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Ryan LeCount @ryanlecount formerly @artroan_

ryan. bi. (he/they) comic/concept artist. #BlackLivesMatter 🇵🇭

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@TheDamnThinGuy Damn we really glowed up since this..... gallant part 2 might need to happen sooner than we think @QU33NTIHL Yeah I’m sorry! I’ve been working on stuff I can’t stream / recovering from arm injury! Soon soon soon!*Get back to streaming in time for mass effect legendary editionHi I will be back to streaming art and games soon! Just gotta finish some work I can’t share 😭I miss streaming a lo… @TheDamnThinGuy @FenrirFireblade Wait... I’m looking @shannondrewthis @eliciadonze These are MY FAve Pens @grunchpop I would like to see the rest pleaseNice
Retweeted by Ryan LeCount @cj_is_online Drag her!Posting a favorite page from Skip ⚫️
Retweeted by Ryan LeCountReal sinigang hours in my house today. Been adjusting to new meds and been feeling extra anxious. It’s time for some comfort food 😌
She is home @arythusa I’m sure there are a lot but the dragon prince comes to mind @proclioevilo I’m in TEARSSometimes a hero can be a gelatinous blob piloting the corpse of an old adventurer
Retweeted by Ryan LeCount @Trungles It’s something I wanna do for graphic novels but haven’t yet with my previous workThe evil has been defeated! The bad Twitter crop is gone!
Retweeted by Ryan LeCount🍥 #VerticalArtParty
Retweeted by Ryan LeCountcw// blood, gore, animal death NO CROP, NO CROP, NO CROP #Darlin #VerticalArtParty
Retweeted by Ryan LeCountand this one has never stood a chance on here before smh #VerticalArtParty
Retweeted by Ryan LeCountthe evil crop is defeated on mobile, let's run this one back
Retweeted by Ryan LeCount"haha then what?" #HadesGame
Retweeted by Ryan LeCountThe Fury Sisters #HadesGame
Retweeted by Ryan LeCountSome character headshots for a story that you might read one day. #ocs
Retweeted by Ryan LeCountastra templar #warmup
Retweeted by Ryan LeCount @amonns HANDSOME
@AgentPaloma Oh my god I completely forgot about this movie @TheDamnThinGuy I must have done something wrong cause my app is updated and things are still cropped :/ @TheDamnThinGuy ???!!! @barjonabombers Oh perfect that makes sense! I didn’t consider that hahathe last 2 episodes of jjk arent on HBO for some reason and Im going feral
Retweeted by Ryan LeCountAfter this sample comic is done....... I’m gonna be available to work on comic covers 👀Thank you everyone for the super kind comments on this!!! ❤️
2021 artists! We wanna see portfolios. Bonus points if your work is MOODY.
Retweeted by Ryan LeCountWow autocorrect did Satoru dirtySatori Gojo... YOURE NEXTYuuji Itadori I will DRAW YOUI’m desperately trying to finish coloring this sample comic so I can draw jjk fan art...... @SaraAlfageeh @play_multiverse Love these colors!!!Let's go on an adventure (prints:
Retweeted by Ryan LeCount @avalonpenrose Wait I have similar answers
Just Watched #TheMitchellsVsTheMachines and I have to say it was so much funA little thorfinn
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I’ve been hanging out with these characters for almost 2 years now and I love them more and more every day.... so e… it away childhood trauma!!!! @wiggitywackgabi Good luck!!!Any Washington pals need a vaccination lead for this weekend?if you read this tweet about me crying after opening the flats for this page no you didnt ❤️
@JennRavenna If you need custom furniture my brother is your guy!!!!she went from a 5 second doodle to in my home in like 5 months’m too impatient to wait for new hardware to arrive so I’m posting a peek of my new custom breakfast bar my brothe… @OliveOilCorp yes ty! @OliveOilCorp Aight ima need you to show me how you did this!!!
almost done 😪 just pulled keqing with 4 pity eyeWell I guess I’ll add it to the list of stories I’ll never get the time to do and die :)wait.... not me FIGURING OUT A STORY just now.... for these space knights....who is she?
Hi I’ve been listening to the gospel all day really unprompted gave Mei cornrows :/ヘビースモーカー #ミト異譚
Retweeted by Ryan LeCountme: i just have a hard time trusting people in authority idk why the books i read at a very formative age:
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@BATHSmusic Literally double dosed up on a Tuesday. Icon!!!!Bump!!!hes on his way to mars to slay el*n m*skastra templar #warmup; #ApexLegends #Valkyrie
Retweeted by Ryan LeCount @FenrirFireblade I’ve been missing my streams too!!!! @FaeLalune Oh I overworked the shit out of my hand and I couldn’t draw for a month lmaoHave my first physical therapy session for my hand today so I’m gonna do a lil warm up drawing to get it on paper c…’s hunting... @ScottForbes I’ll be on tonight!!! :)I’ll get to apex fanart after I finish this sample comic... I have 2 pages left to ink and 7 pages left to color !!! @kyle_deleted Moderna Gorls vs Pfizer BabesMaybe this knight I drew made some points
@Lammergeared your costuming always HITS @TheDamnThinGuy Tbh I don’t have a need for it anymore.some colors i'm not keeping but really love
Old meme
Retweeted by Ryan LeCount @TheDamnThinGuy yes the crab.... @ngoziu youre gonna make me watch the show... @lychees He’s just the Lofi beats to chill/ study too girl @actualsergio Yea that is not a healthy view on success. Success is so subjective as well? Like what I consider suc… @actualsergio I understand that tiktok is like a big way to gain a following right now but not every creative outle… think I've been staring at this too long... 😅
@SaraAlfageeh @cannedcabbage It’s!!!! A moment!!!!!Been trying to figure out how to display this postcard forever and I just realized it fit perfectly on this small I…! @FudoM_D @sketchywindow @Loudwindow loving how softly you drew the facial features.✨Happy Friday✨ heres some (probably not canon) character exploration featuring my boys #TGATG
@PepperErhghhf You can use tap water haha @PepperErhghhf Oh shit I forgot to tell you they could use a drink!!!
@Manda_AMSBT I swear the booths were 1500 before. This is....... a lot @AustenMarieTV Like make it make sense :/so also apparently table prices have gone up and there will be "reduced" attendance as to maintain physical distanc… @XLLavagninoArt That’s what it sounds likeyeah I'll catch yall next year have funnot e/ccc opening artist alley applications for THIS December.... was 2022 booked?