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This was very strange. 10 years ago, walked out of the grocery store and found this on my new (to me) car. Who ev…
@FudgeLyons Good guess but nope 😃 @MotoWilliams Good guess but that’s not it 😃Bonus points if you can guess what this is from (noting that there are some more details going into this)Starting to work on my kids’ Halloween costumes for this year 👻🎃 you’re talking about something (band, food, clothes) and then later you see related content (ad, playlist, som…
Retweeted by Ryan LanciauxStarWars shirts! @balajis New data visualization. "We can show this as an area graph, bar graph... or a skyscraper chart." @resetbrian I like it but it startled me. I almost always have my phone on DND haha
@JayRWren I had similar thoughts about it. It’s good :) @davidfowl Not an exhaustive exercise but to help promote further conversation and see a small glimpse into what de… @davidfowl Review a PR in the actual codebase. The PR can be made-up, but that's a much nicer way.Is Siri reading text messages over AirPods a new feature, or have I had my phone on do not disturb for so long that… @dchapdelaine Seeing information on low transmission from planes is also interesting regarding aerosol transmission… @marcelcutts @ken_wheeler That one, I still don't know for sure. @walidvb @freshtonic @JedWatson @buildsghost @areaweb @simonswiss Check out if organizing R… @ken_wheeler I had someone call me once when I was “blocking their release.” Good times.
Interesting 👀
@JedWatson @acemarke @buildsghost @areaweb @simonswiss I’m glad we are mostly past that. It’s still shocking when c… @guahanweb Oh man - I've mostly forgotten Earthworm Jim. Played that game a lot. @buildsghost It's weird because everyone is on board w/ components being a slice of Markup/JS/Styling. Say go back… I am having this conversation privately with friends and peers the last 3-4 years and I’m going to propose it he…
Retweeted by Ryan LanciauxAny angel investors based in Atlanta among my followers? Please DM me - got an awesome startup that is intentiona…
Retweeted by Ryan Lanciaux @KimMaida @andreasklinger @levelsio This looks cool. I'm excited to see the tools that will help in this space. Alternative… you are searching for an error message and end up on Google Groups.
Retweeted by Ryan LanciauxTFW you are searching for an error message and end up on Google Groups.
Apple CEO impressed by remote work: says he doesn’t believe Apple will "return to the way we were because we’ve fou…
Retweeted by Ryan Lanciaux @ericclemmons I wish we had at home tests that were accurate. Would make that decision a little easier in some case… @walkingriver Because most people who like something do so quietly, unfortunately. The people who don’t are gener…
@John_Papa @walkingriver This is the correct response :) @JakeDohm I’d highly recommend chatting with @FudgeLyonsVue 3.0 "One Piece" is here!
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important to wait a full day before correcting a viral tweet about your dead daughter who doesn’t exist at a time o…
Retweeted by Ryan Lanciaux @wesgrimes @ken_wheeler If you could swing by my place on the way, that’d be much appreciated @ken_wheeler It’s the worst
Waterfall sculpture at Frederik Meijer gardens
One of my kid’s first words is literally “Batman” 😂NEW. PENDULUM. MUSIC. #Pendulum #DrumAndBass #NewMusicFriday
Retweeted by Ryan LanciauxThe year is 2032. There are no more operating systems. Only one electron app that loads all the other electron apps.
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esinstall - Convert any package to ESM. Snowpack's internal CJS->ESM package converter finally has a proper API, s…
Retweeted by Ryan LanciauxThe year is 2032. There are no more operating systems. Only one electron app that loads all the other electron apps.Interesting product description 😬 "I'm sorry, dear, some customers report that the size of the clothes is too smal…
Retweeted by Ryan LanciauxInteresting product description 😬 "I'm sorry, dear, some customers report that the size of the clothes is too smal…
@dabit3 Really? Interesting.
@FudgeLyons 405 - I've only seen a couple episodes. I appreciated that title, however.Me: Google's HTTP response code that I don't see frequently Google: Here's an episode of Mr. Robot with that response code in the title 🤯 @AdamRackis @seldo Two months later: "Sorry we've discontinued GBit. Please look at one of these third party vend… @andrewliebchen My goodness. I somehow remember that song from the ad and probably haven't seen that in over 20 years.Decided to put @SketchParty TV on sale ($6.99 ➝ $3.99) for today's #AppleEvent (Hoping to see a new Apple TV model today!)
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@joshpollard See, you just need a new phone to go with that OS
5yo: “Daddy what’s happening?!?!” She said while watching the 5th consecutive ad on TV at a place that has cable.…, please leave me alone.This is such a nice font. Great for coding - highly recommend. @jamonholmgren I’m sure they have 100% test coverage and ship all their code on time too.
Because you/your team prefers it. Both are great.
@ryanlanciaux know any front-end / full-stack people lookin for a change of pace?
Retweeted by Ryan Lanciaux @philjestin I do not at the moment. Mind if I RT you? 😃 @colbyfayock It's always kinda funny to me that Captain America is Human Torch.
@andreasklinger Basically, a way to normalize the data would be really helpful in determining metrics. @andreasklinger (Their actual tests all came back negative except for the one person) @andreasklinger I'd really like to see testing and other metrics that equates to a positive case. I hate this stuff…
Whoa I just drove by what looked the University of Michigan football team practicing. Is Big10 football back on?I want to @GitHub sponsor someone’s project. $100 a month. For at least 4 months. What I’m looking for: must…
Retweeted by Ryan LanciauxLook at this unprofessional slob giving his presentation.
Retweeted by Ryan Lanciaux🔥 Potentially career-defining [remote!] eng role: @beondeck is a new kind of global @ycombinator & @stanford - "Si…
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@mrdowden I have a lot of sentimental value for Firefox. I can't use it as my primary development browser due to a… - this is pretty cool. Reminds me a of the Starcraft UI a little bit :D @devjmetivier Wow - this reminds me of the Starcraft UI.
There's this weird thing where people jump between hustle porn and anti-hustle porn, and it all feels very inauthentic.
Retweeted by Ryan Lanciaux @jamonholmgren I've been thinking about this a lot lately, too. Thinking about how much further along things would…! Looking forward to this. debuggable component tests: - Create stories with Storybook's Component Story Format to define what the test…
Retweeted by Ryan Lanciaux🚨 Remote engineering job for a startup that just raised a crazy good Series A Clojure or Lisp experience required!…
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@walkingriver @mhartington $70/mo. for 1gb fiber here too - no tv service.Using Faker to generate some test data. Thought you all should see this one: "The CSS bus is down, navigate the b…🚀 Excited to launch the first of many future tools on the XState Inspector! Visualize and…
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@kevinold Ahh very cool - this is the freestyle pro. @baskarmib @crswll Thanks! Liking it so far. Should theoretically help with some of the issues typing is causing —… - switching to a split keyboard sure points out some areas where I don't type correctly 😂 Keep reaching for th… @jamonholmgren Find cool things along the way to make the way there feel like part of the experience. One time when…
@jwright Now do your laptop bags
@tokivela @jamonholmgren “if you trade something off, make sure you get something in return.” -@dan_abramov There…
Retweeted by Ryan Lanciaux @tokivela @jamonholmgren “if you trade something off, make sure you get something in return.” -@dan_abramov There…
Props to the Uber PR person who came up with the ad campaign that implied only racists delete Uber.
Retweeted by Ryan LanciauxIf you find yourself wanting to switch TypeScript to strict mode, just go ahead and use Reason/ReScript. Don’t both…
Retweeted by Ryan Lanciaux @shanselman For anyone interested, I had the opportunity to give a very high-level intro to it last week here: @shanselman Highly recommend checking into Snowpack. It leverages new things browsers can do for a super fast/nice…
BREAKING: Abbott launches $5 coronavirus test that yields results in 15 minutes, without needing any laboratory equ…
Retweeted by Ryan LanciauxFiled under headlines I never expected to see @kyleshevlin Sounds like an opportunity for a giant mash up. Load into ableton with a launchpad and go 😂We, as an industry, really like to pretend that coding is the hard part. We do this when we interview. We do this w…
Retweeted by Ryan Lanciaux @kyleshevlin I will sometimes hum a melody idea or whatever into voice memos to come back to later with a DAW and i…
@likeOMGitsFEDAY @AdamRackis I thought it was still March
@dangoor Nice, thanks! I'll check it out.I constantly put DND on for meetings, and often wonder why Slack is so quiet for me a couple of hours later... 🤦‍♂️… @cestegman @balajis My favorite is when they brush people off who aren't from their identity forming city. "They must be a ba… @nohinder I think when people say this, they mean "This is a named strategy that folks in this ecosystem have used"…