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@dan_abramov I tried warming everybody up at React Conf in 2018. Let the let takeover begin! @dev__adi @vilvaathibanpb @dan_abramov @kentcdodds That's not quite right. You pretty much always need mount + upda… @hamstu @mjackson I also start Monday and don't workout Sunday. @chancethedev @dabit3 @ReactTraining I can't pass a technical interview, so I certainly can't administer one 😂 @codervandal I've been around ... @editingemily Too long of a story for twitter, but I have a funny story about this with our daughter recently. @acemarke @seanwhudson Weird parenthetical at the end there...
@seanwhudson I don't use redux, but in useReducer I use plain JS objects. @chantastic increment is pretty simple, but multiple mutations can happen from a single event like "SIGN_OUT", so t… @dallas_reedy eh? @Chromafare Haha, I turned off my wifi first, but still didn't dare click the button! @meyerweb Yep. One of the best movies ever, and the level of detail they went is nuts. Did you read about the "out… @chantastic haven't noticed that, no. @telmo Why not? @ken_wheeler @DavidKPiano!!! @ken_wheeler @DavidKPiano Oh, hahaha! @ken_wheeler @DavidKPiano Back in 2013 I got commit rights (???) to bower, and mused with my friends regularly "sho… @dan_abramov haha! I almost said "but I guess it's a human 'action' but the DOM already called these events!"[state, dispatch] = useReducer() Is it too late to have everybody call the object you pass to dispatch "event" ins… @DavidKPiano @dabit3 Also, you're likely changing two or more values at once, which means it's probably time to pla… @laurieontech @editingemily @kentcdodds For our workshops, however, we absolutely like to get feedback, and the neg… @devonbl Molt Preservation and Display, LLC @GHengeveld @justsml @kentcdodds What is dirty about a business model behind free software? You'd rather we beg for…
@laurieontech I wouldn't want it. It would likely surface only the bad feedback from hostile people, which would not be helpful. @devonbl Imagine your tattoos if humans molted. @velvetsemtex @dstarh Sure, just saying running on a treadmill vs. not you would expect different times for a mile.…“This has been but a brief taste of what it’s like to live as a small tech company in a digital world owned and ope…
Retweeted by Ryan Florence @marcysutton Gah! Glad you're okay. I had a few scares myself. The ride down after that always feels so weird. @marcysutton Yikes! Was it a tree well? @KalebMcKelvey @blainekasten It will be maintained for a long time (we still support React Router v3!) it just won'… @ForceTheIssue I had no idea there were 7 states until I mapped it all out. @ForceTheIssue It's pretty great for all sorts of things, here's my auth machine: @SteveFischer_ I'm not sick often. I do like to do light cardio if I'm not totally sick, feels like I sweat out the sickness! @ForceTheIssue Hmm, I don't use it that way. I do have a context provider that dumps some data that a state machin… @BogdanSoare Oh, I use firebase for everything, I absolutely love it. I'm not sure about nosql in the long run, we… @dstarh It was a track. Treadmill you're just picking up your legs, running you actually push your body.
@kenneth_skovhus @blainekasten Just getting it in shape to make a migration as smooth as possible to React Router v… @RubenNorte @aweary @1Marc @FrontendMasters And as a small business owner, I know that that money would literally h… @RubenNorte @aweary @1Marc @FrontendMasters pfft, it's still not even close relative to the size of the business's revenue. @tujoworker @adamwathan How do you "change the font size" as the user aside from browser zoom? @farazamiruddin I subscribe to and do the P90X3 plan. Sometimes I swap out a cardio day for… @tujoworker @adamwathan works on my machine, what are you using to change font sizes? @ForceTheIssue Yes and yes. I find them most helpful with components like those in Reach UI. TypeScript is like pr… I went for a run. Normally I run around trails and lakes by my house and don't time myself, I just go for a 3… @michellecohrene @phillip @seldo You can say "always wear a helmet" and "drivers are idiots and building our entire… crap, @1Marc (@FrontendMasters), you're the best. That money would have *literally gone to his bank account*. @ManuelBieh Hahahaha @hamstu @mjackson Normal schedule. LIIFT4 is fun too! @wilto @opera I'm speechless.I’ve noticed a lot of what looks like magical capabilities in other people is preparation and experience
Retweeted by Ryan Florence @mjackson It's on Monday.Just met with @blainekasten about @reach/router, we're going to get the the new hooks from React Router in there to… @michellecohrene @seldo Some of us have dead friends so I don't care how good or bad my take is when it comes to helmets 🤷🏼‍♂️ @chancethedev @chriscoyier And Reach Router > whatever gatsby uses 😂 @mjackson I'm on week 2 starting over, I can hang back and do it with you again! Did you get dumbbells? @sambreed Go back to wookiehangover @seldo 60% of people don't give a crap about you. Wear a helmet or don't ride, it's that simple. @erikkroes Haha, yeah. I'm just trying to keep up with my kids. @johnomarkid @peteduncanson I usually follow the P90X3 workouts. This week was Monday: T… @phry See the next tweet in the thread. @tanvirraj this is when I realized I didn't have to pretend: @tanvirraj No. @RobertBMenke @DavidKPiano I've found that a state chart helps me think about every possible state and so it can se… @RobertBMenke Not sure where the boilerplate is. All the "assign" calls? You mind giving me an example? @DanStroot To me Suspense is really just the parts of Relay that they couldn't do outside of React. My bet is it'll… @zwily Ahahaha. No, literally a mirror.
@tafelito Yeah, that's a bit tricky, had to use @apply and a little css for the reach data selectors. Still thinkin… @vamshi_codes Reach Router was a bit of an experiment, we learned, and now we bringing in the parts that worked out… @KendraLovesCode I'm down for cookies as a reward for 2020. @chancethedev You cheated on March! No way! 😂 @jongold @markdalgleish @dan_abramov @swyx Yeah, I think we've found the edges of the abstraction and now we're all… @jongold @dan_abramov @swyx I watched a child enter the stage, and a king exit. For real,… @dan_abramov @swyx You weren't even a God yet! @peteduncanson It's 6 at a time. 6x pull up 15x push up REST: 15 seconds 6x pull up 15x push up REST 60 seconds Re… @swyx @dan_abramov Have you seen this one? This is when I knew I was gonna love Dan forever.… @badsynthesis @alicegoldfuss - Boil 1 cup water + 1 cup vinegar. - Add 1 to 3 tablespoons sugar (1 for spicier, 3 f… and monitoring is also a ton of fun. Before I had a mirror my form wasn't great and it led to pain i… progress is so much fun. Today in 30 minutes I did: 53 pull ups (various positions) 135 push ups (var… @sjzara I'm an early adopter. React is the oldest tech in this list. @erikras @kentcdodds @cassidoo It took me a while to get rid of mine 😂 @fardarter @wolfr_2 @Apply Where does it advise that? @kentcdodds @cassidoo @fardarter @wolfr_2 Side note: when I used to be "mystified" by people liking a technology I didn't like, I have le… @fardarter @wolfr_2 HTML changes all the time as the product changes. BEM and friends are coupled to HTML, therefor… @jasonfried Also telling about what people want the money for. FU: Power? Ego? Insecurity? No thanks: Purpose and contentment. @eveporcello WDYM? That color scheme is dope.Cassidy (@cassidoo): This guy on the video sounds like Kent (@kentcdodds), am I crazy? Me: Probably mormon, cause… @_lizardbird_ I wish the first ones were the hand gesture birds in various tones for good measure 😂 @ryhinchey You can goof around in the GUI and then it generates migration files from your actions!Use the first 12 emojis in your history to foretell your 2020. No cheating! Jan 😂 Feb 🙃 Mar 🤗 Apr 😅 May 😆 Jun 👀 Ju… @simplyianm Hasura. @adamwathan Let's do it.Oh, also: TypeScript (🙃) XStateHasura isn't quite ready yet for Relay, so I'd just skip the clientside smarts at first, and go with plain `fetch()… I'm picking a stack today for a decently-featured app: Data: Hasura + GraphQL Server: Cloudflare Workers Buildi… @telmo @ryanlanciaux @basecamp we're all remote @telmo @ryanlanciaux @basecamp Basecamp for work stuff, zoom for 1:1s and being friends. @chad_b_morrow @basecamp Team @chad_b_morrow @basecamp I've used asana, it was incredibly confusing for me. I have no tips for basecamp, using i…