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Designer, coder, analyst, painter, wazzock. Centre-left, Remainer, work in progress and maker of mistakes. Working class Manc in Cheshire #TheWeekInTory

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If he's so into white power, why is he tattooing over all his white bits? You never thought of that did you, lefties? @ibikehorsham I didn't claim it made sense, just that it happenedForgot to twerk today. Double twerking tomorrow, so I'm gonna really have to rush through all that bisexuality. news: Victoria Coren-Mitchell no longer has a name or identity. you can't currently do a normal retweet - it's temporary, and intended to reduce the spread of disinformation o… ha ha, this weekend the clocks go back, and ha ha ha, I am going to make a joke about them ha ha ha going back t…'re a bunch of ex journos who only know how to grab a headline. Who'd have thought understanding how to negotia…
Retweeted by RussBut rather than learn, they just start fights. It's easier. They like it. Hence Manchester. Hence judges. Hence ar… now we have a party leader who only knows how to start a fight. He's backed by an un-sackable adviser who only… Boris Johnson chose Dominic Cummings, who only knows how to fight. And then the govt drove out most of the gro… reason this is happening is: Brexit. That campaign did exactly what the govt does now - no solutions, no deta… then those being attacked spend energy explaining they're not lefties, they just did their bloody homework. The… in each case, all they're really doing is making you question the integrity of people who observe and maintain… start fights with the EU. They start fights with Scotland. And then with Wales. With Manchester, and then Live… government fundamentally doesn't want to govern. It just wants to campaign. When you campaign, you don't eve…'m fine, ta. How are you?
Poisoning Pigeons In The Park is one of the funniest things you'll ever hear. If you don't know it, there's this se… @TheNaughtyNutr1 Eternally. @Dunc76 @NorthLeedsLife He set up the Town Fund for the poorest 101 constituencies. And then have the biggest grant… @gurney_jeffery He set up the Town Fund for the poorest 101 constituencies. And then have the biggest grant, £25m,… £7.85 per person Robert Jenrick's constituency: £237 per person Garden Bridge that doesn't exist: £51,000,000 @MariaEHerrera1 About a year, and who the hell would pretend to be me?I don’t know that there has ever been a better radio moment than this:
Retweeted by RussNY Times crunched some numbers on the #USElection2020 But don't be complacent. Vote (if you have a vote) @YesMissMurphy Sounds perfect for you.Looks like I was taken in by fake news - item 3 isn't real. Sorry, I didn't fact-check enough. So just 74 incredib… @IanDunt I was 13, in a physics lesson, when I answered the question "what cause thunder" with the words "clouds ba… trolls like Dent trolls @katie_loughnane Fantastic!!I am going to be honest. I am struggling. I cannot find work and I have bills and it is all getting to me. If you…
Retweeted by Russ @essexoldbird I've tweeted about 6 times that I made a mistake. God, I wish there was an edit button."Talks failed" should be their new motto. - note that if you use Amazon in the UK, you can switch to Amazon Smile, and donate to MAG each time you make…'ve supported them now for 20 years, and never regretted it for an instant. Of all the charities you could back,… obviously they also campaign to end the use of mines, which are such a terrible, prolonged and indiscriminate w… work to remove the millions of unmarked pot mines that every day kill, maim and destroy lives. They train loca… spent nearly 20 years consulting in the charity sector, and MAG are, in my opinion, the absolute best of the best…, lovely people who follow me. Please also follow @MAGsaveslives, and watch this film. And if you'll be patie… @markphughes17 Plenty of people pointing out item 3 is fake news. I'm sorry, I fell for it. Should have checked mor… @gothbotherer Yep, I spotted that, tweeted it was an error immediately below, and did a quote tweet to highlight my… like I was taken in by fake news - item 3 isn't real. So just 74 incredibly stupid things in 5 days.Looks like I was taken in by fake news - item 3 isn't real. Sorry. So just 74 incredibly stupid things in 5 days. And then Steve Baker went on to say if they have the views they’re “entitled to”, they should be thrown out of… Five archbishops appealed to the govt not to breach international law, which seems like a reasonable thing to a… The excuse given by the govt was that it “needs to limit the size of the house of Lords”, days after ennobling… And now, unexpectedly, an all-bishops finale! The Archbishop of York was denied the traditional peerage on his… It’ll be Priti Patel, obviously, because this week she announced she, personally, would tell judges what consti… And on the subject of profit, Boris Johnson is rumoured to want to resign in March because his salary is too lo… And then the world-beating app that is designed to give accurate information the public can rely on sent a seri… I’m sure we’ll be fine, because the govt proudly announced a trade deal with Côte d’Ivoire, to which we sell 0.… And then Michael Gove said we shouldn’t worry about the 12% unemployment the IFS predicts would be caused by a… And then he refused to restart negotiations anyway, cos honestly, what do words even mean any more 65. He clai… He then said, inside the same 2 minutes at the dispatch box in parliament, that talks had “effectively ended”;… Michael Gove, a quasi-sentient almond who last year said “Let no one be in any doubt how difficult and damaging… Reassuringly, the govt said it was “determined to continue to seek a deal” 60. And then the govt told the EU n… Even William Shatner – yes, you read that correctly – got involved, explaining that Brexit means smaller overse… The head of the CBI and head of the Fed of Small Businesses said the UK is not ready for No Deal 56. Tesco cha… Brexiter Andrew Bridgen said we wouldn’t be limited to trading on WTO rules, we could trade on “WTO plus”, a th… Canada doesn’t have a fisheries deal with the EU 51. After a dizzying evening chasing reality in circles, it b… But then it was revealed the Canada/EU deal includes an arbitration mechanism that Boris Johnson has already re… So the PM said we should walk away and have an “Australian-type deal with the EU” 46. It was quickly explained… This week the PM appeared on TV in the guise of a traumatised Shredded Wheat, and told us all we should get rea… Brexiters insist we can strike great deals around the world, and immediately failed in negotiations with Manche… And then, after many eventful years calling for Britain to leave the EU, and objecting to a (non-existent) plan… And in further boost to the govt’s support for regions, Daniel Kawczynski, Tory trade envoy to Mongolia and suc… Boris Johnson said he “completely understands” why Andy Burnham objects to the settlement 37. And then Boris J… Anyway, the Mayor of Manchester didn’t ask for such largesse, or even offer to pole-dance for the Prime Ministe… By contrast, Robert Jenrick improperly arranged a £25m gift to his own constituency - £237 per head, 30x as muc… Boris Johnson said “whatever happens, nobody gets less than 93% of their current income” 30. People get a max… Anyway, Johnson then said the rules were obviously too complicated, so he would overhaul them. Again 27. He sa… Boris Johnson announced the new lockdown rules were “simple enough for anybody to understand” 25. He immediate… And now, the latest update on Mark Francois... Nope, that's all I've got. Moving on...22. The govt is now being sued to find out why it’s covertly handing out almost £350m to a crisp warehouse for PPE… In June the govt gave a contract for PPE worth £32m to Pestfix, a sweet warehouse with assets of £18,000. The g… More media news, and it was revealed that following a long, noisy, mostly Lineker-focussed campaign to cut the… In Sept Boris Johnson said “a free press is vital in holding the government to account” 18. This week, govt sc… But the govt pressed ahead with helping British people to lose weight (by starving them), and it was reported t… And then, (because let's face it, allowing children to starve barely raises an eyebrow any more) the govt won a… Then Boris Johnson congratulated Rashford on the MBE he got for his campaign to overturn the cruel policies of… In May Boris Johnson reassured a grateful nation that “nobody will go hungry as a result of Coronavirus” 11. H… So 2 days after it was cancelled, it was reinstated, but now Boris Johnson said it will “take time” 9. We’re st… In Sept Boris Johnson announced a £100bn “Operation Moonshot” to fix Covid “within months” 6. A month later it… The govt published a poster: “We plan to cut all homeless people in half by 2025”, which is a bit severe even fo… NHS staff were polled on whether, in recognition of their efforts to fight Covid 19, they would prefer to be giv… returns, and I’m very sorry, but it’s a monster. The little scamps have achieved quite a lot in the… @Tom64443468 @SirBenfro I recommend subtitles, at least until your ear becomes attuned. And give it time to build.… @SirBenfro Of those, the ones worth the effort are Breaking Bad and (especially) The Wire, which is possibly the be…, go on McClusky, tell us more about your theory...
Retweeted by Russ @ChapelGuilt Should I spend the day going through your timeline and writing "did anyone ask" against every opinion…'m telling you this cos it's my story. Your story will be different, and however you choose to commemorate (or not… all means, respect the dead. But this empty swaggering is all wrong. Mindless, nationalistic flag-waving leads… when I see MPs glorying in how very red their poppy is, it repulses me. When I see them boasting about the em… I won't wear a red poppy. I'll wear a white one, for peace. And I'll donate to groups that help those still suff… attitudes led to the war. They led to the millions of dead and wounded. And Tommy wanted no part in it. I ha… the info I have is based on what my dad (now also dead) told me. But Tommy hated poppy day. Not from disrespec…, with an effort, he could walk again. But he rarely worked again due to his injuries and the effects of… of his pals saw part of him sticking out the mud, and he was dragged back to his trench, presumed dead. As To… Parry joined up to fight in WW1. Some in the family say he was underage, but I don't know. Regardless, he w…