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Authoritarians, fascism, propaganda. History&Italian NYU, Advisor, @protctdemocracy. Commentary: CNN, Wash Post. Next book: Strongmen (Norton)

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She’s also troubled the press briefing is truly frightening. Journalists simply allow Trump to use them for propaganda purpose…
Retweeted by Ruth Ben-GhiatOr weak. Every strongman lives in fear of looking less than virile and older leaders like Trump also fear looking f…, mail-in voting takes away the element of threat by armed supporters of Trump. Paramilitary-style intimidation… mysterious if you look at the history of Trump inserting Ivanka into world leader group shots. Optics is key.… & the media should monitor the prices of ventilators and all PPE to see who is profiting from the Trump ad…
Retweeted by Ruth Ben-GhiatExactly. Listen to their language carefully- they are telling you all you need to know. For corrupt authoritarians,…
@joshtpm @chrislhayes Ha- that is the subject matter of my Strongmen book! Now in final edits.From 2019: relevant for behavior of Trump’s lackeys and followers even when the stakes are life and death. @IjeomaOluo This is keeping me going
America is, officially, operating like an authoritarian state. Truth-tellers are treated like crooks, and crooks &… the better to hide the “multitasking” they are likely engaging in: doing private deals to enrich themselves. Ku… piece on the art of manipulating crisis @nycsouthpaw As animated and human as the speaker is wooden and dullBudget priorities of a banana republic. Just say no, @SecretService
President of some Americans, mortal enemy of others. @BrankoMilan Ok tell that to the legions of people and businesses he has ruined already.Great essay by @FridaGhitis on Trump’s effective misinformation strategies about #COVID19. the EU has appeased and funded Orbán all the way to his new dictatorship so no legitimacy there look the pivot delusion is back! A new Trump, a rational Trump, is just around the corner. *He is a con man and… @farhip Welcome to authoritarian state “statistics.”
@kdlang @danjlevy @SchittsCreek @foodbankscanada @FeedingAmerica Yes thank you! 💕p.s. your show is getting me throu… @juliaioffe NoLet's make this simple: Zoom is malware.
Retweeted by Ruth Ben-Ghiat @jaketapper @jackshafer 3:39Very revealing thread. Just a few of the words I needed: hypoxia = shortage of oxygen syncope = loss of conscio…
Retweeted by Ruth Ben-GhiatThe hoarding & profiteering of PPE that is meant for our workers is akin to manslaughter. I guess I have some ange…
Retweeted by Ruth Ben-Ghiat
@michaeldweiss NoooOk. Progress. Now do the same with the American President. @emilyctamkin Anything they need to put away enemies @EU_Commission @EUCouncil @vonderleyen you have enabled and funded this thug long enough. Time to eject him. you @DeanObeidallah for writing about this! and gambling down and fewer restaurants to extort that this is not Fox acquiring a conscience but worrying about liability. @Arthur92980684 Uh the State Dept if you read the message
The team of 70 health care workers from around the US will be led by Dr. Elliott Tenpenny, who’s previously treated… have a proprietary view of state power - which is why they all use public office for private enrichm… @JulieKlam 💕Screenshot, save, store this tweet. You will rarely find a better example of narcissism. Only being adulated by oth… tears to my eyes thing is, there really is a sort of uniquely American way of death, rooted in extreme inequality, a weak social…
Retweeted by Ruth Ben-Ghiat @mehdirhasan Please share: 17.8 tons of masks, ventilators, etc given away in Feb:! So now is China sending back some of the supplies Trump gave him? The American people are not pawns in propagan… should be a front page story including @FoxNews : In Feb Trump donated over 17 TONS of masks and protective su… thoughtful piece @Sulliview Had similar list fo footnote-fixing and fact-checking
@mbaram Thank you!Just read an article entitled “The internalization of the Cult of the Duce, 1925-1926,” by the late great historian…’s worth noting that the luxurious Four Seasons hotel in Manhattan is offering free rooms to medical workers, but…
Retweeted by Ruth Ben-Ghiat @IjeomaOluo Gorgeous!Authoritarians are captives of their raging egos and when they feel neglected they lash out in rage plunder alert. is my frank conversation with @letsgomathias for @HuffPost on why authoritarians like Trump are at their worst… @Sifill_LDF They will continue to get worse due to the nature of the authoritarian personality- no other path possible.Thread about the experience of coronavirus- constant vigilance is required, including once the first phase of fever… @carney Giorgio Agamben, State of ExceptionDesigned to fail- that’s the Trump way. Trump Coronavirus will be like Trump University- a big fraud. @IdeaGov Thank you!
JUST IN: 51 Italian doctors who tested positive for #coronavirus have died - Italian Association of Doctors
Retweeted by Ruth Ben-GhiatLeader cult alert'm muslim, afroitalian, roman....and in all my life I've never seen this square empty. Never. This picture and th…
Retweeted by Ruth Ben-Ghiat @juliettekayyem Thank you for all you are doing.
@ericgeller @rachel It’s sadisticNEW: The Trump campaign is demanding TV stations nix a brutal new ad using his own words against him. But…
Retweeted by Ruth Ben-Ghiatcc: @realDonaldTrump Los Angeles to shelter in place for months, mayor tells us - Business Insider
Retweeted by Ruth Ben-Ghiat @BrentNYT Lighting is key and curate your background, some ppl leave things showing in screen that should be privat… heard from good college friend of mine — early 30s & healthy — that he had respiratory failure & double pneumo…
Retweeted by Ruth Ben-Ghiat @brainpicker đź’•
In Italy the first test for #COVID19 appears with results ready in one hour: @AshleyRParker @alisoneroman That is worth any price!Thank you @NBCNews and @CNN teaching position in Civic Media at @mit_cmsw, one of my academic homes at @MIT. They're looking for a one…
Retweeted by Ruth Ben-Ghiat @AFPphoto hello I am trying to reach someone in your offices to purchase a license for a photo, but no one responds… @AOC 💯Some good news! I was proud to be part of this lawsuit’s amicus brief as an expert on authoritarians’ assaults on t… @marclacey I am sorry for your loss. How awful.
@page88 Children should stay in one place @JasminMuj @CrisLeeMaza My Serbian stepmother just gave me Slivovitz for any ailment.An amoral authoritarian *does not care* about human lives - I cannot emphasize this enough. Only profit and loyalty… @cwarzel because he is a destructive personality who like all authoritarians would rather cause mass death than ack… this from @ruthbenghiat. This incompetence and chaos was by design. This is what this administration said it…
Retweeted by Ruth Ben-GhiatThis is true, part of the kleptocrat mentality. What happened before @realdonaldtrump called for re-evaluating lockdowns? His company had to close 6 of its to…
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@ArthurJonesJr13 Thanks!Also, keep a schedule in terms of exercise, emails, phone calls. And if living alone know when it is time for a fac… is a crisis, and when you have a crisis, it exposes the weaknesses and cracks in our systems. We have a lot of…
Retweeted by Ruth Ben-Ghiat @odiloncaldeira đź’Ż
"The lies might have led to a false perception of safety, putting followers of far-right leaders in danger of getti…
Retweeted by Ruth Ben-GhiatInstead Mnuchin is giving to corporations and potentially to Trump businesses and cronies. is not life as usual. There is a density level in NYC that is destructive. It has to stop and it has to stop…
Retweeted by Ruth Ben-Ghiat @fred_guttenberg here is a @CNN piece I wrote right after the insuguration about what Bannon and Trump would do to…“I will fight for you with every breath in my body, and I will never, ever let you down,” (Donald Trump, January 20… @WajahatAli @mehdirhasan @RonaldKlain Ditto. A lost skill. @AdamParkhomenko You are amazing Adam! @jdakwar Well there will be no mass demonstrarions due to #COVID19 so how will they define civil disobedience: criticizing the Leader? @nielslesniewski @ChrisMurphyCT do we know why he won’t? I have my own terrifying supposition taken from authoritar… @McFaul @SecPompeo But don’t reward his racist “Wuhan Virus” stuff, nor the fact that equal disinformation comes from the WHGreat piece by @brooklynmutt and alas all too possible.