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@FairPlayEsports @RisenLazarus SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT…, lawyers are so fucking boring @RyanAtRBM are you the same person as @ryann_cs and is @moosemeatdealer the same as @mooseloff ? so many same names here in cs twitter
Retweeted by Ryan @AnrijsC No, male/female is sex, not gender. @Froste @Nadeshot Lmao it was still less than thatHE DID IT @Froste @Nadeshot This is going to hit 100k in two hours lmao @Zedd @Ninja @Froste @Nadeshot @marshmellomusic @DillonFrancis Lmaooooooooooo @notkeos RIP @TaysakGG ? @Clayster Normie Twitter really said “do it loser” @MnmzzzCS This is the prime content.“Your pronouns are what’s in between your legs” Ok sick, then mine are your/sister
MTU is now scouting for CS:GO! - Players - Managers/Analysts - Coaches We’re looking to expand the current CSG…
Retweeted by RyanI am free agent now! Thanks to @Envy for 13 months it was nice times, I am very excited to find a new team and reac…
Retweeted by Ryan @TriumphGamingGG @_BrianCS @DonHaci Ayo check me in @DonHaci @Professeur_CS @s @Professeur_CS esports fan, a crypto nerd and a WSB enjoyer walk into a bar... That's pretty much what the #WSBesports $25,000… @tariannkan [Superfollow exclusive] is set to make a change. Read my full report below 👇 @ItsTypho @_BrianCS Exclusive twitch clips, absolutely @ItsTypho @_BrianCS People subscribed to my twitch. @_BrianCS Bro we could start fake drama and say “Fuck this, let’s take it to the superfollows” and watch the subscriptions rise @mateuslzo $4.99/month @_BrianCS @_BrianCS Brian they pay us money“Super Follows” is going to really change the way that Twitter works. Now, when you want to send me a death threa… @HLTVorg Hey @oBoCSGO @aizyesque bangerhow are you gonna call yourself OG when you're not the original roster
Retweeted by Ryan @aizyesque Unbelievable your power in manifesting that reportwaiting for OG to make a roster move so I can tweet "how are you gonna call yourself OG when you're not the original roster"
Retweeted by Ryanhow you gonna call yourself OG when you’re not the original roster a reminder to go to the original article which has all the details: removing NBK is definitely an interesting move. @VaKarM_net’s report says that OG is looking at free agents or b… @BillW6251 @VaKarM_net YesNBK to be removed from OG (via @VaKarM_net) @DarfMike @Mod645 Lazy! How could I ever recommend you! Dishonor brought upon me! @Rusto_OW At least seven @Mod645 @DarfMike you alive after casting Kato? @MistyxInori It’s very cool @aizyesque @mezidog 300 IQ chess get paid 100k a year to live here with unlimited food and a 500Mbps connection, BUT, you have to punt small bab…’re not a “freethinker” bro, you just listen to Jordon Peterson and have a weird obsession with OG. Pack it in..@redditCSGO @TriumphGamingGG @csgoreddit @redditCSGO Do I repost @FairPlayEsports I could just go back to my LinkedIn if I really wanted that discourseClubhouse and Twitter Spaces is just discord for liberal arts kids @IamJovonW I still am in disbelief that was rigged 100% @IamJovonW LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOLYSHIT @IamJovonW That shit was a BOP
Retweeted by RyanIf you or someone you know is interested in collegiate CSGO, please reach out to me via Twitter DM or discord (Koi#…
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curry joins T1 VALORANT
Retweeted by Ryan @dazzLeGO @mooseloff Genuinely confused because I’ve thought it’s been official for like a long time @T1 @currydtx My guy 🤩 @mooseloff Fucking took long enough @Luminosity @OfficialAproto @mooseloff @st9llar @thi9f @YaBoiDre MoooooooooooooseTake two bad B’s to my Apartments, call that a Mirage a trois
Retweeted by Ryan @DariusExMachina Wishing the best for Schalke!!!Really thankful to both of my bosses having ginormous balls to publicly discuss these matters with a level of trans…
Retweeted by RyanTaller than 5'4" Commission Mauisnake and f1ukie
Retweeted by RyanRegarding the recent rumors on our #LEC Slot, @TimReichert14 & @claudio_kasper have prepared the following statemen…
Retweeted by Ryan @SimplyVeebs @piethrouer tf they want me to do 😭😭😭 @OfficialBleh Everyone: Hopefully we can have a good, competitive tournament for the best of T2 Americas teams! T… Buy Kabak for €25m @DonHaci true @RyanAtRBM
Retweeted by Ryan @jleibachphoto I can feel the winds of change bringing some incredibly dumb storm that will get everyone riled up,… seems very normal todaySaw the HLTV news for those who are wondering im not under contract and we will play Eliteserien and other tourname…
Retweeted by RyanBubzkji: "We had to rethink the whole idea of a six-man roster; I'm going to play multiple maps"
Retweeted by Ryan @roque_mn @DCTeam_gg @douglascosta Yooooooooo is that Neymar?!?! @Marciikek @aizyesque @DonHaci gesundheit @Marciikek @aizyesque @DonHaci Do you call it a petroleum station? @aizyesque @DonHaci Gasoline* @joshm1cks @floppyCSGO LMAOOOOOOOOOOsome unseen content for everyone @floppyCSGO
Retweeted by RyanWith the fifth week of @ESEA Premier NA Season 36 set to kick off at the top of the hour, here's a refresher on som…
Retweeted by RyanDo you want to join CT side W gang? You must sacrifice a goat at the fountain of A overpass to be deemed worthy of…
Retweeted by Ryan @ExtraSaltGG Full Story: Salt bench motm; look to MarKE
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Sources: @ExtraSaltGG has brought in MarkE on trial and he will debut in tonight’s ESEA Premier match against Rise… @RyanAtRBM interesting i just looked it up and on the UN website it says this specifically
Retweeted by Ryan @Osodankk If those are tacos I’m Stewie2kThis is actually a ethnic war crime and I tackled the saga of the @LAValiant's move to China, the downfall of the team's fan-focused reputa…
Retweeted by Ryan"The killer (who I had never heard) sent me an email today with the title "A Commendable Act", promising new attack…
Retweeted by RyanSuspeito confessou o crime 30 minutos depois do ocorrido COD: Jogadora Sol é assassinada em São Paulo…
Retweeted by Ryan @ByYourLogic just cried to this @CxziDanny Shots 1-5: Clearly missed. Shots 6-9: Missed due to recoil (bad spray control). Shots 10-11: Very close,… @ChuckDat @_nickwebber Well... still they should smuggle him to Lisbon.Why did they use the Masters colors scheme for this graphic 🤣😭 @_nickwebber Idk exactly where he is, but seems that he’s having visa issues’s the rate for smuggling a Jordanian to the EU, like, $50k? Totally worth.OG should save the money on a transfer fee for a new player and use it to smuggle ISSAA to Lisbon, honestly @tariannkan Kari!!! Which one are you??