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@AdamGSager As you said on that other thread, I’m ok with that bracket setup! @soxmachine_josh That wasn’t near a strike @MLBUA you have to fire the entire Angel Hernandez crew. How the fuck can you keep a guy who would make that strike… @MrDelicious13 Who’d have through Angel Hernandez crew would make a bad call repeatedly @barstoolWSD Cause our manager is a complete moron. Almost as bad as the umpire at home plate @AdamGSager ok I get that 10000% and no argument, but they gotta play like they want to win. I love the Sox coming… @SoxShowdown Fair enough, but there’s no defending him being on this team, or being allowed to bat there in the 9th @AdamGSager That 8th inning at bat from Tim and that at bat just now from Jose..... woof. How the hell is mccann no… @SoxShowdown Ah ok so his worst total since 2011, all while having one of the worst years of his career in every ot… for a chance to win an autographed Luis Robert baseball! 8 lucky fans will win. #SoxFanSweepstakes No pur…
Retweeted by WhiteSoxRyan @SoxShowdown He’s a strikeout hitter. The only person I’d choose Edwin over to trust to barrel up a ball and hit a… should not be on the @whitesox playoff roster. He is horrendous, why did mccann not pinch hit for him in that crucial situation? @SoxShowdown Would have to have a hr hitter upRETWEET for a chance to win an autographed José Abreu bat! 5 lucky fans will win. #SoxFanSweepstakes No purch. nec…
Retweeted by WhiteSoxRyanRETWEET for a chance to win an autographed Lucas Giolito baseball! 4 lucky fans will win. #SoxFanSweepstakes No pu…
Retweeted by WhiteSoxRyan @ChiSoxFanMike for a great season @jasonbenetti and @stevestone. Between interacting with the fans, keeping your calm durin… @whitesox did it!!! And man my face looks good on @OzzieGuillen. What do you think @ChuckGarfien? @barstoolWSD He has to do it on purpose right? He’s the absolute worst umpire I’ve ever seen. @HashTagWhiteSox Pleaaaaaaase!Update: Moncada is feeling ok, and absolutely back!! @barstoolWSD Fucking beautiful piece of hitting!Hope moncada is good, he seemed slow to get up and walking back to dugout @CST_soxvan Looked at a ball, but Angel called it a strike*. Still though, point stands :-( @MLBUA Angel Hernandez is single handedly trying to strike out the @whitesox. Get this piece of trash out of mlb!#soxmath 80#soxmath 43
@ToSayBoldly @sunwasblue @CBCAlerts You can never smoke to much weed @soxmachine_josh in a 3 way tie how does seeding play out? @stevestone in the event of a 3 way tie for the AL central, how is seeding decided?Will the @whitesox ever win again? @MRMBaumann @z_munday @barstoolWSD He also turned Adam Eaton into 60% of the starting rotation including the ace. N… @MLBUA Angel Hernandez and his crew, especially fucktwat bellino are so bad, how can you not look at them?Eject Edwin, he deserves to be ejected. How dare that umpire allow him to argue. Kick Edwin out! @whitesox#soxmath 92Did the league figure out the @whitesox all of a sudden, or is this just not that great of a team? I feel like neit… @soxmachine_josh Call it covid or call it whatever you want, there’s zero excuse to let that first pitch go without… @barstoolWSD If this is so much better, he should be in Schaumburg @soxmachine_josh So cease is crossed off the playoff rotation, right? Should he even be on the playoff roster at this point? @soxmachine_josh I know this is a reusable tweet. But man for Robert just go up and flail at 3 pitches... it’s getting ridiculous
@caseyboguslaw Maybe not upset that the Sox lost, but people were mad Rodon went in at all in that situation (espec… @junior_thirty4 @scottmerkin Wish Jerry would call him and fire him. When Ricky asks why, just tell him it is what it is @ScottGayne1 @michaeldurkin58 @The_Xsport The last 3. You can tell me he was ejected, but he showed yesterday by wa… @Reds, please help. Please? @tlines2 @caseyboguslaw Absolutely, but also have to rely on Minnesota losing one (very doable as well). It just su… @caseyboguslaw There’s no real home field advantage. And I agree it’s a whacky season, but it counts all the same.… @caseyboguslaw I wanted them to clinch the playoffs, now I want them to win the division. Next I’ll want them to wi… @scottmerkin Everyone already did put it on him. He’s not supposed to cost us games @caseyboguslaw That’s fine, they should care though about winning a division title. They should care about beating… @OzzieGuillen @ChuckGarfien Frank has it right. We could not lose this game, had to close it out, and this can hurt… @barstoolWSD Not till Ricky is fired @soxmachine_josh He has a lifetime contract. I swear the only person worse at his job than Ricky is Angel Hernandez… only person worse at his job than Ricky is Angel Hernandez. And it’s pretty close. @whitesox @MLB @MLBUA @The_Xsport The only person worse at his job than Ricky is Angel Hernandez @barstoolWSD Everything Ricky does is stupid. He has no idea what he’s doing in that dugout and it’s blatantly obvi… @soxmachine_josh If that’s not a fireable offense I don’t know what is @HashTagWhiteSox They made the playoffs, so unfortunately ricky probably has a lifetime contract @SoxShowdown Really? Ricky couldn’t make the right decision if he tried. Example, he has Ruiz warming up over humme… @soxmachine_josh This is on ricky, there’s no excuse for playing Edwin, there’s no excuse for using Rodon in this s… @rustysurf83 @HashTagWhiteSox It’s resinsdorfs team, they made the playoffs (in spite of rickys shitty managing). A… @HashTagWhiteSox Gives up 3 hits.... “eh, leave him in for one more” @LWilz Zero reason to slide, just trying to be cute. Guys a walking accident @NBCSWhiteSox The baseball gods would take your feet then Eloy would concuss himself at the wall on a fly ball the next inning. @RyanMcGuffey On a slide he didn’t need to do. What a moron @BrianBilek_ Or just like common sense training for Eloy. Like, don’t jump into the wall, the net, and don’t slide… @AdamGSager Would’ve if eloy didn’t slide unnecessarily, and then fuck his leg up. Let’s just pray he didn’t hurt h… @ChuckGarfien And Eloy fucked up any excitement @barstoolWSD Ok* @barstoolWSD And hope Eloy is on after that unnecessary slide @HashTagWhiteSox And possibly Eloy hurting himself on a slide that was absolutely unnecessary
#soxmath 108#soxmath 43I mean, Edwin cannot be starting games once the playoffs come. Right? Please God, right? @whitesoxMoncada!!!! Lfg @whitesox
#soxmath 30 @WhiteSoxTakes @DosCanSam @soxmachine_josh He had back spasms, unfortunately. With that said, Gio Gonzales over Jos… @soxmachine_josh It’s a shame none of the other guys were available @BrianBilek_ 27 years of missing calls and trying to be bigger than the game @soxmachine_josh No reason he couldn’t have come out for 10th just more shitty management from a team with no real… @soxmachine_josh Needs to work on quite a bit of things
@DominickTrezza He has an extremely busy schedule but I’ll see what I can do. Thanks!! Go Sox!#soxmath 20 @MLBUA please explain how Angel Hernandez is allowed to be an umpire? Get him the fuck out half these pitches aren’t even close
#soxmath 20 @HashTagWhiteSox That’s said way too much about him @soxmachine_josh The laziness from Tim and Nomar is frustrating @dmcintyre1991 Would also be nice if after that home run, or the hit before that, or the hit before that someone go… @danaustink105 @CST_soxvan Sox have tiebreaker, no game “163” this year. So technically it’s a 2.5 game lead, twins…
@soxmachine_josh That Eloy fly out could have been a sac fly and make it 4-5. Tims at bat really cost this team som… @MLBUA can you please get your guys better training? This is ridiculous how do none of your umps know how to call balls and strikes @CST_soxvan @GettyImages He cannot be relied on in the playoffs. Dude has no control#soxmath 12#soxmath 20 @AdamGSager Remember what I said about the training staff? @AdamGSager Every year it’s injury after injury. Either they need some sage to burn, or a new training staffHoly fuck Mazara did it! He hit a home run
@SoxGarden @whitesoxmax @dciszek19 @NBCSWhiteSox Sox have tiebreaker over twins. So pretend that tiebreaker makes i… @jasonbenetti DJ did dam good, but something about that harmony with @stevestone is just unbeatable#soxmath 163#soxmath 20