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Sr. Producer @NBCSChicago. #WhiteSox content head, #WhiteSoxTalk podcast. I tell the story behind the story. Never forget where you come from. @DePauwU grad.

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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Griese: "This offense is not a 5-1 offense."Good time to run clock and establish the run.Sean McVay was 12 the last time that play worked. is this offense?!?You have. We all have. Time and time and time and time again..... @TeddyGreenstein @PointsBetUSA Sold. 🔥💰🔥💰Cole Kmet is athletic as hell.Is Sean McVay the one person who's 'How It Started' vs 'How It's Going' pic is exactly the same?
The #Bears went from 6-point underdogs to 6.5-point underdogs in the last 24 hours on @PointsBetUSA. Updated lines…
Retweeted by Ryan McGuffeyI remember everything about covering this game. Literally down to the final out and the pandemonium that followed… @SarahLauch Not going to lie....pretty happy that I’m a fast walker, so....I absolutely love this #WorldSeries
@obvious_shirts @thekapman Huh? Why? He won’t even be starting in New England next week.All those Bill Belichick #Patriots trends....they’re officially useless. Those are and were TB12 trends.This is Bad Beat Sunday at its finest.this is all class. HAVE TO HE KIDDING ME. what. A. Game. #WorldSeries
What an effort by the #Hoosiers.
Coming down to the wire. #WhiteSox fans....who ya got? @Kevin_NBCS Most important....sports before the turn of 2021, and some kind of NBA normalcy. @Mike_PiFF03 .@WGNRadio is better today.What a moment. #WhiteSox @TeddyGreenstein @PointsBetUSA This is awesome - but as a PointsBet veteran since Day 1....what you got on those ri… @thekapman This just means that both aren’t very good. @JoeO670 @EliHershkovich @BetSweats Over. @dtschnei5 @ChuckGarfien @VinnieDuber Joc is a platoon player. Awful versus lefties. @mrooney23 @TomCooperTBD All of this is impacting the over!!!At least I can hear and understand what they’re saying this time. @ChrisTannehill @Ecnerwal23 @670TheScore So sorry for your loss.
⬇️⬇️ proof that the #WhiteSox had the best catching tandem in baseball. case anyone needed it spelled out for them: @BauerOutage was #1, 1a & 1b for me. 🎧⬇️ @shane_riordan Need this. And the next thing. And the next......oh, and one of those burgers.... @BuckyBallgame First off...I’m happy that you voted. the HELL is this the first time?!?! @DanHayesMLB Best cause it was the best of the guests. Kershaw is the goods.
@BuckyBallgame didn’t know it?! 🤣🤣A LOT of great coverage of the #Blackhawks, and their plan going forward. this. Happy for Kershaw. Had an incredible experience with him 5 years ago in Cuba and got to know the guy. He… #RedSox traded Mookie Betts.
@MSowa24 @ChuckGarfien just did.... Not whining at all. But, I choose to live in the present, and you should know… had thoughts....even more thoughts.... anyone have a cure how to get rid of headache?!? @MSowa24 @ChuckGarfien in regards to bat flip stuff? @philgrogers So sorry for your loss.
@angrysteveworld @bkoplos Would love to see things with a real QB. Mitch was already here.Cody Bellinger reacts - give it to me again and again and again. Love this stuff. #DodgersMookie Betts are you kidding me?! Awesome.
Love everything about this press conference. Shaheen: 2 catches, 47 yds, TDThe #Bears are 5-1.I just don't get NFL coaches...why is Nagy throwing? Why is Crennel going for 2?Romeo Crennel going for 2 on #Texans last TD.....The last 3 plays in this #Bears game...Cairo Santos - #Bears kicker.
What a story from a great storyteller. I could only dream I had the relationship with my dad that you did with your…
@JamesFox917 @JoeO670 Yeah. Not surprised at all. With cases rising all over, and flu season upon us, it seems a bit risky to start up. @JoeO670 Pass some of that feeling over here. Forgot what it’s like.
Without question, @vxmcclure23 was one of the nicest human beings in the sports media business. In a time where it’… @chisocialchange @NBCSWhiteSox @VinnieDuber @ChuckGarfien good find....thanks for sharingChicago White Sox senior vice president/general manager Rick Hahn has been chosen as the 2020 Sporting News Major L…
Retweeted by Ryan McGuffeyWhite Sox fan ⁦@Phillies1150⁩ ran into Michael Kopech at the NLCS. He said Michael told him he’ll be ready for spr…
Retweeted by Ryan McGuffey💪🏻 @AdamHoge Just a few... @oguillenjr @whitesox Literally had every one of these cards as a kid and pretty much guarantee that every one of them were signed.I’m not wrong.
@oguillenjr InIf the White Sox hire A.J. Hinch or Alex Cora, what will they be getting? So much great info here from White Sox W…
Retweeted by Ryan McGuffey#Vote @oguillenjr Same! @jon_greenberg just another reason...Good stuff from @CST_soxvan on the ending of Renteria’s tenure from the #WhiteSox
Opinion piece: there’s NO chance the #WhiteSox hire Tony LaRussa to be their next manager. Rick Hahn spelled it o… can’t believe this. agradecer a Rick Rentería por todo lo que ha hecho por mí, mi equipo y la organización. Realmente te extraña…
Retweeted by Ryan McGuffey
🚨 One of several emergency 🚨 Pods to come. Renteria’s time on the South Side is done. ⬇️🎧 @ChrisLowy an advisor, possibly, this, don't see.What. A. Catch. things ahead for the #WhiteSox !!!
Retweeted by Ryan McGuffeyThis is big and good news for the #WhiteSox and future of Crochet in '21 Hahn: “Ozzie Guillen will not be a candidate for the job.” #WhiteSoxDon Cooper is out as #WhiteSox pitching coachRick Hahn says that “we’ve opened our window.” #WhiteSoxHahn says the best candidate would be someone who has recent championship success. But keeping an open mind, knowin… Hahn meets the media now. Watch it on NBC Sports Chicago or live on our Facebook page:
Retweeted by Ryan McGuffey @BigAntHerron SEE: last 2 weeks...opportunity to be better at the position...availability of someone you like bette… Renteria was the perfect guy to get the #WhiteSox to this point. It’s clear though now, the team sees an op… #WhiteSox press conference with Rick Hahn will not only stream on @NBCSChicago Facebook page, it’ll be live on… Sox part ways with Rick Renteria, will have new manager in 2021
Retweeted by Ryan McGuffeyRicky Renteria is gone. #WhiteSoxRick Hahn meets the media in exactly 1 hour. A lot to discuss. Well carry it live here:
I’m both excited and scared for Alex Smith. Regardless, incredible story.
Good for the #Rays
Crazy......also, needs to change. Foles is a refreshing soundbyte/interview. Reflective. Perspective. Really puts thought into the question and answer.Coach Wannstedt explains why the Bears win over the Buccaneers was big for many reasons. Stream Football Aftershow…
Retweeted by Ryan McGuffey#Bears G James Daniels will undergo an MRI on his pec, with a source saying the fear is he suffered a season-ending…
Retweeted by Ryan McGuffeyIt’s far from pretty, but the #Bears are 4-1.