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I ❤️ Web Dev, React, React Native, Design Systems / Component Libraries. Front-end consultant YouTube:

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@dgkimpton @kvlly 🤷‍♂️ @kvlly Ahh they said "synergy" too. If you're using Gmail / Google Apps for your email provider, I've found this… about @CodeStock conference as an attendee and a speaker 🚀 This session list looks great! teams shouldn't be painful. If they are, someone in management isn't doing a very good job.
Retweeted by Ryan Lanciaux @KimMaida @discordapp I didn't before, but now this is what will come to mind every time I see the logo. 😂"When failure is expensive, plan carefully. When failure is cheap, act quickly." -@jamesclear
Retweeted by Ryan LanciauxJust posted an article about a tricky JavaScript mutation that's burned me several times in the past.…
Retweeted by Ryan Lanciaux @DavidKPiano Yes please! 🚀👋 Hi Twitter! Sadly, my position was recently eliminated so I am in search of a new great role. ⚙️Web developer w…
Retweeted by Ryan LanciauxAwesome to see Shopify using React Native and now this news!
@AdnanCodes @ReactWindows Lol! We must have seen this around the same time 😂 thanks for sending that @AdnanCodes @shanselman Sounds like parts of it are 😃 @tlackemann I think I made this before hooks but will potentially revisit next time I need WebRTC. @tlackemann Would love to see this! I wrote a library that does a single data channel connection. In the app (not t… @shanselman Curious, do you know if this is using React Native at some level or is it more likely that it’s using o… @nwthomas_ I need a Baby Yoda sticker to go with the mandalorian logo 😃 @avdi Maybe it’s better than the $10+ oatmeal at some of the hotels there.Apparently relevant today.’ve been making apps since 2008. My website - - is a showcase for a small selection of the…
Retweeted by Ryan LanciauxHow to configure dotnet core 3 to serve up React SPA while using Http.sys and a URLPrefix?
Retweeted by Ryan LanciauxI built a large, branching multi-step form as a series of state machines/state charts. It was more code up front, b… had no idea I could long press on a word in a tweet and immediately mute it
Retweeted by Ryan Lanciaux @rauschma It usually depends on if it's something visual or not. Visual: Homepage More of a code focused thing: GitHub @Scobleizer Do you know of any electric vehicles using phase change materials? It would potentially add weight but…⚡️ Snowpack just got faster, thanks to WASM! @alexsaunderz replaced our old Babel-powered import scanner with the…
Retweeted by Ryan LanciauxJoin me TOMORROW at the Nashville QA Meetup where I'll be speaking on all things @Cypress_io including our recent…
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@dabit3 It really does. I mostly answered stuff in 2008-2009 (with a couple random ones here and there). I'm still… anyone is interested in attending @renderATL I have a ticket. Cost is face value. If you are interested, DM me.
Retweeted by Ryan Lanciaux @tiffanywhitedev Uh wow - that’s VERY messed up on so many levels. @DavidKPiano I’ve added a slow css animation for scenarios like this in a couple of apps in the past. If it’s takin… @ParissAthena I made stickers. Serves as a business card in the rare occasion that I need one -- otherwise, I like… @walkingriver @John_Papa It was definitely very tempting. :D @walkingriver @John_Papa 🚂 (I have an obligation to bring this up whenever someone talks about getting emails like… `dotent restore` is the final day to get a $100 Early Registration Discount to @DEVintersection this April at #WaltDisneyWorld
Retweeted by Ryan Lanciaux @toomuchpete I really like email and Basecamp for running projects. I've had way more success in Basecamp than Sl… will likely get me painted as old and washed up, but: with very few exceptions, as a software developer, one o…
Retweeted by Ryan Lanciaux @shellscape Lol! I did this too! @JustinNoelDev Whoa - this looks awesome.Rationing long distance minutes to connect to the internet. @getify I’ve wanted this same functionality for a while. It would make many things a lot easier 🚀 @davidfowl That sounds like quite the template. Is it one of the more mainstream things?
@KimMaida I have some friends that do this as a full time job. I’d imagine that there would be demand as side work also. @BenNadel Wow. That's pretty bad :D @BenNadel I like function guards for more complex logic in some cases ‘if (something && isWhatever()) ...’ @EntroperZero @shanselman Oh trust me, I've seen it in my own garage. 😂 @shanselman Random thought: Why don't the delivery trucks double as a service that would take the Amazon boxes back for reuse? @saltnburnem I'll sometimes cherry-pick the commits I want in those scenarios or do some rebase gymnastics 😬Not sure if it's too much coffee, or too much code, BUT I just said "over abstracted" when I meant to say "Over extracted" 😂 @shanselman My “being from Michigan” talking, but I’ve never heard of the lower two. @_s_hari Yikes!! @cwoodruff @Scobleizer That’s the main reason I go to conferences also. I love the sessions but hanging out with ot… peek at what @mrdowden and I have been working on the last several months... hint: 📚📖
Retweeted by Ryan LanciauxComing soon to a bookstore near you ...
Retweeted by Ryan LanciauxHaving a bit of fun with #AI/#ML in the browser. Early release of
Retweeted by Ryan Lanciaux @Scobleizer @elonmusk It currently seems like Tesla is building its own market while many other auto makers are mak… - stop. just remembered this site 😂 @_CalvinAllen @Josh_Smith Usually word of mouth.“Ready to take on this brand new week. First some coffee” 🙃 @walkingriver "Why don't you just rephrase that question to sound less confrontational?" (jk jk)Suggestion: Next time you start to ask, “why don’t you just...” stop yourself. Rephrase your question as, “what if…
Retweeted by Ryan LanciauxICYMI: I wrote a post about how I integrate storybook into the unit testing process. 1) Helps write tests that ar… @dabit3 @SocialBlade Mine -- seemingly unrelated 😂 (I did more recently start actually writing/making content ins… @coding4tacos It was an absurd gift I received like 10 years ago (that I'm super grateful for). Been really conscie… anyone here used React Native with ChromeCast? I'd like to potentially cast an (off screen) web view and not… @coding4tacos Oh no! We had to take ours apart once and use a coffee brush. That fixed it. Also, not sure if you… if React Native makes it harder to reach a high-quality, “native” level of polish on a single platform (debata…
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@mikesherov I love snowpack so much. It feels like the future. @bramus 😂Me: can we have support for Maps and Sets? React + Vue: we have Maps and Sets at home At home: {} []
Retweeted by Ryan LanciauxDoes anyone know of a way to paste arbitrary screenshots as a tab in @code? I know i could toss things in Sketch… @ken_wheeler This is very good. @bramus Oof that’s bad. I’ve worked on so many where the developer that made the API would return a 200 with an err… @JohanSoulet @storybookjs I’d love to hear how it goes. @njgingrich You have to be a Switch online member to have the ability to buy them There ar…’s a sad time around here trying to play video games and EVERY controller battery is depleted 😂 @JohanSoulet @storybookjs Do you mean like use addon/actions in storybook and a mock in test? I think making a de… Google - this is exactly what I was intending to say 😂 @dabit3 😂 I said something to that effect in a potential project meeting: “depending on the goal / scale of the pro…
@guyroyse I love that quote 😃 (Thanks for sharing this photo 🚀)Found this photo from a @ryanlanciaux talk in my photo stream.
Retweeted by Ryan Lanciaux @acdlite tweet: I’m currently looking for a new iOS engineering project. My LinkedIn is here:…
Retweeted by Ryan Lanciaux @DavidKPiano @ryanflorence I had a similar experience a while back in potential salary negotiations with a Bay Are…
@Martine_Dowden @mrdowden @saltnburnem Yea - I’m sure some would be. The ones I was seeing people wearing did not l… @saltnburnem In some cases, it may have made the possibility to pick up germs worse because they would be constantl… @saltnburnem I didn't when I traveled last week. 🤷‍♂️ I saw people wearing some which is nice if they have a cold a… @storybookjs Accompanying video is available here :D out this article I just added about how we can use @storybookjs to enhance our unit tests with React. I ♥ t… @John_Papa Close... Missing "The Black Cauldron", "Coco", "Inside Out", and "Atlantis" here. 😀You can say what you want about your regional BBQ, but my favorite local place has the coolest shirts. you still use Office 365 this year?
Retweeted by Ryan LanciauxMatt is one of the best there is. He has an incredible body of work. Beyond that, he is kind and amazing to work wi… @domitriusclark @dabit3 @eveporcello GraphQL is about communication. Design beautiful schemas and document them.
Retweeted by Ryan Lanciaux @craigshoemaker @jeffhollan @John_Papa I wonder this also. Just like the Cybertruck window breaking 🙃 v1.3.0! 🥳 🆕 `--stat` output details mode 🆕 Config file support (powered by cosmicconfig!) 🆕 Bug fixes and…
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In SF I learned: the best VCs don’t really know what’s going to take off. In LA I learned: the best producers don’…
Retweeted by Ryan LanciauxThis is pretty absurd. Instead of building a culture around working with employees to define goals / review goals…