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There needs to be a Buttons and Mindy styled cartoon of Yoshi constantly having to save Baby Mario from peril. @revsully That was just the 90s
@caroramsey This is so pleasing to look at.Me: I have an unexpected half hour to get some work done. (sits there and looks at Birds of Prey photos)Sonic the Hedgehog booming past $200M in the box office is going to pull SEGA back into the spotlight, and my body is ready. @revsully I will watch any Bond film, but if Daniel Craig were naked for about 90% of that, then I would be fine with the length."None of us are X-Men because we want to be… We are X-Men because someone has to stand up to people like you." - Ic…"The writing of @Benjamin_Percy on X-Force is truly a work of art. It is poetic. To dive so deeply into a character…
Retweeted by Mr. Sinister @AngstyX So strange seeing Skin alive. Well timed, as we are reviewing the Generation X film for @themutantages next week.Nothing is quite like crashing into bed after writing 5 articles, editing a podcast, and reading 2 entire graphic n… and Jubilee's friendship is so pure. I love them., hey, Bobby. You can melt all over me anytime. FOLLOWS IT UP BY SAYING MUTANTS LIVE IN THE CLOSET, I'M NOT EVEN KIDDING. @Ajaxobs Or the lack there ofEven in the 90s, Iceman was gay AF. He has the opportunity to kiss the beautiful Cecilia Reyes, and he's so not int…
Me: I will get a bunch of work done today. (Phone rings five million times)Retro Review: Bomberman (NES) - Looking back at the character who deserves his fighting place in Smash. by…
Retweeted by Mr. SinisterHey! I have a podcast where I read our teen X-Men fanfics. We have a new ep out where my self-insert character gets… @contodomiamor I personally am a fan of "icecock".Why isn't Bomberman in Smash? This question led me to writing about the original Bomberman game for the NES on this… @AlexBurby If I see any vampires in Massachusetts today, I will waveI have always assumed that Iceman is naked all the time and just uses cleverly placed ice to cover the goods. Hello…
@victoriajanssen I sure hope so.So now even if you THINK about Wolverine, you fall down on the ground like him and scream "MY MEMORIES!!!"'s possible Dr. Strange needs a hobby. is a snack. am playing the original Bomberman, and this game awards my patience by letting me level up to a God-like status o…
@AlexBurby Lookin' good, Alex! @victoriajanssen Ziploc bags go a long way here. @xoxogossipgita They realize this looks like a porn set right @AngstyX Me everyday @alissacaliente That or you are rebel as fuck @ZakStrassberg That used to be me. 5 coffees a day was considered low for me. As you can imagine, I had learned how… don't understand people who don't drink water. We need it to survive. I love water. WATER LOVES ME TOO.Wolverine is IN THE DISNEY STORE. The X-Men are coming to the MCU. It's a sign!
@jdac My theater is always weird. Not many people cheer, laugh or clap regularly because it's also one of those din… @Nosocialize @hellomuller @chipkidd @Benjamin_Percy Dude I want to pick this up and add it to my frames X-Men collection. @victoriajanssen Get to it! You'll love it. @Makofury Everyone was super bi in this film which is pretty canonical to its source material.Birds of Prey's cinematography was beautiful. Those fight scenes were meticulous, well thought out and incredibly s… of Prey was surprisingly really good! Am I in a dream? That's 2 movies this week that blew away my expectatio…
I love them. @AngstyX I love everything about Logan and Jubilee. He's her big brother. They are two loners who found each other. @Clintus It's always worth it for anything Jubilee. @RetroWorldExpo I collect them, so yes @Callihan_ Fuck bullies
The idea that Sensei Kreese showed Johnny Lawrence how to kiss is: A) Further proof that Johnny is a closet gay. B)… support our X-Men show! 🙏 @UncleFahey They just wanted an excuse to say "Corona". This virus is product placement. @patrickross Okay okay! I forgot about Sonic Mania! LoL I take it all back @AlannahDaw Ohhh I totally forgot about Mania. Okay. I take that back. Since Mania.
"The character interactions in this are far too wonderful to miss." @JHickman @RodReis #comics #NewMutants #NCBD N…
Retweeted by Mr. Sinister @pxlsicle I like saying in the Mickey Mouse voice, "The power of my imagination got away from me and I am having a psychotic break! Huh-ha!"With the success of Sonic the Hedghog, the Witcher, and Castlevania... Is it possible that video games are finally… the Hedgehog deserves a sequel. Probably the best video game movie to date. Way to go, SEGA.
@thedeviousdevi1 The Red Diamond Bar hears all sorts of gossip...Also: At the end of this @TheMutantAges episode, I do a little reading of a short fanfiction I wrote of Mr. Siniste… Sinister having a canonical gossip bar is all I have ever dreamed of in life.Did you know that we have Retro gaming reviews? Well, we do! Join @ryanpagella as he spin dashes his way back into…
Retweeted by Mr. Sinister @contodomiamor That's the other thing: Businesses will slide benefits off as quickly as possible.It's extremely messed up that businesses in this country can get away with not paying sustainable wages for people… @contodomiamor @TheMutantAges @MIDImyers I love that you posted this Thundercats GIF.New ep of @TheMutantAges! In which @MIDImyers & I watched "Family Ties". Magneto discovers that Scarlet Witch and Q… @victoriajanssen You and me both, my fellow mutant! @justbeqause I love this photo of you. It's so on brand.Also what was up with all of that last second romance for Poe and Finn with two rando girls? Rose was already there…
@AlexBurby I was just thinking about this the other day and how I need to dig up the old DVDs and give it a solid r… in case you didn't know: We are writing about X-Men's comic book history for @TheMutantAges every Monday! This…
I have no patience for people who are rude and demanding at a fast-food burger joint, when its staffed by maybe 4 u… @laevantine @MIDImyers At least I stay on brand. @laevantine @MIDImyers I mean, don't I already have that? I do own a bunch of X-Men underwear... @laevantine So @MIDImyers also gifted me a belt in the past month, so I think everyone is not-so-subtly telling me… @arthurstacy @TheMutantAges Honestly, I have no idea. He ordered it through a local comic book store, so your guess is as good as mine! @RyanDoesItNerdy Thanks! @laevantine It's like 90's yaoi anime grunting.This really explains a lot of my teenage X-Men fanfiction. partner gets me. Best V-Day gift.
You don't know the woes of recording a podcast when @MIDImyers has to take a break to take down the fire alarm that…
Automated receptionist machines are the bane of my existence. I can never reach the department I am trying to call,… have always loved Domino, but making her the X-Men's 007 makes her way better. Check out my article about my love…'s cute that Eversource sent me an e-mail saying "How to spot a scammer." Hope you put yourself on that list, Eversource. @thedeviousdevi1 That would be the sassiest, most gender fluid and queer team up, and I am all for it.I know "Warren for President" is the senator, but I keep thinking its Warren Worthington, screaming about how we sh…
@thedeviousdevi1 Where is his solo series, is the real question here.I am continuously impressed with the number of people who go to the gym and just drop shit. They are weights. They are heavy. Surprise! @xoxogossipgita I had such hope when she announced her candidacy. Not so much anymore. @xoxogossipgita Can we talk about how I was on board for Warren until she started attacking her opponents in the pa… @AngstyX I want to do a dramatic reading of Beast's logbook on @TheMutantAges so bad. @Clintus It's that time of year, Clintus. I am feeling that. @caroramsey Remember how obsessed we were with these two in our teens? Like scream worthy obsessed.It's Wednesday, which means new comic books, and new X-Men. Check out my review of Excalibur and it's wacky Warwolf… morning! I am happy to announce that I have a weekly retro gaming column over @AIPTcomics! Go check them out b…
I never really thought I would be in a situation where I would be blowing up a hundred X-Men clones, yet here we ar…
Hey! If you want to learn more about the X-Men, we are breaking down our favorite mutant's most famous story lines…
There is a dude at the gym wearing a shirt that says "GYM!" Calm down, buddy, you are trying WAY too hard.I am imagining this Russian dude training his friend on the weights as Collosus training X-Students, and it's makin… @minkventures Nice shots! @laevantine I am impressed we were able to talk about green and blue lights for 3 hours.We just finished recording an episode of @TheMutantAges where we endured watching the Generation X film. I hope you…
@alissacaliente That's the problem with training an attack owl.