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@c6sey_ 😞 ggs kitty heaven gained a real one tho @Viperous I apologize on behalf of my people, I’ve never understood why men do this. Sex is not that important, feelings are. @Viperous Damn so she dmd him huh @cestarri On a road trip right now and I’ve already listened to about 2 hrs of Alt J lolImagine showing up to your job one day for a customer to just rock your shit. @cestarri An awesome wave is one of the greatest albums of all time 🫡 @nonratioable All my homies hate Jake, let’s jump him 🙏17 hour road trip! @eKMs_ @Abgxlina Bro what 😮Just checking in, still in love with Anna shumate. @Imkikafn you gotta get like him first dawg @kylejones007 🙏 @Abgxlina bruh, ive been streaming for 4 fucking years, took her like 6 months. @kylejones007 Tell her I said she’s flattering me @dazeiwnl Bro I’m older than clix… clix look like off brand me. @cestarri Ohmu. Not Ome @cestarri My fav movie growing up. Looks like a calm Omes eye @YoTraxTy My agency works with a hair salon in Beverly Hills and I got sent to a stylist there for a profesional cut :)
feelin so diff with this cut. @turntdais @vinniehacker Have been sand sucks @fridgefn @chickenwc @MiddiFPS @bunnyberrry I’ve never saved a tik tok in my life. @dyl0w 200 💥*audible monke noises* @JuliRivarola thanks poni <3late night labs - come by for the best vibes @Traxxx_ Ahh I see @Traxxx_ Or… hear me out, make $100 bucks and pay it back. @YoTraxTy 😩 traddySlight preview 🥶
Retweeted by arthur @bunnyberrry Ong @ItsKwanti @DarlaClaire__ 🤔no one built like me @phobafn W @Slidrrz @JOHNNYWLR @MochaFNBR Fucking incel lol @Slidrrz @JOHNNYWLR @MochaFNBR Dude for real like bros just a misogynist now. @JOHNNYWLR @MochaFNBR Dude Johnny plz stfu or I’m blocking you
@cestarri More than the skin 🖕🏼🥰18 hours until this mess of hair is getting cut 😅 @back2maddie This only the like 4th time @JOHNNYWLR @mackenziekarvi @Slidrrz @mystz Dude Johnny enough bro.beach, yes. @Cxpeable 🖕🏼 @cestarri I should cosplay this @4Fritzlol 😊😊🤴 @kieyarose @JOHNNYWLR Another Johnny Lhaven’t died in a labs raid in 48 hours. streaming it now.
@CEOwnerJake 💥 @Cxpeable Bros correct @cestarri Indeed @Meltor1k Dad @cmxrFPS 6’31 year ago today Vs. 3 days ago —> thug postin his girl from jail what’s ur excuse
Retweeted by arthur @cestarri Bros gorgeous. @skyafk Happy bday Annafeels good to finally be 18
Retweeted by arthur @reliantlane Where at @reliantlane Yo bro let’s kick it @deftmoon I’d simply be scared shitless if I was high asf anywhere near that thing. My trust issues 📈 @deftmoon fake ash. would be so mind boggling tho if u and the boys were mid smoke sesh and shit happened.As a grown man why tf are you cheating on ur woman 🙏Me vs My Player :)) night labs stream @cestarri i laughed i promise @cestarri bro...How shonen anime characters be getting hit
Retweeted by arthur @Slidrrz bros doxxing hard @kdklul Maybe later @Imkikafn @Slidrrz @JOHNNYWLR @mystz @K1M4N1 She plays Minecraft 😖It’s ok baby I’ll order for you in the McDonald’s drive through just tell me what you want 🥰
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@boltz1x Wow wtf when did you get mecs like thisBEST CLIP THIS SEASON OMGG RT RT
Retweeted by arthurI fall in love with girls I can’t have. @cestarri @aiddns cuz ur hot asf unlike me duh 😖 @dyl0w Thanks babe 🥰 @cmxrFPS ^^^ I hit legs 3 times a week for 6 months and now I I need to catch my upper body up 😭Just woke up, making lamb vindaloo, not showering and sitting down in front of my PC until I feel like going to the gym. Lazy me day today. @bubzylive Yeah u bagged fr @CEOwnerJake Fr hungry rn 🙏 @goryhoIe Her name is Artemis @cestarri Hottest thing a woman’s ever saidhaven’t posted one of these in a while, today was leg day too. 😭 @aideneh30 @cmxrFPS That’s true, I would also just listen to the professionals to, bottom line whatever works for y… @cmxrFPS @aideneh30 @aideneh30 @cmxrFPS You just said the opposite of what the research study is saying, at this point there’s no point… @cmxrFPS @aideneh30 @cmxrFPS @aideneh30 I’d recommend reading up on the costs, make sure the website you go to is creditable. This is a… @cmxrFPS @aideneh30 Diet soda doesn’t help with cutting though, the additives literally make you crave more sugar/h… @cmxrFPS @aideneh30 In my personal opinion + knowing what’s in soda I think it’s a smarter idea to substitute it wi… @aideneh30 Dude it’s soda, probably the one thing every person even remotely into fitness will tell you to cut, hig… @aideneh30 Gotta cut the soda bro
Leo needed attention too. @ktbugy bro…I was about to go out, but someone decided to lay down hit the size factory who’s coming? don’t have friends @bluzro if you hurt other people watch out for ur fam doing quests someone come convince me to play valorant