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Design Ops and Comms, Greenfield Labs. Opinions are entirely my own, especially ones related to the Boston Red Sox. HAM: KD2GBB

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@CaughtOffBase Wave at me on your way home from losing the wildcard in Oakland! @CaughtOffBase (I mean my baseball team is 1 win away from clinching homefield throughout the playoffs AND BREAKING… @FitzyGFY …working for a Detroit based company and having to go to work tomorrow.Buybacks. Anyone want to sell me some? the best Boston sports day tbh.That they're losing games
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Is it my SE, or did iOS 12 totally blow out the contrast settings on photos? Everything looks washed.Beto: Get in the Van.
I need emotional, neural net AI to get far more advanced so it can understand my desire to actually wear the latest… ups to @DoctorChill6 and Tzu Wei-Lin on their first Major Johnsons.
Trust me, I know from experience, there will be guys IN the lineup that are hungover. We bench guys get to celebrat…
Retweeted by Ryan Tomorrow“Our family’s story has a different ending than I’d hoped for” - Rob Delaney on caring for his "beautiful" son Henr…
Retweeted by Ryan TomorrowCan we help the MVP out, @tim_cook @cue ? @mookiebetts HR off Chapman was so beautiful I keep finding myself replaying it in my mind. @nookajones Nah, just in spirit.#CLINCHED on enemy turf. Three straight division titles for the @RedSox!
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Retweeted by Ryan TomorrowI swear I just saw this tattoo cry. #yankeeslose! champs! champs! red sox al east champs! I should be in bed but I’m not and I’m on my stoop drinking wine li…
Retweeted by Ryan Tomorrow @CaughtOffBase fun party in the Bronx tonight if you’re looking for something to do. 🍾 🍾 🍾Mookie Betts!
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Seems like an autopilot failure. for Algernon, but Charlie is the whole country.Something tells me this isn’t going to be one of the 2018 “win from behind” ox games of the year.This is likely the best Boston Globe video you will watch all year.
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@daveg924 @conrad Ha! Conrad sent me. I’ll DM you?Do I know any hardcore Phish fans? @conrad are you? @tim @kanyewest @adidas Those who know rock @erlsn @tim @kanyewest @adidas Yeah but that Yeezy drop is more of an iPhone 5C than an XS. 😛This week in celestial alignments: the autumnal equinox, Mercury enters Libra, and new iPhones release on the same…
Retweeted by Ryan TomorrowIt’s important to remember. It wasn’t so long ago. @erlsn I miss the good ol days of meatspace lines and ppl actually wearing their gear (that said, I’ve filled out e…
Best fans in baseball 😂 @yankees should look into leveraging CGI crowds. The empty seats and people on their phones behind the plate are shameful. @SurvivingGrady I’m thinking @crownroyal yeah @LouMerloni ?Thanos-level chin. love@my @RBHSound earbuds but man that clear cord has yellowed with age. @om @gruber So a worthwhile upgrade for a photographer who has an SE?I can't beat it either.
Retweeted by Ryan Tomorrow @EvanDrellich @JMastrodonato That’d be the James Smith City umbrella, then.I remember once riding the F train and @kristenschaaled was on it and these Kiwi tourists got on and they were huge… all the things this Presidency has ruined for me, I did not expect Mario Kart to be on the list.Woo hoo! Least Frustrating! it through Monday and you get a beer for the other 4 days. program with Amazon is going to make home charger installation a lot easier for Audi e-tron drivers.
Retweeted by Ryan TomorrowWhoa. my son climbed into my truck by himself for the first time, got into his car seat, looked at his mother and s…
I was just forced to watch this recently.’d like to personally apologize to the Detroit Lions, their fans, and the entire city of Detroit for what the Patr…
2018, or Earth? to the Jaguars on being this season’s Chiefs.I’m putting this here so that when it happens I will be lauded as a visionary: Ford really needs to bring back teal on the Mustang.I can’t live without @mookiebetts @eatingb00ks Lockdown how?“Don’t be evil”
@Theysaurus You’re a block from my old apartment!! I watched them build that building. Poor construction workers.Brock Holt, cleaning up the timelines.That’s some NY ump nonsense. @mirandanmf * listens to Phish once * @skennedysox can we call someone about this? Ready for today’s @RedSox game.This is a bad take.’s Russian for “you up?” Your WuTang Tattoos or Art. The WuTang Clan is working on a new documentary and is asking their fans to subm…
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::chef’s kiss of the fingers:: 💔 are: 101-46 (#MLB best) 55 games over .500...1st time since 1912 (+58) lead NYY by 10-1/2 Magic # to c…
Retweeted by Ryan TomorrowKnow an Andover / Lawrence family that needs a place to stay while rebuilding after these fires? Please let me know…
Retweeted by Ryan TomorrowCool job Joe Kelly
@senatorjohn @TomCaron eating fish again?We’re just about done here, yes? Yankees lose, only one game over the A’s for the WC. It’s as if all the shitbaggery of the entire moder…
@robdelaney You’ve been through more than any parent should, and the fact that you redirect that grief into a drumb… find our accelerating partisan zealotry truly exhausting. Good, rational friends are hard to come by these days.Red Sox are set to Brock the postseason! 99 wins, 17 games to go. And a chance to bury the Yankees.RED SOX WIN!! 99-46 #POSTSEASON THE STANDELLS #DIRTYWATER
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This morning, every year.No one fascinating has good abs.
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IT IS A NEW ERA FOR JETS FOOTBA-- oh wait pick six on the first play
Retweeted by Ryan Tomorrow @OverTheMonster Should the Red Sox start trying to hit the ball with the base of the bat like a pool cue? Could work. @instagram someone made a fake me. How do we deal with this? @mirandanmf Oh my god I was JUST telling that story! One of the all-time classics. The chaser! @DougDeMuro Quality car, quality choice. @RoadtoFive The arc of #nofrontplates is long, but it bends towards freedom.When even Fox can’t even. closer step towards #nofrontplates, Colin Kaepernick is talented. Yes, he’d start for a lot of teams. Yes, I support ALL of his causes. ...he’s N…
Retweeted by Ryan TomorrowThis is fine everything is fine. resurrected Gandalf in that hobbit movie a ways back. you happen to be in Zagreb, Croatia this Friday (I mean, who isn’t?) please join me for the panel “Girl- Reclaim…
Retweeted by Ryan TomorrowRide-hail doesn’t solve for the thing we need more of: human density. enough to know better. melts your heart. ♥️
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Retweeted by Ryan Tomorrow @espn can you remind your announcers that Texas got its ass handed to it by the @patriots today?sweat 👏🏼 pants 👏🏼 weather 👏🏼
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I’ll say this for A. Rod - there hasn’t been someone who’s embraced being the Heel since 80s WWF. @TheWilderThings NO MORE TB TIMES?!