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Pronouns: they/them or he/him Personal BS account, sometimes art. If you're here to see my costumes, try @lobitaworks!

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It's here !! The guide for two-legged people who don't know how to draw wheelchairs !!! 7 pages of infodump ! Dis…
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Without saying anything else, tell me how long you've been on the Internet.
—> WHAT’S HAPPENING IN RUSSIA RIGHT NOW? thread of the main information, articles, etc
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@HunterRaccoon Thank you, that worked! @caramelized_bat Ohhh maybe- I haven’t had a mouse in years so I didn’t even consider it.
Doodling to avoid going to the post office is how I get anything drawn these days.
Retweeted by Denali LobitaI can only guess it's an actual design oversight that'll be fixed in a newer version later, because this has never been an issue. ?I feel like a dingus asking this, but... how the heck do I scroll down my chats list on Telegram 7.3?? I've clicked… I can't stop
Retweeted by Denali LobitaPlease drink water if you are being gassed and, I know this is hard, but for the sake of your future try not to sel…
Retweeted by Denali Lobita @bloodfawn93 Pink’s the vibe I get!Federal agents are tear gassing Portland again. Happy 2021!
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If anyone is struggling with a loved one who has fallen under the spell of conspiracy theories, anti vaccine misinf…
Retweeted by Denali LobitaThey finally released "The Kraken." Bit underwhelming, actually.
Retweeted by Denali LobitaMuseum description: "This combination lock is the work of the astrolabe-maker Muhammad ibn Hamid al-Asturlabi al-Is…
Retweeted by Denali LobitaSmoochable pink nose ❤️ @akarl_smith Yeah, that’s about what I figured.
I’ve heard this rumor a lot and took it as fact like others have. In the post-truth age, it’s important to have an…
Alice & Cheshy #AliceInWonderland #CheshireCat
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Comment with c/ash/app, ve/nmo, or pa/ypa/l (censored to avoid bots) if you are: - Jewish - BIPOC in a dangerous a…
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If you read one Twitter thread today...
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Sharing from LinkedIn! Please no questions about this position, I'm just signal boosting.
Retweeted by Denali LobitaIt appears to be a completely solid headline that on his last Friday in office the President is planning a new coup…
Retweeted by Denali Lobita @Raz0reyes Sameeee @PedestrianWolf @OhHeyMonsterBoy oooohhh... 🤩
thinking about uranium glass
Retweeted by Denali Lobita🩹If you have the time to read about my situation please share/donate/retweet! I desperately need top surgery…
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I get it, but some of us just spent the last 2 years taking stances that have led to repeated attempts on our lives…
Retweeted by Denali LobitaI'm looking for 2D hand drawn FX animators. Full time or freelance. Starting now. Please post link to your reel in…
Retweeted by Denali LobitaI don't know who needs to hear this, but there's no clause in the Constitution saying you get one sedition attempt for free.
Retweeted by Denali LobitaAccording to Ayanna Pressley’s chief of staff Sarah Groh, the panic buttons in the Congresswoman’s office were all…
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when trump is ousted dont let dems sit on their laurels. pressure your reps on important issues - ending the death…
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It is she: The Good Girl. 😍 #blackcat #CatsOfTwitter
Retweeted by Denali Lobita🌵⭐️LONG GONE GULCH IS HERE! ⭐️🌵 Join sheriffs Rawhide and Snag in this crazy fantasy adventure created by a small t…
Retweeted by Denali LobitaIt is she: The Good Girl. 😍 #blackcat #CatsOfTwitter when Watergate was really bad
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This book was a fever dream... no, I mean I literally read it when I had the flu as a kid and hallucinated an extra… you see me.... now you don’t.... These are by Alan Murphy and some more exquisite bird pictures here by him…
Retweeted by Denali Lobita @blaberid @PedestrianWolf You’re welcome friend! ^^TFW you forget about the fishing tourney even after prepping for it the night before. #AnimalCrossing #ACNH must oppose any expansion of state surveillance or anti-terrorism laws in response to the DC riot. The state alr…
Retweeted by Denali Lobita(THREAD) Media has yet to do a deep dive on precisely what Trump *said* in his January 6 speech in DC—a speech now…
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@PrgrsvArchitect Name them: State Delegate Derrick Evans (WV) Sen. Doug Mastriano (PA) Rep. Terri Lynn Weaver (TN)…
Retweeted by Denali LobitaHitler stormed Parliament in 1923. No serious actions were taken. 10 Years later Hitler was Germany Dictator. When…
Retweeted by Denali LobitaHey, followers in Clackamas County: Schrader is our rep! You can call his office at (202) 225-5711, (503) 588-9100,…
Retweeted by Denali LobitaNew: Alabama man Lonnie Coffman was arrested in D.C. on Wednesday with 11 Molotov cocktails, constructed of materia…
Retweeted by Denali LobitaDon’t forget to call your representatives!
Retweeted by Denali Lobita“One current Metro D.C. police officer said in a public Facebook post that off-duty police officers and members of…
Retweeted by Denali LobitaYou have to understand that black creators exist 365 days a year, 24/7, not twice a year, or whenever a black perso…
Retweeted by Denali Lobitathread of my favorite pieces i did in 2020! rts appreciated 💙💙💙
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BIPOC, drop character references. Artists, take a look through the comments and draw some gift art for them. Let's…
Retweeted by Denali Lobita @DHS_Wolf Thank you, well said. Unfortunately our president can't be shamed or reasoned with, and continues to goad… @SecWilkie Secretary Wilkie, yesterday was a horrific blight on our great nation. I fear more extremist violence is… the insurrectionists including @tedcruz and @HawleyMO and fucking Trump we should all be in the streets dema…
Retweeted by Denali Lobita @BetsyDeVosED I'm so proud of Congress for reconvening. Yesterday could have been even more deadly than it already… @SecretaryCarson Well said, Secretary. You are in a unique position where you have more power over the situation t… @SecAzar I commend your dedication to the transition of power. However, our president has proven he does not accept… @SecGeneScalia Well said. To have this extremist violence egged on by our very own president adds a whole extra lev… @SecretaryRoss I agree. This sets a horrifying precedent, and I fear more violence is incoming in the days leading… @SecretarySonny Sec Perdue, yesterday at the Capitol was a horrific show of domestic terror. I fear more violence i… @SecBernhardt I agree- and I fear more extremist violence is coming. It's time to be a hero and do what's right for… @stevenmnuchin1 Secretary Mnuchin, yesterday was a horrific display of domestic terror, one I fear will be repeated… @SecPompeo Secretary Pompeo, yesterday was a horrific disgrace that we're lucky didn't end in even more death and m… reference, there were 14,000+ arrests at the George Floyd protests.
Retweeted by Denali Lobita @Mike_Pence @VP It's not easy to stand up against a colleague, let alone the most powerful person in the free world…"I don't feel sorry for congress at all. Oh, I'm sorry, did you have to hide under your desk because of guns? Wah w…
Retweeted by Denali Lobitathinking of how how my mom struggled to grasp "the cops agree with the fascists" and that a lot of this is of cours…
Retweeted by Denali LobitaIf you don't punish the rioters, or punish the President who incited violence, or punish people at Fox News/ Infowa…
Retweeted by Denali LobitaYou can't reform this.
Retweeted by Denali LobitaLife comes at you fast
Retweeted by Denali Lobitathere it is. she admitted it.
Retweeted by Denali LobitaThis is an accurate summation of what happened today. The far right won. They will try again. They might succeed.
Retweeted by Denali Lobitayou know this wasn't an Antifa action because there would've been barricades, a soup kitchen, and first aid tent set up by now.
Retweeted by Denali Lobita"If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed.......and we will deserve it." -Lindsey Graham May 3, 2016
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@JoyAnnReid @MSNBC Extremely well said ❤️My dad did three weeks of solitary for a lunch counter sit in
Retweeted by Denali LobitaThread of super basic mental/emotional first-aid for anyone else struggling w panic/flashback/intense fear/hyperaro…
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Retweeted by Denali Lobita @MalcolmNance They were planning to take hostages.
Retweeted by Denali LobitaDefense budget like eleventy trillion, and some dudes that look like this just ran up in our shit
Retweeted by Denali LobitaRemember when Capitol police hauled ADAPT members from their wheelchairs for staging a peaceful sit-in in support o…
Retweeted by Denali LobitaThese are literally two Neo Nazis. One of them is Matthew Heimbach, who planned the Unite The Right Rally in Charlo…
Retweeted by Denali Lobitatwo americas
Retweeted by Denali LobitaCall your rep and tell them you support this!
Retweeted by Denali LobitaTrump to terrorists: "We love you. You're very special." 25th amendment NOW.
Retweeted by Denali LobitaCall/email/leave a message for your reps today and tell them to impeach.
Retweeted by Denali Lobita❗❗ they have broken into kansas statehouse. they have broken into minnesota's statehouse. they are rioting at arkan…
Retweeted by Denali LobitaPlease let today be the day you understand there’s no negotiating with fascists
Retweeted by Denali LobitaSpecial shout out to Twitter who could have banned him at any time, and Facebook for (gestures broadly.) Whoops you…
Retweeted by Denali Lobita @disclosetv lmao that’s like some Livejournal drama from 2005 level pettyWhen my grandparents told me about Alabama I said "Why didn't anyone call the police on the Klan?" They said...the…
Retweeted by Denali LobitaCops are taking selfies with the terrorists.
Retweeted by Denali Lobita"Peaceful protest"
Retweeted by Denali LobitaIf they get away with this it will be worse next time. I promise you.
Retweeted by Denali LobitaWhite privilege is storming the Capitol Building and not getting shot.
Retweeted by Denali LobitaTrump incited a coup. Republicans are now trying to murder people in the Capitol to hold on to minoritarian rule an…
Retweeted by Denali LobitaJust to be completely clear today, pointed questions like "Where is the teargas?" or "Why don't we see more choke s…
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