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Game fan artist, HG101 cover guy, Wrestling, Convention & Thrash Metal t-shirt designer. Buy art so I can buy rasslin’ toys

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Just a reminder on this - I am using the Quote Tweets as the official count from 1-whatever so don’t just RT if ya wanna win, thanks!Currently enjoying METAL GEAR 2 : SOLID SNAKE (by way of the vita MGS3 remaster). Props to Snake for making that ca… Spooky season I'm going to do a digital giveaway of one of my favorite @HG_101 books - HG101 Digest Vol 3 : The…
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*between now and 11:59PM 10/21 - winners chosen at random - US only. I'll just need the email address of the winner… Spooky season I'm going to do a digital giveaway of one of my favorite @HG_101 books - HG101 Digest Vol 3 : The… Japanese Video Game Obscurities book is part of Amazon's B2G1 free deal, along with a bunch of other books and…
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G’day Twitter, Forgot to post our new video on here, sorry! Here it is. Retweet or something!
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Just posted a photo part of any road trip thru Cincy is looking over and hearing Ted Knight say “MEANWHILE” @HitlerPuncher @jason1749 @ThatWeissGuy Just buy the shirts I make for them and we’re good ;)Protagin’ it up for a thing new single SHEER KHAN is streaming everywhere NOW! Lyric video drops later this morning - enjoy and share!…
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Going thru my luggage for the first time in ages and found my Louisville Arcade Expo badge. It was going to be one… posted a photo together the final sections of the Shin Megami Tensei / Persona book, here's a page dedicated to various Ga…
Retweeted by Rusty Shackles AKA Scoob CaponeI hope you all can join @SGWilson_Earth1, @ktubb, @alreadylily, and me on November 10th! Register to see this panel…
Retweeted by Rusty Shackles AKA Scoob CaponeHeck yeah! Look what's coming back! All official and everything! You can follow the OFFICIAL account @ColoristJam
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Got these new Wrestlemania figs with the ring cart! (The boy gets Andre I added the Macho to my collection natch) h… #8 : YAKUZA KIWAMI (PS4, 2016) - art and concept by your pal Rusty #yakuza #sega #kazumakiryu
Retweeted by Rusty Shackles AKA Scoob CaponeHere is the original sketch for this one - spikier hair and *mostly* on model but not quite what he’d be in the inks
PlayerSelects #8 : YAKUZA KIWAMI (PS4, 2016) - art and concept by your pal Rusty #yakuza #sega #kazumakiryu #8 : YAKUZA KIWAMI (PS4, 2016) - art and concept by your pal Rusty #yakuza #sega #kazumakiryu
Two thumbs connected to an eye upAhhhhhh she was Allota Fagina, that’s right @marissadraws Marissa just tweet your Muppet Babies opinions we can handle itTonight’s first timer horror flick : BRIDE OF RE-ANIMATOR Man E Faces was only bad in his origin but you never bought a fig of him as part of Skeletor’s crew or something.87 in Joe was when I got skeptical for sure but the 88 line was where I was done after Storm Shadow. Curious tho wa… stuff comin’ thru yeah, the motorized vehicles, perfect for momma’s special boy @adhesiveslipper Yah it’s good! ‘Zon was doing the kindle version for 5 bucks so I couldn’t pass it upMe : “I reading a real book right now” Her : “Is it about Street Fighter or some shit?” Me: @gamespite I can see that on the jeep once I zoomed in - the Swampfire def seemed to use black and it pops. The Wat…’m reading this if you can’t tell. The wife says I’m not a reader and I’m like yeah I am and she says I don’t read… @gamespite I love the color scheme ! Black and lime and dark green, these look snazzy as heck. Kinda wish the air a…
Don’t think I ever saw this Sears exclusive but very cool they did other applications of the Zartan family color ch… CEO of SEGA is super weak. I can beat him in a fight.
Retweeted by Rusty Shackles AKA Scoob Capone @curtofranklin *as a guy. Calling the look “Dollywood Escort” you can have that for free. @curtofranklin Curt are you going ask a guy getting into a hot tub with another couple for Halloween @kenlowery Ken I can give you some tips good it already exists hashtag hell yeah @depechejoe I’d clap and agree but as a wrestling fan I probably shouldn’t. Wait I don’t complain about wrestling… @Learnonaut @bradcandoit He feels like the last traditional instrumental rockstar sometimesIt’s about time Hitman ready for some WAP.
Retweeted by Rusty Shackles AKA Scoob CaponeWell damn. Long live the new flesh I guessCronenberg is a guy I alway think I have seen less than I actually have of. Need to store the idea that The Fly, Na…’s first timer horror movie : VIDEODROME (1983) @danmcdaid @DocShaner It’s good for him! Let him take a break jeez DanGood news @DocShaner the Superman discussion online has changed
@Farts_Johnson All you gotta do is tell people you’re the comics laureate and you’re here to say you love comic books in a major wayThis, except he’s explaining Batman’s blue costume in the Arkham games being the “real Batman” or something. No way…’s no way “comics laureate” is a real thing. Come on you guys. That’s like being crowned King Nerd of Dork Mountain. No one wants thatA @TheTayaValkyrie fig! My money, you can take it @ElementalAmber A Boonshoft person? @bully_thelsb Namor was a race car driver And he drove so goddamn fast He never did win no checkered flag But he never did come in lastLEGENDS OF LUCHA LIBRE MYSTERY MASCARAS WAVE 1: Pre-order now on!
Retweeted by Rusty Shackles AKA Scoob Capone @CeeHawk “Look at me, I’m losing *the best*”“Cheese worms” try again soundtrack on this one tooSaturday afternoon arcade kill krew in effect : MUTATION NATION (1992) of course today a @RingsideC order came in so was furloughed from my job back in March and since then I’ve received and completed 58 commissions. I’m so thankf…
Retweeted by Rusty Shackles AKA Scoob CaponeI think I would just ask Alan Moore questions about Metallica and Dave Mustaine questions about Watchmen to mix up the click bait a bitSweet jeebus the LJN fig was onlu a year and a half ago Titanfall 2 which I wasn’t into first time (I’m not much of a FPS player) but think I got the feel of it… @BenjaminBirdie @kenlowery @danmcdaid Maus! Now on blu-ray, featuring I n t e r a c t i v e M e n u sThe @MajorWFPod is a gateway drug y’allHow it started How it’s going it started vs how it's going
Retweeted by Rusty Shackles AKA Scoob Capone @kenlowery @danmcdaid No one ever talks about MAUS anymore because there wasn’t a movie made of it I guess :(Describe yourself with three vampires @ThatWeissGuy Aw dang dude! Sorry to hear that
I’m a good boy good boys get treats @ARTofCOOP WHO’S THE REAL FETT AROUND HERE, BROTHER @ARTofCOOP For a non-wrestling fan this is the most wrestling angle @HitlerPuncher I legit think this is the video that introduced me to YouTube drew him when I did both shirts in the March 2019 @PWCrate box! Good times coolest thing about this piece is someone tried to pass it off as their own on FB and me and a bunch of other a…’s a piece I did last year of Eddie Guerrero since today would have been his 53rd birthday #EddieGuerrero @jason1749 I never read ‘em so it’ll all be new to me. Kinda prefer that so I’m not waiting for whatever to happen or whom ever to show up @jason1749 I need to watch it - when it first came out peeps didn’t seem as all in but now it seems like the jamThis Kickstarter closes in a few minutes, so get in in there! I have a page in it with @alex_segura, and then there…
Retweeted by Rusty Shackles AKA Scoob Capone @kenlowery All knives can cut butter tho. All knives are butterfulThis Last Battle alternation is hilarious because Bask, the character here, is clearly based on Hulk Hogan. They en…
Retweeted by Rusty Shackles AKA Scoob Capone @ChaosMonkey You’re Dreadnok swamp trash like me sorryI don’t think I ever saw the cobra variant of this until now! Kinda wish they redid it with a HISS tank and other c… can always tell a Milford man @bigredrobot just wish they have let you filter or search your download list in anyway shape or form on the site. Games that w… PlayStation web site taking off the PSP / Vita / PS3 content is irritating but I gotta say it was a pain to use… @david_wolkin TBF people listened to yours mine was mostly in replies so ascii shrug @david_wolkin I’m not blocked so maybe that’s not why. I have plenty of other reasons for people to block me so I get it. I get it. @talestoenrage @depechejoe It’s just easy targets. Don’t run in the room to tell me how bad you beat Glass Joe chat… @depechejoe Every quote tweet feels like they put down a latte in disgust, made prayer hands under their nose, and… is the most salient thing ever posted to twitter. Go ahead. Fight me...No, really, don't.
Retweeted by Rusty Shackles AKA Scoob CaponeThe Undertaker / The Undietaker @JFSculpts @ThatWeissGuy I remember watching mad Max for the first time in years and the whole handcuff hacksaw bit…