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@ritakozlov_ fabletics, so comfy. @ken_wheeler We had a double-brontosaurus shape, it was awesome.Ok... I finally finished watching the @remix_run stream @ryanflorence and @mjackson showcasing the beta launch...…
Retweeted by Ryan Florence @BHolmesDev @kentcdodds Also Kent's point is sometimes new tools *eliminate* the problem all together, so you'll be… @devonbl 🤣 @rileyflorence0 Why do you have a baby tractor? @mjackson where am I?
@buildsghost @gemvara There goes his +4 DEX and all his critical hit damage along with it. Better switch to a STR based weapon skill. @rileyflorence0 The wind almost never blew in Washington. I forgot how much I hate wind 😂 @BeeEmSea @remix_run Nah was just joking around.Or maybe grid isn’t actually for app layouts? It’s just for Pinterest? @72mena Fixed header, scrollable sidebar, scrollable mainI need a css grid course, particularly for app layouts with multiple scrollable divs. My overflows never work how… @IanKDuffy @remix_runHard Same. @marcysutton Thanks for making accessibility accessible!Marcy is the real deal (I even tried to get her to be my business partner a few years back). Building accessible U… @MikeZupper download foo.mjs download bar.mjs download baz.mjs download quux.mjs It's *significantly* faster to do… @MikeZupper download foo.mjs -> download bar.mjs -> download baz.mjs -> download quux.mjs In remix, since we… @MikeZupper Then you start the waterfall dynamically? Maybe we're talking past each other. You dynamically import(… @MikeZupper You have to have a tool of some sort to avoid the import waterfall, there's no avoiding it. It doesn't… @MikeZupper (And in remix's case, remove all the server-side only code from the browser bundles) @MikeZupper To avoid import waterfalls you need some sort of tool to analyze your code and know what to import and… @rileyflorence0 You have the benefit of actually seeing LINES that connect to things.I **love** this.
Retweeted by Ryan Florence @chancethedev ah, bummer, my scarlett 2i2 does it right.This looks fun. I have bad memories with selenium from years ago in a rails app (I can forgive and forget). Never… also had a lot of e2e test coverage that didn't test the build itself, but it tested an application with puppete… @chancethedev no I just mean like in the audio menu in macosThe Remix compiler is like that. 4 months ago folks were asking us to "open up the babel config!" Then we swapped… think it's a version of "composition" and "the unix philosophy" but it feels a little wider than that. You can b… @chancethedev I might be misunderstanding, but maybe send your system audio to the USB interface, then your hardwar… favorite programming idea came from an interview I did at Netflix early in my career: > Optimize for disposabil… @threepointone SAAAAAAAME @phillip Haha, yeah I remember being in a manager training and having the same thought.For my birthday I'd like you to watch the @remix_run demo we did a little over a week ago: the soft limits on @begin free tier… you can now have 10 http Lambda functions, 10 event Lambda functions an…
Retweeted by Ryan Florence @vuSeun I remember when the power would go out but the phones still worked cause they weren't electric! @SaraSoueidan I don't think it's Adam's job to put out a fire you fanned and somebody else lit. I'm all for critic… Prototype.js extend Function.prototype.bind with this signature: `bind(thisArg, arg1, ... , argN)` But MooTool… @brianleroux I mean ... I got my first back hair at 17 so well accustomed to that, not many more places to cover.Huh ... woke up this morning and my left ankle hurt for no reason. I must have turned 40. Oh yes. I did turn 40.… you haven't joined the Stately (XState) Discord server, you're missing out on what feels like a really good conf…
Retweeted by Ryan Florence @rfgamaral No, because react isn’t. That’s what reacts “server components” are for, so we’ll be experimenting with them eventually. @jongold @buildsghost @jongold @buildsghost maaaaaan I was obsessed with stereograms when I was a kid. I literally hand drew them in addi… @buildsghost There’s a dog right here! @buildsghost not being an idiot, just enjoying his best life. Thought you might be interested.
@_developit I once got a tick on my nethers and it was terrifying. @sergiodxa @bradwestfall @DNeighly @joshmanders @JakeDohm I never stopped thanks to “new FormData(formEl)” 😂 @editingemily https on lambda, everybody seems to just do it automatically ... @DNeighly @sergiodxa @joshmanders @JakeDohm @bradwestfall Somebody has a server somewhere to deal with that. If you…📅 New Public Workshops Scheduled. All 1-day workshops in May and June (more to come in June too): ⭐️ JavaScript an…
Retweeted by Ryan FlorenceWe teach JS all the time in our React workshops. It just comes with the territory. Now we have a specific JS/Node w…
Retweeted by Ryan Florence @chancethedev @chantastic @jhooks @whenwherehowe I'm just kidding, just wanted to cause a ruckus. El Scorcho alone… @chantastic @jhooks @whenwherehowe I'm a "take it or leave it" pinkerton guy. Appreciate it deeply, but one of the… @chantastic @whenwherehowe This guy is cracking me up and I'm only two minutes in. @DNeighly @joshmanders @JakeDohm @bradwestfall Whew! I'd imagine it's like this: Normal react workflow: - select m… The answer Ms. McLachlan is no.🎶 I will remember you, will you [ Email ] [ Password ] ☑️ Remember Me @JustinWeyenberg @the_dapper_fox @editingemily Yeah, I wish the numpad was detached (I still want it!) like the mic… you know there are only 3 maintainers of the React TypeScript definitions on DefinitelyTyped? That's a huge bur…
Retweeted by Ryan Florence @DNeighly @joshmanders @JakeDohm @bradwestfall Sorry just trying to distill the question cause I can’t see what’s u… @DNeighly @joshmanders @JakeDohm @bradwestfall seems like that's just one step, send the image + form fields as mul… @DNeighly @joshmanders @JakeDohm @bradwestfall do you have a more specific question I can probably answer? @techgirl1908 oh crap, now I'm worried about my banana choice. @sophiebits @jlongster This whole feature is stressing me out and I have nothing to do with it 😂 @joshmanders @JakeDohm @bradwestfall But still animate in the errors, move focus, and get the perf from just using… + all the frontend goodies you want from React. @the_dapper_fox @editingemily Switched to this one and love it: Logitech ERGO K860 watched the remix v1 Beta launch on youtube and it’s bloody amazing. After tinkering about it’s the only sensi…
Retweeted by Ryan Florence @little_bret @mjackson @remix_run We haven't thought about the marketing pages for months, too busy making the actu… @oriSomething ha, yeah we actually bought from a company like that. @the_dapper_fox @editingemily Quietest ones, I have no idea what the name was. The sound I can deal with, just hated the feel completely. @editingemily I loved my ergodox layout, I hated the mechanical keys, the sound and they actually made my knuckles… get the weirdest email about “React Training” that’s related to semi trucks or something.
I think I need to go to therapy to unpack why I'm self-funding instead of taking money like my friends. @kentcdodds Glad I didn't permanently break it. @HarryMoore2409 You sure that’s what happens when no js got involved?Notes Driven Development
Retweeted by Ryan Florence @kentcdodds I actually have a post ready to go about this on my fabled-fauna blog that I've neglected to ship 😆 @kentcdodds Another reason I love to do this is to keep me on track. I had a sales manager who said "Keep the main… @wesbos JSX doesn't have this "\n" === "&nbsp;" problem, you can actually control the whitespace with {" "}, no sur… @wesbos It all stems from HTML \n == &nbsp; Mix that with people "cleaning up code" into multi-line and don't real… @wesbos After the great HTML whitespace battle of 2013 that I waged at work, I appreciate everything about what pre… @DoWhileGeek nope @yazeedBee Just don't do anything. If I click a hash link, the url will update and the back button will work and S…, gonna live stream my @remix_run Planner dev in a few minutes (8:55 Mountain) @tibotiber but like an app also REALLY NEED THIS APP personally I built one years ago that I've been using this whole time but it's time fo… @yesiwebto ahahahaa those are the worst.Thinking of doing an evening silent live stream as I keep working on my @remix_run planner app. I really want the… I click a link in the sidebar - I read that part - the next section catches my eye so I scroll farther - I scroll… really dislike it when websites update the #hash when you scroll to a header (devs love to do this with docs). T… @sebmck @rometools Congrats Sebastian! This is exciting! @sarah_federman rebugging @buildsghost to = a type = button Actually just looked up a Button component of mine and this was exactly what I d… @buildsghost I think instead you’d do like <Link type=“submit” /> What’s the union/diff between link and button props? @buildsghost I kinda like this. But Links can have onClick and not prevent default (like part of a MenuButton)
@acdlite Indeed. It is dang good software.