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ʀʏѧɴ @ryanlecount formerly @artroan_

ryan. bi. (he/they) comic/concept artist. #BlackLivesMatter

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@proclioevilo 3c3 @EmKayDraws !!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!! @toastasaurus Okay I’m at 6.5 weeks so I have some time..... LMAO @toastasaurus Oh no..... how old is yours? @toastasaurus “This is productive use of my time!!!” I mutter while laying on the floor watching my kitten do absol… biggest struggle with having a new kitten is having to work... I don't want to work I want to watch the bebe sleep for an hour straight!!! A fun and sexy read if I do say so myself! Get you a copy! @rinasawayama 🥰🥰theydies and gentlethems are we streaming Sawayama today? @TheDamnThinGuy LITCHRULLY❤️❤️❤️LUCID PREMIERE❤️❤️❤️ worldwide premiere of my brand new single LUCID on @applemusic @zanelowe tomorrow 5pm g…
Retweeted by ʀʏѧɴI’ll nominate Rina my damn self @OliveOilCorp Bfjdjfnf I would if I didn’t already know a Tiffany and she didn’t suckShe doesn’t have a name yet @jerryjackosn Dilute Tortie ya!?
The sleeves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kids show where the main characters are queer boys that get to express their queerness on screen girl! someone give her a name
Retweeted by ʀʏѧɴ @jupiterjupiter Make me oneAnimal Crossing Valhalla @dark_rhett Cool for yourself and make them eat leftovers @_empressLA I will get there..... gradually.... @AceDeductions Ohhhh I seeI think I’m gonna up my commission prices by 25$ @AceDeductions I’m pretty sure if you boil them that kills the salmonella if any is there @AceDeductions Do u not steam it before eating?just staring at a line up of my ocs from [redacted] and crying
@paradiseinvite He has taste!!!!this was the most realistic episode of criminal minds
Retweeted by ʀʏѧɴ @paradiseinvite Whispering: what episode is this😌 @courtneyexists better safe than sorry. glad you didnt have an incident!! @radsechrist oh absolutely!me after watching queens gambit pretending to play chess in in the ceiling
Retweeted by ʀʏѧɴ @shannondrewthis I need that itty bitty piggy verse playin over her check mating these hoesAlright where are the Queens Gambit fan cams I’m obsessedI’m... OBSESSED
@TheDamnThinGuy Which head @drisnow_ @misterbabadork @ajbluecloud @tiredandtall @MarcyBones64 @jetstreamjo Oh wowsa! I feel you nailed my line quality!!!! So good @fizzingcola_art Thank you!!!
Me: is there a term for a witch that starts with ‘B’ ? Cameron: BizardI just think since this is the LAST book in the series and I will not be doing any further print runs after this...… am thinking of putting Hard Drive v3 and Complete Collection pre orders in my shop now since I have resumed worki… @Keith_Frady Verse gays rise up! @sarahmirk The next level!!!!!!!! @Keith_Frady I live laugh love thisFound my Wreath Witherspoon today 🥰
workin on Hard Drive today feeling like this since losing Bear. I think about him everyday. If you've experienced loss recently, I just w…
Retweeted by ʀʏѧɴ @jahnjonn she just arrived.... today... im in love @theyoungdoyler i am looking @Evilsforreals @ashworksco lets hope they stay that way u_uAnyways partially obscuring my facial features with foliage is definitely a vibe.Good morning plants! evolution/bimbofication of @rinasawayama
Retweeted by ʀʏѧɴI haven’t finished kipo yet and I feel like it’s just gonna be a chore that I need to put off foreverAnyone else stop watching shows they love cause they just don’t have the energy to enjoy/process them anymore?martha thee stewart
Retweeted by ʀʏѧɴlorde is coming I can smell it
The cuties were a blast to draw! Thanks for commissioning me :) softly: catboy detective catboy detective catboy detective catboy detec @ProfChestnut Yes!!! I know!!!!!Okay it's electra heart and commission time!!! should hopefully be finishing 2 today. come keep me company! Schmidt s3 ep6!!! me one good honest kiss and I'll be alright 🐯
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also random but i finally got asked to be a twitch affiliate! i think thats kinda coolworkin on commissions! If you have nothing to do right now you should come keep me company! <3 @claystorks The flavor.... @ProfChestnut I’m gonna get arms now
@Evilsforreals Hera found dead in a ditchBehold greatness!!!'s a commission I finished today! Athena from Hades. Had a lot of fun with this one! on commissions! come keep me company! wish it was me
Retweeted by ʀʏѧɴI've been sitting on these for over a year at this point! I think I've shared crops of these without any context be…😭 to ribs at 9:37amExcited about all the good vaccine news? Me too! Now let’s work even harder to keep everyone safe until this thing…
Retweeted by ʀʏѧɴas it should be! one of @blurring_my_day's drawings in 3D. #madewithunity #unity3d #gamedev
Retweeted by ʀʏѧɴMy gloriosum is putting out a new leaf!!!!! I’m glad she’s happy in my conditions cause I haven’t had her that long. gonna livestream working on commissions today because none of them are NSFW this round 🥰 @Evilsforreals -found new employment in a pandemic -been a great friend -a third thingCant stop anyone from guessing what the second one is but I will not confirm or deny them haha- Ran my most successful Kickstarter - I ******* a ** **** to *********** !! - something else I’m sure really never got Melodrama extended.....
@James440288 I used the binging with babish recipe!!!If it doesn’t have a gallon of cream cheese frosting on it is even cinnamon rolls????Just made cinnamon rolls from scratch.... I absolutely needed this... @OliveOilCorp !!!! Me!!!!!!!
One slot left! @paradiseinvite Several people have said they can’t find it! I’m not sure what’s up with that. Dm your gamer tag so…
Retweeted by ʀʏѧɴ @paradiseinvite I think it would be cool if you could deploy drone and fly it like normal but you could also set it… @paradiseinvite In my book he’s a bottom tier character yea.... he desperately needs a buffYeah I am calling this one done! Thanks @PlayApex for the fun characters! #ApexLegends
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