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Ryan Amato @RyanTheMato Fort Lauderdale, FL

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@DrShepherd2013 Are* @DrShepherd2013 Read books, workout, play sports outside, cook healthy food, call old friends, appreciate what’s le… @KatieFL521 @wsvn Are* @Heliosxv @KatieFL521 @wsvn A pain yes. A minor nuisance yes. Worth further spreading the pandemic and costing huma… @KatieFL521 @wsvn Gasping for air is normal while workout out hard. Most perceived complications from the mask is p… @KatieFL521 @wsvn it's not...I do it everydayNew research suggests that face coverings help reduce the transmission of droplets, though some masks are more protective than others.
Retweeted by Ryan Amato1986-87 Fleer Basketball Sealed Case Sells for Almost $1.8 Million
Retweeted by Ryan Amato @wsvn it's really not hard to wear a mask while working out @2witterbird @jroberts332 @tprstly OMG, it reminds me of this incredible and touching viral reaction of No Life Sha…
Retweeted by Ryan Amato @tprstly #ThanksBoomer ! @tprstly teenagers get schooled by Phil Collins.
Retweeted by Ryan Amato @wdimmig Is the business case centered around reselling the “clean carbon” back into the economy? Is there a case t… @swish_wx @homushii @joerogan Duh @VerumBellator1 @joerogan @amybeatrice It’s 2020... just do it ;) @jembendell 1. We will blow past 1.5c 2. We will have to adapt society fast 3. There will be winners & losers 4. No… @mammuthus “May or may not” is tough to make decisions to. However, I don’t think it’s total shit. Just speculative…
@OutFrontCNN @ErinBurnett @AndrewYang It’s just a word people. A man made word to express intensity. If we get caught up on the word “fuck” i…
@RadioNightTrain by the end of it he will essentially be Bernie and not many will realize it @RadioNightTrain definitely not, more of an establishment Dem that is getting pushed further left by the rest of the party @AbbyMartin still more aware and coherent than Donald @NWSLittleRock when my right-leaning buddies say, "they can't even get the weather right!" @collapsology are scientists overly pessimistic or are economists woefully out of touch with objective reality? Sta… @realDonaldTrump Biggest thing you could do is get us off fossil fuels ASAP & invest billions into cleaner energy sources#RonArtest aka #MetaWorldPeace watching the new @NBA jerseys from home in 2020
@Christo51167585 @draggy69 One could argue that most modern civilization does immense harm to plants and animals @Christo51167585 @draggy69 I know they eat a lot of strange things in Asia relative to what we think is normal in t… @draggy69 @Christo51167585 do they not have other alternatives?Humans are the most dangerous species to ever live that I know of... of beirut*
Retweeted by Ryan Amato @TalesOfStrength @theresphysics Indeed 👏🏻 @TalesOfStrength @theresphysics Agreed, has anyone defined “collapse” in peer reviewed lit yet? @theresphysics So then naturally the result is: some can adapt but it will be ugly for manyThis jet stream merger with #Isaias should deliver a jolt of energy driving wind gusts back up above 80 mph for coa…
Retweeted by Ryan Amato @gbrooksenglish @toxicpath @richardabetts @philamina95 @NickAPalmer @saunatonttu3 @theresphysics @SamCarana To me,… @theresphysics @gbrooksenglish @toxicpath @richardabetts @philamina95 @NickAPalmer @saunatonttu3 @SamCarana Agreed.… @theresphysics @gbrooksenglish @toxicpath @richardabetts @philamina95 @NickAPalmer @saunatonttu3 @SamCarana If one… @gbrooksenglish @toxicpath @richardabetts @philamina95 @NickAPalmer @saunatonttu3 @theresphysics @SamCarana The que… @gbrooksenglish @toxicpath @richardabetts @philamina95 @NickAPalmer @saunatonttu3 @theresphysics @SamCarana What if… @philamina95 @toxicpath @gbrooksenglish @richardabetts @NickAPalmer @saunatonttu3 @theresphysics @SamCarana Mostly agree
@ArgurtO @leahstokes @sigfusok @rewiringamerica Depends what region “we” refers toMore evidence that a carbon price is insufficient for the task at hand. A low (politically realistic, alas) carbon…
Retweeted by Ryan Amato @mistergeezy And people wonder why the youth don’t want to work for minimum wage... 🤦🏻‍♂️'Worst-case' CO2 emissions scenario is best for assessing climate risk and impacts to 2050 via @physorg_com
Retweeted by Ryan AmatoWhen you realize that many universities will struggle to survive without the revenue from #CollegeFootball = 19% of Global Plugin Vehicle Market
Retweeted by Ryan Amato @bsdphk @wordsofpower Obama displayed true leadership on climate, implementing executive actions such as the Clean…
Retweeted by Ryan AmatoThe number of deaths from the flu and pneumonia in Florida in all of 2019: 2,703. The number of deaths from COVID-…
Retweeted by Ryan Amato @DoctorVive Humans are all sorts of contradictory @IVerboten @AndrewYang Choices yes, rational and in the best interest of long term survival of life on earth? No @AndrewYang Many ads should be banned. More will as the planet deteriorates and we realize we can’t conspicuously consume forever @dan613 @philamina95 @richardabetts @NickAPalmer @saunatonttu3 @theresphysics That’s the disconcerting part @toxicpath @gbrooksenglish @richardabetts @philamina95 @NickAPalmer @saunatonttu3 @theresphysics @SamCarana Alarmis…
@NickAPalmer @richardabetts @HunterCutting @philamina95 @saunatonttu3 @theresphysics Agreed @richardabetts @HunterCutting @NickAPalmer @philamina95 @saunatonttu3 @theresphysics I also think that those who ar… @richardabetts @HunterCutting @NickAPalmer @philamina95 @saunatonttu3 @theresphysics I don't. But I'm curious as to… @HunterCutting @NickAPalmer @richardabetts @philamina95 @saunatonttu3 @theresphysics agreed. It's very difficult to… @HunterCutting @NickAPalmer @richardabetts @philamina95 @saunatonttu3 @theresphysics agreed. And has the driving fo… @richardabetts @HunterCutting @NickAPalmer @philamina95 @saunatonttu3 @theresphysics somewhat intelligent & rationa… @HunterCutting @NickAPalmer @richardabetts @philamina95 @saunatonttu3 @theresphysics given that climate science has… @HunterCutting @NickAPalmer @richardabetts @philamina95 @saunatonttu3 @theresphysics somewhat on the Liberal side y… @richardabetts @HunterCutting @NickAPalmer @philamina95 @saunatonttu3 @theresphysics “We” being fellow scientists.… @HunterCutting @NickAPalmer @richardabetts @philamina95 @saunatonttu3 @theresphysics One would hope. But I don’t fi… @richardabetts @toxicpath @philamina95 @NickAPalmer @saunatonttu3 @theresphysics @SamCarana gotchya @richardabetts @toxicpath @philamina95 @NickAPalmer @saunatonttu3 @theresphysics @SamCarana sheesh they must have u… @NickAPalmer @HunterCutting @richardabetts @philamina95 @saunatonttu3 @theresphysics I love climate science, but I… @NickAPalmer @HunterCutting @richardabetts @philamina95 @saunatonttu3 @theresphysics it's a tough judgment call to… @toxicpath @richardabetts @philamina95 @NickAPalmer @saunatonttu3 @theresphysics I've never seen +20C in print. The… @NickAPalmer @HunterCutting @richardabetts @philamina95 @saunatonttu3 @theresphysics perhaps, but can you point to… @patnevertweets @HunterCutting @richardabetts @philamina95 @NickAPalmer @saunatonttu3 @theresphysics Agreed, just h… @richardabetts @philamina95 @NickAPalmer @saunatonttu3 @theresphysics Agreed. The only relevant convo to be had IMH… @richardabetts @philamina95 @NickAPalmer @saunatonttu3 @theresphysics +4C by 2100 is plenty alarming enough to act nowwhy did you choose to be a scientist ??
Retweeted by Ryan Amato @PhysInHistory Because business became too boring & nothing matters long term if we don’t solve climate change @ClimateBen 1. We know we are in for massive change this century 2. We know life will get a lot harder for many &… @itsimplemaga @business people who need more and are afraid of losing out on better investment opportunities or a c… @BobPort @business the gov. once confiscated gold @Entheogenesis3 @ZeitgeistFilm will well-meaning scientists go quietly into the night as the biosphere collapses? W… @Entheogenesis3 @ZeitgeistFilm Agreed. When I think about what has to be collectively accomplished to prevent ecolo… @Entheogenesis3 @ZeitgeistFilm yep. Much easier to intellectually strategize than to implement a real-world phase s…
@Entheogenesis3 @ZeitgeistFilm right, so then is it more harmful to show anger & advocate for more aggressive upris… @Entheogenesis3 @ZeitgeistFilm I love Peter. I just wonder if the anger is helpful or disastrous in communicating i… @JohnMoralesNBC6 @andrewmkass 🤣🤣 we go way back Uncle John. The only thing we have in common is our love you and hurricanes @andrewmkass @JohnMoralesNBC6 Wow Andrew, we here at WRYN tv are appalled and hope your BMW floods @ZeitgeistFilm Odds Peter really was sent by the Russians this whole time to divide America and create chaos...? 🤔🤔… in pompano beach. #Isaias @JohnMoralesNBC6
Retweeted by Ryan Amato @andrewmkass @JohnMoralesNBC6 Hey Andrew, great vid! This is Ryan from WRYN tv in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Do we h… @Tino_Hdz He could be president#StormChasing ⛈ 🌬 . . . #hurricane #hurricaneseason #hurricaneisaias #hurricanepreparedness #fortlauderdalebeach @normonics @GreenRupertRead No. It’s more like Trump guarantees a dystopian future while Biden provides a 37% proba… @relevanne @jamiehurst777 Yes, it can still do significant damage, but FL is better equipped to handle a CAT 1 than… @joshuagodbolt @Jon83989650 @dankourny @BW It has a place for some but heavily warned against by others. I don’t know enough to speak on it.
@dankourny @BW The author is a journalist as opposed to a scientist or energy expert @dankourny @BW Money is irrelevant to survival of life on earth. Oil has done much worse past 100 years @dankourny @BW @dankourny @BW Not true @dankourny @BW Texas is leading in wind energy now. We must get off fossil fuels in the coming decades to survive.