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RKK @RyanKKrause New York, NY

Writer. Audio Producer. Big Giant Loser. Words @vmagazine @vman @lofficielusa @thebodydotcom @softpunkmag @bedbow he/him 📷:krausehause

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@RyRysYerGuy One of these days, babe. One of these days.Sorry if you don’t want spoilers, stay off of social media #AllStars5 @chroechoe @thetimfluence Seldom if ever @RyRysYerGuy Consistency is 🔑 @chroechoe @thetimfluence I literally have no idea what this meansJesus fucking Christ
Actually they’re number 2. M*gh*n Tr*inor will always be number 1.This person has already risen to the top of my arch nemesis list. all science teachers with drag queens challenge
Retweeted by RKKNot enough people are talking about it. @samjrosenthal We’re not madI am so unbelievably obsessed with this living room. @liamgareau That's the word on the street!! @shammy_shammy_ 🥵Michele**** ugh @collinsapera Choosing to live in the world where it’s true @collinsapera NO really?!?My Romy & Michelle tweet has infiltrated straight girl twitter. Uncharted territory here, ladies.39 years ago today
Retweeted by RKKWhen people ask me if grad school was a good investment I tell them that all it took was three years, tens of thous… think about this scene literally every day. a stellar combo shouldn't be capitalizedHe's spent 29% of his entire Presidency at one of his properties. For which the American taxpayers are paying his c… how to explain this but thursday, october, and 8:00pm are all the same
Retweeted by RKK @jpbrammer I trust pancake faceSo what you’re telling me is that some of y’all are just open and honest about your emotions? With other people? Honey, that is SUSPICIOUS. @heyDejan Putting in the order rn @heyDejan Thank you for diligent work immortalizing this moment in queer history @bybobbybox @bottledpoe She comes reaDY to make television @bybobbybox Deserved the double saveWhen we reopen this summer/fall, I’ll be providing FREE treatments to Black trans people who are undergoing hormone…
Retweeted by RKKTHREAD: In the beginnings of Queer Liberation March in 2018, organizers spent countless meetings and attempts to ne…
Retweeted by RKKThanks to shows like Pose & Legendary, the ballroom scene has gotten more mainstream attention. But, @TenzMagazine,…
Retweeted by RKKWatch this right now!!
Please consider donating to Julius today. It is my favorite bar b/c it has continued a legacy of not only serving c…
Retweeted by RKKI’m profoundly ashamed that I ever masturbated to Dean Cain. my existential spiral to the park because sometimes it’s nice to spin out in a diff locaysh @danielhead You know she’s my template @miguel78990720 @miguel78990720 Honey, they are getting a cease & desistThink I may pivot my twitter brand to tweeting extremely mainstream, not at all controversial opinions (particularl… cute men lounging on each other in the park? A pointed attack at me personally. @deayyygo! @atavist is commissioning! We want your pitches. We've done a lot to boost gender diversity in the last 2…
Retweeted by RKK @chroechoe This is specific @chroechoe I was watering one today and THREE big leaves fell off. There were only five to begin with. 😩When someone asks what I got my master’s in Matt’s book! I got my copy. Now get yours. on top of everything else I think im killing my two remaining plants @mathewrodriguez YesssssOk same @mathewrodriguez I will lay down my life for jeepers creepers 2 @breimels Truthfully the normalcy bar is below the floor at this point @mathewrodriguez There is only one correct answer hereWhat do you think my neighbors think when they see me standing in my underwear staring out my window while licking…'s the word for telling everyone who will listen how beneficial therapy is and how everyone should be in therap… wish the world gave more to Rem’mie Fells and Riah Milton and Brayla Stone and Merci Mack. They deserved so much… spent a lot of the morning thinking about #SarahHegazi & how this world failed her. How it continues to fail so m… @chroechoe Never met herDon't fall for this bullshit.
Retweeted by RKKImagine waking up and not immediately slipping into the void of existential dread. Just imagine that. @mvddm excited what this means for my single-handed attempt to make attackatory a wordAlso, at the end of the day this product still promotes colorismBy NO means an expert here, but it seems to me like this...isn't any better? It's the "lovely" part right?? Like th… is she 👀
Retweeted by RKKThe current bags under my eyes are roughly the size of @GiaGunn's entrance look handbag. (read + share): Last year right-wing provocateurs attempted to organize a Town Hall at NYC’s LGBT Center. Al…
Retweeted by RKK @_cinnamonro11_ may we all become a more inconsiderate and unfair hoe in our picsGoodnight to @angelicaross and ONLY Angelica Ross voted to remain, around 200 individuals prepare and wait for an expected raid at #OccupyCityHallNYC and…
Retweeted by RKK“I Was Born for this Time” Black, Trans & Fearless by @RaquelWillis_ via @InterviewMag 🔥
Retweeted by RKKGirl literally not now should be some hyphens in there tbhIt’s the end of a Mischa Barton inspired pickup lines era 😢
@ira Me I needed to hear thisAngelica Ross for Interview Magazine photographed by me, Malik Aamir
Retweeted by RKK @mvddm they LIGHT IT UP now?! @evanrosskatz 👀 @ChromaticaGay I mean, I GET it. Any semblance of normalcy rn @ChromaticaGay wowwww, I guess I just don't even see what the one day does??????? That sounds super depressing!People are going back to OFFICES?VINCINT x @ladygunn magazine Digital Cover 2020
Retweeted by RKK @VINCINT_ @ladygunn Holy 😍😍😍😍😍!!!THREAD ⏬ please read. #BlackTransLivesMatter
Retweeted by RKKAlso let’s give it up for this brooklyn after a rainstorm backlighting. She’s carrying this photo and we love her for it!!Finally got a trim and went from Chia Pet to slightly less chia of pet. someone who knows quite literally absolutely nothing, I can confirm this is, in fact, the shit. night I voted no on the budget, but not until after midnight! By that time I had heard complaints about activi…
Retweeted by RKKHi, hello. Are you angry that City Council failed #DefundNYPD? Me too. But! I have good news. 35 out of 51 Members…
Retweeted by RKKhere's a thread of the 32 NYC council members that voted YES to approve the budget that did not significantly defun…
Retweeted by RKK @cmccrudden Ok but hear me out... you rain on mePlaces you can support in Dallas ⬇️ was a 22-year-old Black trans woman found dead in Dallas, TX. Police + local media have verified that…
Retweeted by RKK#MerciMack is the 4th Black transgender woman killed during Pride, and the 19th trans person violently killed in 20… me too, but guess what mimi.. @katiemaybs She wishesSay Her Name: #MerciMack is the 19th reported trans person violently killed in 2020.
Retweeted by RKKGoodness for the TL a Libra, I'm super excited to eventually die from a "veneral" disease.