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Game fan artist, HG101 cover guy, Wrestling, Con & Thrash t-shirt designer. 100% booked - No new clients. Buy art so I can buy toys

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his week's Patreon Bonus Get is The Second Samurai, about a barefoot samurai who fights chimps and cavemen for some…
Retweeted by Hot-Blooded Tough Guy : Rusty Shackles @Bustronaut yeah most of the Ultimate line knock it out of the dang park when you feel a little macho on the amazons now btw @sequentialmatt happy birfday to you and @danmcdaid ! @jamesdleech happy birfday james! get you some
@gamabomb green because you told me "Rusty, put some green in there"The NES Endings Compendium is available RIGHT NOW at Amazon, and includes 130 full color pages covering tons of NES…
Retweeted by Hot-Blooded Tough Guy : Rusty ShacklesTwo books we're publishing: The NES Endings Compendium: Years 1985-1988 by @VGMuseum1 and Retro Game Super Translat…
Retweeted by Hot-Blooded Tough Guy : Rusty ShacklesSome Patreon exclusive artwork for an upcoming postcard set: Battlemania / Trouble Shooter by @rusty_shackles!
Retweeted by Hot-Blooded Tough Guy : Rusty Shackles#MayThe4thBeWithYou
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@familyfooddude Shinkiro is forever, the absolute jamI know RT'ing praise is gauche (probably not as much as using the word "gauche") but this one came out of nowhere s…🗣New features coming in the MAY UPDATE! 🔜’Heated Rematch’ sponsor card (stops repeat penalty + adds bonus Game Cas…
Retweeted by Hot-Blooded Tough Guy : Rusty Shackles @HalHaneyArt ? is there a video game angle here or @DamienMcFerran @Captain_Pixel i am picturing Pac-Man kicking down Capcom's door and saying "where's the f'n money"… @Learnonaut I have a lot of art friends who do the “character orgy” thing well I just am not wired that way ha @Learnonaut Yeah I think I’ll just start thinking about doing maybe good guys and bad guys on their own or somethin… about done here- I’ll still prob limit the rosters if it compromises the composition but maybe just split them… CONTROL finally. Pretty much Psi-Ops but you’re running around Don Draper’s office, pretty neat
You’re thinking about them now, sorry, an early horror adventure game for Japanese PCs, as you infiltrate Dracula's manor and face off against d…
Retweeted by Hot-Blooded Tough Guy : Rusty Shackles @metaltxt Also, we have better songs about trains. Hell yeah USA @highway_62 if you want some soothing brain images and sounds, this guy has a ton of japanese toy commercials we lo… @highway_62 ah ok this is the one I'm thinking of @highway_62 We watch a lot of Dave's Archives because the boy likes seeing 80s toy commercials (and gets almost no… @highway_62 is it the CHOO CHOO TRAIN BABY oneI feel bad for anyone who works to translate all the random documents in games because I will never ever read a sin… up a new game, collecting documents, learning what button makes me sprint and so on and so forth (it’s L3)Just curiously what is your preference when it comes to possible PlayerSelects for games with larger rosters (like a street fighter)Maybe I’ll do the original 7 like I did the Wrestlemania set. Individual cards. Granted peeps would have to buy 7 c…! Hopefully sooner rather than laterキャミィx スケボー スト2キャミィのストリートスタイル🌼 CAMMY(Street Fighter) x Skateboard
Retweeted by Hot-Blooded Tough Guy : Rusty Shackles @ShaoliNSANE @PlayStation Almost 5! @PlayStation I know this is prob a glitch but if you wanna add TF Devastor to plus, heck yeah @tabmok99 @nbajambook @MK_habit_addict @Peina81 @_DaanishSyed @masterpesina @TotalMK @thethiny @eduqueve @nbajambook @MK_habit_addict @tabmok99 @Peina81 @_DaanishSyed @masterpesina @TotalMK @thethiny @eduqueve
this is the future America that liberals want found a nice site that selects some video game manual art for display"hey it's me, your old pal Satan. I turned on the touch feature on your Wacom tablet without telling you so random…
@griph Most of the one here open early enough so it works out. They also do business with food so it’s niceThis is @dkeffectdayton btw - long time supporter and great to bring the fam back to todayHG101 Spring Sale at is over in 12 hours! Get 25% of any of our books, and 50% off the prev…
Retweeted by Hot-Blooded Tough Guy : Rusty ShacklesThese are all actually Cody Rhodes variants, if you take off their oufits it’s actually Cody underneath don’t worry @nicknewt Robert Englund and Freddy KruegerNewest @AewUnrivaled adds thanks to @RingsideC heck yeah! swear to god the cup in Namco’s Qucik & Crash is f’n wizardry can have a little pinball. As a treatPost Vax 2 week treat @ElementalAmber oooh i have not but i'd be down for some Limp Bizkits and Gravy❗️Evile - "Hell Unleashed" is OUT NOW❗️ You've heard "THE THING (1982)" "GORE" and "HELL UNLEASHED" now hear the r…
Retweeted by Hot-Blooded Tough Guy : Rusty ShacklesIt is kinda nice my HG101 postcards get to be “hey, try doing 80s-90s anime girl art”
who in the hell would even get one of WHOA HOLD UP THERE'S A MACHO MAN CREDIT CARD long awaited HG101 Presents The Guide to Shoot-Em-Ups Vol. 2 is not only #1 in Amazon's new releases in Compute…
Retweeted by Hot-Blooded Tough Guy : Rusty ShacklesDid the Simpsons predict my den’s wall decoration*watches The Video Dead, sees the movie on the screen is "ZOMBIE BLOOD NIGHTMARE* OK i get it now @gamabomb good job ladsstarted up MK9 on PSnow to play the story again. game held up really damn well, I gotta say it's funny going from M… working my way thru @GameMarksPod chronologically - eager to find out if the Fire Pro slander changes once dude plays FPWW ha haSometimes games are just, f'n weird, y'know? #PS4share
@gamespite this is the game that Super Mario 2 is based off of
Got that new @HG_101 shmup book! Cross II just came out as part of the Arcade Archives series. It's a pretty decent Konami shooter with an e…
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@franzferdinand2 New followers should not @ me unless it is praise this is the ruleAnd here’s some things I’m doing now -ish new followers ! Here’s some things I did once @WrestleSketcher @black_baymax8 @EvelynMichelleA @kerowackart @HalHaneyArt @drnebuloso @MrStephenPike @Jrockamongus am thinking I need to get Firehouse soon and some of that sweet sweet Datil Pepper sauce to my fellow artists (apologies to anyone I miss!) @black_baymax8 @EvelynMichelleA @kerowackart @HalHaneyArt
Retweeted by Hot-Blooded Tough Guy : Rusty Shackles @shawnrpryor Nah and that is why Firehouse is The King @BurnBigTexBurn Nice! Yeah the wife got that and a Wreck, I’d prob do a pick 2 in the future with it. I was hoping… prefer Firehouse’s sandwich menu way more but the sides here looked pretty killer.)First time Potbelly’er. Likely going to be a long time Potbelly’er now Oyako, a beat-em-up from Technosoft released in the early days of the PlayStation, starring a hot-blooded…
Retweeted by Hot-Blooded Tough Guy : Rusty ShacklesAmen brothers @aubreysitterson @FicoOssio @TCannonComics @TaylorEspo @Racielavila (this is my beef face)
@MKupperman Happy birfday sir!!!! @daveexmachina @TwitterSupport Twitter for the love of god let @kenlowery come back he’s a good boy Justice, a co-op side-scrolling platformer featuring anthropomorphic ninjas and other woodland creatures.…
Retweeted by Hot-Blooded Tough Guy : Rusty Shackles @jamesdleech EGM here always made a character called “E-Sak”, because he was shaped like an elephant’s sack. He is…, people are usually so satisfied with the OscarsMe, saying “ey deres Dennis Farinas” (pretend Leo has a Bears hat on) on a James Cavan appreciation kick. Heard a bit ago on The Bonfire that he blew crack smoke into Ginger Lynn’s… watching THIEF (1981). Hey, you know what’s a good ass movie? THIEF (1981).Morphine was so great. Of all the 90s bands who’s lead died i prob miss them the most @nicknewt Yup! Peace Walker
*mark sandman voice* Cabbage White made a deal for some angel food @Gavin_Nott @jfx316 Look I just want Sindel to MILF the hell out of a sequel whatever else is cool @Gavin_Nott @jfx316 I’m all for it. Loved it more the 2nd time around. Give me more right now @axeslasher I think I’mma dress as Kano for Halloween and make him my main in the game. I’m a changed man now. A Kano man @Learnonaut It is said so nonchalantly and the camera isn’t even showing him for half of the lines delivery so you…“You beat him before, but he has laser eyes now, so watch out for that” may be quote of the decade imho @shawnrpryor That look when you aren’t working and the boys once we’re all vaccinated @rusty_shackles Gotta get Snake-Eyes some Lunchables
Retweeted by Hot-Blooded Tough Guy : Rusty Shackles @mybeautifulliar Hahahahha that is awesome @ReberVision I mean there’s 11 games so yeah ha ha. No goofy AF Shao Khan outro tho thank the elder gods yeah corporations brands yada yada but I kinda wanna get my Sagat some Bagel Bites