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Certified Broadcast Meteorologist at NEWS CENTER Maine. Penn State alum. Skiing, running, or golfing, depending on the season. Instagram: @RyanBretonWX

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@DaffronSamantha @DanielleBreezy Safe travels! I learned a lot about how to handle tornado warnings on TV from Danielle @DaffronSamantha Ugh I can only imagine. If you live in Nashville, hope you watch my friend and mentor @DanielleBreezy!Tornado confirmed near Hiram today. Here is the write up from NWS Gray:
Retweeted by Ryan Breton @MarionSyversen @SeeCPRun 😂🙄😬🤮💪🏻🤣 @kirkminshowwx yes, whenever the red snapper color starts to bend around on know it's bad news @DaffronSamantha you've been in a good spot for storms this week! @RyanBretonWX Watched one form on Sebago and now we’re getting hit with round 2
Retweeted by Ryan Breton @Old_Chief for sure... not to mention the 5 in 2017 on one of my first weekends here @easter_nor first of the year, we average two @RStefansky I just like weather, what can I say @mattlanza @YasT62 and me
@OceanStWx @ryanhanrahan @butter663 Makes sense, I'd hate that for the FAR @OceanStWx @ryanhanrahan @butter663 I probably should have known this from 2017, but that first tornado on July 1 d… @ryanhanrahan @butter663 I actually had no idea of the technical terminology difference because we don't have inlan… were great, first on the air! Finished my bucket of balls at the driving range just in time to run in 🏌️'s what we know about the tornado so far. Team coverage on the damage with @MikeSliferWX and me next on… @RyanBretonWX @NWSGray No way! I saw that from Hacker Hill in Casco
Retweeted by Ryan BretonDamage to a metal roof on Peabody Pond in Sebago, from likely tornado. @NWSGray on Barker Pond in Sebago. It then caused tree damage on land. Residents on the pond are without power.… damage reported in Hiram from possible tornado. #mewx reported a funnel cloud in Naples at 3:47. Strong rotation on radar in that spot at the time. #ncmwx WARNING issued for Naples area. Long Lake included. Live coverage with @mikesliferwx on @newscentermaine ri… storm is serious. Potential for damaging wind gusts or even a tornado just south of Denmark. Moving toward Rt… up western Maine lakes region... storm located over Hiram with potential for damaging wind/hail and there is… can trust your local news reporters. These are people that live in your community who truly care about the welf…
Retweeted by Ryan BretonSun emerging. Very humid afternoon on the south side of #Fay's circulation. Still some patches of low clouds/fog an…! Thank #Fay of the steady rain is done in southern Maine, but there's a lot of fog, mist and drizzle. Sun will gradually p… Saturday morning! It's feeling tropical outside right now with very high humidity. The good news is the wettes… @MarionSyversen Hurt my foot last weekend... plantar fasciitis type pain since Sunday. Been laying low this week. D…
@RockOperaKMS @kirkminshowwx Is there a minifan memorial golf tourney in Maine I was not made aware of? @BigSteve207 @HockeyMaine1Wx1 enjoy...if driving Rt 1, try Helen's in Machias @rpd53 We don't do that. Unfortunately we have no control over national networks, which likely gloss over things @rpd53 it up Maine... this is great news. @annecloutier3 Nope. And in my forecasts both Tuesday and Wednesday I said I didn't think it would be...with most o… @Old_Chief Track definitely shifted west but I was never buying the Euro onslaught of all day rainMost of the rain in central and southern Maine will be over by 10am. The afternoon will be mostly cloudy, very humi… morning! Please don't let the fact that #Fay has a name ruin your Saturday plans. The forecast for Maine has not changed...Pretty cool sky out of Carrboro, NC this evening. Looks like virga to me featuring a slice of rainbow! @mazewx66
Retweeted by Ryan Breton#Sunset Tonight at Seabrook Harbor, #NHwx Red Sky at night=Sailor's Delight @TimNBCBoston @ericfisher @RyanBretonWX
Retweeted by Ryan Breton
@iPadMatt Yup, at least I forecasted it this time!Well the 4 hours of sun today were nice Orchard Beach disappearing in the fog... bank sitting just at the edge of the ocean in Hampton #NHwx beautiful, hot, humid and sunny on the sand!…
Retweeted by Ryan Breton @TimNBCBoston Yup...crazy. I can't remember a 2-3 week stretch battling this much fog in southern coastal Maine. Su… @USAStriker @MikeyV1960 @GlobeChadFinn With those numbers, time for a Hub simulcast on a Portland radio station @AckAttackk There’s an idea! @AckAttackk Congrats Dave! Big loss for VT but a great move for you. Good luck man. @mutefrances_ @__phae @PressHerald Agreed...
@ally_bowden @ericfisher Wow, that's crazy Ally!Double #rainbow #HamptonBeach #NH @RyanBretonWX @TimNBCBoston @WMUR9_Weather @thurstonhow
Retweeted by Ryan BretonOver 10,000 outages tonight according to @cmpco's website. #thunderstorms #severeweather #mewx #NCMwx
Retweeted by Ryan Breton @RyanBretonWX eastern side of Augusta, measured 2.61 inches
Retweeted by Ryan BretonShelf cloud moving into Augusta ahead of the next line of storms. ⁦#mewx of half dollar size hail in East Dixfield, Maine (just NW of Jay)! If you have reports or pictures, please…
Retweeted by Ryan Breton @grc207 @newscentermaine I was there originally! @RyanBretonWX @newscentermaine Gorgeous storm as seen from Shaker Hill just after it passed New Gloucester.
Retweeted by Ryan Breton @HockeyMaine1Wx1 @newscentermaine 26 on G-NG line @MicahMalloy I’m here! #stormySevere thunderstorm rolling through Gray. Some hail mixed in here. Live updates on the road with Stormy on… in: Severe Thunderstorm Watch issued for much of ME, NH, VT until 10pm. why Maine won’t lift restrictions on Massachusetts visitors, @MassGovernor says he had a “collegial” conversatio…
Retweeted by Ryan Breton @clamberton7 @jreineron7 @ryanhanrahan @Nocera5 Of course. Can use that one with a name or not!Update from @NWSSPC matches our forecast well. Severe storms are likely 1-7pm today, highest risk in central and we… @morupside Ugh, sorry to hear that @WesternMEwx Haha are you watching? I legit said that 😂Severe thunderstorms are likely this afternoon, especially in central and southern Maine. Get my latest forecast he… @ChristinaErne Same haha... I'm not usually hungry on this shift either!Morning everyone! Filling in on the MORNING REPORT and lots to talk about this AM. The economic benefit of face mas…
Retweeted by Ryan BretonGood Wednesday morning! Today starts cloudy... but it turns more humid with hazy sun. Strong storms expected this a…
@BryanFoleyTV @TVLeeG Bryno??Quiet today... but tomorrow afternoon looks stormy. More on the potential severe weather threat on @newscentermaine @JackSillin @TimNBCBoston @joshtimlin “Crushed” is a relative term apparently 🤣 not sure if 30 was the final number… @JackSillin @TimNBCBoston @joshtimlin 2018 we had the most number of 70 degree dew point days on record in PWM. Cru… will likely be the least humid day of the next 7. #wakeMEup County representing this morning! @Seafeathers @newscentermaine Thanks Kimberly! I'll get this on at some point in the 6am hourGorgeous morning here in Lubec with a view of the sun rising over on Campobello Island! And sea roses too.…
Retweeted by Ryan Breton @rick03907 @TVLeeG @newscentermaine @StormHour on in the 5:30 half hour!Looks like my nickname for @RyanBretonWX has stuck! 😎 #wakeMEup
Retweeted by Ryan Breton @rick03907 Ughhh and with a southeast wind today 🤦‍♂️ @fraine_bethany @TVLeeG Thanks Bethany! On TV in the 5am hourGood Tuesday morning! Today looks decent... but on the cooler side, with highs in the low to mid 70s. Join us on…
@rick03907 @MeteoroloJess Just got off the beach. Cool but great to feel the sunAmazing rescue of a man at Nubble Lighthouse today. #peopleareawesome 📷: Lois Griswold
Retweeted by Ryan Breton @MikeSliferWX This woke me up... I thought it was someone setting off fireworks! @annecloutier3 Noon show first... and then yes!Looking great on the south coast! Some fog could return tonight... looking ahead to much higher humidity later this… @rick03907 Should be good for the rest of the day! @morupside We needed it just as much as everyone else haha @KeithCarson sky in Portland! @JackSillin @TimNBCBoston still drizzling in Portland 45 mins ago... now the sun poking through. Miracles!!!It's happening... the clouds are moving out🙏 @rick03907 @TVLeeG @newscentermaine *not holding my breath* 😂Come hang out with me and this guy on this misty Monday.... #wakeMEup @RyanBretonWX
Retweeted by Ryan BretonGood morning! It's a foggy, damp start but I'm optimistic even the coast will see some sun this afternoon.…
@rick03907 @newscentermaine This is great!