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Came here for punk/metal puns, stayed for a Medicare For All. BLM. Insulin for all. BLM. ACAB. Trans lives matter. He/him.

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@danieltbrennan Overall, a solid 9. 7” is a perfect 10 though.Cursed Cursed Cursed Cursed And an encore by Cursed
Retweeted by Ryan Stoner @spectralRat Shannon stopped smoking because of panic attacks (more than a decade ago), but she did find thee CBD j… else see the irony in a gigantic wind powered boat that carries 7,000 oil burning cars?
Retweeted by Ryan Stoner @grittyscousin What does PSH say? “We need sustenance?” @WAVY_News Sure, but it’ll actually go to rich people first instead.
hahaha thanksgiving 2018 I worked 14 hrs at Buca di Beppo. I only made $250 & we had to stay late so the GM could l…
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#thankful @snarkreturns This is what DIY has been preparing you for your entire life.
@FrankLuntz Did this sound better in your head, Frank?This is PA’s Lieutenant Governor. (BTW, hell yes.) @Alyssa_Milano I wish we could send the entire ICE and CBP staffs #ForwardTogether into an active volcano. @snarkreturns Will they hassle us for trying to launch Bezos into the sun?
@jamiegerms Nope! bananas go to the beach. They put on sunscreen and go swimming and they jump in the lake. Is that funny?
Retweeted by Ryan StonerI know it’s a Mark Twain quote, but “You Can’t Pray a Lie” is the hardest damn album title. Goddamn.There are not enough Rollins Band albums on Spotify. @BVpinball I never listened to them much, but man did Sam McPheeters take some cues from this guy’s vocal style - a… sucks when I hear of people I know throwing parties. "Everyone gets tested!" We know tests aren't 100% reliable…
Retweeted by Ryan Stoner @zdarsky Kite man, hell yeah.this holiday season, im doing what's right for my family and not hiring rahm emanuel in any capacity
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My weekly “Lee Carter is doing a good job” post. @carterforva @brooklynransome @danadonly Yeah tou do. They just don’t advertise it.Woodward: I'll sit on the fact that the president knew the virus was airborne in February for nine months to sell a…
Retweeted by Ryan Stoner @danieltbrennan Excellent call on The Wire.
2020 @agoniarecords @AbsuNetwork It’s cool that now you’re branching out from nazi pedophiles to transphobes. I like ver… @Electrobattle I was exercising so much at 18. @cgravesva @gnarlycore @scummermcgnarly The OG (not Mr. Noodle’s brother Mister Noodle.) @gnarlycore @scummermcgnarly @cgravesva I was so pumped when I realized Cary Loudermilk (male) is TARS. (He’s also… AN merch. @vtownquikrete Literally listened to this an hour and a half ago. For a second I thought “Did we both hear it on the radio?” 😂 @scummermcgnarly @gnarlycore @cgravesva TARS forever. Did y’all watch Legion by chance?
@PhillyNoiseRock @fightamputation 😘 @RadishHarmers @GemOfAmara
Retweeted by Ryan Stonerpeople in their 50s think them sitting in a chair going type type type contributing no value to anyone is worth 200…
Retweeted by Ryan StonerHoly shit, Ed just murdered a veteran. @PhillyNoiseRock @fightamputation Oh god damn you. @page_of_quarrel @afterallthedead @dirthelmet This must be a franchise, because there’s one by my place too. @gnarlycore I love that score so much. Saw it openin night on the Air and Space Musuem IMAX screen. Those wide spac… @lceCreamSocial @Whatapityonyou @lceCreamSocial Excellent call. Goddamn, this movie is good. @CasterBlah @banaifeldstein @cwarzel That’s one hell of a hill to die on. (Also, no.)Just like no buyback program will ever incentivize a militia member to sell a semi/automatic weapon, no vaccine inc… almost seems like a good idea but: 1) What about people whose immune systems are compromised to the extent tha… Trump Jr has COVID? AND Rick Scott? Emanuel covered up the murder of a Black teenager, Laquan McDonald, while he was Mayor of Chicago. That he's…
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@chruvy Love, hate, kings, queens, You die alone in a cold world. Greed, lust, envy, trust, You get crushed in a co… @Electrobattle I knew Kenny was a badass.Is the implication that Kenny’s bedroom was just too much for Mrs. Sturak and killed her?“Nice Old Lady. Died of Natural Causes.”
This is fucking garbage. believing in the kindergarten class play version of Thanksgiving is like still believing in the tooth fairy.…
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Retweeted by Ryan StonerBan Senators from trading individual stocks. Period.
Retweeted by Ryan Stoner @mx_silkman Did you message Brett about it?Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr. is demanding the president and his aides be investigated and prosecuted after leaving office…
Retweeted by Ryan StonerMy calculator app just released a new feature???????
Retweeted by Ryan StonerWe've completely privatized Covid response, more or less. Everyone's on their own. Figure it out. Save yourselves;…
Retweeted by Ryan Stoner @outofexistence You got a private show, mate. Achievement: Unlocked.Fuck yeah. @PramilaJayapal is the true Speaker Of The House. @outofexistence Seems like they must have been on practically the same flight as you, because that would be when we met. @ericlettuce @snarkreturns @hoodyx Best not to take any chances. Into the sun with him.
@spectralRat When the riff is powerful.This is not a god damn feel-good story. We live in a hellscape. @PhillyNoiseRock @Uzkost_band @fightamputation I’ve frequently thought about how cool a “first three years” type co… just walked to the toaster saying out loud “Come on bread, don’t be too toasty,” then saw the toast and told it “… Twitter is Instagram now and Instagram is a mall . What’s next Amazon is the state ?? Wait
Retweeted by Ryan StonerVery helpful element of our latest public health order.
Retweeted by Ryan StonerOn silent since 2003. ✊ @Mr_Riddle0 @seenrobinson @mattwnelson @DinosaurDracula I liked two of the people in the basement.
I just donated to @GreenpeaceUSA to fight drilling in the arctic and support all its work! Join me!
Retweeted by Ryan StonerRadishes aren’t even cool for vegetables. @EREK_KUDLA @noechonet Unacceptable that this post was the first to mention Iron Lung. Absolutely the best. For me… is The People’s Champion., did anything happen between 2008 and 2020 to facilitate the unchecked spread of tech monopolies on the ad ma…
Retweeted by Ryan Stoner @PeterJWild73 @bencsmoke The only answer.hey maybe one problem that needs to be solved is rampant criminality from the president and his family
Retweeted by Ryan StonerNo more defense contractors as Defense Secretary. No more $740 billion Pentagon budget.
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Cormac McCarthy wouldn’t put KD, Harden and Kyrie on a fanless New York City team. the bleakness will be indescribable
Retweeted by Ryan Stoner“official sources called this election differently” is A-plus weasel shit
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A lot of normies think "I'm not antifa" or "I'm not a BLM protester." These threats of violence aren't directed at…
Retweeted by Ryan Stoner @ihxnnxssy @collin Knees weren’t half as bad as the lower part of my back/love handles. I have nothing but respect… of the smartest things I’ve done in my entire life was writing down the size of the bolt on my oil drain plug o… @JuanCarlosSiiii @blackhousenew Asking “where are the police!” when white supremacists use violence isn’t advocatin… blatant crimes committed on camera and in full view of Richmond police. But those same police have beaten…
Retweeted by Ryan Stoner @Slayertheband Truly a shithole country.The perfect Craigslist gig doesn’t exi-
Retweeted by Ryan StonerWhat we saw in DC last night was a police force that has spent months brutalizing people for demanding an end to po…
Retweeted by Ryan StonerSlavery. This is slavery. @spectralRat This pairs very nicely with the “Dick = Hog” conversation from earlier this week.If the devil's greatest trick was convincing us he doesn't exist the same is true of nazis. They exist. They're mar…
Retweeted by Ryan Stoner @dark0perative @blogjackets @JoeMontana @_TWDY_ The unmistakeable life of the military dependent. @danieltbrennan @KickBrainTumors Yes. @dark0perative @blogjackets @JoeMontana @_TWDY_ I thought you grew up in VA? @violethayes31 Keep reading comments/my actual posts, because I’m with you. ✊🌹