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Mexican CSGO fan FaZe 9z and ExtraSalt fan

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@flameZcsgo @CSGO it would be sick if valve at least pretended to care about CS @AstralisCS Ive never lost a game on Ancient @JTcsgo Good shit JT @lagge15 @CSGO hahahahha good luck getting a response @TDM_Jesus I do, and especially love the normal bayo animation
@Sh__Shukhrat @YS_Andis @G2NiKo @G2esports howd this age @Pimp_CSGO G2 and bomb fuck ups, name a more iconic duoLET'S GOOOOOOOO TO INFERNO! 🔥 #Flashpoint | #FaZeUp
Retweeted by ReverseAfter 47 rounds we close out mirage 25-22
Retweeted by Reverse @brokycs LETS FUCKING GO YOU GOT THISLETS FUCKING GO @Pimp_CSGO GODZERA NINJA @launders GODZERA @launders im finna have a heart attack this game @FaZeCSNews FOR REALNOT LIKE THIS PLEASEHolyyyyy this game keeps on delivering! This is SO close #Flashpoint3
Retweeted by ReverseNOT LIKE THIS for the love of god not a faze choke @FaZeUpdate @karriganCSGO CARRYGANCLUTCHIGAN WITH THE 1V3! @karriganCSGO | #FaZeUp
Retweeted by Reverse @csgosapporo Nice intersting read mate! The more of these you do the better you'll get at them. Cheers @h0ndaog estoy bebiendo agua ahorita @FURIA hydrating rn @DOTA2 You fuckers abandoned CS and only give a fuck about Dota. When the game dies you will only have yourselves to blame @followdusT @CSGO @valvesoftware Valve really dont give a shit about CS, they act like they're doing us a favour ev… be nice if the @csgo side of @valvesoftware actually committed to this level of support to the esports scene…
Retweeted by ReverseWe take down @Recon5Org 2-0 in @ESEA Premier GGs!
Retweeted by ReverseLETS GOOO GREAT GAME @ExtraSaltGG @MarkeCSGO @JTcsgo @Sonic_cs @FaNgJC @oSeecsEXTRA SALT GAME RN EVERYONE GO TUNE IN @floppyCSGO no you should watch the extra salt game @ExtraSaltGG @Recon5Org @ESEA @SharkGamingCom @Sonic_cs Hell yeah salt supremacy⚡ We're back 🇺🇸 home and taking on @Recon5Org in 15m for @ESEA Premier ⚡ 📺 🎙…
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@Sonic_cs What is this Artisan brand? @allan_hender LANtares @MarkeCSGO Tsss q rico, probecho @BLASTPremier Live in inferno, work at Nuke, holiday in CobbleFirst round of Phase 2 matches are COMING! 👀 The Phase 2 #cssummit 8 bracket begins THIS Friday with @ExtraSaltGG…
Retweeted by Reverse @PlayVALORANT LETS GO
Retweeted by Reverse @FURIA_VINI AHUEVO Andan en Mexico?? @DarfMike @Nohte Banger of a stream mate thanks I'll see if I get some clips from Extra Salt to send your way @DarfMike @Nohte @ExtraSaltGG Tuning in rn
@OGcsgo @launders posture check lads make sure you sit well in your chair @HLTVorg @NBK ING extracting his revengeDBL PONEY stun Vitality in Flashpoint 3 opener
Retweeted by Reverse @NBK @hundencsgo king 👑👑 @launders ez for dbl poney, a bee cant beat poney is not possibleeNBK taking his revenge on the team that benched himYou'll probably need this... sorry mate.. 🪦
Retweeted by Reverse @DBL_Poney As soon as you put out the vid earlier it was a guaranteed win, no team could stand that psychological warfare @allan_hender @DBL_Poney Strong team, dangerous to underestimate them.@NBK was like... 🐴🐴
Retweeted by Reverse @AstralisCS How is dupreeh adjusting to the AWP? @AstralisCS How does Bubzkji feel about finally being a starter? @donkssssss @NIPCS @CSunfortunate doesnt seem like the sting affected the pony too much eh? @JakeSucky NBKING @allan_hender "RPK was the problem" Vitality in serious freefall rn, wonder how they can bounce back from this @CORSAIR Entire hand lmao who types only one finger at a time. I do tend to favour a couple of fingers though
Retweeted by Reverse @hundencsgo @NBK NBKING @NIPCS @CSunfortunate thought it was gonna be 2-1 but knew dbl poney was gonna win ez for the poneys how can a bee… @kurosakki1 @RyanAtRBM dale try oleeeehow sure of this are you
Retweeted by Reverse @bodyy @TeamVitality monsterPOV: You are Team Vitality #Flashpoint
Retweeted by Reverse.@DBL_Poney (#35) stun @TeamVitality (#11) 2-0! 16:5 on Nuke 16:7 on Inferno #Flashpoint
Retweeted by Reverse @NBK NBKINGGG what a strong performance from @DBL_Poney @NIPCS huhHow'd this age Mr NIP is like a pilot for an anime series, @TomD1abloNewman @MonteCristo an rmr event is good but fuck the broadcast…
Retweeted by Reverse @BanKsEsports OK JUST MUTED STREAM TO WATCH THAT WAS NUTS WHAT AN INTRO @Flashpoint @bmthofficial @atantalas @TomD1abloNewman OK THIS IS FUCKING SICK @NIPCS You are too generous @NIPCS It says invalid code so maybe someone beat me to redeem it. Thank you for this opportunity NIP and good luck… @NIPCS Redeem A Premium/Insider Code ? @NIPCS PLEASE HOW DO I USE THIS?? WHERE DO I PUT IT IN @Flaring__ @raphpro390 Legendary vid @raphpro390 I called it, I think this will be 2-0 or 2-1 for DBL Poney, they're playing some great CS and Vitality seem in freefall @jamesbardolph You think Vitality will show up? Or will DBL Poney keep dominating? @Entropiqteam @Lack1csgo @nickelbackcsgo @Kradcs @El1anCSGO @Forester_cs @hoochR Great decisionAs of today, ⚫🟢 Entropiq becomes the 21st best team in the #CSGO world rankings. Welcome to our world! @Lack1csgo…
Retweeted by Reverse @RLewisReports I'll check it out after the gameTo say thank you for all the support since joining Endpoint, we're giving away a Falchion Knife Slaughter! 👀 To En…
Retweeted by Reverse @JukedGG @DBL_Poney DBL Poney is gonna win this game, predicted before the game, and this just strengthens my case.… @DBL_Poney absolutely dominated @TeamVitality on Nuke. Let's see if Vitality can bring it back on Inferno, their map pickEntropiq announce EPG Family signing
Retweeted by Reverse🇫🇷 SEE YOU ON SERVER @TeamVitality ⚔️ 🔥🔥🔥 #GOPONEY 🐴🐴
Retweeted by Reverse @MarkeCSGO Feliz cumple hermano, pasatela de huevos. Tambien preparate pa partirle la madre a los equipos en cs_summit 8 @MnmzzzCS Extra Salt have just been in Europe and bootcamp for a bit and are looking like a force to be reckoned wi… 8: Closed Qualifier: 4 North American Teams vs. 4 Brazilian Teams Only Four Will Advance, Who You Got?
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@Hybwid @OctaneSam Admin picked wrong server bc typo in an email @genetic951 @GambitEsports get a life lmao ez @genetic951 @GambitEsports you use this account just to talk shit about teams who play NaVi? Go outside lmao it's free @DreamHackCSGO @electronicCSGO Just got his revenge @OfficialBleh And electronic just had his revenge