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@adamwathan I love my adidas ultraboosts but only for running. @swyx @_dte Well, while we’re here, now that we have existential operator coming to JS, everything I liked about coffeescript is now in JS. @swyx @_dte Oh geez, that’s still online...
@marcysutton She really was. And she was EXHAUSTED after a month on her own in the desert mountains.Haha, oops, "her last night away from home", not her last night ever!Her last night, 70 miles away from home, we think was probably her best.
@saronyitbarek Did you check under the Apple TV remote?
(Well, more like the starting line, but you know what I mean)Moving is a full time job 😅. I should be settled end of the month and then it’s full time getting @remix_run over t… @cassidoo Music. Write a new riff.
@melaniersumner @davatron5000 I am at the point where I can’t type very good on my weird ergo keyboard, but just go… @Butterfinger your new recipe is 💩. Our whole extended family doesn’t like it, butterfinger used to be one of our favorites. Bring it back! @rwieruch @gabe_g2i @stolinski @kentcdodds @wesbos @tannerlinsley @dabit3 @mjackson @youyuxi Congrats! Work hard, b…
@stefanpenner Back to Utah, just signed on a townhouse to live in temporarily while we build a new house in the com… @stefanpenner @seldo For a couple more weeksNo one in WA has to wait in line to vote. No one in WA has to take the day off from work to vote. No one in WA h…
Retweeted by Ryan Florence @marcysutton NaptimeGood luck.'m excited for our new European time zone workshops, so far not getting the response we expected 😅 If you're inter… @dabit3 @CHERdotdev 🧐 @seldo Sold the house and moved back by more family.
@BenLesh nah, HMR is the same experience as devtools, except it's your actual code so you don't have to then figure… @kpk @amesimmons I am reading this thread with an ice pack strapped to my shoulder that I recently injured by ... waking up. @seldo Shouldn’t I have gun-hands then? @ken_wheeler I think Bleach is the worst album I’ve ever owned. And then Nevermind is one of the best.
@FPresencia Perhaps I don’t know what “manual type checking” means but what you just said is my definition of manual type checking.Then, is-even is really a one-liner `(n % 2) === 1` Except it's got a bunch of extra code AND another dependency…! it's a real package and it captures the world of JavaScript so well... First, is-even depends on is-odd and is… install is-even @ken_wheeler I absolutely love it. @ken_wheeler
@americanwombat Dab? @seldo And if there is a way to work without “going to work” and spreading the virus, I’d like to not have weird in… @seldo Agreed. I’d be happier with a second but way stricter lockdown and government assistance directly to citizen… @seldo It’s weird how it’s all or nothing. I own a business so we got PPP, I can keep trying to keep afloat without… @seldo Idealistically I agree with you, what’s a struggle for me is everybody I know personally on unemployment (6… @_CSMiller @aweary It’s not really “from scratch”. @evangoer Sick burn, but I do like hanging out with my 8 yr old. @evangoer But ... @_jayphelps I would ask “is it clickable?” first to see if I even want to talk to you about css. @evangoer Where’d the spheres come from?! @aweary Didn’t he start with a quarter million loan from pops? @rauchg What’s after “thrive” though is my question lately.Gotta admit, I spend more and more, and way too much mental energy befuddling that *stuff exists*. @sarah_federman Well, make sure to not get enough sleep again!s/birthers/demon seeders/ @Tibfib Daybreak, our old neighborhood before we moved up to WA. @jamison_dance @jlongster Maybe I shouldn't have started with "HELP ME MY SPOUSE NEEDS THERAPY" (jk, jk, that was… @jlongster You call some therapists and set some appointments. Also, they won't let other people do it for you 😅 My…
Looking for pictures of our trampoline to sell it, I came across this and forgot I was teaching our dog to jump on… @simonswiss @seldo Yeah, the master bathroom is silly amounts of huge. @williamboman @ralex1993 What, why? That's free money, holy smokes. @cassidoo I miss you! I could really go for a double dallas airport dash again. @soudijr When you can't put 20 people in a room anymore (our main product) and dev managers budgets are all frozen,… a new spreadsheet and saw this one I made in January and couldn't help but laugh out loud when I opened it u… @umucorn @dabit3 Exactly my point (?) @devonbl This is seriously art. Get some prints, enter into some galleries: "2020 Mo(u)rning" @phil_lgr @ralex1993 never go variable! @dabit3 As if it's unique to JavaScript: Ruby: Rails, Merb, Sinatra PHP: Code Ignitor, Laravel, Symfony, Cake PHP… @dabit3 "New JS framework every week" while we've been sitting on React, Angular, Vue and their 3kb look-a-likes for 6 years. @rmurphey Going back to square 1 would be miserable, after keeping our house spotless over the weekend we joked "is… @rmurphey Gah, that's terrible. Fortunately we had a couple competing bids, first came at asking price, second matc… that was unexpected. Our house went over asking price. Real estate market is unaware of the pandemic and recession. @seldo "Figure out" I guess means "come up with a conspiracy theory ya'll love so much"
@jdan @Upwork already does this for contractors whenever they’re logging hours for you (screenshots every 30 second… @swyx Video games. @benadam11 @bradwestfall Agreed, you don’t know if a prop is state, a static value, etc. But understanding that if… @ryanflorence and I were talking about this back when hooks were new, I was like "When state or props in the e…
Retweeted by Ryan Florence @harisvsulaiman @mjackson Do you want the back button to move back a step?useEffect run for what needs to go in dependency array: 👉 Does the effect function "close over" the variable, and…
Retweeted by Ryan Florence @chishiki @mtliendo “Return stuff to target after dining out” @mtliendo Aka “How to live with a partner”
@JessTelford @izzydoesizzy @swyx Seattle has really high prices too, but I'm an hour south of the city in the woods… @izzydoesizzy @RyanPinPB @JessTelford @swyx @ramit > I've been reading a lot about how buying a house is actually a… @izzydoesizzy @RyanPinPB @JessTelford @swyx @ramit oh totally, you can't just compare a mortgage to rent, I paid $1… @izzydoesizzy @RyanPinPB @JessTelford @swyx @ramit I've been keeping track of my own numbers on our properties. We… @SteveFischer_ Thanks! No more after this next one. We're building new construction and I'm done doing stuff myself 😂 @nomadtechie @AdamRackis covid is making things even worse @vyrotek @chancethedev I'm a Utah native, so I'm going home. I'm fine with snow cause it still comes with sunshine! @ZackArgyle @travispamaral We could have skipped the agents, it would have been amazing. @devonbl Probably costs less than your place, out here in the sticks :P @abmagil Yeah, if the mountain is out, I wake up to it from my master bedroom window, literally roll over and look… @broussardville More Tacoma than Seattle, but it's in Puyallup. @mikeyil THE ILLUMANITI IS CAUSING THE SHORTAGE @izzydoesizzy @swyx Southeast Idaho. Smells like cow farts outside all year long, but it was a great first house. @djsmith42 @iammerrick @jhooks Yeah, building on the lake. It's gonna be sweet.
@AdamRackis Fourth house, we've made money each sale, it adds up. @chancethedev We have all two seasons in the PNW: Rain and July. @CHERdotdev Ah bummer. Hope it's great for you. I'm going to miss this place, but excited to come visit every summer. @CHERdotdev You're moving back? @swyx Our first house was $145,550 I bought in my mid 20s. This is our 4th. Lots of remodeling (even gutted a forec… @jhooks we just camped and hiked a bunch of stuff in Rainier and it was pretty amazing @jhooks yessir, 60 degrees and clouds most of July was the last straw 😂Utah friends, see you again soon 🙌 ☀️🏂Seattle area friends, I'm selling my house, if you're interested DM me and I'll link you to the listing 👍
@getsetbro @ReactTraining We don't have anything like that, no. @RReverser @brian_d_vaughn /me looks at 2020 income I'm not the guy to ask, at least not during a global pandemic 😂
@laurieontech whatever DVDs are in the minivan @buildsghost @swyx Hey, my internet is always lightning fast with a solid connection and so the product is fine.
@PipoPeperoni @ReactTraining <YourOwnContext value={whatever}> <Outlet/> </YourOwnContext> Or embed a new Routes…