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Richard W. Painter @RWPUSA Mendota Heights MN

Law Professor. Former chief White House ethics lawyer 2005-07. Independent. Host of Politics Podcast, Views expressed are my own. IM🍑

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It’s time to send him packing. CNN poll: 51% say Senate should remove Trump from office - CNNPolitics is the essence of corruption. Record cash flooding US elections 10 years after Citizens United via @KTICTerrible defense. Abuse of power is exactly what the Founders feared when they drafted the impeachment clause. Tru…
The store owner said that the signs have since sold out. That was fast. Who bought them? Are they hanging in Stephe… next U.S. president should also move our embassy back to Tel Aviv. The idea that one side in this conflict is… West Bank occupation should end, but this despicable call for violence makes things worse. PA daily calls for m… Trump’s lawyers have said provides a reason for any impartial Senator to acquit him on either Article of Im…
Retweeted by Richard W. PainterWhy #abuseofpower is the quintessential impeachable offense:
Retweeted by Richard W. Painter @DeviesJohn Than people should stop glorifying the rebellion and a university should not try to force alumni to han… @mikethetrollbot Going to war was a tragic choice — half a million dead; the South destroyed and bitter, racism de… thread on why abuse of power most certainly IS an impeachable offense:
Retweeted by Richard W. PainterA student has no choice but to take a diploma with a picture of the Confederate General who led a rebellion in defe… @BergsonBrian @JuddApatow The university did not commit the crime, but they should have done more to protect her an… @AgingPrep Men coming on to her at dinner and passing out at dinner from so much drinking. Everyone there from the… 40% raise at a public university? In Illinois, a State on the brink of insolvency? Nuts. University of Illinois… debt totaling $1.6 trillion is the next financial crisis. We won’t fix it without more state support for hi… of university officials who cover up sexual assault, discrimination and retaliation, it’s nice to see that… @RhoLynnFro If there is an alleged crime in a corporation there is usually an internal investigation as well as an… least Harvard and MIT undergrads were not victimized by Epstein. They were too old for him.How far will universities go to coddle billionaires? It’s not just Harvard and MIT. A University of Minnesota under… University fundraising does not involve inviting foreign billionaires over to participate in University pro…
Retweeted by Richard W. PainterEthical University fundraising does not involve inviting foreign billionaires over to participate in University pro… University faculty or staff encourage her to attend this dinner where massive amounts of alcohol were consumed?… were all in a University program. What is the University doing to investigate what happened? Nothing. He’s a b… has enormous social and environmental costs that many candidates underestimate. We need to find a better a… least some states are taking environmental issues seriously. @realDonaldTrump sure isn’t. To stop Trump frackin… “stable genius” doesn’t know why he is being charged. He is mentally unfit to stand trial. He is also mentally… excellent discussion of what’s wrong at many big universities — excessively high tuition, high spending on admin… liar pants on fire... Parnas' attorney posted this video after Trump said he didn't know him - CNN Video think it's appropriate that Trump has a lawyer known for covering up criminal behavior on his defense team.
Retweeted by Richard W. PainterWhat a jerk. Trump humiliated father-in-law for wearing his red cap on golf course paid for this. The Treasury Department can disclose how much now or send the bill to ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩.… taxpayers aren’t the only victims of our scammer in chief. What a rip off Trump's golf trips to Mar-a-Lago… no information on what happened to this guy. It’s been well over a year and no word on the “investigation” or…
@ShuttemD @AlanDersh He married Sunny for her money and then he .... and then he hired @AlanDersh....Watch ⁦@AlanDersh⁩ defend the indefensible against Erwin Chemerinsky. job of a good — and expensive— defense lawyer like @AlanDersh is to get rich men like these two guys off the h… joint underwear defense; @AlanDersh and Ken Starr will prove @realDonaldTrump had his underwear on during the e…
Retweeted by Richard W. PainterThe joint underwear defense; @AlanDersh and Ken Starr will prove @realDonaldTrump had his underwear on during the e… am glad the concept of contagion is spreading! If “evil” can be transmitted, imagine just how much “pathology” c…
Retweeted by Richard W. Painter @AlanDersh See? You just proved my point: you never wanted a dialogue! I invited Alan Dershowitz to dialogue afte…
Retweeted by Richard W. PainterFor an extra two cents — which would make it an even two bucks - @AlanDersh should throw in his oral argument for t… Starr’s last impeachment case before the senate was a flop. It’s unclear what he adds to this one playing defe… on Starr in 1999: Ken Starr is a lunatic - CNN Video a load of bull ... Sean Hannity, the biggest Trump insider at Fox News, says MSNBC and CNN are 'state-run TV'… Ukraine extortion plot apparently involved Members of Congress as well as the Trump Administration. ⁦⁦… response. ⁦@DevinNunes⁩ can take that lawsuit and ... Ted Lieu tells Devin Nunes to 'shove it' after Republic… to @LindseyGrahamSC and @senatemajldr, Bill Clinton lying under oath about sex was worse than their own l…
Retweeted by Richard W. PainterAccording to @LindseyGrahamSC and @senatemajldr, Bill Clinton lying under oath about sex was worse than their own l… who swears an oath to be Impartial in a trial and is not impartial commits ... Perjury | Definition of Per… question. Toobin to Alan Dershowitz: What side are you on? House Ethics Chief Calls McConnell A 'Perjurer' After Senator Takes Impeachment Oath: He Said 'The Exact O… more Americans colluding with foreigners and spying on Americans in order to win American elections. Pathetic.… Supreme Court has agreed to decide the question whether Presidential Electors are free to vote their conscience…
Retweeted by Richard W. PainterA statement from @lessig re: the Supreme Court agreeing to hear our case on presidential electors.
Retweeted by Richard W. PainterBREAKING: The Supreme Court has agreed to hear our case on whether presidential electors can be bound. Stay tuned.
Retweeted by Richard W. Painter
A new defense: ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ had his underwear on during the entire phone call. Trump expected to add Ken Sta… July 27, 2016 minutes of community meeting of the City Council of Falcon Heights, MN.A peace garden? Falcon Heights City Council members knew about racial profiling by police (at least one has admitte… House Ethics Chief Calls McConnell A 'Perjurer' After Senator Takes Impeachment Oath: He Said 'The Exact O… another cover up by another major university. Columbia obviously wasn’t watching this guy. Exclusive: Evelyn Y…
GOP senators take oath to be 'impartial' after stating they would do the opposite spying on Americans. Pompeo should resign now! Mike Pompeo stonewalls as evidence emerges of possible su… Clinton was impeached in 1999 for lying under oath. How many senators just did the same thing today en masse?This man just swore an oath saying the exact opposite. This man is a perjurer. @Mitch McConnell On Trump Impeachme… Mitch McConnell takes oath to 'do impartial justice' in impeachment trial via @courierjournalWe shall see, but a new record may have been set today on January 16, 2020. By swearing an oath to be impartial mo… many U.S. senators just perjured themselves when they took this oath? About that oath of ‘impartiality’ senato… senator who takes an oath to be impartial knowing at the time of taking such oath that the senator is not imparti… Now it’s time to excuse the senators who have already said that they will not uphold this oath. Starting with… gold stripes. At least that’s an improvement over the last time. Watch: Chief Justice, Senators Sworn In for Tr… That’s what the senators’ oath says. But they’re not. GOP Sen. Martha McSally calls CNN reporter 'liber… Government watchdog concludes Trump administration broke law by withholding Ukraine aid - CNNPolitics Attorney General very likely was in on this too. If so, off to the slammer. Bill Barr was ‘on the team’ trying… over. The evidence of Trump’s guilt is overwhelming. Lev Parnas and Rudy Giuliani have demolished Trump’s cla… looks like @VP has a Ukraine problem— big time.The Biggest Reveals From Lev Parnas’ Blockbuster Rachel Maddow Interview. release more Parnas evidence, including voicemails with Trump associates Parnas: Trump knew everything Parnas Says Mike Pence Was Tasked With Getting Ukraine President to Announce Investigation Into Bidens: 'Everyb…“A Mob Hit”: New Evidence Suggests Disturbing Scheme by Trump’s Ukraine Goons Against Marie Yovanovitch evidence shows Trump team offered Ukraine more than one quid pro quo for Biden dirt. Barr’s vision of dominionism takes the bench. Trump Bench: Amy Coney Barrett. canary bird sings.... Giuliani associate Parnas says Trump 'knew exactly what was going on' effort to redeem the political theology of Nazi Party member Carl Schmitt is downright dangerous. Why are peopl… who doesn’t know about the theology and jurisprudence of ultraconservative Catholic and Nazi Party member Ca… Just call it Trumpcare instead of Obamacare and he’ll drop the suit. A Trump tweet revealed the absurd… industry taxes and other rollbacks to Obamacare are mostly the work of @realDonaldTrump and his allies in… @cruciataultima And He sure never said priests can’t marry or that they should sleep with kids. @RyanProng That would be a good start. Those two things alone would have saved the Catholic Church billions.Conflicts galore. Yet more Trump Administration officials are flipping the bird to ethics rules. Trump labor agenc… @leona_tricia A moron for thinking priests should be allowed to marry and have normal sexual relationships like everyone else? Whatever... @stephensheiko Nothing is bigoted about saying priests should be able to marry and have normal sex— or that adults… @Taxpaye58811181 Says the Bible. Nothing in the Bible says priests can’t marry. Jesus also never said women can’t b…
Two more rules. How about witnesses — and also no campaign cash payoffs to the senators from the president whose gu… ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ wants foreign emoluments linked to Iran. We need to get him out of office ASAP! Pope is a very appropriate title for Benedict. Sex with a consenting adult in a loving relationship (and yes… ERA — supported by many Republicans in the 1970s— is a no brainer. The people with no brains oppose it. Equal… @BettyMcCollum04 Excellent!!! @RepDeanPhillips @BettyMcCollum04 Excellent!!!