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NYT-bestselling, Eisner-winning, and 2m tall. Writer (along with Kurt Vonnegut, who's up in heaven now) on the graphic novel adaptation of Slaughterhouse-Five.

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@KWilliamsBrown Hahaha @KWilliamsBrown Alas, alas, the road not taken @jcallman Haha excellent @nay_gwen @AlbertMonteys @Powells Enjoy!! @kjsahakian !!! Thank you so much, that's amazing support!!
@Lookforthewoman She did!! Oh man I used to love that. But she did NOT leave it to MEIn these troubled times, let us all pause to remember this, the most affecting slam poem in Toronto history.
Retweeted by Ryan North @RebeccaTee Plus then you can eat it right out of the jar! @JackKetch1 Ooooh! @Hamiltwan Sounds awful. My condolencesMany are telling me they whip cream by hand and that it's actually not that hard. I will never know. I'm $50 deep i… @DauntingMtn Neat! @collect100coins Huh! @benkling Hmm sounds like a helpful household tip to get Shaken Cream @hellocookie HahahBefore electric beaters, making whipped cream would've taken WAY more effort. My kids would've had to content themselves with stirred cream @JackKetch1 Hooray!! I'm very happy with that @HttpStatus402 @qwantz HahaThis lifestyle is available to YOU too... simply by directing your home terminal towards @kungfusquirrel Hahaha YESSSSS @amylauder @ryanqnorth Art.
Retweeted by Ryan North @ArtDecider @amylauder PHEW @sweth @dickparty666 i have a little foamer pot, BUT it also says it can warm milk too. I'll experiment with that feature! @joeybraccino @dead_anchoress @AlbertMonteys aw I'm so glad you both likes it!!the french call comics "the ninth art" which is SO INSANELY CLASSY, so please enjoy this ninth art from a ninth art… @intelectconfig @Kurt_Vonnegut Aw thank you Daniel! @madw Congratulations!! @Totesmyname I've had that recommended to me but I haven't tried it yet! @jjakala @AlbertMonteys @boomstudios @Archaia @EscapePodComics @EricaFails Yesssss. Enjoy!! @outriderc @FaithErinHicks Hahaha @lorrainecink oooohhhhh sounds DELICIOUSthe french call comics "the ninth art" which is SO INSANELY CLASSY, so please enjoy this ninth art from a ninth art…
Retweeted by Ryan North @GirlsTalkComic1 ooh, no i haven't! @lorrainecink wait wait wait, this sounds amazing and I am a big fan of ginger. Are you adding the spice via an in… @bagofmoons it's not but... maybe i should?? @mk4000000 yep! @aka_Reynolds It's been over a year but I hope to reach it one day!! @Seunte Half and half, and I normally introduce the lavender with the tea as it steeps!The difference here was adding cream to the tea and then introducing the frothed milk on top. Had I my usual hint o… @Seunte Steep lady grey for 5 mins, add *cream* and maple syrup and a bit of vanilla to it, stir, *then* add the fr…, please excuse the clutter in my photograph. I was off my gourd in excitement as I photographed my first *9… @phatwisking WEZZZleeeeif it were me I would simply not allow comics to break my heartTHAT'S IT- we are OUT of @yukoart & @EricaFails editions of @alexdecampi & Erica's Dracula Mofo!!! BUUUUT, we just…
Retweeted by Ryan North @413Grants DEAL @nickmitch89 Ahaha @gregclancy @julieclancy Aww!! Enjoy. We miss you both!trying to "actually that's a slur" Judith Butler and being dissolved liked cotton candy in the sink
Retweeted by Ryan Northbelieve in yourself
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@RevAndyKarlson @AlbertMonteys @EricaFails @EscapePodComics I really hope you like the book!! @Bernsteroni hooray, please enjoy!! @jamesthomson Ahaha @JohnnyPixels hahahaThanks to @ryanqnorth and @EricaFails's unparalleled genorosity, all our copies of SLAUGHTER HOUSE-FIVE now come wi…
Retweeted by Ryan North @malk_zameth thank you!! @shaver oh neat, thank you! @housetoastonish we are a unique bunch in this crazy house, but in another way, we are all exactly the same @violetvolume @lifeontiptoes The name was the brilliant suggestion of @birdlord ! @McLachlanBrian @TheBeguiling @LittleIslandCmx hah! yes, just some cat clocks! nothing to worry about here!! @TricycleBoombox aw what a charming and thoughtful review - thank you!! @joshcurwin @strangeadventrz @AlbertMonteys aw that's so great!! @shelveticabold @ryannorth aw thank you Shelley - I'm so glad you liked it!! @DialHForHagai @DialHForHagai He's well @nlittlejohns I LOVE IThow far away did my robot vacuum wander????'s officially the start of fall! And so if you scroll alllll the way down to the bottom of Dinosaur Comics, you… your Twitter timeline just puts it together for you @rachelcmcelroy @ryanqnorth
Retweeted by Ryan North @JennyLynBader @dinosaurcomics @AmyVernon I like that!
@317lindquist speaking of Kurt.... 'slips sales hat on'. The New graphic novel adaption of Slaughterhouse Five is o…
Retweeted by Ryan NorthKurt Vonnegut’s SLAUGHTERHOUSE-FIVE is faithfully presented in graphic novel form for the first time by @ryanqnorth
Retweeted by Ryan North @chipgorman oh sometimes, sure, we ALL do that @AlbertMonteys @JohnPontoon me too, and the basking is great - thanks John!! @whoknows0o0 naht-rex is NOT me, ryan, because I'VE never regretted anything ever!! that may sound a little strange but i don't fe…
Retweeted by Ryan North“Just Let Yourself Go” – Talking with Albert Monteys (@AlbertMonteys) about ‘Slaughterhouse-Five’…
Retweeted by Ryan North @joshcurwin @strangeadventrz oh thank you, I really hope you like it!!“A Sincere Honor” – Talking with Ryan North ( @ryanqnorth) about ‘Slaughterhouse-Five’
Retweeted by Ryan Northokay are we counting unique regrets or do multiple instances of regret over the same instance count…
Retweeted by Ryan North @aka_Reynolds Oh man, just a few days past one year today!It's been a while, but this solid, familiar, and unpretentious London Fog warms as easily as it comforts, reminding… @ryanqnorth and myself say a few words about the Slaughterhouse-five graphic novel at @PREVIEWSworld
Retweeted by Ryan NorthA few more Slaughterhouse-five graphic novel pencil pages! Written by @ryanqnorth adapting Kurt Vonnegut's novel. O…
Retweeted by Ryan North @crumfy Oh that's great - thank you!!
@RyanSey @AlbertMonteys aw I'm so glad you liked it - thanks for the kind words!! @maynardftw Ooh I'm a few behind but I'm glad she agrees!! @wtspman @Calvinn_Hobbes @dinosaurcomics HahahaTo be truly CRINGEWORTHY one must first be RELATABLE, for it can only be empathy, stemming from one's own fear of t… @HeatherAntos Heather, I hereby and irrevocably declare you to be Exalted Ruler, eternally entitled to all rights,…[prison riot] *standing over my origami ducks* "GO AROUND! GO AROUND!"
Retweeted by Ryan North @PeterSmart @AlbertMonteys Aw thank you! @Wackd @AlbertMonteys Oh I didn't realize we changed that! Haha, my idea with making them off model was to suggest… @N3on_Online Aw thank you!!
@thisismrking Haha that initial tweet was a rollercoaster. I'm really glad you liked it!! @poetheir33 @AlbertMonteys Thank you!! @EvanDM @AlbertMonteys Aw that's great, thank you so much!! @BallouLab @EvilMarguerite Aw thank you!! Really glad you liked itMy copies of Entering Sappho are here & I’d like to give 2 away. This has been a hard year for launching poetry boo…
Retweeted by Ryan North @aryst0krat You're telling me! :0