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rogelio @RussyViC Houston, TX

Just a young man on a mission. RIP Martha Mary Moss

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@JuliusJJackson Choose your battles my friendLying on Nipsey name... smh soulmate prolly me
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Gordo 👀 @BelieveInMarc5 Yeahhhh but that’s cinnamon butter undefeated lolTexas Roadhouse and it ain’t even close of consistency @BleacherReport @brgridiron Joe Burrow before every snap behind the Bengals offensive line:
Retweeted by rogelioI should’ve started Joe. Easy 30 pointsOmg the Bengals are terrribleeeeJoe Beezy 😤Why would you do that? lolTyler Boyd is ass... @KelvinHenryJr I’m tired of seeing him get sacked every other play
Goat 🐐 + surrounding areas also has over 1 BILLION dollars in structural damage from hurricane laura. yet, o…
Retweeted by rogelio @JuliusJJackson 😂😂 no shame in my gameBoys was really tryna flip Popeyes chicken sandwiches lol forget! 9/15
Retweeted by rogelio @Anthitude @JakeStateFarm Facts, I’m tryna see somethini don’t know who needs to hear this but, everything is going to be alright. it might not seem that way rn, but it will improve soon @cyndlm
@cyndlm Nah you said EXTRA spicy on the already spicy loud pack 😂😂 I’m in painWhat are you going through? 🧐 @mariascordova I’m always lurking twin 😌 @mariascordova @J_Bowers94 It’s about that time 😂😂I’ll do something strange for the PS5 😂 @BelieveInMarc5 I prefer more defenseJaylen, Jamal, Bam’m in tears !! 😭💔 #HelpLakeCharles
Retweeted by rogelio🤦🏽‍♂️😳LolThat was so trash @Phil_UpOnMe And he takes that lolYou gotta take a better shot than that 🙄Get Kemba off the court... i can’t watch thisCan we get a foul bro? LolWe been doing this @Phil_UpOnMe playin with my young bulls man ☘️WE SITTIN ON ERRYTHINGThey really called that? LolThat’s tough JT 🤧I’d never forgive Danny Ainge if he ever traded Marcus SmartMARCUS!!!
@MessiahAce Let’s get this shmoney @TreFreedawg @_MAN_5 He set trippin @DariaJaneJinks Yup @cashflow1k @GrindFaceTV Why was that lowkey the funniest part 😂Need to be shopping Baker @C_Phil_13 Hopefully i can bounce back tonight @C_Phil_13 NFL been killing me lolGostkowski is OD right now lmaoTitans gotta throw Gostkowski off the team right now. Don’t even wait for the end of the game lmao
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@jordanayanrob At all lolNews: #LSU defensive lineman Neil Farrell is back at the LSU facilities today and plans on opting back in for the 2…
Retweeted by rogelio😤😤😤😤😤😤 go Trevon Diggs 🗑Am i the only one that likes the Rams new uniforms? 🧐Need a trip to Montana ASAP DAYS UNTIL LOUISIANA HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL IS BACK! Peyton Freakin’ Manning. The Isidore Newman & Tennessee Alu…
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@KelvinHenryJr Should’ve went to the Pats @LocksCaptain Got it at 2.5 luckilyHe gone go off next week. WatchWow... I hate that for Joe 🤦🏽‍♂️They called that lolI been having the “Tom Brady is only great because of the Flawless system the patriots have built” argument for a d…
Retweeted by rogelioJoeeee 😫And they said he was better than Clyde 🤔 tackles are assCALLED HIS OWN NUMBER FOR HIS FIRST CAREER TD! 📺: #LACvsCIN on CBS
Retweeted by rogelioTAKE OFF THEN JOE👀 @J_Bowers94 Too late to get Nick Foles back? Lol @J_Bowers94 👀 Rodgers balling but of course i started the Vikings defense this week 🥴Need a W today Joey 😤 so far in college football on the day 10-2 in last 12 plays Cashed a huge max bet last night GONNA NEED…
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@_otto2x Sheesh 🤧Gotta love Lake Charles...
Retweeted by rogelio @celtics @jaytatum0
Retweeted by rogelioWho needs some college football plays??? FIRST PLAY STARTS IN AN HOUR Rack this up quick and we drop the plays i…
Retweeted by rogelio @KelvinHenryJr Are we surprised?😤😤😤😤 @DudeTheDev THEM BOYS OUTTA THERE
My size vibe with me
Retweeted by rogelio @KelvinHenryJr All i know is... he better not get 30 tonight 😂 or they better trade EVERYbody lmao @KelvinHenryJr And Kyle Lowry still hitting deep bombs in his mouth 😂 @KelvinHenryJr Nah, there’s still a height deficiency @DudeTheDev Facts.... it could all be so simple @DudeTheDev Let’s hope the refs on our side todayFinish the job #BleedGreen EVACUEES :) if anyone is looking for housing in houston, reach out to gva property management in the area…
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