cleaners from porn. That's what always happens right?
Retweeted by bearIf your best national policy change spokesman is a high school student that got rejected from university of central…*gun control expert David Hogg @KenmoreTrib Yup @KenmoreTrib Yeah. I helped kickstart it. Saw it’s premier in 2014. @tobyjoe Yes I helped kickstart it. Saw the premier.Anyway so I’m going to be annoying everyone with my Barkley posts for a bit.I highly encourage everyone to check out the documentary on Netflix. Barkley Marathons: The Trail That Eats It’s Youn.I’m going to be his crew for the race. It’s going to be an adventure. I’m really honored to be part of this. I’d lo… bear. Why the f—k are you going to Tennessee?!? TN is home to the hardest foot race in the world: Barkley Mara… Atlanta it’s been fun. Off to TN for awhile. @iheartrocknroll Good luck! @IvanTheK @TheStalwart @PartyCatOlivia “Because you love dick” @IvanTheK @TheStalwart Ivan @sallyseawrong Damnme: i have great self-control also me: just had a craving for candy but there’s none in my apartment so i ate about 40 gummy vitamins
Retweeted by bear @iheartrocknroll Same @SardonicaX I don’t get it. When Obama and David Plough data mined it was visionary and genius but when trump did i… @Who_L_ My god11:15 PM: Damage signature on radar from confirmed tornado on ground / debris west of Atlanta Hartsfield. Will be…
Retweeted by bear3 years ago LeBron James was having back problems that threatened to derail his career. He reached out to a to a fo…
Retweeted by bear @TravelWithRice The Brits use to call it soccer too. That’s why we call it soccer. Then they changed back. We didn’t.All of you reading my timeline @Popehat Thank you for sharing
Retweeted by bearOh late night tornado that flooded the guest room of the house I’m staying in? Cool. Cool.You know who else walks upright? CAESAR. We should be scared.
Retweeted by bearDon't let them fool you. This is how it all begins.
Retweeted by bear @PartyCatOlivia Hi Olivia long time eater first time callerMarvel: "Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover event in history." Me:
Retweeted by bearIndiana Jones and the Chain Email About Obama’s Kenyan Birth
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