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@awraynor Rings like a bell... @SethPJohnson It ain't OS 1.3.2... ;) The good ol' days...every time I post a good tweet a bad one appears on the portrait of my twitter account hidden in the attic
Retweeted by Ryan EricksonRock Band end to fall break... @Simplybec81 Confirmed. @flogginrooster @KetoHiking Now you're living in Utah... No, not that one... @FakeThemePark I didn't vote for that idiot. Keep the park open!!! (and my paychecks coming!!!)
@MollyMiller951 China is an *amazing* place, but amazing doesn't outweigh lack of freedom in my book. @Tessadunlop 'Murica. @design_law Misspelling *is* their brand... @flogginrooster Supervising. @FakeThemePark Did she lose her plasma donating job again? @MollyMiller951 I need no sympathy. @awraynor I was shocked to find out it was coined so early ('67).
@awraynor 'Aerobics' was coined in my year... @woodchuck412 @Pinche_Gringos Looks like left, actually. @Kheldarn @FakeThemePark He identifies as a person of blindness. @Kheldarn @FakeThemePark Paul is colorblind. @supernovia Yep. As friendly as the day is long. @Kheldarn @FakeThemePark More a lavender, according to Guest Services. @flogginrooster Is A34 5BC a specific person you know? @flogginrooster Also like it... @SwiftOnSecurity Aerobics to Zonked-out.
@FitzgeraldSTA @fancypirate8 They're really better the less you think about them... @flogginrooster Looks like a freaking batman bike. @awraynor I think it held up surprisingly well. @iowahawkblog Old-school carny vibes. @fancypirate8 I think you got those backwards... @gabegundy @kat_thegeek @TrentMano @MegMorleyWalter @sunnywash That's just wrong. Of course, we have chickens, so… @awraynor Yeah, in wargames as well... @supernovia Dad had a camper shell on the F150 crew cab, carpeted with 4" of foam under the carpet. We'd ride in th…
Smol egg. you know: the first computers were built for government use? that's right, they were state machines
Retweeted by Ryan Erickson @mdrache @muffnbear Agreed. Rhubarb pie should be unadulterated. @GeorgeBruno My wife wouldn't like it very much, so probably not. :)What kind of sword would you recommend for my 78 year old mother who has osteoporosis?
Retweeted by Ryan Erickson @vboykis Zero-based indexing was invented _after_ one-based indexing. So it was a deliberate choice someone made. I…
Retweeted by Ryan EricksonWhat are you lookin' at, nerd? It's time for #DavesCarIDService
Retweeted by Ryan Erickson @ckindel Safe travels. @AndrewD9001 @FakeThemePark Only on Halloween. @flogginrooster Fire up provo canyon. @lindaholmes @JesseThorn I nap with movies I've seen multiple times. Moneyball works well. @ilanas @matvelloso I found put Alexa would'nt discover over about 200 items... @flogginrooster
@ACTBrigitte Nope. @misfit_nurse Yup. @LPFaught @emzanotti It was something bad in the crisper drawer, if I recall. @design_law Bunny can't see which are the dotted lines and which aren't. Bad bunny. (\_/) ( •_•) / >☂️ @no_sifty Can we keep the truck nutz? @mikejolk @SwiftOnSecurity Corn is for lovers. @emerald1910 Hello. Things are looking up. :) @gabegundy @flogginrooster Blessing and a curse @FakeThemePark So, Aladdin? @flogginrooster Copy and paste but change what the bunny is holding (\_/) ( •_•) / >🐀 @flogginrooster Too chicken for the cold showers... @awraynor @googlenest We do roku's, I have the firetv for work. May have to try the chromecasts... @flogginrooster Forgot about that... @flogginrooster I'd lose some poundage if I could do that... : @VerumVulnero1 @frnklns4k @flogginrooster How often do they get a rat? @awraynor @googlenest Did the same for 4k Firetv stick. Wire is always better than no wire... @Mike_Light_77 I also heard islands in the stream.Good boy sings to the Startrek intro..
Retweeted by Ryan Erickson @flogginrooster Pretty amazing how fast they strike... @awraynor @QNAP_nas I have only half-filled the space on my 6x4TB (RaidZ2) FreeNAS box. I can wait a while for an upgrade... :)If you get strong enough, all pants become tearaway pants. #goals
Retweeted by Ryan Erickson @awraynor @QNAP_nas 12 of those bays with 14TB WD Red drives... Hmmm...暇すぎて会社に落ちてたピストンで ピストンボーイつくた笑
Retweeted by Ryan Erickson @curlycomedy Chilipad. That's the tweet.Everyone knows The Babylon Bee is satire. Sure, a boomer here and there gets fooled by it, but— *looks at Twitter* *spits out drink*
Retweeted by Ryan Erickson @rnbeckyt @jumpinjonnydee @JoeSilverman7 Jill Biden is still not a doctor. @PenelopeFigtree @ScepticalDoctor "Oats 'N Insulin" is Quaker foods' next hit product... ;)
@ckindel Niiiice. @flogginrooster Head's turned the wrong way... @awstar11 Post some of those in the yard, it'd be more effective than the 'Protected by ADT' signs... ;) @garylewis @muffnbear (\_/) ( •_•) / >👓 @BiggestComeback @fancypirate8 Fugitive vibes. @FakeThemePark From Legal: Not recommended for those who are pregnant or wish to become so someday. @flogginrooster Definitely... @IKantEvenToday Fruit tootsies are just log-shaped Starburst, but with added wax. @IKantEvenToday @marcorandazza I heard he was born in the USA. @youtah @KSL5TV @KSLSharaPark It's nuts... @FakeThemePark For Guest Safety, there is a First Aid Kit in every Churro Cart! @erraggy @SwiftOnSecurity @design_law Not ostentatious at all... @apelad @ericwastl Getting early PTSD... @joao_g_braga @fancypirate8 Woo! @joao_g_braga @fancypirate8 I couldn't, let's see...
logging back onto twitter dot com
Retweeted by Ryan Erickson @awraynor That's what you'd say even if they were... <conspiracy> @awraynor @AlisonKrauss "Damn, we're in a tight spot". @awraynor It was rumored that puff was referring to some drug. @awraynor That song and Puff the Magic Dragon were two of my favorite songs as a kid. Obvs didn't understand the lyrics... @mrc314 And yourself. @awraynor It has been the ruin of a lot of poor boys. @FoodFirst_Ty Optimistic steak. @gabegundy Out