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Russ Perry @russp999 Cleveland, OH

Front End Dev | Dabbler of Game Dev | Loser of Overwatch

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Day 248 I got the quote generator working. I didn't really follow the video to get it to work other than the setup…
Day 247 I am starting the new @zerotomasteryio course on 20 JavaScript projects today. I started working on the qu…
Day 246 I updated the copy of my portfolio today. I also made some design changes to it. I think I need to be done… 245 Since I am not the greatest with design, I looked around for some interesting generators. I found this sec…
@FlatHeroes remake in #javascript Level 14 guys ! Last one to code before final boss ! It was a nice lvl to test o…
Retweeted by Russ PerryDay 244 I finished up my contact form section. I made it responsive and made some tweaks to it. I can't believe I…
@drewlearns2 I think the best course i have taken was Zero to Mastery by @AndreiNeagoieDay 243 I am finally deploying a project for the first time really. I thought I would try out @Netlify. I coded up…
A FINISHED PROJECT is worth more than several tutorials. A not so decent project THAT YOU made on your own is wort…
Retweeted by Russ Perry @traversymedia @florinpop1705 I second this. @theHumbleBeing Well those are words that don't belong together.Day 242 I finished the project section of the portfolio project. I added a total of 4 projects for now. I think my… @Diskcartguy I think the blue looks great in there. Your set up looks so comfy to play games in! The blue definitel… @Diskcartguy Panorama hype! Looks good! @jhonathananto @CoderNotesBot If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to reach out!
@jhonathananto @CoderNotesBot Personally, if you think you are going to have 3000+ LOC, it might be a good idea to… @jhonathananto @CoderNotesBot In my opinion, I would keep it all in one CSS file. If you feel like the code is too… @RonyAhm98344790 @CoderNotesBot I went to the videos too. I feel like once you get to the more complicated stuff, the text isn't enough. @Samcancodehello @CoderNotesBot I was 20 @DThompsonDev I love using Javascript even though I feel like I barely know what I am doing half of the time. @nirbhayvashisht I keep opening brackets on the same line as the if / function. I feel like it's a waste of space t… you start your developer journey: 1. Go slow and learn the fundamentals. 2. Don't compare yourself to others.…
Retweeted by Russ Perry @Diskcartguy Hopefully you can get a good deal on them. They need to be in your collection...even if they suck... 🤔 @florinpop1705 1-3 hours
Day 241 I finished the styling of my project cards. I am going to add more projects to it later. I only have one s… @devinDford I haven't spent anywhere near enough time with it. I mostly just did the FreeCodeCamp section on it and…
Day 240 I started working on the actual portfolio section. I am not 100% sure what I am going for here. I spent so… do programmers prefer dark mode? cause light attracts bugs. #coding #100DaysOfCode #CodeNewbie #python #javascript #webdevelopment
Retweeted by Russ PerryDay 239 I finished the about me section today. I really like what I did here. I made it kind of look like a file f…
@codeSTACKr Emmet for me. It's ruined me. I hate coding without it..@nirbhayvashisht is so close to 1K, an important milestone for everyone. Take a look at him, he is amazing 💙
Retweeted by Russ Perry2/2 So coding wise, All I really did was add a rough about me section. I struggled with pulling my project from my… 238 Today was a day alright. Due to issues with my computer, I had to reformat it. I spent a long time today t…
Day 1 of #100DaysOfCode My most productive day of this week 😂. Today i started learning code on @freeCodeCamp 😄…
Retweeted by Russ Perry @chriskalmar I use this one SO much. @bfgeek @currentcreative @codedailybot Same to you! @bfgeek @currentcreative @codedailybot You know what, looking at my code again, I have no idea why I have display f… @bfgeek @currentcreative @codedailybot That seemed to work! I changed #hero to have height instead of min-height an… @bfgeek @currentcreative @codedailybot No, only the hero @rothecoder @ChaoyueZ @ECSYoungCodes @owenkcraig @darshsen @clndml This is awesome! And super useful too! @bfgeek @currentcreative @codedailybot You can see the entire code here. My intention is to make the section with t… @bfgeek @currentcreative @codedailybot And that wouldn't stretch the hero more than the viewport if there is more c… @bfgeek @currentcreative @codedailybot Would I still set the hero section to be a height of 100vh then if I did body, html {height: 100%}? @currentcreative @codedailybot Does -webkit-fill-available only work on iPhone? I tried that and it didn't do anything?Day 237 I spent a lot of time today on the footer of this project I am working on. This is one of the first times…
@devinDford @ResponsivelyApp I'll have to check them out! @devinDford Really? I am surprised that makes a difference. Most of my recent projects are single page sites too. I… @devinDford That's an interesting read! Thanks! I am surprised I haven't noticed this issue before on previous projects I have done. @currentcreative @codedailybot I'm not sure. I know this is a common problem with not intentions of getting fixed.… 236 CSS doesn't make sense to me sometimes. I spent an hour today trying to get this mobile issue with my hero…
This is why I love anime 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by Russ PerryDay 235 It was a rough one for me today. I spent a long time today trying to figure out why viewport height / widt…
Day 234 I started a new portfolio today. I really need to have one and the last time I tried making one was over a…
Day 233 I added some animations and worked on refactoring some of my code today. I actually really like the proces…
Day 232 I have the full working game up on CodePen if you want to check it out. I added a…
Day 231 I have a fully working game now! I need to tweak it to make things look a little better. I want to add som… 230 I learned about event delegation in jQuery today. I have never even heard of this. I was having issues ge…
@iamjesseshow You might be on to something! @iamjesseshow That's the only way I know how to use a todo list!
Day 229 I made a couple functions for this color game. Now when you click play, the game loads 3 tiles of random… @florinpop1705 Not going to lie, I hate pretty much everything I design lolDay 228 I started a new project. I am going to make a color guessing game. I got the idea from @drewlearns2's webs…
Day 227 I went back and fixed some styling bugs I had with the food blog website. One day I will remember to deal…
@drewlearns2 Probably that bugs are horrible lolDay 226 I went back to this blog and I fixed a lot of design issues I had. I also started working on fixing some o…'m excited to finally launch @wevanced. We're a black owned technology firm that specializes in software engineer…
Retweeted by Russ Perry @drewlearns2 I've had many dreams about it. Lol Usually nightmares about bugs 😂
Day 225 I finished this recipe project I was working on. I really don't know how I feel about the final product. I… 224 I added a related recipe section on the website. It's kind of ugly. I am going to work on a hover animatio…
@jawidsultani22 Bracket Pair Colorizer - change bracket colors Color highlight - highlights rgb / hex colors in th…
Day 223 I finished the social media section for the person to share the recipe. It doesn't function, so it's just… @denicmarko Mine was Visual Basic. I remember absolutely none of it.
Day 222 I made the main content / recipe part more responsive. I also changed up the design a little bit on deskto… 221 I added the main content to the food blog. I still need to make it responsive, but something new I tried…
Day 220 I fixed that issue with !important I was having. I was having some specificity issues that I didn't notice…
Day 219 I intended to finish more than just the nav today but I was having a ton of issues getting to work correct…
Day 218 I started working on a food blog kind of website. I felt like using SCSS for this project. I set up the p…
D217 I felt like doing a one day project. I made a Spongebob text generator So yOu cAn tAlK LiKe tHiS. I had to us…
Day 216 Well, I guess I wasn't done with this project. I looked at the website on my phone and there were some bug…
Day 215 I finished a website for a fictional campground. Kind of just like a landing page. It was mostly used as a… 214 I almost forgot to tweet today. I made a responsive photo gallery for this website project I have been wor…
Day 213 I worked on some responsiveness today. I got the navigation fully responsive now so it looks nice on both…
Day 212 I got some more done on the navigation today. Looks like I need to do media queries in normal CSS if I use… 211 I kind of went into this project just playing around with Tailwind, but now I am starting to really like w…
Day 210 I am still working with Tailwind. With much trial and error, I have a much better looking nav and hero sec…
Day 209 I am starting to mess around with @tailwindcss. I am going to work on a pretty simple landing page website…
Day 208 I finished this mega menu thing I was working on. I got all the animations working. I know the way I did t… @traversymedia As of right now, I would like to become a freelance designer / developer.
Day 207 I got the hamburger working. I also added an animation that turns it into an X when the nav is open. I hav… @catalinmpit I think it would be false. The second let winner = true would only be true within the if statement I t… 206 I got the mobile version of the nav styled. I also have it working where you click on the header to make t…
@designcoursecom I have a hard time with new projects. I never know what I want to do then when I think of somethin… 205 I added a "See all" link for each tab. I also started setting up the mobile version, but I don't have it s…
@username_ZAYDEK Not going to lie, I like the look of that. 😂Day 204 I worked on some better styling and the general look and feel of the mega menu. Still need to work on the…
Day 203 I got the mega menu project done for desktop. I think it's pretty bland looking right now but it works. I… 202 Trying something a bit new today. I am creating a Mega Menu. This was something I have wanted to try for a…
Day 201 So I thought somethign was wrong with github and the CSS of my pokedex project. Live server opened the pag… 200 I continued to refactor this ghost project. After taking that Scrimba design course. I can see more and mo…
Day 199 I went back to an old project today and am going through updating some CSS on it. Based on some suggestion…