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Good morning! Beast and Wolverine are gay. They are dating. We learned this in the second part of the Spider-Man/X-… spoiler free review of Marauders #11 is up at @AIPTcomics! The only thing I am willing to spoil: It's really, re… feel attacked.
@TerrorandLove This tweet gets me.Thats my sassy Sinister. whole thread is... wow.
Squirtle and Pikachu?!?!?!
@laevantine As long as someone pops and screams "TOASTY!"We are standing in line at the Dollar Store with 4 people. KAREN walks in, grabs a bell and rings it for her dear l… love it when I distract my friends while shopping because I am busy giving a detailed report about the politics on Krakoa. @UncleFahey @MIDImyers She has that effect on people. @craigperko @MIDImyers Don't get me wrong, I still text @MIDImyers in all caps frequently because I get excited about Wolverine.Well this is certainly a new Vogue look for me at the salon. I WAS 13, I USED TO TYPE IN ALL CAPS BECAUSE I THOUGHT IT WAS REALLY COOL UNTIL @MIDIMYERS ASKED WHY I WAS ALWAYS YELLING ONLINE.New vlog! I took my GoPro out for a spin on my bike ride across my hometown in Massachusetts! #vlog #gopro @NateKurth You mean Rise of shit lol @xpatriciah I love that they are like out of focus Tetris blocks
@NonTrotski When does Animal Crossing get buster swords @PaOfKalEL @MIDImyers @TheMutantAges Thanks! We are pumped.Tonight @MIDImyers are starting X-Men: Evolution for @TheMutantAges! So many memories. #xmen @SNEScapades Hell yes!I think Link is boring, and that Zelda should be the main character of the series literally based on her name. York is a renters’ city and these streets belong to the tenants! #cancelrent
Retweeted by Mr. Sinister 🏳️‍🌈 @alissacaliente I watched that video of a landlord who screamed "Pay your bills!" To a crowd of unemployed people i… @alissacaliente I like how he proved himself wrong @MIDImyers I have not gotten into these films, but I am sure I will when Margot Robbie's team produces the next film.This is how Xavier trained his students to fight the Vanisher in X-Men #2. Hi, I'm a nerd. enjoy @MIDImyers & I battling through this terrible ice level as Jean Grey and Rogue to fight Sienna Blaze,… @AngstyX Simon Kinberg lives in a fantasy world where he thinks his work on the X-Men is good, and somehow will get… ever think about how the Fox X-Men movies are their own universe which then has to mean that this Dazzler is mo…
Retweeted by Mr. Sinister 🏳️‍🌈I can never watch Spice World without thinking about that time I watched it with @xoxogossipgita & @MIDImyers, and…
@yunielala I could write a book on these. I need to atop dating shitty men. They need to fill out a survey before the first date.I once had an ex try to convince me to save our relationship by saying "Sometimes I am going to break up with you,… @AlxJrvs I was about to tell you to get out of here, Jarvis, but then I realized you said 8 and not 9 and I am okay with this.New vlog! I hit up Horseneck Beach in Westport, MA! It's a pretty short vlog due to a bunch of silly events, but it… what point did park managers decide "Sand is too dangerous for children on playgrounds. Lets have them slide into woodchips."M: I just finished playing this tabletop game. Me: The last tabletop game I played was... Golden Girls Trivia. @alissacaliente @annamurray713 That's what Gamora said to Nebula after they tried to kill each other 355 times.I cannot accept that episodes 7-9 are truly Star Wars. They are fun (And I do love Rey), but I am still sour that t…
@laevantine @sajon77 This is fair, because I do the same thing. This is how I just keep playing the Kingdom Hearts… @xoxogossipgita The only thing ad revenue can even remotely due is pay for hosting fees of a website, and that's if… @alissacaliente I already have PTSD, depression, anxiety and OCD... I didn't know it could... level up? @laevantine @sajon77 Wait, can't it just play it on the PS4? @laevantine We all know I am "Cereal chilli Crab Super Seed Dough"New ep of @TheMutantAges! @MIDImyers & I cover the first part of the Spider-Man/X-Men TAS cross-over! It's very ver… @jdac @thedeviousdevi1 That I can then rip off and use to lasso Ruckus? Yes.If you order something off Amazon without Prime, it takes up to a month to receive the item. If you do have Prime,… @revsully Ugh... when is this government going to do anything to protect people and businesses in this country? @Nosocialize I am glad someone gets my Back to the Beach references.Back the beach, a Ryan Pagella documentary.
New vlog! I spent the first day of the harvest at the Natick Farmer's Market, which was still bustling during COVID… @NonTrotski @linzb0t @Jakten The animation in this is fantastic. @NicoColaleo @TheLoreFactory I love the careful detail you put into your craft, Nico. This is fantastic. @thedeviousdevi1 This really makes me want to design my concept costume for Mr. Sinister at a strip show.I don't understand the number of drivers in Massachusetts who have been road raging through this pandemic; blowing… out to @MIDImyers & @drtoddharper for taking a shitty movie like X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and making it one…
@victoriajanssen Plus my shit is crazy organizedLiving with OCD every day of my life. This is low level and under control, for now. At least I can laugh at myself. @Ajaxobs @TheMutantAges I already suggested a drinking game called "drink if this movie is bad" @itscalramsey Happy Birthday Sudieeeee please sit on my lap again @itscalramsey Where are you going to put it? @annabelle5304 Its called delivery @laevantine I really thought you were talking about Storm in X-Men Origins: Wolverine againTHESE ARE RED FLAGS. don't know who needs to hear this but: Landlord can't pay mortgage on second property ➡️ lose their investment,…
Retweeted by Mr. Sinister 🏳️‍🌈 @dialacina Can you imagine anyone having money right now?I need to watch X-Men Origins: Wolverine for @TheMutantAges, and I decided that tracking ants to their ant hill at… @HaydnTheGeek77 @TheMutantAges Its for the better. A blessing in disguise really
@HaydnTheGeek77 @TheMutantAges In one shot they call her "Diamond Girl" and then two seconds later they are like "I… @HaydnTheGeek77 @TheMutantAges Her diamond form honestly looked like it belonged in a horror movie. @grmartin Mickey Mouse @darkwebthot Princess Daisy? @clementeworks I read this as "IKEA left me a porch to assemble." @mpauldesigns I love that jellyfish action.My new cosplay. @ajcarab81 Well, @MIDImyers & @laevantine have watched it. I am putting it off and coming up with reasons I can't watch it. @alissacaliente Take the duck. Its gotta be better than any man in OK Cupid @itscalramsey I feel you @alissacaliente Me too.
@Ajaxobs Maybe I should watch that version for @TheMutantAgesThe CG in X-Men Origins: Wolverine makes the CG in Generation X look good.New vlog! I hit the beach again, this time with @TheJanetWolf, taking a trip down memory lane to when we used to ha… don't let friends skip elections. Text FRIENDS to 26797 to make sure you are registered. And tag your frien…
Retweeted by Mr. Sinister 🏳️‍🌈I truly have no idea why Ryan Reynolds posted this. protestors blocking landlords from evicting their tenants is everything. There are no jobs, there is no money…
This is life. Thursday! This is from Northeast Comic Con, which @annabelle5304 & I attended for Superhero Life. I got t… go watch @MIDImyers & I play through this terrible X-Men Game Gear game for @TheMutantAges. #xmen @searle46 I feel like there needs to be a comment made here about Kirby's ability to swallow. What if Kirby is Max's mom?!Goofy having feet is on par with Kirby having feet.
Back at the beach again. Oops.'s Warren Worthington Road!"It's about time we had some more representation... @david_baldeon brings these characters to life with wonderfully…
Retweeted by Mr. Sinister 🏳️‍🌈This week the PUA benefits end. Millions of Americans are left without money or jobs. The job market has crashed. B… vlog! Day at Scarborough Beach with my fam, followed by dog adventures on the playground with Katie! #vlog @Blockoftext Maybe @MIDImyers and I should do an episode... from the beach???Just saying "hey" from the beach today.
Here's the thing, states: Closing public restrooms to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and replacing them with port… new X-Factor is very good and it has Northstar leading the team, which I believe is the first gay X-Men leading…