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@TimAnderson7 Miguel Sano > TA? Laughable at best @SNFonNBC @NFL @JerryRice what’s up?
Little Man’s hearing implants are turned on for the very first time. This is the Twitter content I’m here for...💪😍…
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Jerry Rice rips the officials for calls against the 49ers in their Super Bowl loss
Retweeted by WhiteSoxRyan @BrandonLewis18 @GingerKing_668 @JoeO670 He played 147 games last year and had a .385 obp, 30+ HR, and 30+ doubles.…
A summary of NFL officiating: One of these was pass interference, the other was not
Retweeted by WhiteSoxRyan @soxmachine_josh Season ends on an “the illegal play is no longer illegal because we are deciding that the quarterb… the illegal punch to the face is not illegal because the quarterback was not yet sacked but we are going to say… @soxmachine_josh Bad play calling, bad execution, horrific officiating gave them all the momentum they needed. Just a joke @soxmachine_josh There was definitely no helmet to helmet contact on that hit on jimmy. Definitely zero @soxmachine_josh Don’t worry, refs got this one handledTell me this isn’t rigged, tell me. @NFL what a fucking jokeHere we go god dammit fuck @AdamGSager @NFL Except the ones who dictate the game... I mean officiate the game @AdamGSager @NFL Ok, that’s possible.... but the offsides @soxmachine_josh 2 chiefs were offsides, how the hell can they not call thatClear offsides, hitting guy out of bounds. No fucking flags @NFL are you kidding me?Let them get the personal fouls, don’t be stupid and finish the game!!!!! @49ers @soxmachine_josh Holy shit!The chiefs receivers just don’t go down, it’s really impressive. Also annoying, but impressive tooLET'S GOOOOO 😤 #SBLIV X #BeLegendary
Retweeted by WhiteSoxRyan @49ers LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!I don’t understand the last possession at all.... that OPI was a terrible call. 2 quarters to go. Let’s fucking go @49ers!!!!!!! @soxmachine_josh Atrocious callAtrocious atrocious atrocious atrocious calSo run down 1:10 of clock to start playing with 20 seconds? #bold @AdamGSager No no, he just really wants to see J-Lo and ShakiraLETS GO @49ers!!!!! @soxmachine_josh Lets go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Great bounce back possession! Now let’s get that ball back! @AdamGSager I’m not even sure what he thought was gonna happen, that’s pathetic @soxmachine_josh What the hell was he doing? Gonna cost them the gameThat was pathetic defense all around that drive @49ers.
One more game. Let’s go @49ers!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring that trophy homeThis @NFLonFOX pregame show is just two hours of these guys blowing the chiefs. @soxmachine_josh I had them pegged at 7 to 9 wins. To think those 3 losses were all literally the last second of th… shouldn’t win comeback player when you only came back from being a shitty QB. That’s what most improved is for.…
@stephenasmith Make Barkley the logo
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Retweeted by WhiteSoxRyanI don't know how the hell @KingJames is going to do this. Much respect for even startingLeBron and AD share a moment pregame 💜💛
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@VexerShobox @jwsox2001 @soxmachine_josh This is just a hypothetical what-if, I am not suggesting we make the trade… @VexerShobox @jwsox2001 @soxmachine_josh Anderson/and much of the pitching staff still under control for multiple y… @VexerShobox @jwsox2001 @soxmachine_josh I dont think trading those 3 for Bryant (even if he didn't re-sign) takes… @newstyle23 @soxmachine_josh
@JRROwens @soxmachine_josh I think it will take a World Series for the team to spend. If they can get one in 2021,… @JRROwens @soxmachine_josh I dont see why adding Bryant would prevent them from spending on a RF next year, and imagine that team. @JRROwens @soxmachine_josh $18 million now, $35+ in FA, so I consider him cheap. 2 years but I would argue the Sox… @stevenpo1989 @soxmachine_josh A young quality starting pitcher for 3/4 years I would say is right on par with 2 ye… @srsjones825 @soxmachine_josh Reynaldo is not a top prospect, he’s a young expendable pitcher. Trade him and two to… @JRROwens @soxmachine_josh If you wouldn't trade Madrigal for Bryant Straight up you are higher than I am, and I am… @stevenpo1989 @soxmachine_josh Oh I bet they would be interested in Cease :-). @stevenpo1989 @soxmachine_josh Not suggesting it needs to get done, just what it would take to get him. I do think… @stevenpo1989 @soxmachine_josh Ok, so then going back to my original question, what would you change in that trade? @sugaragus35 @soxmachine_josh Amen. I think he gets a bad look, but his talent is unreal. that infield would also… @jwsox2001 @soxmachine_josh I am not by any means shitting on those 3. I hope Lopez bounces back, I think he will.… @jwsox2001 @soxmachine_josh Those two could be stars, they could also be busts, that's the gamble with prospects.… @jwsox2001 @soxmachine_josh 6 years of control for 2. You don't get to add those years per player. It's 2 years o… @kolak_jason @soxmachine_josh Reynaldo has more value, lets roll with him. For those outfielders, I would think Bas… @kolak_jason @soxmachine_josh But I do like the idea, I wouldn't mind trading all 4 of those Bryant. I honestly don… @kolak_jason @soxmachine_josh Is that Lopez or Rodon, or Both? If just one, I don't think that's enough. Rodon onl… @jwsox2001 @soxmachine_josh That's great insight you have here. Why is it dumb as hell? Please share your masterful wisdom @sugaragus35 @soxmachine_josh I also think there are a lot of internal options we can use for RP. Young kids, mayb… @sugaragus35 @soxmachine_josh An oft-injured guy who outside of 2018 has played 147+ games every year? If that's of… @mike_lox @Down23Bear @soxmachine_josh And im not by any means shitting on Madrigal/Vaughn, I truly believe they ca… @mike_lox @Down23Bear @soxmachine_josh I don't disagree with that. I do think we can find someone to slot in where… @sugaragus35 @soxmachine_josh You can easily Slot Moncada to 2nd. Bryant can also split time in OF with Mazara. M… @stevenpo1989 @soxmachine_josh Moncada can move to 2B. Bryant can play 3B and OF. Sox have plenty of money they can… @mike_lox @Down23Bear @soxmachine_josh If you're hindering the suck/not suck on Lopez, this year is going to be a w… @mike_lox @Down23Bear @soxmachine_josh Lopez was mediocre at best last year. I don't think he is vital to this sta… @richland63 @soxmachine_josh I think the Sox will spend if they win a world series. The only way for sustained succ… @richland63 @soxmachine_josh ReyLo we can part with.... After this year you have Kopech/Dunning/Rodon for the whole… @MrDelicious13 @soxmachine_josh I don't think they will sign a superstar player until they win a World Series. I t… @mike_lox @Down23Bear @soxmachine_josh Ill give you two years ago, played 147 games last year, that's pretty good.… @stevenpo1989 @soxmachine_josh I can respect that, what would you think could be altered (added by cubs/swap a play… @MrDelicious13 @soxmachine_josh That would be wonderful, but what happens if they don't.... At some point we need t… @Down23Bear @soxmachine_josh Why? @david_foss @soxmachine_josh I do not want to part with Ross Detwiler, he's the heart and soul of this team @NoMoneyMitch_ Eloy was not, still is not a superstar. To even compare Eloy to Bryant is just silly. Sox traded Qu… @soxmachine_josh Fair. Respectfully disagree though. This helps solves the cubs current 2B issue, future 1B issue,… @soxmachine_josh Madrigal, Vaughn, ReyLo for Bryant. Who says no, what change could be made to make it a yes? Tak…
Sources: Multiple NBA players have begun informally retiring Kobe Bryant’s jersey number(s) as a tribute — with Net…
Retweeted by WhiteSoxRyanA lot of #Kobe tributes have come up. Lots of words have been shared. @Mathieu_Era "I thought guys like him would…’s a moment from Kobe’s final game that few people saw and nobody really remembers … but @miketirico won’t eve…
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Dear @kobebryant ........ Thank you 😢 #RIPMamaba #KobeRIP #KobeandGianna
Retweeted by WhiteSoxRyanKobe’s reaction to the Eagles winning the Super Bowl is something we’ll never forget #RIPKobe
Retweeted by WhiteSoxRyan“Have a good time, life is too short to be discouraged” RIP Kobe… this doesn’t feel real😓
Retweeted by WhiteSoxRyanRemarkable moment to start the Raptors-Spurs game.
Retweeted by WhiteSoxRyan @barstoolWSD @espn Nbatv talking @AdamGSager Sounds like this is the case. A small + to a terrible tragedy @AdamGSager @ABC This is so fucking heartbreaking @AdamGSager @ABC So Vanessa was only one in that fam not on board right? They had only the 4 kids?How the fuck is no news station talking about @kobebryant right now? @BrianBilek_ This..... is a terrible take @wojespn Fuck
@stevestone @jasonbenetti Got my first year of season tickets bought a few months ago, so ready for this season!
6-8, put up 37 points, wowowowowowowowowowowowow @49ersOne more!