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hold on i’m about to stan @rosiesrambles right quick. A PSALM OF STORMS AND SILENCE is out june 1, 2021 and it’s a…
We're honored to announce the launch of Pippin's first Annual African American Creatives Grant! This grant will awa…
Retweeted by ryanDARLING is a tiny bit different than my other books but a tiny bit the same. Its more commercial and more accessib…
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@BGoodeWrites thank you 🥺💙 @BGoodeWrites lol you saw it 😂i sneaked it in therei appreciate queer men who talk openly about dating on here and share experiences. perspective is everything. most of the time im confusedthis is very sexually motivating for me @nolandean27 LOL. my fave is “i’m going home. i suck.”Ultimate Halloween Movie for me.
Retweeted by ryan @AsToldByDK tastei feel like of all the animated horrors monster house just has the most heart and most memorable characters. it’s also the scariest @nolandean27 lovvvve chowder @lanewriteswords the way i’m over here deeply considering thishave the gorls admitted monster house is better than coraline?can you say...monumental? stimulus not coming yal, go out and steal.
Retweeted by ryan @KaylaAncrum yesssss 😫😫the good sis dw was daaaazed. also your cover is BEAUTIFUL!!!! @TracyAbell good to know!funny how the tables turn. landlord really hit me with an eviction threat for being a few days late with rent for the first time ever @JRYussuf @MensHealthMag period period period!!!Very excited to officially announce I'm a freelance writer for the sex & relationships section of @MensHealthMag G…
Retweeted by ryan @JasHammonds i have Things to Say but i’m just what cost? and to whom?i’m torn between getting very political on here and protecting my blood pressure and mental health. i’m still not r… @BrentCLambert happy birthday!! 💙💙 @KaylaAncrum manic-depressively writing existential poetry 😫 @rosiesrambles his career is obsolete @AnotherLoveTKO ryandouglassw <3 i forgot you could connect with people on there lolpinterest is becoming my happy placementally i’m here’m teaching a workshop for teens with @loftliterary in less than two weeks! If you know a teen who’s interested in…
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@rogue_ALA never heard of this but thanks for the rec! @Claribel_Ortega big cobalt vibes 💙 @thinglygrammar hey!Are you a publishing professional that wants to give back to the writing community? WTMP has a few events up our sl…
Retweeted by ryan @prophessorj 5’10 ain’t short lol @ChizNuke this is it 😩 @TwitNumeroUno oh god he’s even worse @TwitNumeroUno i was taken aback LOLi wonder if she’s still haunted by mestill haunted by the white girl from that romance convention who gave me the death glare when i implied i didn’t like jane austenthe one on the left is where i’ll be from my 30s-40s and the one on the right is where i’ll be when i’m rich and re… is my future home. whoever’s gonna be my husband has to get with the vibes day i’ll walk up a staircase in a gothic mansion and it’ll feel like home gay boys with daddy issues
there is nothing left to do but dye my hair pinkthese are the perfect elephants for my next apartment @craiggerH is me being positive what’s the sitch? #blacktober
Retweeted by ryanthese are really cute in general. might just get seven of them so i can have one for every day black one is calling to my soul but...i have so much black already that i might try the pop of colorhave y’all ever seen something and said “i’m about to buy this and wear it every single day” ? i have banana bread. forgot to add butter. had to soak the whole thing in butter, put it back in and let it infuse th… know the vibes pen on paper. This piece is a love letter to my Blackness. Kindly retweet folks, costs $0.
Retweeted by ryancan’t wait to watch this classic again @ortile this is so pretty 🥺love the vibes @minareadss the intellectualism of kalabar’s revenge was simply never matched by the others @itsmyoreads same and it’s so underratedOne of the many iconic images of @TiffanyPollard. So quotable. So memeable.
Retweeted by ryan @MrIsomWrites it is??normani really said “you got that good good baby dontcha” and then we never heard from her againthe representation in this movie was a 10/10. good pacing, performances genuine and heartfelt, genuinely hilarious… @LilyMeade aww thank you 🥺 @blaqueword i might join youamazing movie. loved the story, themes, characters, vampires and the diaspora representation. so much love for… ritaaaaaa 😩she really threw her tim. this movie is hilariousthe one thing is the action scenes could afford to be a little action-iernot the garlic adobo seasoning osjxlsksjsjssvivian is evil but she’s kinda that gorl lmaorita is my favorite characterlove the Black boy’s storyline and the inclusion of dark-skinned Black girlsit’s so refreshing to see vampires with conventional vampire powers/weaknesses againi love when you can tell a movie is made by and for the people it centers and isn’t pandering to hollywood and does… love the way they’re doing the vampires lolthis is it. horror comedy with new black and latinx talent. this is what i wait forthe main kid is really charming and gonna go far @SterlingSimmon6 i feel this lol. it’s pretty good so farmethod man the priest? i’m so dead @AnguaOcean who are uthis is dripping with cultural authenticitythis is off to a great startZOË SALDANA???? the set design will be 150 million dollars @AnguaOcean the boys in the bandone thing about white gays is they'll give you a movie every 12 months that nobody asked for starring jim parsons,… @AngeloSurmelis it’s overwhelmingly good
@DanteMedema @EpicReads @harperteen omggg i want a piece!vampires vs. the bronx looks like it has attack the block energy which i love. streaming it tonight when it's dark. can't wait @MrIsomWrites 🥺🥺 @itsmyoreads lol i’ve never met another person who hates it so i’m not sure what i’m missing @MrIsomWrites 🥰🥰🥰 @TashiDiaz ❤️💛I have to get something off my chest cause it’s getting out of hand so I’m gonna thread: black and queer writers ar…
Retweeted by ryan @JRYussuf thank youuu 💙💙💙spooktober is off to a great start @iunfold thank youuu so excitedturned in my book for copy edits