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@SirScoots omfg scottgod jesus shut the fuck up
NA Faceit playground monkey bars
Retweeted by Ryan @yayFPS Welcome to Nordavind. @gio_fps @roque_mn How rude to not also include that I was wrong. @TimMEsports @RushBMediaGG @oficialoplano @Nordavindgg I’ve been very mean to them with all my jokes it’s time I was a bit flattering.It begins a lot apuração do @roque_mn, @garciajulia e @RyanAtRBM Para aqueles que têm dúvidas sobre a parte financeira da N…
Retweeted by Ryan(you should click the links to the original stories and not just HLTV we need the views ty) @aizyesque @RushBMediaGG @oficialoplano @Nordavindgg ?????????I want to mention that @garciajulia worked on the BR report with @roque_mn. I apologize for not including her in my original tweet. @Tiago_FF @oficialoplano @Nordavindgg @RushBMediaGG @roque_mn @garciajulia I apologize, I’ll add under my tweet.Bom dia @MemesHltvCom @garciajulia (e colaboração do @RushBMediaGG): O Plano negocia com a organização norueguesa Nordavind. Partes a…
Retweeted by RyanBrazilian powerhouse @oficialoplano in negotiations with @Nordavindgg
Retweeted by RyanBrazilian powerhouse @oficialoplano is in negotiations with @Nordavindgg, sources tell @RushBMediaGG. Reporting w… my bad dude nevermind @HLTVorg THATS MY BOYSources: junior to stand-in for Bad News Bears on loan
Retweeted by Ryan @vooCSGO everyone to NordavindThrilled to announce that on August 12 I’ll be joining the @Dexerto team as Esports Editor. Working with multiple e…
Retweeted by Ryan @jleibachphoto Yeah I’m talking about through next WednesdayIt’s going to be an exciting week. @Dylan__DSJ @Lleyton420 Get his assJust saw someone from Belgium on my timeline. My day is completely ruined.CSGO Roster Update:
Retweeted by Ryan @Sam41gaming Just simply, completely factually, untrue. was not an easy process, so thanks to @LukasAtRBM, @JacobHalfman, and @ItsTypho for all the review help. I’m so… didn’t always choose the most qualified candidate for each role - but focused on people who had great quality, p… applications have FINALLY been reviewed and everyone should be hearing back within the next few days. Thanks fo… comes up with whole ass songs We come up with… two words. Repeated. it
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@moosemeatdealer @DonHaci @_BrianCS @_BrianCS @piethrouer where is that @piethrouer Love to get my final versions minutes before publication @Nohte Oh sick! That’s my face that’s on CSGO’s Twitter header. Where is yours, Danish? I tried looking but couldn’t find it anywhere… @piethrouer You can literally schedule tweets @byadamfitch @GeorgeCGed when do you talk about me that’s all i care about as a serial narcissist @Nohte actually that was great content @_BrianCS @DonHaci When he said he was trying to get his life together I didn’t think he’d come back three months l… @MikeyMak2214 Get my ass @diamondbackGG good number bad numberwow this is an outrage i am burning my Cuomosexual shirt now!!!1!! @TheJamesMattone Rude! @myw3nn how do you have madison beer and nelkboys tagged in your bio are you a real person @TheJamesMattone @parquesomedia @JacobWolf @lcs @FTX_Official If you’re targeting my comment, I had to explain even… opinion Twitter is wild because it’s a bunch of 17 year olds calling a 23 year old “washed” while the 30+ writ… @ExtraSaltGG @CSGO Oh fuck yeahAnnouncement: We're here to grind, and work, and win @CSGO
Retweeted by RyanYo @tarik bad news bears needs one @PTR_tvCSGO The Dirty Peek Pete 😭I’d like to announce that today I’m retiring from CSGO. It’s been a long journey full of great experiences and many…
Retweeted by Ryan @Vansilli Wait… is this… a genuine rumor?what is content if we can’t make harmless jokes on the internet about a multi-million international esports organiz… @Tombizz My fans don’t have to be perfect, they just have to be themselves. @Blackbeard Enjoy vacation!got new fanmail! @laughoffliam Yes I do. I am the Czar of Vaccines and whatever I say is law. @JacobWolf @lcs @FTX_Official Any idea if this deal will cause Riot to reconsider TSM’s name change to TSM FTX? Was… The @LCS will announce a seven-year sponsorship deal with @FTX_Official as the first crypto partner of any…
Retweeted by Ryan @khanslashblitzz I just remembered seeing a ton of “McDonald’s doesn’t pay workers” reports in the last few years a… match! @Jackinhocs Mezii moves forward with M2 make sure to bully him for that @CSGOALEX He left Cloud9 to save a region only more desperate than NA… Sweden. @kingmezii @FNATIC @TeamEndpoint Gamers Legion > Cloud9 > Endpoint > Fnatic bro you got commitment issues or whatoh my god am i a fnatic fan now @FNATIC @kingmezii @CSGOALEX
Retweeted by RyanThe start of something new. Welcome, @kingmezii & @CSGOALEX to the Black and Orange.
Retweeted by RyanLong overdue. If you are physically able to be vaccinated and willing choose not to, you shouldn’t get to participa… @MsMarmitelover @jennyeye If I die of COVID can you please also call me hot @slowiscool @NEONISNOTHERE Verified users have the worst tweets @Marciikek I am an Unbiased International CSGO Journalist. @StrikerHLTVorg RyanAtRBM, known for never running his mouth and always being balanced on situations and letting th… @DarfMike Idk but apparently he does this? Unclear. He is definitely alive, however.“I’m sorry that your hot brother died of COVID” for several hours now I have been told from credible sources the reason NA players have tweeted “👀”. however… @pocke7watch @lagge15 @ExtraSaltGG Homie how’d you think an org like that was a player org 😭😭 @pocke7watch @lagge15 @ExtraSaltGG …bro log off for me lmao2021.08.03
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hell yeah @peta I’m gonna suck that cow’s boobs and then make some burgers out of it.There is absolutely NOTHING that will prepare you for the batshit insanity that this is story. eBay, over the cou… hope you shut the fuck upI can’t believe Mira left HLTV for RBM. We’re not even paying him!Very emotional day for me. When I look back, it's crazy to see just how much this website has grown in the last 12…
Retweeted by Ryan @1grimcs @1juniorcs haha hey good morning guysLuis authored nearly 9000 news posts in his tenure with HLTV, the first one published more than 12 years ago. His i…
Retweeted by RyanTo @StrikerHLTVorg and @Professeur_CS, congratulations on the new responsibilities and the challenge of having to f… @StrikerHLTVorg yeah yeah @StrikerHLTVorg a fucking twitlongerIncredibly happy for @luismmira as he takes his next steps from HLTV. He’s been an incredible mentor, a friend, and… changing of the guard in the HLTV newsroom
Retweeted by Ryan @piethrouer @tariannkan I’ve never idolized any politician ever.announce when @fnaticcArn: "As long as CS is out there and is a competitive game, fnatic is here to be a top contender"
Retweeted by RyanSo many people get so worked up about all-staff reply all, or @/channel and @/here pings. You have 10,000 unread em…
Retweeted by Ryan @Rosenchef Thanks so do II cannot do this today