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I’ve known Keith Yandle for years. I’ve seen his mouth get destroyed and go back in the game. I can’t understand w…
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@ZacBeThompson @AshcanPress It's fantastic.For the Patrons - I am having a hell of a time with the editing software tonight. Still trying to get next week's e…'s fucking go!!! @alexemccreedy Whoa! Have fun!I give this headline a slow clap SO slow it will take me until Jan. 20 to finish.
Retweeted by Ryan CodyAnd yes, the shirt I'm wearing is no less than 17 years old.Hockey's back. A game every other night for the next 4 months. Bear with me. I promise to post more art. #LFG boys! Garland +25 goals this year. Need 20+ from Kels.
Everyone trying to stay productive: The news:
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Once it comes out, I want @scottygod to send me a black and white artist's edition .pdf of his Future State: House… think comic book fans and even many non-artist pros don't understand the added levels of pressure/work it is for…
Retweeted by Ryan CodyTrump Scoreboard: 2 Impeachments 1 Term 0 Popular vote wins - 1 House - 1 Senate
Retweeted by Ryan CodyI read (and dug) S.W.O.R.D. #2 today and in it I found out that Earth has been cast in a global shadow and I just t… I working at my regular capacity? no. but am I prioritizing and taking care of the most important tasks? no. but…
Retweeted by Ryan Cody @ThomasHealy Thanks buddy! @HappyHourComic Thanks man, I appreciate it.After a long day of coloring Family Tree, I decided to wind down a do a quick color job over this beautiful… Congressional Republicans, If you’re offended by metal detectors at work, wait until you hear what schoolchil…
Retweeted by Ryan CodyDid my depression write this?
Retweeted by Ryan CodyHappy #NHL Season Eve! 🏒 (h/t: @emilymkaplan)
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in one tweet, the most fucked up indictment of every aspect of American life in the last 20 years
Retweeted by Ryan CodyLet's Go Boys! @peacockTV are there no announcers for #WOLEVE ?
Retweeted by Ryan CodyOK pals, I made a thing I wanted to wear & now you can get it too. Free Shipping! Code “F…
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Some of that comics good good. morning!! We're officially one week away from FOC on issue 1 of RADIANT BLACK! Have you pre-ordered you…
Retweeted by Ryan CodyHE'S BACK. Today, we officially announce Shane Doan as Chief Hockey Development Officer. Welcome home, Captain!
Retweeted by Ryan CodyNo, sorry. You’ve got to carry this baby for the rest of your lives.
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REPUBLICANS: “We just lost the House, the Senate, the Presidency, the respect of the world and 350,000 lives, meet us in the middle.” No.
Retweeted by Ryan CodyJesus Christ Democrats DO SOMETHING! Fucking FIGHT! Be AGGRESSIVE! For once!! Act with your GUT, please!
Retweeted by Ryan CodyFACT: More people died in the Republican-incited domestic terror attack on the U.S. Capitol than died in Benghazi.…
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During a time when it's kill or be killed, a peculiar duo of adventurers come face-to-face with the dark and distur…
Retweeted by Ryan CodyHi this is the liberal lesbian of the family who has been kicked out multiple times for her views and for going to…
Retweeted by Ryan Cody @ZackDavisson @Ben_Abernathy @themikenorton @Jody_Houser @jeffparker @CraigTaillefer @craigrousseau @finalfuryk
@TBonvillain @NickDerington @ClaytonCowles @Ben_Abernathy I really enjoyed your colors on this. Really great work.#tbt to that time in 2018 when we talked about comic conventions. What we like, what we don't, and all sorts of oth…
Retweeted by Ryan CodyBought a refurbished new desktop and it can't get here soon enough. Photoshop is crawling...Listening to music and dancing, while the capitol building was overrun. This is the leadership those people love. ready for some wild west horror in Midnight Western Theatre, debuting in March from @louisjsouthard,…
Retweeted by Ryan Cody @CharlieChu I didn't even watch that because of the constant anxiety angle. Today has been insane.Think about how much time we've lost over the past four years when days like today happen. Full days where so man…
Retweeted by Ryan CodyThey are trying to slap a Native man with 17 years in prison for supposedly grabbing a police shield during the Bla…
Retweeted by Ryan CodyFFS stop acting like Romney is treating this as anything other than a publicity op for his next presidential run.
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Retweeted by Ryan CodyI'll discuss Rubbish Heap and Public Domain all day however. With multiple Yuenglings, of course.Is there a skate park close to the Charlotte Convention Center? We should have a sesh next time there's a… he's impeached, Trump will beat Romney to get the GOP ticket in 2024 because 47% of you are fucking un-patri… the span of 24 hours Black Americans voted to save our democracy and a white violent mob tried to destroy it.
Retweeted by Ryan CodyEvergreen. those of you too young to remember 9/11, we felt a lot like you feel now.
Retweeted by Ryan CodyAs of 9:30 tonight, D.C. police had made 52 arrests. On June 1, during BLM protests following George Floyd's death…
Retweeted by Ryan Cody @MitchGerads Let's get drunk then. And be angry.Black hair care products are better secured than the US Capitol 🤷🏿‍♀️
Retweeted by Ryan Cody @TheMorris More like a human centipede.We spend $750 billion annually on "defense" and the center of American government fell in two hours to the duck dyn…
Retweeted by Ryan CodyLady G is dumping Drumpf. @CullyHamner Thanks Cully. I'm an idiot. And wound up. Will delete
That’s Richard “Bigo” Barnett, 60, from Gravette, Ak., showing off the personalized envelope he took from Speaker P…
Retweeted by Ryan CodyI am imploring you to understand that this is what happens when fascists don’t get the shit beaten out of them earlier in the process
Retweeted by Ryan CodyOne thing I've not really seen mention of in all the chaos in D.C. is that every single computer in the building, a…
Retweeted by Ryan CodyBatman fucking gets it. Get tough, get progressive or get the fuck out of the way Joe. you don't impeach and remove a President for staging a coup, what's the point of impeachment.
Retweeted by Ryan CodyNext time something like this happens, if it's @VP or @JoeBiden, send in the fucking Marines. And don't wait hours to do it."Treasonous Man-Babies." thinking that on #DesignatedSurvivor we had to devise a very complicated way to “plausibly” get explosives int…
Retweeted by Ryan Codytoo many libs on the TL shocked that the white supremacists with badges aren’t using excessive force on the white supremacists without
Retweeted by Ryan CodyWhen you can’t win so you steal the trophy and you don’t get in trouble because your Dad donated money to the schoo…
Retweeted by Ryan CodyI have zero martial arts training, zero weapons training, and I'm 60 pounds overweight and I'm pretty confident in… not only takes ownership over today's events, but does so with pride. He frames insurrection as justice for t…
Retweeted by Ryan CodyIt's winter. You could end this with a garden hose.
Retweeted by Ryan CodyJust our luck that this is the one country we won’t send the military into to restore democracy
Retweeted by Ryan CodyUNCLEAR??????
Retweeted by Ryan CodyHard to police when you secretly support it
Retweeted by Ryan Codywe marched because we were getting killed, y’all are rioting because you didn’t get your way...we are not the same.
Retweeted by Ryan CodyAmazing that @realDonaldTrump can get an area cleared out so that he can walk to have a photo op but nothing can be…
Retweeted by Ryan CodyHow capitol police handled disabled protestors fighting against abolishing the ACA a few years ago:
Retweeted by Ryan CodyAll of this because a black man was president and a woman wanted to be.
Retweeted by Ryan CodyHow much confidential or delicate information is on all those papers just left out for the terrorists to peruse? Th…'m pretty sure I got scolded by a guard for leaning against the wrong wall or something on my capitol tour. Now we… Kirby would punch every one of those assholes in the face.
Retweeted by Ryan Cody @TreeBeerd Same.The most secure city in the world has the fewest police on the most important day of the year with almost our entir…
Retweeted by Ryan CodyArmed protesters are currently attempting to storm the US Capitol and overturn the results of a free and fair elect…
Retweeted by Ryan CodyFucking insanity. there were a thousand black people non-peacefully protesting and causing a disturbance outside of the capitol bu… schedule opens up for new work around mid-February. I've still got a Kickstarter to fulfill and plenty of work f… now have Congress, the Senate, and the Presidency in large part thanks to Black people. No excuses, get thing…
Retweeted by Ryan CodyIf we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed.......and we will deserve it.
Retweeted by Ryan CodySpencer Knight's nickname is "Rider", which is fucking awesome. way to spend a couple hours and kill half a bottle of Whitney. #WJC2021 #USAHockey beating Canada using essentially only 6 forwards. #WJC2021 @EricTrump If you want them to lose get your dad to endorse them.
Retweeted by Ryan Codyif Democrats take both GA seats the party will face perhaps its greatest challenge: actually governing like they won
Retweeted by Ryan CodyRick from Red Deer right now. @spittinchiclets and Puerto Rican statehood. Bury it in the $2000 checks.
Retweeted by Ryan CodyTHERE WE GO TURCS! 1-0 with 6:35 to go in the first! #USAWJC | #WorldJuniors
Retweeted by Ryan CodyLet's go boys! #USAHockeyUnder @DougDucey's leadership: - Arizona has been the global hotspot for the COVID-19 virus twice during the pand…
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